Help ! Is this ITBS ?

If so, can I prevent it ?

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28/06/2009 at 17:30

 I started getting knee pain on my 10 mile run last Sunday and thought it would go away -- mistake !!

But I could just do with checking whether it's ITBS that's hurting me.  The pain is on the outside of my right knee and seems to centre on the small 'hole' just below my kneecap towards the outside of the knee.

The pain was really bad last Sunday and Monday - especially going down stairs - but got better after Tuesday.

I rested all of last week and ran 4 miles yesterday (went ok), and 6 miles today (was a bit sore for the first 3 and agony for the last 3).

While I'm here, I read somewhere that bad running posture can cause knee injuries,  Is this right ?  Whenever I catch sight of myself running, I seem to be leaning forward with my bum stuck out a bit.  Could this be causing the trouble ?

Please help !


28/06/2009 at 18:14
It does sound like it but I would check with a GOOD physio if I were you. It it is IT band syndrome then it will not go away by itself. You will need to figure out what's causing it (more than likely to be gait). You will need to learn some good stretches to help reduce pain but first of all will prob need some help from the physio to get it stretched out initially.

Google IT band stretches - then go see someone if it doesn't get better soon.

(as to whether it is sticking your bum out ???? My physio told me that it was a lack of rear leg extension that caused my problem , I was a heavy heel striker with little shuffling steps- I did the pose and chirunning thing and it helped enormously or

Fingers crossed it's something else and it clears up by itself though.
28/06/2009 at 20:08

Thanks GA ... possibly a bit over-exaggerated by talking about 'sticking my bum out' ... just trying to explain my running posture ... I do certainly seem to lean forward though.

28/06/2009 at 22:24

Go to see the physio as soon as you can.

 I had a very similar pain and was in despair that I would be unable to run for ages as i'd read so much rubbish on the web about ITBS and how long it takes to recover. I went to the podiatrist and after a small adjustment to my orthotics and some dedicated daily stretching (I've never been the most dedicated of stretchers!) from the physio I was as good as new within a week or two and have had no further probs.

Good Luck!

01/07/2009 at 13:37

I has trouble with my ITB recently.  Physio told me that I needed to strengthen my inner thigh muscles a little, so I included those into my post run stretches and gym sessions.  Now I don't get any problems at all.

ITB can be a big issue if you ignore it, but if you treat it while the symptoms are mild then you can get over it quickly.

01/07/2009 at 14:17
 You need to find out the reason for having the ITB problems. Weak glutes, weak hip abductors, tight hip and thigh muscles, wrong trainers etc otherwise the problem will persist and also get some sports massage of the band and surronding muscles that might be pressuring the band. A foam roller is great as well.

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