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22/01/2010 at 20:02

I know exactly what you mean about just wanting to get out running. I would have settled for doing the club 10k handicaps but bailed yet again last night after failing to do an 8k trial run two days earlier.

The cycling is a really good release though and I go with the local tri club on Saturday mornings (which is around 50 miles) Although I'm not up there with the group 1 riders, I do feel that I've been making good progress and the hip and ITB are fine.

Swimming is also progressing well but it's pretty boring to be honest.

There is no substitite for the running in my opinion but cycling is coming close and is keeping me in shape so if (and its a big if) I get my injuries sorted then I should have a good base to move on from.


01/02/2010 at 22:03

can anyone help me??? HIP PAIN??


i cant run at mo and resorted to the gym but it not the same and miss running.


10/02/2010 at 14:19

Your pubic bone is out of alignment.

Go and see an Osteomyologist and he/she can re-align your pubic bone painlessly in seconds. You'll be able to runn again pain free in after a bout a week.

10/02/2010 at 14:28

What are the consequences of the public bone being out of alignmen?

The reason I ask is that I have awful ITBS following my hip operation and no amount of stretching, strengthening, foam rollers and strats make the slightest bit of difference.

I am convinced that having had the hip dislocated in order to perform the operation there is some biomechanical issue that is causing me to overpronate and suffer in the ITB

30/09/2010 at 12:37
just my take on it i have recently bought a road bike and been out a few times doin between 25 and 35 miles i have never had a problems with my hip until recently,the hip doesnt hurt when i am cycling but hurts when i am running and it hurts more when running up hill i have put it down to the cycling,i have started treating it as itbs.
21/05/2011 at 23:24

One thing not mentioned here is diet and supplements. I've recently been getting light hip discomfort, so been looking into this side of things. Coenzyme q10 is meant to be good for joints, and chondroitin and glucosamine have possible benefits for lubricating joints and rebuilding cartilage.

Make sure though that you do your own research before trying these things though - they're pretty pricey!

It's amazing how the body will repair itself when given the right tools.

Also I try to stick to footpaths rather than tarmac - and have a good pair of trainers. The shock of running on tarmac with bad shoes should never be under estimated, particularly for the hips. Anything that can soften the blow (eg othopedics etc) is a good thing.


15/01/2012 at 22:15

I found this thread very interesting 

I too have struggle with hip pain in my Left hip and havent ran for 4 months. it started as a sharp pain ( when I did taekwondo, kicking with that hip) initially it didn't affect my running.

However over the last 12 months its got worse, and i seam to have it all the time. I also have leg pain and pins and needles in my foot. I have had MRI and X-rays and seen a hip specialist and was told i may need a Hip Arthroscopy, but couldnt explain the leg and foot symptoms. I dont think I have got to the bottom of my problem as the Hip and leg pain are definitely connected, they are all mild or severe at the same time. I also get some lower back pai at times.

16/01/2012 at 14:07
I also have found this thread interesting. I have been pleasure running for two years and last October decided to enter a half marathon, along with some friends. We run three times a week, Sunday a long run which increases by half a mile a week, Tuesdays a 6 - 8 mile run and a nice slow run on a Friday usually about 5 - 6 miles. However last Sunday we got to 9 miles of our 11 mile run and I felt a strange ache/pain in my left hip. Having never experienced an injury before this was new to me. I was able to run through it and completed my stretches when I returned home. But I was in a lot of pain and during the night it was impossible to lay on my left side as the pressure on my hip was very uncomfortable. Monday morning I couldn't really walk without limping but as the day progressed the pain seemed to subside. I thought at this point I would go to my local sports shop and enquire whether my trainers perhaps needed replacing, even though they had only done about 200 miles. So I had my gait analysed and was told I have been put in the wrong type of shoe and should have been put in a neutral running shoe, so perhaps this may have been a factor in my hip pain. By Tuesday the pain had vanished so yes I went for a run, managed 61/2 miles but could run no further as the pain had returned. So plenty of stretches and now realised I had a few more days of rest. By Friday the pain had gone so I went for a short run and experienced no pain. So the long Sunday run I would only manage 91/4 miles as the pain has returned, I was gutted that I couldn't manage our target of 11 1/2miles, ended up limping home and the pain occured whilst my leg was load bearing. I have now resigned myself to no running until perhaps Friday when I will do a short gentle run to see if I will be able to run next Sunday. As I go through today the pain is definitely wearing off, I have walked the dog and generally been up and about but I am at a loss to know what has caused this, i am also concerned about being ready for our half marathon on the 11 March. Im no speed runner my average mile is 9.10 mins and am 38 years old. Any ideas or thoughts would be gratefully received.

Many thanks Karen
16/01/2012 at 15:50

I suffered with hip discomfort for around 4 months, just running through the pain and resting for a day or so when it got really bad. Then one day I was out for a run, after running downhill I was suddenly in crippling pain and couldn't walk never mind run. I hobbled home, rested for a week and started over. The pain kept coming back, this time worse and much quicker than it had previously,plus it started going to my knee.

