Hot Bath or Cold Bath?

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24/05/2003 at 22:09
Are you all mad, just empty out your chest freezer onto the floor, close the lid, put on the mp3 and set your Timex for 30 mins.

ps Don't try this at home.
24/05/2003 at 22:28
Have started them in last couple of weeks. Get bored after about 10 mins and get out. Legs definitely feel fresher.

Why 20 mins in one? Is that based on research?

Also, how deep do you fill it? Mine covers my lower legs, hamstrings and groin but not the quads. Should I be filling it higher?
24/05/2003 at 22:43
Good Q
Barnsleyrunner why is it everyone goes for20 mins i was also bored after 10 mins
but i did fill it to cover all of my legs and over quads.
24/05/2003 at 23:19
Something like icing for over 20 minutes can cause damage - but I suppose a cold bath is less severe so maybe we should up it to half an hour? I find the after 10-15 minutes you start to feel the cold is really getting inside your legs rather than just the skin.
25/05/2003 at 02:28
definately, more of a deep cooling effect Pops

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21 to 25 of 25 messages
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