kicking the alcohol habit

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15/05/2008 at 18:01
......give her two JD and I promise to be quiet
15/05/2008 at 19:41

I can put lower voltage lamps in the downlighters and yes, I am a fussy bugger.

Actually, I have always done the decorating....hmmmm....infact I haven't seen the Dodgeretteever hold a paint brush.......Her brother helped me once and it was awful.....proved to me that not anyone could paint.....before I had thought that it was as easy as ..ummmm...something easy....afterwards I banned him from ever holding a brush again.

I make him clean his teeth in the garden.

Bike assembly ....very impressed........Brakes nice and lose?????......Big hill in the park???? insurance up to date????

16/05/2008 at 07:07


FF- thank you for the empathy and advice. I carried the resentment until I was pregnant with ITS daughter, when my community midwife was explaining something to me and I burst into tears and it all came out. She looked at the birth record for No. 1 son, and explained to me properly (first time that anyone had) that it had been a true emergency, and that if they hadn't done it he would have been spastic. As it is, he's sitting his first AS level exam this morning, so I can't complain. But it was like having a knife removed from my mind - I hadn't realised how much it had weighed on me. Problem was compounded by the fact that my section scar didn't heal very well - I was under the local Pain Clinic for two years. ITS daughter was born with the help of episiotomy and forceps, but I didn't care - at least i was awake!! I think they could have cut one of my legs off and I wouldn't have cared!

Nuff said. Please let us know how things went for your friend - I have been praying for you both.

Have a good 10K on Sunday. Hope Mr FF turns up to support, on the new bike.

JD you are a funny man - you cheer me up every time you post - thank you!

*waves to anyone else around*

16/05/2008 at 12:21


Just got home. Section went well and she had a much longed for baby girl (all boys on both sides of the family to fact my friend was the only girl in her family) icing on the cake

PW: The medical profession have only just realised that women need debriefing after things like this....just a full explanation the following day when the chaos has calmed down goes a long way in protecting mother's mental health....we are much better these days thank God.  Thanks for the thoughts.

Dito the Jammie thing (insurance well up to day JD)

Off to get some sleep before my night shift!

16/05/2008 at 12:35
Hello FF - I'm so pleased for your friend and her baby daughter, and for you.
16/05/2008 at 21:09
16/05/2008 at 21:13
Oh and never used KY as a lubricant other than what it's designed for - it dries out. I speak from experience. Bitter experience.

Ok, guys, off to the Lakes for a week tomorrow so I'll be around even less than normal....

Take care of yourselves.
17/05/2008 at 18:15

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're having good weekends. V. domesticated day today - paying bills, ironing and housework. But off to a Tercentenary Service tomorrow - 300 years of Kingswood Unitarians.

Doctor Who at 7.00 - can life get more exciting than this?

17/05/2008 at 20:26

I feckin ope so PW!

I have a race tomorrow....Mr FF not coming....don't care!

Nice to see you SW

Yay for domestication PW

18/05/2008 at 18:34


Well, what an active weekend.  Went for a five mile country bike ride with Mr FF on his new bike and LFA!  Then I cycled to the start line of my 10k this morning and cycled home.  Managed to do just uner 52 mins again but struggled this time...then we went for another family bike ride!  LFA has purchased a new bike which will be ready on Tuesday......

This one to be precise. Giant Taffy 20"!!!  Hopefully the gears will prevent me having to push her up hills!!!

How was everyone elses weekend?

Nice to see you SW...hope you had a nice time in the Lakes.

Tried to do the no knickers thing on my bike but I'm not sure I'm happy trading in no VPL for a camels foot yet!!  And as for putting lube on my undercarriage.....that just doesn't seem right to me!!!!

I'll have to work up to that!

18/05/2008 at 19:55
Evening all. How is everyone? What have I missed?
18/05/2008 at 20:52

F'kin Elle!!!! Where've you been????

.....and....not alot.

How are you hun, how's life, what've you been up to?

18/05/2008 at 21:04

*hugs FF* Hello lovely! I'm sorry I've been awol...there was a good reason but I've missed you all!

 Life is good thanks! Haven't been up to much....running is going pretty well, and I've been to Berlin which was cool. Thinking about applying for a new job but that's pretty normal for me - get that urge every year or so!

 So, how are things with you? Am going to try and catch up but it might take me a while!

