Lump and Pain in foot

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07/07/2009 at 09:37

Ok I have looked all over and I can't find anything like my problem!

I have a nagging pain in my arch of the left foot, doesn't stop me running and isn't too bad but I am worried. I also see a small lump on the tendon running down the foot from the big toe. When I push this it hurts a little and I have noticed that I had pain when I wear my running shoes. I have changed the laces and that has helped that a bit.

The pain in my arch feels as if the arch is going to collapse (but not as painful as that sounds).

My shoes are good, I completed Edinburgh at the end of May and seemed ok from that but this was when I first felt a little pain in the top of the foot and put that down to laces being too tight and it was a very hot day to run a marathon.

Another thing I have started to do is 3 mile runs in my new Five Fingers, I suspect this is the culprit. Anybody else tried these and had any ill effects? I don't wear shoes much and I have strong feet but I wonder if this could be causing the arch pain, why only my left foot tho?

Lump on the foot is the bit that worries me more, is it part if the arch pain and what could it be?
07/07/2009 at 10:34

BB, I've had problems with my tibialis posterior tendons (ruptured it in left foot, severely stressed in right foot), I'm not too sure if it's the same tendon you're referring too, but it runs down the side of the arch, connecting the foot and ankle.  When I damaged mine, I had swelling along this site.

If it is that tendon, then it is about arch support which you will probably get from your shoes, but not your Five Fingers.  I don't know anything about them (just googled to see what they were).  I have to wear orthotics permanently and if I go without, immediately get pain in the tendons, due to lack of support.  It sounds as if this may be happening to you swapping between normal trainers and Five Fingers.

I'd try RICE-ing the tendon to let it recover, then maybe leave the Five Fingers for a bit, if the problem subsides/disappears, looks like you might know what's causing the pain.  While you may have strong feet, walking barefoot and running "barefoot" are very different.  You may be able to use the Five Fingers, but perhaps by breaking your feet in much more slowly - you don't say how often you're doing the 3mile runs.

Obviously, physio/pod would give you better, professional advice, but FWIW, hope this helps.

08/07/2009 at 10:37

Thanks CJBA

I only take the 5 fingers out running once a week, so I thought I might have done the right thing. I don't wear orthotics so I hope that is not what is going on, could do without the expense!

The small lump is only about the size of a chick pea and is directly on the tendon running from the big toe to the ankle about 3 inches away from the toe. I have looked and I think that could be down to lacing so I am loosening them off. I am not so bothered about that but the arch is bothering me.

I am going to RICE until the weekend and I am massaging some Glucosamine infused Emu Oil to the foot. If I walk I am wearing my running shoes and in fact I am going to try my second pair rather than my marathon pair. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for your advice

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3 messages
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