kicking the alcohol habit

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19/03/2008 at 17:05

My plan by the way is to get Mr FF cycling as he is so rotund (?sp) at the moment I feel like I'm married to my Dad!!!  He has said a bike for his birthday would be nice and he has even snuck into Peter Hansfords (cycling shop) and tried a few out for size....nothing he would own up to but the bloke in the shop recognised LFA and told me when I was in having my bike serviced on Monday.....I have already told him that my FCR will not go off road and I would need an off road bike...

Money wise....I have been saving for Mr FF's bike and have £250 so far...his birthday is in May.  The bike I got off Evans was on 6 months interest free which gives me plenty of time to have the cash ready....besides FF has been working butt off all month and should get some decent overtime next month.....besides Mr FF's job is going well.....besides....I've ovulating and I need to do impulsive things to make me feel better

I made a chocolate and beer cake today for the night looks really quite impressive

19/03/2008 at 17:24

I am so pleased that you followed my suggestions......I was so close to buying the same earphones off amazon....

I hope the bike is it delivered in a box or put together ready to roll? 

19/03/2008 at 17:51

They are very lovely earphones.

.....I'm assuming the bike will come slightly flat packed??? not quite sure....hang on a minute I'll ask...

19/03/2008 at 17:55

'All bikes are assembled, tested, and then repackaged before shipping, with minor assembly required before riding.'

...........hmmmmm....minor assembly

Jeeeezz.....I leave for work in under an hour and I still look like cat weazle!!!!

catch up with you later....

Jammie....I love you

19/03/2008 at 19:46
you've made me blush......
19/03/2008 at 20:19
Jamie, I'll be back on the wagon again soon. Can't afford to sup!
19/03/2008 at 20:27
I know....the money I save when I'm not soon as I start again my battle cry is heard from the bar........HHHHOOOOOWWWW MuuuuUUUrch
20/03/2008 at 08:57

Morning!  Well what a quiet  night....never known anything like it....actually managed to read my back log of e-mails.

<smiles at the thought of  making JD blush without even trying.....ooooo the possibilities with a bit of effort>

........I have been asked to apply to do a Supervisor of Midwives means another 6 months at uni part-time but they will pay all my expenses....starts in September....thinking I might do it...not sure if family will like it.....not sure if flattery and lack of sleep is effecting my ability to will be at Masters level..................hmmmmm!

I really wish I could get on the wagon....don't know why I can't....just that always opened bottle is difficult to resist and Mr FF sober is a chore......

think I need to go to bed.......i'm doing too many '......'

Night night

20/03/2008 at 12:59

Hello Everyone,

FF- good news on the course offer - of course you must go for it! Excellent - it's a real vote of confidence in you. Well done!

It's my OU study day today - Hinduism. Am finding it v. confusing, and feeling like a Bear of Little Brain. I'm sure it will all make sense in the end.

20/03/2008 at 16:09

Thanks PW.............think I'll talk to my Manager about it....

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend xxx

22/03/2008 at 14:49

Pokes bleary eyed head in to see the place is deserted....

I guess you all have lives!

PW: Out with the family

SW: Walking by the lakes with t'wife and mum

JD: Rowing to his hearts content and out visiting friends

Buns: Running over the hills and talking to sheep

VT: Sha&&in like a bunny

Elle: Well....probably doing something very exciting up the wagon.....considering locating ginger groper and seeing if he fancies a sha&................pffffff!

22/03/2008 at 15:52

this time on monday, all my worries (or my main 1 will be) will be over and and I''l be very, very drunk! Roll on Monday!

22/03/2008 at 18:11

Enjoy that Tele!

Well FF decided tooccupy herself making gingerbread men with LFA...........

Think I'm gonna have to have a word about tact when being anatomically correct!
22/03/2008 at 20:39
Hahahahaha. Those are fabulous! *boggles* You did have fun, didn't you?

I'm on a culinary high. Made cherry simnel cake from the latest Good Food magazine this morning - an unusual one, with the apostles in the middle of the cake instead of on top, so you encounter them as you eat it. I'm stuffing my fat face with a slice now and it's rather nice. This evening's meal was a joint effort between me and my father - peppered tuna steaks with kumara chips and stir-fried cauliflower.

How's everyone doing?
22/03/2008 at 22:25

Thanks, Will do FE.

Do you read the Viz by any chance? Fru T Bun would love the Gingerbread people.

23/03/2008 at 09:00

Morning All,

Happy Easter! FF, you were quite right, we were off visiting my brother-in-law and his wife and adorable 11-month old twins. Aaaah! They are seriously cute, I will post a picture once ITS daughter shows me how.

Woke up this morning and it has SNOWED. D*m* - I've got to go to church this morning, thankfully only at Northampton. Am glad it isn't last Sunday, when I had to travel rather further. But I've got to go - it's our AGM afterwards, and I've got to take the minutes.

Bunbury - your cherry simnel cake sounds v. interesting. Is kumara the same as sweet potato? Was reading an article about Bunburying in the Daily Telegraph yesterday (pp 1-2 of the Weekend section) All about people who lead separate lives in the town and in the country cf. weekenders who are townees on holiday.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, and not too cold. Good luck with the race Tele.

23/03/2008 at 20:19

went for an 8 mile plod today and tried out my new headphones properly....thoroughly recommend them JD they're cool!!!

Written out my application for the Supervisors post...........will hand it in Wed night and hope for the best ....fingers crossed.

PW: Glad you had a nice Easter. Look forward to the pictures.

Tele: haven't read Viz since I was a kid but I'm sure the gingerbread men would've fitted in perfectly....I'm not very good at the serious side of being a mother.....or a wife.....or a midwife......actually seriousness and I aren't on speaking terms....

23/03/2008 at 20:31

FF, I think that's by far the best attitude to have! Life is best tackled with a big grin and a good run-up. And a big stick.

 PW - that article and my pseudonym obviously have the same origin (Oscar Wilde). I must look for it in the Torygraph. How did you get on in the cauld blast?

23/03/2008 at 21:09

............wish my pseudonym was as intellectually based as Bunbury's................ isn't

............although I have now lost nearly a stone and may have to change pseudonym

23/03/2008 at 21:12

What d'ya reckon?

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