How's the hayfever?


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21/06/2003 at 21:42
From what I understand there are two general antihistamines available off the shelf - loratadine, and cetrizine hydrochloride (or cetrizine dihydrochloride, same stuff). The names on the packet could be anything, it's the active ingredient that's important. They often have different effects on different people. My husband and I take different ones (I take the cetrizine and he takes the loratadine) and I haven't had any trouble with hayfever this year, but he's been sniffling for days - just depends on what works for you, and what pollen you're particularly sensitive to.

It seems to me that this years pollen count has not only been high but the pollen type has been one that more people have been susceptible to.

Another thing that I've found is that if you take an antihistamine after the hayfever has started then it has a tougher time to deal with it. I try to start taking the 'one-a-day' pills at the first hint of a high pollen count and keep going every day until autumn. It keeps me from the sniffles and wheezing.

I have found in the past that if I get itchy eyes, if I wash my hands thoroughly with cold soap and water then rubbing my eyes wasn't too bad. If you don't wash your hands first you can make it soooooo much worse.
23/06/2003 at 13:37
I suffer terribly and take Clarytin (on prescription) but this year I started to take the tablets from 1st April and touch wood i've hardly suffered......usually it wears me out before I even get to the track!

23/06/2003 at 13:38
FYI...Clarytin contains loratadine...
24/06/2003 at 19:54
I've been bad this year. It seems to be affecting my head and throat as well as nose and eyes (or maybe I have a bug as well). Taking Zirtek at the moment which is helping a bit.

What I used to find helpful was an ioniser. Used to have it on my desk at work and next to the bed at night and it worked wonders. Trouble it is broke some time ago and haven't got round to replacing it.
24/06/2003 at 19:59
oes hayfever make anybody else feel tired or as if they have a cold when they have a bad day ? i know its an immnue reponse so wonderif all the chemicals whizzing around make the whole body feel lousy ? anyone else get this ?
24/06/2003 at 20:01
On a bad day I can feel quite fluey. Just want to lie down in the dark and go to sleep
27/06/2003 at 17:59
passed on the free 'breath easy' strips from the R4L to hayfever-suffering partner and that and benydryl (sp?) seems to be working well for once. It's also stopped a lot of snoring (although that could be the pillow across his face......)
27/06/2003 at 19:08
Went to the drs today and was 'given' and inhaler. Never had one before. Not sure yet how effective it is going to be.
27/06/2003 at 20:48
As long as you use it properly it should make you're life much more comfortable
27/06/2003 at 22:39
I have found this my worst year yet, despite overdosing on antihistamines, nasal sprays, eye drops...
In the past I've just had v itchy swollen eyes and like a heavy cold, but seem to be wheezing as well this year, especially after exercise outside.
But I still love summer and all this great hot weather!

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21 to 30 of 30 messages
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