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13/11/2002 at 18:23
Shazza, without reading through the thread I went through a bad patch last year and found an elliptical trainer handy as you stay fairly fit, but without the pounding - no stresson joints and ting. Went to podiatrist and it helped too.

Don't give up.
13/11/2002 at 20:09
Just got to say a big thanks to all of you!.....cheers for your ideas and your support. Ive got lots of things to think about and suggestions to try, but most of all- you have all cheered me up loads. Ta
16/11/2002 at 13:01
Shazza, watch the stretchin - I used to stretch a lot, but was (apparently) trying 'developmental' streches at the wrong time, so ended up with more injuries. I also suffered increadable muscle stiffness, was advised by a friend to try cold showers on my legs and low back. So after these changes I've gone from being able to run for approx 2 months per year to a regular 15 to 20 miles per week for the last ten months, mixed with swimming, squash, cycling and gym work when I can fit them in, and I'm hoping for the chance to run a few races next year for the first time in ten years...

16/11/2002 at 14:10
Furry Face, That sounds great! I dont think its stretching with me, but tell me what do you mean by development stretches? and whats the wrong time? Also what kind of injuries did you get?
18/11/2002 at 08:28

Developemental stretches are designed to develop or stregthen certain muscle groups (Like you do sit ups to strengthen your stomach muscles, and in my case get a stunning six pack (not!!)). Warm up stretches are to prepare the muscles you are about to use for exercise.

Its important to approach your stretching in the way you first approached your running - start slowly and build up.

In day to day terms you neeed to fit your stretching routine in with your lifestyle - allow plenty of time, and try to feel comfortable with what you are doing. Try to work with your body. Know its limits.

Its not a good idea to jump straight out of bed and do stretching. You need to get your body warmed up first

I try to have a warm shower and take the dog for a short walk before I stretch

The wild gyrations you often see runners doing just before races are just about as far from good stretching as its possible to get, and are a recipie for injury. Try to avoid this - a gentle jog is probably all you need - and keep as warm as possible until the off..

Having said all that I know a fell runner whose idea of warming up is to hose his legs down with cold water for 20 minutes. Mind you he is a Peak District shepherd - so he's probably a little mad !!

Sorry been going on..

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