I Have lost six stone but my wieght loss seems to have stopped.

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21/08/2009 at 12:00

In the last 10 mounths i have lost six stones in wieght by changing my lifestyle and training hard. I currently wiegh 16 Stone 10 pound and my wieght loss seems to have  almost stopped. I started off dieting and doing spin classes in the gym and now iv intoduced running aswell. I do two spin classes, two 3 mile runs, one 6 mile run  and two wieght training sessions a week.

Typical diet is-

Breakfat- weetabix, fruit with fat free yogert and protien shake.

Lunch- Salad with tinned macrel.

Tea- A meal cooked with lean meat, vegetables, potatoes or rice and protein.

I dont drink and I never cheat.I am completly focuse on achieving my goal. can anyone help me?

21/08/2009 at 12:05

Firstly, well done on the weight loss and lifestyle change.

You will plateau, must people do, stick with it,the weight loss will start again, but it could take a while.

Don't get dejected, don't make the mistake of trying to restrict your calorie intake, because this can have a negative effect on your weight loss.

I'd suggest maybe uping the mileage on your running (slowly obviously), how about aiming to increase the 6 mile run to 10, and one of the 3 mile runs to a 6 mile tempo session?, that should get a few more cals burning, and hopefully pull you out of the rut.

21/08/2009 at 12:24
well done Ian but as dano says, you're at the plateau so you need to review your program

drop the weights (which are bulk forming) and focus on upping your aerobic exercise which means running for longer (at low pace so you get into the fat burning stage). if you have a bike - get out on it for a couple of hours - cycling is good for fat burning and helps take the weight off the legs.

also try setting yourself some challenges like entering a race - that will help focus your training and gives you a target to aim for.

Lee the Pea    pirate
21/08/2009 at 13:09

Congrats on your weight loss Ian, that is really fantastic   Like the guys said, you'er just hitting a plateau, so don't be too discouraged.  Modifying your training plan every so often is good, and stops the boredom setting in too.  Maybe you're getting too used to the same training and it isn't having as much effect?  I think the idea of increasing your running time/distance slowly (nomore than 10% increase per week) will help, as will getting out on the bike.  If you're a member of a gym, why not give one of the classes a try to mix it up a bit.

I've lost (almost) a couple of stone, but i've been plateau'ing for about a year, because I stopped being focussed.  Getting back into it now though, feeling the benfit of introducing cycling into my training.  good luck with it, and let us know how you get on

21/08/2009 at 13:39
That'a amazing weight loss, well done!  You might want to take a look at this link, it's all about the hormone Leptin and basically what do do when you plateau on a diet. It's a very long article and you might find something which summarises it better. http://www.mindandmuscle.net/taxonomy/term/13
21/08/2009 at 15:18

Congratulations - that is an amazing achievment.

Maybe look to introduce some swimming - I took some classes up and it has really begun to tone me up. I don't look on it as one to shed weight as I am not that competitive -   but in conjunction with the other activities it is a real boost - and something different to do. Gives other muscles a good workout.

I have recently dropped the intensitiy of my runs recently to try and build a really solid base over the winter - so as FB says - maybe introduce a longer run where you are staying in your fat burning zone. A  good heart rate monitor is quite cheap and an excellent investment.  it is odd as you are itching to catch up with the person in front - but you can save yourself for that good high intensity session after.

Make sure you are eating enought too - sounds odd, but you have to keep your engine ticking over or it goes into starvation mode.

Stick with it. What a fantastic achievement.

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