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Is returning to running 2 weeks after a torn foot ligament too optimistic?

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25/11/2010 at 15:29

I tripped running for the bus (the shame!) last night, landed on the side of my foot and subsequently ended up in A&E until 4am. X-rays showed no fractures and when I finally saw the doctor she theorised it was probably a ligament tear. Her prescription was R.I.C.E., bare-minimal activity for the next few days, then hobbling with tube bandages. In total she said it'll take about 6 weeks to recover. She also said I might need physiotherapy depending on how the recovery goes.

Obviously I told her that I was concerned about my running. And this is when she surprised me by saying that I could probably start running again after just two weeks. Obviously I was pretty pleased with this, given that a few hours earlier I'd been sitting in the x-ray room worrying about a major lay-off period. But by the same token, it seems a bit quick as an estimate, from the vantage-point of how much agony I'm in today, and given that the total recovery is meant to take 6 weeks.

Have any forum users had a torn ligament in the top of the foot, or similar? How long before they could get back to some form of training? Any medically-minded folk who think I should seek a second opinion? I'd love to be back out in two weeks but obviously I don't want to end up in even more agony...

 Would also appreciate suggestions for exercise that don't involve my right foot so I don't get too 'chunky' while resting...

Cheers in advance,


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