kicking the alcohol habit

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27/06/2008 at 13:48


Yes I am supposed to be on nights for the rest of the week but unfortunately by 0300 this morning  having delivered a baby my poorly arm seized up and I couldn't withdraw the plunger on a cut a long story boss sent me to A&E where they have put my arm in a sling and signed me off for the rest of the week with some physio!!!!  Can't believe I can end up with my arm in a sling as a 'running' injury!!!!

I have now got my interview date for the Supervisors post which is 16th wish me luck....can't believe its still going on!

DM...well done on the no alcohol and the 15 miler ..... I'm sure someone said once that it gets easier the longer you go without it....I'm hoping I might get to experience that one day

28/06/2008 at 17:56

Evening All!

FF - poor you! Lots of luck for your interview.

Have spent the day down at the British Museum in London for the OU course - very interesting, but hot and tiring on the feet and back.

29/06/2008 at 10:26
Hi All I have been reading for a while and it's about time I jumped in...

I am a new runner. Brand spanking new in fact. I used to orienteer for Lancashire schools up to age 16 and then I had to give up due to two humungous boobs that would not stop growing. Anyway fast fwd 16yrs and I had a reduction operation in March of this year. It was meant to be the turning point, I'd taken yrs to get the courage to got to the GP about the op. All I wanted to do was run, wear fitted clothes and get rid of all those 'stares'. The op went well but due to complications I ended up having 2 further ops resulting in a partial mastectomy on the left side and now I am waiting on a reconstruction. But it's all positive in my eyes - worse could have happened.

Why join this thread?? Well I drink far too much, I weigh far too much and have set tomorrow June 30th as the 1st day of the rest of my life. No alcohol, I'll be running to a schedule (I need structure or I lapse too easily) and generally becoming healthier. I aim to compete in a 5k by sept/oct - an achievable target for me!, then go from there. I will lose wight, get fit and make some friends along the way - probably lose a few aswell, and when it comes time for my reconstruction op - recovery may be easier and faster??

So hello )
29/06/2008 at 11:14

Hiya Hetstar!!!

Well, what an entry!!!!  Sounds like you've been through a tough time in the boob department too.  FF had quite nice B cups when she left school then had four children ..... long story short.....pregnancy gave me E cups, the kids ate them and left me with AA I had am no a 34D but having since taken up running am in that category where they get in the way and elicit unwanted attention.  However, a reduction is not for me I'm afraid....far too complicated.

There...thats the icebreaker!!!

I stay on this wagon as I am a drinker...but every now and then I find I'm drinking far to regularly and it just keeps me mindful and from time to time I'll go tea-total for a couple of weeks to prove I'm not an alcoholic! 

Welcome aboard!!

29/06/2008 at 19:38
Hey FF - how can one persons boobs change so much!!! that's impressive!! I'll say no more about my boobs after this...(what on earth got me started!!) I was at least a K cup b4 the op and now about an F on the 'good' side. That could well change as even that side is not healing perfectly and I have either scar tissue or fat necrosis either way it's wait and see as it could either soften or need further surgery. Have appts with plastics and breast care at the end of July about the recon op - one good thing is it mat involve a tummy tuck if that method is best for me. Anyway...
Thanks for the welcome and I hope tomorrow, for me, goes smoothly!!!
30/06/2008 at 07:09

Morning all,

I'm a bog standard 36C myself, but know people with big boobs, and what a blight they can be.

Like FF I stay on the wagon as a drinker, but try only to drink at the weekend. Good luck with today, dear Hetstar, but don't beat yourself up if you slip a little - we're always here for you.

The promised blitz on the house went according to schedule yesterday, was comprehensively knackered by the end but feel Much Better for having a clean and tidy house! Off to Evesham this morning for a meeting with the President's Committee to review what I've been doing since the beginning of May and to decide what I should be doing until September. Deep joy!

FF - how is the arm? 

30/06/2008 at 12:04

Morning PW and HS!

My arm is much better thanks PW but I had to endure a weekend of Mr FF making me wear my sling whilst trying to carry out my household chores which just made life difficult and my neck ache....Despite the 'ban' from Mr FF I have been out for a gentle 4.5 miler this morning and the arm seems ok if not a bit up his bum with his bliddin rules!!!  Back to work for me on Wednesday.  However, the time off has given me the opportunity to get my professional portfolio together.

Can't believe I get sent home sick with a bad arm and the rest of my body has decided to jump on the band wagon....woke up this morning with a really sore throat and a bit of a cold....hoping the run should scare some bugs away.

HS.... think FF might join you on the wagon for a bit.  My weight has plateau'd a bit and I'm definately drinking too much wine is Mr may just see where that takes me for a bit.

Waves to all....hope your meeting is productive PW!

30/06/2008 at 20:21
Evening All!
Day 1 has gone well so far. I am following the 8wk to 5k schedule that I found on here. I ran/walked 2.5miles in 33mins. I know that is piddly but I haven't exercised for a few yrs and have put some weight on since then especially since my op(s) in March and May due to feeling sorry for myself eating and drinking too much... Anyway I was pleased with that and I am going to log all my training and see if I improve.
I'll save the seat next to me for you FF!! I'll be at the back where the naughty people sit
30/06/2008 at 20:28

hi guys,

whilst we're talking boobs-  before i took up running i was a 32 double nothing, so i had a boob job, i am now a 34 dd. with hindsight it probably wasnt the best thing to do as i get bachache now sometimes after running. and i cant find a good sports bra which stops the bounce- ive put alot of pain and money into my boobs and now theyll prob hit my knees!! Any suggestions girls? 9ive tried enell - doesnt stop bounce and shock absorbers rip me to shreds.

