Injury setback for Paris Marathon

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07/02/2014 at 21:59

I've been a runner all my adult life, now in my mid-40s, mainly injury-free ... till lately. Mainly sciatic & IT band stuff that was easily diagnosed and treated.) But this time, I'm getting contradictory diagnoses so I want to throw it out to the forum.

I can walk fine, stand on one foot with no pain, but when I push off on my left foot while running, stand on the toes of my left foot, or hop on it, sharp he pain shoots upward. It feels like it starts around the arch and radiates upward on both sides of my shin. I can press firmly anywhere along these areas without sharp pain, although it`s a little tender in the arch, behind the inside ankle, and inside the shin about an inch above the ankle. I also feel no pain when I whack my shin hard with my fist.  

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I`ve not run for four weeks now, and with the contradictory advice from the doctors I`ve tried both ibuprofen & tylenol, both heat and ice, and the pain is still here.

Please help - Paris Marathon is only 8 weeks away!

(In case it matters, the pain started only after I`d been training for four months, right after my 32km run/walk. I`m using the Galloway schedule, was upping my mileage appropriately. Embarrassed to admit the likely cause: my shoes were probably past it.) 

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1 message
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