kicking the alcohol habit

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20/05/2008 at 14:41

lol! Yes, I believe that could help the situation Tele!!  

I am the one in green with the glasses on and the girl behind me is a friend from my club....we crossed the finish line together which was nice.  Oh....and 'Gazelle'....nicest word anyone's ever used to describe FF before feckin ippo anyhow!! lol! thats're going to Wembly with headphones on....and you're not doing the Bob G unless all his other mates have let him down and it responsibility falls on you.  And if its a tradition with this girl....and having a shower doesn't influence things.....I'd give up and try another girl.....or go for the direct approach and ask her what your chances are or whether you're wasting your time.

*waves to anyone else around*

20/05/2008 at 15:56

*boings around the wagon in a gazelle like manner*

...............realises she's knocked the wagon off its stands and its rolling downhill

20/05/2008 at 16:55

20/05/2008 at 17:06
Oops! I think I broke something!

Lets try a manual link...this made me chuckle.
20/05/2008 at 21:26

I did take the direct approach, she said the was a 1 in a million chance of use getting it on, so there's still a chance (sorry nicked that joke of a film)

She gives me little glimmers to keep me hanging on (like a bit of heavy petting in the back of a taxi, saying she'll go out with me but then backing out) I really should give up, but when i've fallen off the wagon, I can't stop myself. Must be good for her confidence to have a world champ chasing her! 

21/05/2008 at 23:06
Well I haven't been able to get a ticket and my mates cancelled the bbq so that's that issue sorted!
22/05/2008 at 07:10
You can catch up on the housework then Tele *LOL*
25/05/2008 at 18:13
Gosh, you lot are a chatty bunch!!!

Well, I had to come on and post as Mr FF has just filled up a drinks bottle and said 'see ya I'm off for a bike ride' ..... can't believe it!!! Especially as we went out for a 2 1/2hr ride yesterday!! Hopefully this means he's gonna try and lose some beer belly.

How is everyone? Have you caught that bird yet Tele? How's PW? Where is everyone??
25/05/2008 at 21:32
OK Mr FF came home and puked up!!!
.............well its a start.
26/05/2008 at 08:58
Morning All,

had a fairly interesting day yesterday - was doing two services in the West Midlands - both places I'd been to before, so didn't anticipate any problems.
BUT as I got close to Kingswood (the morning service) the key section of the M42 that I needed to travel along was shut, and I didn't know an alternative route. Gertrude (my satnav) wasn't any help - she kept trying to direct me back onto the M42. And the minutes were ticking away - I was supposed to be there at 11.00 - so I turned off the main road, got the atlas out and worked out a way to get there on the back roads - nightmare! Eventually turned up 15 minutes late, to find that they'd very sensibly started without me. I wouldn't have minded so much, but it was my first time with that congregation, and I wanted to make a good impression. They were very kind about it though ...
THEN I got to the second place (Warwick) to discover that the place I had previously parked in for free now had a meter and charged £1.50, which of course I didn't have! So had to run to the church, borrow a quid off the organist, rush back to the car ...
All in all, a bit of a shambles. TGIM!
FF - at least Mr FF is making an effort - tell him to make haste a bit more slowly!
*waves to anyone else around*
27/05/2008 at 08:00
*waves* Hello wagon
27/05/2008 at 08:17

We went to see the new Indiana Jones film yesterday - it was fab! Harrison Ford as good as ever, and ITS daughter was v. impressed with the young male lead - can't remember his name. Well worth going to though
27/05/2008 at 09:28
Thanks for the review PW....I'm toying with taking the kids to see that at some point in the half term.

Well FF has had a nice weekend. Not sure if Mr FF sensed my resignation to leave him but I woke up to a big bunch of flowers Saturday after my post work nap. We went out for a long bike ride and then Sunday we took a trip to Burley in the New Forest to check out a couple of bicycle routes and have lunch and yesterday we went out for another bike ride .... he's definately leaving his drinking until later in the day but I'm not convinced he isn't cramming it in at the last minute as he's still reverting to a&&hole by about 2100 but he's taken to isolating himself in the conservatory which leaves me to watch 'Britains got Talent' on the big telly.....all a bit weird really.

Trying to find something constructive to do with the kids today....when the teenagers arise from their pits that is.

PW your travelling disaster sounds like something that would happen to FF!!! On days like that you just make a hot chocolate and go back to bed in my opinion.

