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Saturday 16th Nov

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16/11/2002 at 14:29
Hi all.

Chrissy, Danny, welcome. Barkes, well done. Normally I'd have been on the steppy and the treadmill and the barbells and everything by this time on a Saturday, but...well, I had to take the babbas to the optician, and I'm tapering for a race tomorrow, and I couldn't be @rsed...sorry, that last bit just slipped out.

Clariss, dump away. You're a good'un and I'd be blubbing if I knew somebody was going to wax my armpits and take hard-earned cash off me for the privilege. Yeowch!

I do feel sorry for Rik. I think he's repulsively pathetic (not repulsively fat - fat doesn't bother me as long as the skinfolds are washed and dried properly before I have to examine its bearer), but he's only a nipper. I was capable of being just as self-pityingly help-rejecting at 21 and I have the never-to-be-published novella in my filing cabinet to remind me of the fact.

Severe celestial incontinence in the West Midlands today. Glenn, it is going to be LETHAL underfoot tomorrow. I may yet pop out to Sutton Runner and buy some spikes. Or maybe I'll just whang some six-inch nails through the soles of my trail shoes.

Done lots of stuff with the kids this morning. Wish it was because I was a good mother. It's not. It's displacement activity to keep me from stuffing my gob (which I really want to do) and doing my writing (which I can't be bothered starting).

Cath, internet shopping is the biz! OK, so it's not the same as mooching around the shops among the Christmassy canned music and being able to smell and handle things, but it's so easy. My credit card has never forgiven me for bookmarking all the flowers-by-post sites.
16/11/2002 at 14:54
Just woke up after a busy night shift patrolling the warm-hearted, fun loving revellers of my fair city, who never drink too much and love my colleagues and I so much it hurts (sometimes literally!). Another 12 hour night looms large on the horizon tonight.

Nights are usually purgatory for hearty, nutritional food and I'm afraid last night was no exception. Still, I haven't touched a kebab for months, so it can't be all bad.

On a brighter note (and following the undoubted success of Benz and Sassie) I was told yesterday that I am being "temporarily" promoted as of next week. Temporarily in my line of work can be anything from a few weeks to a year or more, so it'll give me something to do whilst I wait for the exam results (expected Christmas week - how festive).

Finally, welcome to Chrissy and Danny.
16/11/2002 at 15:25
Filbert, my heart goes out to you. Really. I remember night work well. Night work combined with hospital food or, occasionally, a dose of takeaway, swallowed cold because the bleep always went off at the wrong time and the microwave was never working.

Is it true that police officers are now expected to hang out in supermarket caffs and Golden Arches instead of skulking in station canteens? If so, it must be impossible to finish a meal. A couple of years ago I walked through Birmingham with a copper in uniform (we'd given evidence in the same case and his station was near my surgery) and couldn't believe how many times he was stopped and asked to give directions and break up fights.

Well done on promotion, even if it's officially temporary at present. Does this mean that you get a bigger truncheon?
16/11/2002 at 20:35
Hi all. Had a real fright when I saw CFC last night. Anne Widdecombe weighed exactly the same as I did yesterday morning. I do hope she's short ;-)

I've had a bumbling day today....kiddies swimming lessons and checking out my marshalling spot for tomorrows Cornish Marathon. I'm at mile 1 and mile 25 (downhill finish), so I'm hoping they are all happy souls! I've been practising my 'Awesome run' 'Looking good' phrases all day. Nippers think its great, I'd take them with me but its going to be such a long day.
16/11/2002 at 20:49
Filbert, well done mate, congrats.

Hey folks ahd another hour session on the machinery tonight and feel marvellous!!!!

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