Health Club - Friday 22nd November 2002

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22/11/2002 at 09:57
EP might do. Going to be working up in town for a while so might take out a short term membership nearby to fill in my long lunch breaks.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
22/11/2002 at 09:59
now that is a fantastic idea SP!
Why didn't I think of that!!
I will be using the gym wed after college, fri nights and crappy weekends when long run outside isn't desirable!
22/11/2002 at 10:01
Cath, hope you got some sleep in the end and feel better than can be expected this morning. I'll be visiting your thread later to find out.

Susie, is EVERY night like that? I know that people who care for their older relatives often have a far more stressful time than anyone could possibly imagine. You have my wholehearted admiration. I don't know if I could ever do it (having had a taste when I was younger because my grandmother lived with us for 5 years), although the question is bound to arise within the next 10 years and I'm already thinking in terms of how easy it would be to convert the house to accommodate a downstairs shower and bed-sitting room for a granny.

Dolly, what a bummer. Glad your dad is doing a good impersonation of being well! The chances are he'll do fine, especially if he's fit and active. It must be fantastic having the support of a big family at times like this. Big hugs and prayers from me.

Glenn, I can smell that bread from here. Mmmm. Not sure an accountant should be handling home-made bread, though! Or did I just miss a joke there?

I didn't make the banana loaf after all. Kevin had four bananas after coming home from school yesterday, Mr V-rap walloped into them too, and only the greenish ones are left. Hope yours was nice, Susie.

EP, yes, I'm up for a gym triath......NO! NO! Velociraptors do NOT use stationary cycles, ever! Can I do the steppy instead of the bike if I promise to work really hard? Seriously, I might try the bike tonight before my swim and let you know if I manage 20, or even 10, minutes before falling off due to boredom and sore quads.

Benz, you managed to find your way back yet?
22/11/2002 at 10:09
Right ...enough of this time wasting....much to do....will pop back later...probably sooner. Byeee all.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
22/11/2002 at 10:11
bye sp!
v-rap pop over to the beginers section to "register" on the challenge!
glenn is that proper bread making or machine/ready mix?
22/11/2002 at 10:23
So now I know why pitta bread exists, Will. I thought it was one of those "let's see what we can get those suckers to buy if we make up a history for it" products, like bagels and ciabatta.

How long till lunchtime? Not eaten any junk food so far today. I am determined to be such a reformed dinosaur that McDonalds will be trying to market me in a bun.
22/11/2002 at 10:23
EP, proper bread of course!

V-rap, it's just milk we're not allowed near. Turns it sour you know...
The Evil Pixie    pirate
22/11/2002 at 10:25
oh Glenn i am impressed! (you woman!:P)
WildWill    pirate
22/11/2002 at 10:30

I’m the sort of person that rummages around in the fridge and larder to see what I can find and then have to try and make something up that I can cook –

- I draw the line when all I find is jelly and corned beef – normally means time to go and brave the local Asda again
22/11/2002 at 10:34
V-rap, bagels have a real history. I've made them using a proper jewish cookbook - more fiddly than bread though, 'cos you boil as well as bake.

Ciabatta was invented as recently as 1985 or somesuch.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
22/11/2002 at 10:35
wow we have a bread expert here!
22/11/2002 at 10:41
Morning all, glad the forum is working again, I was getting paranoid last night that the IT thought police had locked me out to try to get some work out of me.

Well, despite planning to cycle in this morning I ended up getting the train, due to being completely p@@*&d off by a few things going on at work, and not feeling up to it. Lame excuse....

Cath, Dolly, Redhead, sending hugs and hope your way, we're happy to listen if you want a good rant or a moan.

V-Rap, surely you know pitta exists for kebabs? The 'large donner', that nutrition item of choice for the would be athlete who's had about three drinks too many (I swear they put something in the beer that gives you cravings).

Glenn - you too? Sure seem to be a lot of accountants or other finance type bods on the forum, d'you think it's some unconscious desire to run away from our jobs?

Have a good day all!
22/11/2002 at 10:42
I'm just a tedious old fart pixie. In the past I did work in a bakery, until I had a (not uncommon) skin reaction to wet dough - doesn't matter on the domestic scale though.

I also used to be a food chemist, so the stuff I do at home has just as many healthy additives as what you buy in the supermarket! (joke)

My CV usually takes some explaining away on job interviews - mostly they just get edited high (low?) lights.
22/11/2002 at 10:44
Slowboy, it's just the desperate need to talk with people less tedious than our colleagues.
22/11/2002 at 10:45
Ah, Slowboy, but why do kebabs exist? Those tree-trunks on turntables - what a waste of tasty diplodocus legs.
22/11/2002 at 10:46
morning all, sorry to hear your news dolly, virtual hugs to you and also to Cath.

Redhead, you must be a very patient person, i lose it when my dad stays for a week,

glenn, i too used to be a food chemist.. but now work in finance. Although I havent gone as far as to become an accountant...

22/11/2002 at 10:50
Well it's not all food chemists becoming accountants, I used to be a systems engineer designing military jets.

Glenn - you're spot on about the colleagues though, or certainly at least some of them.
22/11/2002 at 10:56
has anyone heard from benz this morning, she was trying to get into the forums last night, and looking at the technical problems forum, having a bad time....

ps. know exactly what you mean about colleagues, but then again, Im not too exciting myself
WildWill    pirate
22/11/2002 at 10:59

You are here - your into running and food = exciting
22/11/2002 at 11:06
gee thanks WW, Im blushing...
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