 A friend of mine recommended an osteopath, who after about 30 mins of questions, examinations etc told me I had been overdoing it, the muscles supporting my hip were knackered and couldn't support my leg when I ran, so my pelvis was rotating to compensate causing my leg to bow and the pain in my leg. 

 Another half hour of treatment later to realign my muscles correctly, loosen everything up - and he worked all the way from my back down to my foot as apparently it is all linked - I was given five sets of stretches to perform 3 times a day. And no running! 

 A week later and apparently it was much better, I was allowed to do two 15-min runs that week on grass only,  on the flat. And I had to do two sets of 15 lunges once a day to strenthen my hip muscles. Just done the first run and hurrah - no pain!! Apparentlyit should only take a few more sessions.

 I am sticking to the orders very strictly, as a friend of mine had a similar injury and didn't rest it, and now cannot run at all - don't want to end up like that.

 I would NOT recommend running through the discomfort, as it will soon turn to pain. See a professional - by recommendation if poss - and an osteopath is often the best way as instead of just concentrating on the site of pain, they work through the back to the foot etc to resolve the problem. I pay £35 for a session, but for 4 to 5 sessions it is worth it. You'd spend £100+ on a good pair of trainers, but if you can't run then they're no use. 

 Forget doctors, NHS doesn't want to know or pay for your physio. GO SEE A SPECIALIST!!

 Hope that helps some of you...

17/01/2012 at 14:18

I have been seeing a Chiropractor since October (3 1/2 months now), and he is still convinced he can get me right. I'm loosing confidence. I still cannot run and cannot put any weight on the hip. the pins and needles in my foot and leg come and go, but the hip pain is pretty much there all the time. I have had x-rays and I don't have Arthritis.

 I stick to the exercises he gives me, and do them all through the week, and am now keeping a diary of each day.

Surely the fact that I'm not running or in fact doing any sport at the moment should easy the pain.  the last thing i want is surgery but should i consider it. the chiropractor advised me not to have any surgery.

I haven't ran since October. its driving me mad.  how long do i give the Chiropractor?


17/01/2012 at 16:40
Thank you Mel for your comments and Pamela I do hope you soon get this sorted out, I havent had any experience with Chiropractors so cannot give an opinion on that but perhaps it might be worth going back to your GP and getting a second opinion?

Today ended up going to see my GP as my hip pain was very uncomfortable last night. I'm very fortunate to have an extremely good doctor who diagnosed my problem straight away she also referred me straight away to a private sports physio as she knew I wouldn't get in very quickly at our NHS physio. I have just got back from my appointment, I was given a thorough examination, luckily the physio is also a keen runner so could understand my eagerness to get back running as quickly as possible without missing too much training for my half marathon in 7 weeks. She is pretty certain that it is due to weak glutes muscles and then affects the piriformis muscle. Because of the weakness it causes the hips to drop etc. So now I have lots of strengthening exercises to do to support the whole area. I was very relived that it was not anything really serious and my running doesn't have to stop. I would have been devastated if I would of had to pull out from this marathon after all the hard work. Fingers crossed this will help!


14/05/2012 at 09:05

Just joined this site. Great by the way. I have been running for a year or 2 now and am aged 47. I find that after running 9 miles or so the righ hip - in the place where it joins the pelvis gets really sore. To the point where I have to slow down or sometimes even stop completely. Not something you want to do in a half marathon - this happened yesterday at the island race on Anglesey. Always seems to be at the 9 - 10 mile stage. I am going for a gait analysis to see if better shoes might fix it.

20/06/2012 at 09:36

Really interesting read I'm also currently suffering with Hip and knee pain I ran last year upto 5 miles and never had any problems, I'm now training for a 10K and noticed after about 45 minutes pain starts to creep into my hip (feels like in the actual joints) and sometimes the left side of my knee too the pain gets worse over night whilst laid in bed and next morning I can hardly walk.  I stretch before and after and also use a foam roller as I was advised it could be lactic acid build up around the IT Band I'm taking Glucosamine Sulphate 1,000mg a day and these all seam to help stiffness /sore muscles but the pain in the joints is still there.  I really dont want to give up running despite the pain I really love it I'm hoping someone might be able to help more and after reading these posts I will go see a chiro


20/06/2012 at 22:44

to donna bell: your query originally was ages ago, but the pain you described, at one point in each hip, v painful if pressed and painful any time, sounds like bursitis to me.

i had it in both hips for ages in a v painful manner - even a stroke over the area or sitting in chair with arms was painful.

i had a few injections (cortico-steroid and lidocaine) into the hip joint which helped a bit and lasted between a week to 5 weeks.

i then lost weight and started running which i'm sure has helped, as now i can only feel the sensitive points if i search for them, or make a hard impact right on the area.

you may have had all that from someone before, so hope you're over it now.

17/10/2012 at 18:16

Interesting what I just read about hip pain.

I'm facing mostly the same problems described here.

I started running very recently, and after 2 months I started feeling this right hip pain, or discomfort. The strange thing is that I felt it not while running but the day after.

