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high result?

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25/10/2005 at 11:52
hmm well diagnosed at 9 years old it wasnt high on my priorities to investigate it too thoroughly (more interested in climbing trees and playing star wars) and to be honest a lot has changed in the knowledge about diabetes and how to treat it since i was diagnosed (over 20 years ago). there was no history of it in my family and as a son or daughter you do carry a higher risk of getting it, however it may well never surface so until you do think you might be getting the symptoms i wouldnt worry about it, there is not a preventative system to follow so if you are going to get it theres nothing you can do (- except blame your parents, especially if you are a teenager - joke). it may skip a generation and if you decide to have children it will be tested for if you mention a history of it in your family, i think as a parent you carry a 1 in 20 chance of it developing at some stage in your son or daughters life. i think there is a world epidemic of it at the moment, although no one knows why - it could be because of diet or pollution levels i dont know but those things seem most likely to me, but i am no eco warrior so i'd better not preach my beliefs here :o)
31/10/2005 at 21:03
hiya, not been around for a fair old while but in case anyone passes through who's interested, hubby is controlling his diabetes through diet alone - he wanted to give the "body heal thyself" thing a shot first before going down any medication route & overnight just switched his lifestyle, zapping all sugar & anything processed or refined out of his diet, concentrating on slow-release foods that his body has to work on (fruit bill is now ginormous & his appetite has soared through the roof & I'm spending alot more time in the kitchen making lentil soups & the like). I never thought he could do it & thought he was just delaying the inevitable, but the docs are happy with the latest tests a month or two back showing his blood sugar levels down nearer more normal ranges; all the feet, eyesight things showing no damage, dieticians giving terrific guidance. I know this approach doesn't suit everyone, if many, but I was stunned at the effect of this. The docs are now taking the same approach with his cholestrol - they wanted to get him onto tablets for that but have allowed him a few months grace to try to get that down his own way too.

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21 to 22 of 22 messages
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