kicking the alcohol habit

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11/06/2008 at 21:57

yes, I like them...but Mr FF is asleep on the sofa so I've just sent an e-mail to his work address asking him to buy them for me  How cheeky is that!!! 

I'm off to bed as my body is beginning to hurt.  I rarely run under 8 minutes, especially if its not down hill, but it is happening more often these days so I guess I'm getting faster.  I was the 53rd woman though....which sounds terrible, but I'm not sure how many were running.  I think I was around 5th of the 9 women running in my club so still lingering around in the middle...but I did beat a few blokes in my club which always makes me feel good

When do you start your new job Elle, it looks really interesting...and only 15 minutes walk too!  I may be doing the Windsor 10k in September if I can get the night off that something you're likely to be doing?

Will catch up with you tomorrow....tis my bed time now .

12/06/2008 at 11:41

Hee hee, Mr FF bought them for me

12/06/2008 at 16:37

Afternoon Wagon!

FF - shades are really cool. *respect* on your times - you really are speedy!

Elle - the new job sound fascinating - good on you! Glad the running's going well too.

Off to the Peak District this weekend for a Unitarian conference, but am hoping I'll be able to get a bit of walking done.

*waves to anyone else around*

18/06/2008 at 09:00

Morning all!

 Very quiet round here - we'd slipped on the second page!

PW - how was the conference, and did you manage to get any walking done?

FF - sounds like a great run, and well done on beating the blokes   When in Sept is the Windsor 10k? May well be up for that!

New job starts on July 7th, and I've got loads to finish off before then so I'm trying to stay calm. Where's Buns with the banana leaf when you need him?? 

18/06/2008 at 12:32

Afternoon all!

Isn't it quiet? So glad you posted Elle - was beginning to think I'd been deserted! The conference was great - very intensive, but we got a lot done. I had fully intended to do some walking, but I've pulled a muscle in my back, and all that sitting didn't do it any good at all. So I just went back to my room and lay down between sessions, I'm afraid. Went swimming this morning though, and feel a lot better for it.

Have decided that I must get back on to the wagon properly - a weekend in Hucklow always has that effect - the food is wonderful and the portions are large! So I've bought the latest issue of the Rosemary Conley magazine, and am going to restrict myself to a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend. I only need to lose 10 lbs or so, so hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult  The only problem is Mr PW - he's a wonderful resolution sabotager - phones me up on his way home "I'm going to stop off at Tesco's for some booze - do you want any?" and before I know where I am I've said yes ... I need some willpower and support from all lovely wagonites please!

Bet you're excited about the new job - it sounds like a good one! But I can remember how hairy it was trying to get everything finished off before leaving - good luck with it! But after 4th July (your independence day!) it will be an SEP [Somebody Else's Problem].

*waves to FF and anyone else around*

19/06/2008 at 17:14

FFS!!! I have just typed a huge long post and then lost it!!!!!

Now I can't be bovvverrrreddd!

*waves to all*

19/06/2008 at 18:10

*Walks back in post cuppa tea! points oscilating fan in Elle's direction due to severe lack of banana leaf operating technicians*

I have just finished a three day course on 'Leadership' ....yes, THREE DAYS!!!! Still, at least the venue was only 7 miles away and I was able to compensate for this rude invasion on my 'running time' by cycling there and back each day...including my weekend cycling (another picnic in the Forest) I have clocked up 60 miles on the bike this week and my bum seems to have survived with the helpful advice from Tele et al...thanks.

PW: Hope your back is getting better.  Good luck with the Rosemary Connolly diet....does she do low GI???? I'm still gradually losing weight (about 1lb a month) by just keepiing my food low GI, portion control and uping my exercise.  I'm down to 9st 9lb and although I guess thats a healthy weight at 5'5 I am finding that the smaller I get the easier my running becomes....I think I'll stop at 9st though as I tend to look quite old once I go below that.

Elle: It's hard to imagine how your company will cope without you but I'm sure they'll manage somehow so don't get too stressed about PW said SEP!!!!  I bet you're dead excited though.  The Windsor 10k is on a Saturday and to date I've been declined annual leave, but I will ask the more influential this weekend and let you know if I manage to get it off and apply.

20/06/2008 at 08:10

Morning All,

FF - 60 miles in a week is pretty good - tell us more about the leadership course? Yes, Rosemary Conley is low GI and also low fat (nothing over 5%) so it's really a matter of eating healthily and sensibly and Cutting Down On the Booze. 9st 9lb at 5'5" is a very healthy weight - you don't need to lose any more! I'm 5'2" and 9st 6 - so I do! ITS daughter is also getting preoccupied about her weight and shape - don't know why - she's got a fabulous figure, so I've suggested cutting down on chocolate (which is a major addiction) and doing more exercise. Must keep an eye on her- she's just the right age to do something daft, like being too hard on herself.

Back is getting better slowly - it's a flippin' nuisance. But swimming seems to help, which is a relief.