Went to the doctor, made some x-ray, and he said nothing was wrong with my hip or joints. So I decided to visit a physio who, after seeing my x-ray, said that I have 2 things:

  1. FAI - Femoral Acetabulum Impingement
  2. Weakness of the stabilizing muscles (gluteus medius is the main one)

So I went through a lot of sessions and exercises at home, and 2 months after stopped running, even though the pain was not completely vanished, I restarted running slowly.

But the pain came up again, and the strangest thing is that I can stand the pain while running, and even sometimes the pain is not present when running. But it simply comes the days after, and specially when I'm sitting at the office or while driving my car.

I really don't know what to do. The pain comes and goes. Increases and decreases intensity. Some days I think I'm ok, and others I really feel the pain while sitting.

Any help would be very appreciated.

24/02/2013 at 10:07

Can Mel, Kaz or anyone else who has had exercises prescribed by a physio/chiropractor detail what the recommended excercises are?

I am training for my sirst marathon and last week while doing a 10 mile beach run started getting a niggle in my hip. Yesterday doing a 12 mile road run it was more noticable. Don't want it to impact my training so if I do exercises to strengthen the area I'm hoping that will help.

I had a similar problem a few years back training for my first 1/2 marathon, but after the race I took a break for a couple of months and it cleared up. 13 weeks to marathon day so can't afford to take much time off just now.

Love the cooperative community here. Thanks!

24/02/2013 at 19:32

This is a very interesting thread. I am training for my first marathon in May but last week after a fourteen mile run I had pain in my left hip. Had asports massage and cut down my mileage this week. Managed about 5k yesterday with just a twinge. Did a 10k race today and had to walk/ limp the last 1k the pain was so bad. There was a physio at teh race and he said he thought I had a tight or infamed glute. Since the race I feel like I have seized up on my left hip and cannot bear weight on my left leg. Will try to see a physion this week and obviously can't run. Not feeling optimistic form reading preceding posts. Like Allan above I don't feel I can afford to take time off but that might be the sensible option.

I dont want to give up.

24/02/2013 at 20:10

I am 26 years old and run a few times a week.  The runs tend to consist of shorter distances, around 6/7 miles or less, which are fast, and longer runs (12-13 miles). I have found that on the shorter runs, where I pick up the pace, I will suffer from pain in the hip area above the joint. This was primarly on my right side, but recently after a very fast 5 k run shifted to the left as well. I have seen a physio and the GP about it. The GP's answer was 'don't run' the physio (and incidentally a chiropractor I saw  who I mentioned this complaint to) said STRECH, STRECH, STRECH! Both advised at least 30 minutes of stretchs. The chiropractor actually showed me a few I didn't know. Sadly no one gave me answers, but the stretches (all over body) seem to help. Take time on each area and really hold the stretch. It didn't disappear, but it did help. I found the pain was coming on after a run less often. I will confess that my laziness of getting through the door, into the shower and on with cooking some well deserved grub has meant that I haven't stretched as ordered and thus I'm now suffering.

Thought the advice is useful I do worry about long term damage, but sadly not running isn't an option as it really it's done wonders for my level of cardio fitness, has helped maintain my weight (though I still carry some extra baggage) and really elevates the mood!

Hope this helps.

25/02/2013 at 14:00

Hi All, I have been researching hip pain now for the past few weeks as I too am suffering with the worst form of pain in the piriformis/sciatic/gluteal region; oh the pain!! I have been running for 2 years now on and off and signed up for my first marathon which takes place in April this year. I was running three / four time per week before christmas, never experiencing any pain or problems, but decided to have a bit of a rest over the two week christmas peirod only running 12 miles once a week during this time. I went back to running in January 2013, only to discover severe right knee pain, as I work within Podiatry I have the services of professionals at my disposal, with gait anaylisis and advice reguarly. I carried out recommended stretches and now incorporate this into my daily regime. Yes, the knee pain has gone, but I now suffer with the most excruciating pain in my hip, which would onset at around 10 miles. I subseuqently went and had some sports massage last week with the hope that this would see me right; I was scheduled for a 20 mile run on Saturday, but the pain came on after around a mile and a half, but I ran through until 18.5 miles where it was so severe I hobbled the remainder of the way home! I have another session of sports massage on Tuesday, but am starting to feel rather depressed that I may not be able to run my first marathon. I only have six weeks left of training and feel that I cant pull back and rest as the time wont allow! Has anyone ever had to defer from a marathon, especially their first ~ if so how did you feel? Has anyone ever suffered like this, but still managed to run their marathon?  I feel I will not only be letting myself down if I dont run, but all the people that have already made such wonderful donations to my charity in which I am fundraising for!! A bit of advice and a pep talk would be really appreciated. Many thanks Jo x.

25/02/2013 at 17:03
Hey me again. I have just had a conversation with my GP who reckons this is a torn muscle; she has given me a course of Naproxen and advised if I am still suffering with the pain in a weeks time to withdraw from the Marathon? Any thoughts on this? x
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