Groin strain stopping me from training

How much is having 1 month of no training going to effect me?

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23/01/2014 at 14:04

I pulled my groin over Christmas and it still isn't right... I am hoping that I will be ok in two or three weeks, but I am running in the London marathon in April and am getting very worried about how much training I would have got in before the race. I was fairly fit before Christmas and was up to about 10 miles in my training and could do it in a decent time... How much is having 4 or 5 weeks off going to effect me? I was hoping to do the marathon in under 3 and a half hours, but doubt that I am going to get anywhere near that. I deferred last year so I can't defer again so have to do it one way or another, but am worried I am going to run it in a very slow time.

23/01/2014 at 14:30

Having 4 or 5 weeks off isn't good. You know that already. You need to get the groin right and then get running again. THEN you can assess where you are and START thinking about times for the marathon. Get your body right first and get back into training. 

23/01/2014 at 16:51

Good advice from Philomena.  You won't be back to square one with your endurance... although it might feel it at first... but you'll still have 8 or 9 weeks left to train... so by no means disasterville

I'm no physio... but these are my thoughts. When you're getting back, I'd say that a very slow gentle warm up is essential. Walk for a quarter of a mile. Do some gentle lifting of the leg, with some very tentative rotations of the leg.  Then when you do run, run with a much shorter stride than normal... preferably on very even ground for the first mile, so that there are no sudden jerky movements.

Then when you've properly warm, hopefully you'll be able to run fairly normally - again with a shorter stride perhaps.  Do gentle stretching afterwards.  I guess icing would be good, though might be a bit of an oooooo moment!

In the meantime... swim.

Good luck.

24/01/2014 at 13:12

How is it feeling now and did you have any treatment? Can you run at all or nothing? is the pain constant or only while running?


4 or 5 weeks off running completely is quite a bit in building phase towards the marathon. But all depends on the present situation and the cause of the pain.

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