Gently rounded club, Monday 28th Oct(should read well rounded but that sounds too big)

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28/10/2002 at 06:26
Hello peeps!
washed up last nights fishy dinner and am getting ready to face the day
Hope you lot have a good one
28/10/2002 at 08:30
No sleep last night (honestly - not even half an hour). Puppy howled all night. I am blathered, and I've got to work on my interview stuff for Thursday, so I have to stay awake. Still, did 2.8 mile cycle ride this morning at 6.30am, as couldn't face a run after the long one yesterday. Oh, I'm so tired (and well aware that certain people called Cath, Michelle and Clariss have much more reason to moan than I - sorry girls!).
28/10/2002 at 08:56
Morning all,

For some reason I'm up early today... no breakfast, as I'm not feeling like it, but will take some fruit out with me.. Sassie, go back to bed for 15 you will feel so much better...
Time to go and Hate Monday's .. have a good day all, catch up later....
28/10/2002 at 09:06
Hi all

A bit tired last night so I slobbed in front of TV with Mr J. Soup and bread and wine. stuff of life.

Managed to put on 2 pounds over the weekend. I'll have to sort out my level of carbo loading pre race.

I am determined to lose this last stone so will make a real effort over the next three weeks as no racing.

SG gosh that condition sounds horrendous. Much respect forstarting again. Don't lose heart about being big. My best friend is a classic apple shape and quite large. she runs and gets quite a lot of abuse but she is slimming slowly and doesn't wobble as much :-)

My main inspiration for starting running was a lady in Richmond Park. She must have been about 20 st but there she was jogging away. She made me feel ashamed that I was avoiding running due to what people thought of me and I took my first run the next week.

Poor Sassie, try and catch a power nap today.

EP I bet you look lovely in pink and for a good cause too.

DD I hope your run with Vrap went OK tell her we miss her.

Benz maccie, redhead et al, hi there
28/10/2002 at 09:16
Morning all, now weight loss this week, but no gain either so not too disappointed. Rest day today, but need to do some serious leaf sweeping after yesterday's gales so that should burn some calories.

Sassie, poor you. Is puppy lonely? Can he sleep with you for company?

EP, like the sound of the slippers, have fun!
28/10/2002 at 09:25
Morning all,
I have been very, very bad.. been binging BIG TIME! Dunno why, must be the weather! Talking about weather - we had a power cut all day yesterday cos of the winds and it only came back on at 1.30am this morning! So, there we were, me and the Mr.. sitting around with candles everywhere last night - no telly, no radio, no kettle.. decided to go to bed at 8pm!! Then, couldn't sleep..! Anyway, I haven't weighed myself today as I am truly terrified of the results!! Got a 10K this Sunday though, so I've got to make a big effort this week..(oh, where have I heard that before..). Sassie - oh your poor little girl (what's her name?), is she sleeping with your other dog? Does he like her or not? Try and have a little nap this afternoon if you can.. I am contemplating going for a run.. just cannot seem to get my bum into gear lately.. Have a good day all!
28/10/2002 at 09:39
Morning all
Woke this morning full of PMA -Positive Mental Attitude. So going to make this a good day.
No run at lunchtime today as I have to organise and serve a business lunch. Great when you are trying to diet and I have to serve up lots of nicey things. Will try this evening but have a meeting after 5pm and depends when it finishes. But I will try. If not I will use the eliptical trainer.
Have a good day everyone. Catch you all later.
28/10/2002 at 09:58

OK, confession time - I didn't get out to run all weekend! And neither have I weighed myself....

Saturday: mother-in-law is in hospital, so in the morning I had to go to Camden to get some new running shoes, and then over to the hospital - didn't get home till gone 8pm and then couldn't face running.

Sunday: spent the morning repairing the shed and rescuing the garden from the gales! And then down to Wembley in the afternoon for Brooooce...

So, this week, it's back to normality, and hopefully I'll be able to get back on schedule, having blown it over the last few days!
28/10/2002 at 12:08
EP, I'm alive, although trying to hit a deadline. I'm sulking because my achilles tendons are still too sore after last week's half marathon to do any serious running. I'm not a great fan of rest days at the best of times, being forced into them sucks.
28/10/2002 at 12:08
Hi there! I AM working but little RW forum interludes def needed to maintain fragile grip on sanity!
28/10/2002 at 12:19
Hi EP, do you mean they have guaranteed places for the Marathon?
28/10/2002 at 12:26

am here but am working. On a MONDAY :-(
28/10/2002 at 12:32
Well I finally got my bum into gear and went out for a 7 mile run.. had to wear my 'fat' running kit though (baggy bottoms & baggy top), and wore disguise of baseball and sunglasses... it's an absolutely beautiful day here today.. unbelievable, considering yesterday's goings-on! Mind you, lots of branches and debris everywhere that I had to dodge. Feel exhausted now, so I'm gonna have a nice, hot bath. The Mr. is at golf (of course..) but when he returns, I'm dragging him to the shops (he doesn't know this yet..!)
Michelle x
28/10/2002 at 12:48
EP I was actually considering joining the postal slimming world thingy that you do ... just so I could help you take it seriously !!! naa.. but I do need to do something and not sure I have the will to drag myself to meetings. Could you please give me thie link (if they have a web site) or info on it..

Lamb... Where you been, last you were working somewhere else for a couple of weeks .. and then not seen you for months... how is the diet coming along ??
28/10/2002 at 12:56
It's been real chaos, moved into house from hell and started new job so haven't been able to get near the forums for ages!
As for diet, with all the chaos, it's gone completely to pot and I'm back to square one... I really need some motivation to get me going again.
28/10/2002 at 13:50
Hi fitties!

Hope you all had a good safe weekend - nobody hurt or damaged in the gales. well done to everyone who got out in it!

managed a 45min walk yesterday - to avoid Dawsons Creek - the Housemate was watching it so went to the paper shop the long way!

planned a little r-n around the golf course but weather was iffy - sporadic heavy rain but did eventually go!
Did a couple of 6 min laps then a 12min double lap so 24 in total out of 40mins out so quite pleased - still slow, lumbering but breathing better - just the legs are not there!
Today sore and tired -especilly hip and lower back so just some stretching this am!

speak to yall later

I will lose 1/2 stone by end of November!
28/10/2002 at 13:56
Good on ya Bune. Hope you achieve the 1/2 stone goal. I'm hoping for something similar.
28/10/2002 at 15:16
just a thougth -I have some new unworn/unused gear that may be of some use to someone sleeker than me - adidas lycra tights, reflective Rhill Tracksters - would I be able to advertise them in the forunms rather than chuck em out?
28/10/2002 at 16:46
anybody there?

im having a bit of a wobbly sugar craving thing - a bit hypo - probably not eaten enough today-( or maybe it was the going through my wardrobe and sorting skinny and fat clothes out that has made me wobbly!)

does anyone else ever get this and if so is something very sugary better or would more complex carbs be better- had rice cakes with pnut buttr but still need sugar so hit the malt loaf and im still wobbly and craving big sugar- probably a king sized mars bar -

anyone got any tips?

28/10/2002 at 16:58
Try weetabix If I get a sugar low I have a bowl of cereal and it seem to help.

That or bread, don't go for sugar or chocolate, you'll just want more.
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