I keep collapsing

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05/11/2007 at 22:43

Hi Plodding Hippo,

Interesting that you mention salt. I have a low salt diet consisting mainly of fruit, veggies, porridge and some meat. I reckon that I eat 4-6gm of salt a day.....possibly not enough when training hard.

I have found that one's weight varies according to salt intake by several kilo. I'm going to carry on existing diet until Wednesday and see what cardiologist says about it.

I also hear what you say about becoming less fit.......I'd prefer to be less fit without a pacemaker than superfit with a pacemaker. I've done zero exercise since leaving Chelsea and Westminster Hospital exactly seven days ago.

Hi Mrs Pig,

My cousin had epilepsy. She was off driving for a while, but she's OK now.  On the face of it I'd prefer epilepsy to a pacemaker, but that may be an opinion born from my ignorance of epilepsy.

Anyway I'm making contemperaneous notes of every event for the cardiologist on Wednesday.

Hi Victoria Gibbs 2,

I think high vagal tone is my preferred option. I suspect that de-training might also lower vagal tone?

Once again I'm very grateful for the support.

Regards, Douglas

Dustboy    pirate
05/11/2007 at 22:54
Good luck mate. Hope it sorts itself out. Do let us know.
06/11/2007 at 07:53

Epilepsy can be tolerable -I'm fine on meds. Lost my licence twice - not to be underestimated if you rely on a car for job or lifestyle and live in the country without adequate public transport

Some epilepsy is uncontrollable and can be very difficult to live with.....like most things though.  

09/11/2007 at 22:11

Hi folks,

Having caught a combinaion of bubonic plague and Lassa fever, I've been bed-ridden since seeing the cardiologist.

The bottom line is that it's jolly difficult to diagnose without capturing an event. I've just finished a 48-hour home monitor, but, as I've been in bed, nothing happened.

The worst case is the pacemaker option and the best case is spontaneous remission. It may take some months to resolve. Anyway no training for a month to let my body recover from what's been my best and hardest running year ever.

Thanks again, everyone.


21/11/2007 at 22:35

Hi folks,

I'v had ten days in bed feeling like death. It's propbably some form of viral infection. My GP put me on steroids and I feel a whole lot better, though it'll be a few more days before I'm 100%.

 I saw the cardiologist today. Very test including echocardiogram, stress ECG, 48 hour Holter monitor has proved negative. The cardiologist is of the opinion that my "heart condition" and the viral infection are inter-related. The cure is rest followed by more rest. Definitely no training for another few weeks. Obviously if the heart condition starts up again, further investigation will have to be done, but this is unlikely.

So it's all pretty good news, though obviously quite a scare. Various friends have suggested that "fit" people are affected worse by this sort of thing than normal people. Any views?

Thanks for your help folks and I hope that this is the end.

Kind regards,


02/02/2008 at 20:44

Hi folks,

In the end I saw a grand total of 12 doctors before a firm diagnosis was made on 13th December 2007. I must admit that it wasn't quite what I expected or indeed wanted.

 The final diagnosis (confirmed by a CT scan and a PET scan) is that I have lung cancer.

 The good news is that it's at a relatively early stage and there's a possibility of a full recovery. I'm not asking the doctors too many questions as knowing too much can mess with one's head and lung cancer is quite a serious business. The prognosis is very binary (full recovery vs death). This is quite good news as I'd hate to be told, "We can cure you, but the following bits (insert as appropriate) won't work again".

I'm not having radiotherapy and I'm not having surgery.

 I'm start my second cycle of chemotherapy on Monday 4th February. My high level of fitness means that the chemotherapy isn't too bad, though I'm definitely too tired too run. I tried and there's nothing there. Chemotherapy should end in April/May and then it's back into training mode.

Otherwise all is well and my heart is in good working order.

 I hope to do an autumn marathon at the very least.

Happy running folks,

Douglas aka Leaping Wolf

02/02/2008 at 21:15
Hi Douglas ,stay strong and we will see  you out on the roads in no time.
02/02/2008 at 21:24

Second that - just read the thread.

Best of luck mate.

Farnie    pirate
02/02/2008 at 21:26

DJ, although I haven't posted I have read all of your posts through the past couple of months.  Good luck, luck after yourself and keep thinking about getting back out there.  It helps to have goals.

Best of luck and let us know how you are doing.


Dustboy    pirate
03/02/2008 at 00:19
Fingers crossed mate. Big time.
04/02/2008 at 20:18

Just read your thread......such shocking news for you, I sincerely wish you a full recovery and very very soon.

 Hope you're feeling OK after your chemo today.

Keep posting and let us know how you are recovering.

04/02/2008 at 20:30



just caught up with this

good luck mate

04/02/2008 at 20:40

What a shock for you but it does sound positive. All the best for your recovery.

Thinking of you and good luck

05/02/2008 at 06:30
Best of luck and I hope the chemo doesn,t get you down.
05/02/2008 at 06:49
Good luck DJ - I'm so glad they caught it early.
05/02/2008 at 07:15

((DJ)), as you say - not what you expected or wanted. However, on the plus side, this has been caught early.

I do know peeps who have successfully faught lung cancer and are living full and active lives meany years later. Being fit and, otherwise, healthy is in your favour.

Meanwhile, I do hope that the chemo isn't making you feel too rotten.

Take care,


05/02/2008 at 09:20

DJ is doing really well and is an inspiration to us all having adopted a practical and intelligent attitude to his current situation. He has continued to enjoy the athletic side of his life and my daughter has recently  taken up running as a new and enjoyable hobby which DJ is very pleased about!

Petal xxx

05/02/2008 at 18:53

Crikey DJ. just read this.

Hope the chemo is tolerable and curative.

Best Wishes 

LIVERBIRD    pirate
05/02/2008 at 19:05

Absolutely. I second that. Get well soon.

05/02/2008 at 19:19
Just read the thread, DJ, hope the chemo goes well, doesn't take too much out of you and you're soon back to your running
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