IT band syndrome recovery

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03/02/2016 at 05:44
I think anyone who is suffering from a stubborn case of IT band syndrome should do some research on common peroneal nerve entrapment. I was diagnosed with IT band syndrome, after a year of no relief I looked for another opinion and I was told I have common peroneal nerve entrapment at the fibular head. My symptoms were identical to those of it band syndrome because the peroneal nerve runs parallel to the bicep femoris. I had the nerve decompressed surgically three weeks ago and am 100%. I am not suggesting get surgery but what I am saying is if you have had no relief after even 6 months then consider a differential diagnosis. My surgeon said he sees 20 cases a week of people who were diagnosed with it band syndrome but actually have a peroneal nerve entrapment. It is easy to diagnose. All you need to do is find the fibular head just below the lateral knee and tap or rub the fibular head for 10 seconds if this brings on your symptoms chances are you you have an entrapped nerve. This is called Tinel's test you can find videos on YouTube. I hope this helps. It is easy for physio therapists and sports mds to miss this diagnosis. The first thing most people think when they have lateral knee pain is IT band syndrome but our bodies are complicated and many different issues can have the same symptoms.

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21 to 21 of 21 messages
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