Gently rounded club, Monday 28th Oct(should read well rounded but that sounds too big)

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The Evil Pixie    pirate
28/10/2002 at 19:35
did someone say they were sending boys arround!!
oh yes please!
Please note it was not me flashing the pink underwear off at the public that was my HR and Sales managers! I remainded diginfied in my pink skirt (AKA a bed valence) t-shirt, socks and wig!

damn fun though!
But Benz I beg forgiveness as this also meant that I did not go running! However little man in now at mum's so I am alone in the house which also means I can go running tomorrow before work! honest!
Psi sorry forgive me!
28/10/2002 at 19:38
But no choccie, or have you?
Still no crisps, thank god Ive not given up gin
i dont evenn miss choccie, just a bad habit

Hope youve got some piccies of the pink outfit
The Evil Pixie    pirate
28/10/2002 at 19:44
i will have!
benz it was awful!
I tried to resist!
I did my best!
Still no chocie though!!

I went to work in pink wig, t-shirt,shirt, scarve, skirt and blow up pink pink slippers!
I looked hidious as none of the pinks actually matched!

apart from the pink police I was the only girlie in all pink!
So we went for a lunchtime treat - tuna mayo baguette(not too bad) and without asking they bought me a glass of red.... then another, umm , err , ummm
then after I lost count (about 4 I think!) we left and my UK HR manager got a tad upset so in all seriousness I stayed with her. This was now 4 hrs into lunch so it seemed sillyto return to work!!
The annoying thing is I was going running ... my kit is still at work! So spare stuff ie blister inducing shoes for tomorrow AM.
in the mean time I annoyed a mate for not replying to a mail! opss!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
28/10/2002 at 20:13
benz I hope you realise how bad I feel now!
Gutted at my lack of control
28/10/2002 at 21:01
pix the wine was easy for you
Youve done well on the choccie, excellnt!!
How could i chasitse you , with a gin at my side
BTW, was it fun?
The Evil Pixie    pirate
28/10/2002 at 22:10
oh Benz it was great!
Best of all was the fact that my bitch of a team leader can't say anything cos I was with the UK HR manager!! Having said that I am dreading what she will say!
Also though I now feel extra guilty about the lack of run and despite my head starting to get thick as we speak I have got my older running shoes out and more clothes and I will go for a run tomorrow even if it is just 30 mins!
28/10/2002 at 22:12
Go for it Pix
im going out tomorrow too, despite all the gin ( did do gym tonite)
ive put you down for brighton meal the nite before cos caz asked
And your mr, dont worry, Ill sort him out

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41 to 47 of 47 messages
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