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05/11/2003 at 08:13
I've seen articles on achiles pain and arches but I've developed pain on the top of my foot. It's swollen, tender to touch towards the joint of the big toe and keeps clicking (which is followed by pain). Anybody got any ideas as I'm still a novice in the running world.
05/11/2003 at 21:06
You could try loosening the laces right off on the sore foot. I have a recurring problem that sounds similar to yours-kind of swelling on top of foot which spreads down into toes before going away about a week later. It normally happens after 5 or 6 miles and is really sore to walk on the next day.
I think its caused by my foot swelling with the heat/effort etc and being constricted by tight shoes causing nerve damage. I now loosen of my left shoe across the bridge of my foot and it seems to have made a big difference. I think there is an article somewhere on this site about funny lacing tactics.
It may be this or could be something completely different but I hope it clears up as its a right bugger.
06/11/2003 at 08:37
Could be too much pressure on the big toe joint caused by the running. Don't need to give up tho! Just get thee to a podiatrist - orthotics may be in order.
06/11/2003 at 08:56
Thanks guys. Advice is very much appreciated. I've booked to see the Dr today (making use of my company's private healthcare). Will let you know the outcome.
16/01/2005 at 10:12
I have a similar problem that has come out of the blue with no warning and is so bad I have difficulty walking.

Tenacious Fox how did you get on?
16/01/2005 at 18:35
Extensor hallusis longus, (spelling???) Runs down the front/side of shin and into big toe, if you pull your toes towards you the biggest tendon you will feel is your tibialus anterior then to the left of that is your ehl, this extends the planter flexes the foot and big toe, lots of stretching and pointing of toes will help it if it is just muslce pain, try sitting watching tv with a tennis ball under your foot and roll it about with your toes.

Again as said try changing the way you tie your laces, have you changed shoes recently or car or the way you sit???

Hope your Doc appt went ok???
17/01/2005 at 07:30
Hi Simon. I went to see an orthopedist and it turned out the bone that runs along the top of the foot, at the base of the big toe had come out of alignment. The guy simply took hold of my heel and my toes and tugged and it clicked back down. Pain almost instantly gone. Haven't had any problems since.

Good luck with yours and hope it's as simple to cure. Keep me updated. Tenacious F.
17/01/2005 at 07:39
Simon - what you describe could be a stress fracture. I had one last summer. It came on suddenly with no warning during an easy run, hurts even to walk, pain on top/inside foot. Took 2-3 months to heal properly :-(

If so, there's not much you can do, other than keep your fitness up doing x-training in the gym.

18/01/2005 at 16:06
Went to the doctors (who is a 50 mile/wk runner) and he diagnosed tendonititis of the extendor tendons in the top of my foot. Prescribed stronger anti inflammatory tablets, lots of RICE and physiotherapy. Thought I should be running in 2 weeks time.
18/01/2005 at 22:30
I too have got pain in the top of my right foot.have been off training for 2 weeks now and am desperate to get back running.I cant sit still.have had an x-ray today and thank god its not a stress fracture, just injured tendons. have to stop running until completely free of pain. Im so upset as Ive got in the London marathon this year and now my training has stopped, im just cycling to work now.aparently this type of injury can be through ill fitting shoes or running up/down hills, as this puts strain on the tendons. Mine was the latter.
19/12/2008 at 09:44


I've read all of the above with great interest as I also have pain on the top of the inside of my foot. It's gradually got worse over a few days and hurts a bit when walking. I can still run but I don't want it to keep getting worse so I'm thinking that it would be best to stick to cross-training - don't want to though as love running!!!! I haven't changed my trainers but have been trying to roll more onto my toes when running to keep my leg striaght as I've been getting ITB probs in the same leg. I'm going to try loosening my trainers after a couple of days RICE with cross-training - does anyone else have any suggestions?? Hope you managed the marathon Kim, lol x

20/12/2008 at 09:11
Yup tendonitis or inflamation of the ligaments at top of foot. I had this once. Rest rest and cross train was the answer. It went away and never returned!!!

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