Hi there SW!!
*waves to everyone else*
27/05/2008 at 11:24
Hello FF
I'd definitely take the kids to the Indiana Jones - they'd enjoy it. Although I'm not sure LFA would be able to follow it v. easily - the usual Indiana Jones type plot - all over the place. The Mr FF situation sounds confusing - what is he up to? At least he's leaving the booze until later in the day, which has got to be better.
Wish I could have gone back to bed on Sunday, but it wasn't an option! But I was kn*ck*red by the time I got home. Still, at least I can claim the mileage, and my petrol is paid for.
Have just been to the dentist - a new one, our old one's retired, to find that a new Dental Care Plan is in place, requiring me to spend £9.70 a month to get "free" check up and clean. So much for free at the point of service! Our old dentist charged about £40 for that; the new one's charging £60. So if I go twice a year (which I do) I'll about cover my costs. But would still have to pay through the nose for anything else. Dentists - humph!
28/05/2008 at 08:22

Well, with yesterday being the only half decent day weather wise I attempted to take the kids and the dogs for a walk up Netley Abbey with LFA's bike....only to find that the battery on my car is dead!!! Only had a new one in October!!! So had to stay in for the rest of the day waiting for garage to come and get it to receive a phonecall at 1700 to say they'll come and get it at 0800 having to work the night tonight I have been up since 0730 and as yet they're not here!!!! It is tipping it down and I have to face another day stuck in with 4 kids followed by a night shift hoping that my car will be fixed in time to get me to work!!!

PW: I'm not sure what he's up to either but he does appear to be making an effort and even said something to LFA about his belly watch this space. Mr FF had the dentist last night...well hygienist. Its costing him £500 in total for x-rays and a deep cleaning below the gum line. He has a quarter of a mouth done each sitting where they make his whole face numb and clean down to the roots. I still go to my NHS dentist who I've had for 16 years.

I think I'll do some baking with LFA today...
30/05/2008 at 07:08
hello everyone,

FF - looks like it's thee and me on the wagon at the moment. Have you got your car sorted out?
Went round to a friend's house yesterday and she has a Wii Fit board - great fun! Might invest in one for Christmas ...
01/06/2008 at 21:05
I've looked at the wii fit board PW but decided I'd rather get my exercise outside.....still, by Christmas it may become appealing.

Well, FF and LFA and Mr FF have been out on a bike ride today. We bought some maps and took the bikes to the New Forest and LFA managed a 8.5 mile trek!!!! Mr FF has really taken to his bike and may even consider wearing cycling shorts :\ Nonetheless it means that FF and Mr FF have found a bit of common ground.....which is a start.

Busy week at work but managed to lose my irritating student this week so got a few lovely deliveries on my own...which was fab! I looked after one lady who's husband writes the stories for horror video games and he's promised to put me and the dr (vangelis) in one of his games - I'll be the leggy blonde heroin How exciting!!!

Hope you all had good weekends and all is well!
02/06/2008 at 16:24
Hello FF,

Well done to LFA for managing 8.5 miles - how old is she? And good for Mr FF too! Love the idea of you as leggy blonde heroine!

No. 1 son has his last exams today, then he will be underfoot for the rest of the summer *sigh* It's his 18th birthday on Wednesday - we're taking him out for a meal on Saturday night. ITS daughter back to school today, amid much grumbling. "It's not fair" to which my stock reply is "Life isn't, get used to it." What a harsh mother I am!

*waves to anyone else around*
03/06/2008 at 16:00
Afternoon PW! Hope you son's exams went well.
LFA is only 5 and I was dead proud of her.
I'll post a piccy as soon as I get a mo. Mr FF is already planning our next route and is even talking about shorter more sheltered routes for the winter! Watch this space!! But FF is also impressed.

Did a long slow 10 miler in the rain this morning...can't believe its June

Hope everyone else is well.
04/06/2008 at 07:19
Morning FF!

Oh Well Done in spades to LFA - 8.5 miles at 5 is seriously impressive!
I'm going to the doctor's instead of swimming this morning, have got this terrible pain in the small of my back. It started on Sunday, and got much worse yesterday. Almost as bad as labour pain, but constant. Then for a birthday treat, No. 1 Son can push the trolley round Tesco's for me!

Well done on the 10-miler - I used to enjoy running in the rain; once you got wet enough it didn't really matter anymore.
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