 How's everyone else? JD, SW, Buns, PW, VT and anyone who's jumped on the wagon recently!

18/05/2008 at 21:22
hugs back hun!!!! You'll have to give us the low down....hope things are sparkly!!!
19/05/2008 at 12:40

Hello Elle! Good to see you! What was Berlin like - Mr PW and I are going there for our Silver Wedding Anniversary in September. Glad to hear the running's going well.

FF - under 52 mins is PDG you know! And all that cycling too.

Tercentenary service was lovely yesterday - over 100 of us crowded into the chapel, and there was a lavish buffet afterwards. Good job the weather was good - we would have been v. squashed indoors!

19/05/2008 at 20:46

Hi everyone hope all is well.

I'm a tormented soul at the moment. I have a few issues

First issue is, this Sunday Leeds (I’m a big fan) are playing in the play off final at Wembley, If I get my finger out I have a chance of a ticket, but it would have to go with a friend and his dad and I don’t think I could cope with a full day of his fathers company. Or I can go with the supporters club but I don’t fancy it with them ether. Also on Sunday a friend his having a bbq (if weather is good) and I promised to buy all the beer with the voucher I won in the coal race. I’m not going to get many chances to see Leeds a Wembley but I also want to go the bbq, what do I do? 

The next is, A friend is doing the bob graham round and I promised to help him, but my its my best mate is having his birthday do on the same weekend. He’s going to the races. Also going is his girlfriends mate, who I really, really fancy. It would be a great chance to try and grind her down into my way of thinking and let me tek her out. I want to get out of helping my mate but I can’t cause of my conscience. The races is going to be a great day, I haven’t spoke to my mate about the bg for a while so not sure what the score is with it. What do I do!

20/05/2008 at 07:23

Poor Tele - that's a b*mmer.

1. Re Leeds at Wembley - what's the problem with your mate's Dad? And is there any chance that your other friend might hold his BBQ on the Saturday instead, or another weekend? If you explained your dilemma, he might be willing to change the date for the sake of the free beer (and for friendship)

2. What is a "bob graham round"? If you have promised your friend that you will help him, you really ought to. But talk to him and see whether the dates still clash. If not, you're home free. Otherwise, as you say it's down to your conscience. And you're a good bloke Tele!

20/05/2008 at 09:14

Easy peezey!!!

1.  Go to the bbq and see if your mate will hook up sky tv to watch the match...then you can get drunk and slag off your mates dad.

2. Do the Bob Graham Round with your mate as promised and make sure your other mate (and girlfriends mate) knows what you're doing and plan to meet them up in the evening.  That way she'll be impressed with your rugged male accomplishment and you won't appear too keen (girls don't like too keen).....don't forget to shower first! 

You see FF is a genious!

Off for a long slow run....catch you all later

20/05/2008 at 11:52


FF in Action

Am a bit annoyed as have just returned from said long run...about 9 miles....and for the third time this year I managed to get to the point of being lathered up to the eyeballs in the shower when the water cut out!!!! Oh, yes, they're digging up the pipes again!!! No nothing.....I swear they wait around the corner for me to return from a run and start I used the last icey cold remnants of water in the pipes to clean off the bubbles cursing under my breath all the way!!!

*end rant*

20/05/2008 at 13:00

FF are you the gazelle in the green?

 The Pump on my shower is knackered and now and again goes cold, and it always seems to be when I've got in from a cold ride or run and really need a warm shower. 

My mates Dad is alright but his very opinionated, and his opinions are always right, he's never wrong. Not sure I can cope with spending a full day biting my tongue, listening to him talking crap.

Mate has sky but I had the chance to watch leeds in europe but didn't go and now regret it, as we're never gonna be there again! So don't want to miss out on Wembley but the company I'll have to go with isn't the best. The voucher is not a problem, will just use it for another bbq, we'll have a good few over the summer.

Can't do the Bob G round and get back to York, he's setting of at 0400hr Sat morn and planning on taking 17hrs so no chance getting back to catch the races. the offer of help wasn't a promise but it feels like 1. If he has enough helpers it won't be a problem, even so I would feel like I'm letting him down. Any other ideas?

thing is she knows I'm keen, try it on every Christmas when we all go out, it's now a tradition! The shower thing might be were I'm going wrong! Should I have one everytime before I go out?

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