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22/06/2011 at 20:32

Hi all

I've been having groin and lower abdomin  pain for the past 2 years, my main activity is playing football. It started as I got my first pair of customer orthotic insoles which I got because I'd been experiencing shin splints.

 I've never really found a cure for this pain other than stopping playing football regularly, the pain is no where near as bad as it used to be but I get the feeling that if I play regular again and commit to playing for a team it will come back just as strong, I'm 27 by the way.

I have started going to the gym alot and looked and strengthing my leg muscles but some one noticed the way I walked the other day and it got me thinking. I walk with my toes pointed out like a penguin! I only wear my insoles when I play at present as its hard to fit them in nice shoes etc and can be very awkward and silly to explain to people.

My question is Im thinking about starting all over again and getting a review of my problems and new insoles made but I'm worried about the cost and if its needed. I live in the Birmingham area, would anyone have any advice?



22/06/2011 at 21:25

There is a real problem with orthotic insoles, in that when they work they can be amazing, but when they don't, they can cause their own, sometimes much bigger, problems, especially relating to lower back / hips etc.

Having said that, I think you'd probably be better off getting a scan for your abs / groin issue. If it's not healing, then something is wrong in that area. -Not being a medic myself, guess how I know this!!! It's probably just musculoskeletal, so not to worry about, but until you get it scanned, it's unlikely that a physio, for instance, will know exactly how to treat you. I'm in a similar position, although only had the problem for about 10 months(!) Hoping to get a scan soon and get it sorted.

p.s. A doctor friend of mine, said can probably get the scan via the NHS!

Hope that helps And good luck

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2 messages
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