*waves to anyone else around* 

20/06/2008 at 09:37

Actually PW that makes your BMI 24 which is a healthy weight too, but whats healthy and whats desireable are two different things.  My eldest daughter (who leaves school next year...I can't believe it), shed loads of weight very suddenly and went down to 8st at 5'7  ..... I did worry a tad about her becoming obsessed, but I explained that when she starved herself her breath was 'minging' and she could affect her bone density making her prone to a hump back when she was older and pointed out that she had no t*ts I think she saw the sense .... she is now 9st 4 and still very skinny but healthy (unfortunately, still no t*ts though ... oops).

The Leadership course was about empowering your team rather than mothering them.  Delegating work correctly and managing peoples 'unhealthy  behaviours' including your own.  For example, I feel the need to be sarcastic and light hearted about most situations and some of those can be inappropriate (especially in a health care setting) I need to learn to manage that   When I am put in charge of the ward I run around like a blue ar&e fly tryiing to help everyone doing things for them that they are more than capable of doing themselves and that is very inefficient apparently.  It was also about finding a structured way to solve problems and gain a consensus when making decisions...........3 DAYS!!!!  But it was a lovely cycle through the countryside...although my knees are a bit sore today.  Back to work tonight.

My sunglasses arrived yesterday so I'm off for a slow plod through the woods to try them out in a minute .  Have a lovely day everyone xxx

23/06/2008 at 07:16

Morning Wagon!

And a lovely bright and sunny Monday morning it is too! Off for a swim this morning, then work for the rest of the day. Back feels much better thank goodness.

FF - the leadership course sounded very interesting. Hope you had a good weekend. We went over to Mum & Dad's yesterday to celebrate No. 1 son's 18th birthday (belatedly - it was the first w/e we could all manage) and overdosed on Mum's very delicious, very rich lasagne. Back to the diet today! But was good in the evening, just had two Becks alcohol-free lagers. No wine until Friday!

*waves to rest of wagonites on distant horizon*

23/06/2008 at 11:30

Morning PW, FF has also over indulged somewhat this week with an Indian takeaway Saturday night!  The leadership course was quite interesting, I'm just not one for bums on seats all day! 

Bike riding over the weekend was a disaster with LFA refusing to cycle home once we were 3 miles out in the middle of Romsey Mr FF had a tantrum and rode off back to the car leaving me and LFA in the middle of no where and if he hadn't have cycled back just before we reached the car he would have been eating rubber for a long time!! Then the whites of my eyes decided to blister and swell on the way home (hayfever) which required a stop off at the walk in clinic just to wait an hour and a half to be told...yes its hayfever, take some antihistamines and lie down with an ice back on my eyes!!!

Have just got back from an 11 mile run and found that the cure for a nagging pain in the knee at mile 7 was to go arse over tit at mile following this incident with my shoulder taking the brunt of the knee no longer hurt and the adrenaline helped me finish the last 3 miles in record time. shoulder is now swollen and purple and I'm struggling to lift my arm.

So begins another week with a 'Safeguarding Children' course Tues and Weds followed by nights shifts on Thur/Fri and Sat!  I don't think I'm going to be able to do this without alcohol.

23/06/2008 at 16:07
Oh dear FF - poor you! ((FF)) What a chapter of disasters! Are you sure you should be working with a damaged shoulder (not to mention hayfever and a nagging knee)? I agree, I think you deserve the odd glass of wine!
25/06/2008 at 07:32
Im now joining this group as a last resort!!!! Drink far too much these days for no apparent reason.
25/06/2008 at 11:49
Welcome Dirt Monkey!
25/06/2008 at 16:57

Pull up a chair DM and convince me theres something wrong with that

25/06/2008 at 20:37

Hi guys. I am officially now tee total. decided to give up drinking completely on 12.06.2008- thats a long time ago as far as im concerned!!. Im an all or nothing kinda gal so decided to take the plunge. hasnt been as hard as i thought it would be- i just feel damn anti social. will you all be my friends when my drinking mates abandon me?!!!
26/06/2008 at 07:26

Course we will! Although you should know that some of us drink (mainly in moderation, unless we are under pressure!) But we're very sociable.

Morning FF, DM! Off for a swim this morning, then the rest of the day to be spent writing a 2,000 word essay about Jewish identity for my OU course. Wot larks!

*waves to anyone else around*

26/06/2008 at 11:12

Morning everyone...hello to new peoples!! I am so like you....I have managed to tee-total for a few weeks at a time...but I become so serious.....albeit that I feel so much better physically.  But as PW says...we are quite sociable (some more than others  ..... Bunbury, JD, VT ....where are you!!!)  Thing don't find the same things funny when you're fact...some of them just plain annoy you!

Good luck with the 2,000 words PW....that sounds like heavy stuff.

I've finished my two day 'Safeguarding Children' course.....very heavy stuff.

26/06/2008 at 21:03
Good evening! Im here now! again. Im having some diet coke and no beer, even after a long 15 miler, thats a 1st im telling you
27/06/2008 at 07:28


Another beautiful morning - enjoy, all you lucky folk who can go for a run. Finished the TMA in about 4.5 hours, which I was pretty pleased with. Hope the tutor is too.

FF - how did the course go? You're on nights for the rest of the week aren't you? Any races coming up?

Hello DM - have you tried Becks no alcohol lager? It actually tastes quite nice, and generally fools my brain into thinking that it's having something nice to drink  Well done on the 15 - miler.

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