Still no beer whatsoever for me- did tell you  all i was an all or nothing type of girl. However, i am eyeing up a bottle of wine at the mo as I have picked up an achilles injury and am hobbling around feeling soz for meself at the mo.

HS- you go girl. How has today been?

30/06/2008 at 20:31

Evening all! And welcome to the new peeps

Quick one from me as it's all a bit hectic chez elle right now...last week at work and I'm desperately trying to finish stuff off, although I realise that I can't do everything and that the world will continue turning without me there   Really looking forward to starting new job now.

Have got a 10k on saturday morning but haven't been out running for a few days...not sure I'm going to make it. Hmmm.

 Hope everyone's ok! Take care all - esp FF - running with a sling?! Are you mad?? Don't answer that one

30/06/2008 at 20:34
hi confused - know exactly what you mean about shock absorbers - ripped to shreds just about sums it up!! Well done on the no beer.
30/06/2008 at 20:56

elle, confused - oh dear I am wearing a shock absorber!! - mind you I think they're wonderful compared to trying to control what I was used to jiggling about... I'll just see how it goes for now as I have already spent enough on running shoes, track pants and such!! (although I am planning on taking a detour on the way home tomoro to visit a running shop, you know, just for a look.... heheehee!!)

 confused - how long you been on the wagon? The longest I have managed was new yr for 6wks.

30/06/2008 at 21:16

hetstar - I still wear shock absorbers as I do find them the best fit - just have to make sure I've got a layer of vaseline underneath the bottom bit!

 we're never going to get the boys back at this rate are we?

30/06/2008 at 21:27

M&S max control for FF's titties!!! Best thing I've found yet. Enell just a bit too restrictive, Shockabs...give me sore nips! 

Elle.....yeah, but I bet they're still reading

30/06/2008 at 21:35
FF - pmsl
01/07/2008 at 07:29

Morning All,

My sports bra is a Triumph International one, which I've had for years, and find completely satisfactory. No bouncing, no soreness, no chafing. It cost about £18 (more now I'm sure) but worth every penny.

HS - well done on the first day of the rest of your life! 33 minutes run-walk is pretty good for a start.

C.C - sorry to hear about the achilles. Have you tried a gentle swim instead?

Elle - lovely to hear from you! I hadn't forgotten that this is your last week. Lots of luck on Monday. (and Saturday if you do decide to do the 10K)

FF - what are you like, running with a sling on! You mad girl - just take a few days off, or you'll end up with a worse injury! And why the devil didn't Mr FF do your *** household chores at the w/e and give you a break?

Lovely swim yesterday morning, was sharing the lane with a woman who was the same speed as me, so we didn't get in each other's way at all. Off for a bike ride this morning. (for new peeps' information, I'm an ex-runner, who can't run any more cos of injured feet. So I swim and cycle instead, which isn't nearly as much fun, but keeps me sane).

yes, thank you FF, meeting yesterday was very productive. I've got a nice long list of new things to do, which should keep me out of trouble for a while.

*waves to anyone else around*

01/07/2008 at 09:23

Morning all.

FF, why on earth are you running with a bad arm? How do you keep your balance?! id end up falling over onto the other one!!

Elle, thankyou. its quite easy actually. see im not an alcoholic as previously suspected!! i never bothered with the vas,might try it though, shock absorbers defo look the best and they are good at controlling big boobs!!

HS no beer since 12.06.200 hoping to stay off til august bank hols. longest ive been before was from october - xmas.

PW thank you but i gotta admit i hate swimmiing. the only time youll catch me in the pool is when the fizz tells me to! just total rest today with plenty of ice methinks. its a hell of a lot better today so im taking a positive from that. prob hop on x trainer tmz and see how it goes. however i just do not need this 3 weeks into half marathon training!

bye for now peeps

right im off to the sofa with my trusty ice pack

01/07/2008 at 10:49

You ninkumpoops!!! I took my sling off to run!!! Do you think I have no street cred at all!! pmsl!!

Just been for a 6 miler so officially better.

First day for FF went tits up (s'cuse the pun) as my sister turned up and stayed for dinner.  She forced me to open a bottle of wine and I was a bit merry before Mr FF got home from work....however....I think I did quite a good job of covering it up!  So....I think I'll start again today...then I'm at work Wed/Thur/Fri night so that should get me off to a good start.

HS: I'm with you on the swimming...hate it....ruins my ipod!

CC: Okay...I'm with you tonight....nothing but hot blackcurrant for FF!

02/07/2008 at 15:57

Afternoon All,

CC - how's the achilles feeling? Better I hope.

FF- how's the arm feeling?

This is beginning to sound like Grey's Anatomy. I couldn't get to sleep last night - buzzing - and woke up with severe heartburn, so had to force myself to go swimming this morning. But feel much better for having done so. If I hadn't got out, I'd still be feeling sh1t, and unexercised into the bargain!

*waves to anyone else around*

02/07/2008 at 22:01

 Howdy all!

FF- how was the hot blackcurrant?

PW- achilles is pain free today  (wonders why when couldnt walk on it two days ago!)

Guna stick to my total rest plan for the next few days and give it a spin on monday (avoising any hil type things en route!!). Wish i had your enthusiasm for swimming but just cant find it- never be a pirate, me! have you read the IM Nice  race reports? mad mad stuff!

Time for my fix of redbush and vanilla tea (although could do with a beer to numb the pain of having my tattoo redone!!! )

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