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03/07/2008 at 19:38

So I woke up on Tuesday aching absolutely everywhere on my legs, the rest of me felt fine but those damn legs!! It was the same on weds when I woke and all day at work - I knew I had to go out running/walking and really thought I would be better not to... still I went out and got round 1min faster, got back and ached even more so I did a few stretches and woke up this morning pain free... yeeeeeeess!! I am due to go out again tomorrow and am looking forward to it although I am finding it really hard going but I know it is because I have not exercised for yrs and yrs so I must persevere and stick to the basics for now and if I keep on, then surely it will come good in time. I feel a right flubber running about but I think to myself - at least I am trying. I am determined to do it so unless it kills me then I'll carry on.
A question for you guys - if I do get a day where I am aching and I really don't think I can run - if I go out on my bike round the same route will that be a good substitute rather than doing diddly squat?
There is a 5k run I have seen in Leeds at the end of sept and I would hope to enter but I think I will hold back a while just to see how the first few weeks go. Plus if I wait then a more local one may come up... I had a look at the route I do and it is only 2miles not 2.5 like I first thought so maybe I am not doing as good as I first thought eh!!

Hi to everyone and hope you are all well!
04/07/2008 at 07:28

Morning All,

CC - glad your achilles is better and well done for staying on the wagon.

HS - Ow - poor you! But you did right to go out on Wednesday. The pain you felt on Tuesday was DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It'll get better in time. But at the moment, I would advise not going running on consecutive days - have a rest day in between. And if you're aching on a running day, you could either go for a brisk walk, or a GENTLE cycle ride. If you push yourself too hard in the early days, you're only going to injure muscles that are unaccustomed to all this exercise. Make haste slowly! If you look elsewhere on the Runner's World website, you'll find an excellent beginner's section, and there is also a beginner's section on the Forums. I know it's so hard to be patient when you want to make fast progress, but there really is no other safe way than building up SLOWLY - trust me, we've all been there, all pushed too hard too early, and paid the price! When I started running I ended up with horrendous shin splints through doing just that.

But if you keep building up slowly, and going out maybe three or at most four times a week, you'll be more than ready for that 5K in Leeds in September. Good luck!

Off to Kidderminster for a meeting today, then delivering a course in Kingswood all day Saturday and over to visit relatives in Herefordshire on Sunday. I like a quiet life!


04/07/2008 at 08:47


No exercise is officially doing my head in so i am sulking this morning

PW you are a busy bee arent you?! Im in hereford too this weekend for the moto x championships, my other half is competing. hopefully he'll qualify this time- he doesnt do very well in qualifying races bless him.

FF where are you? hows the arm?

HS I would back PW up 100% on the advice given. The last thing you want right now is to overdo it and either end up injured or worn out. If you rush now youll run in (excuse the pun) lots of niggles. take it steady now and youve got years of running happiness in front of you. As PW says swimming or cycling is a good activity for rest days, I go spinning on my rest day, or i put some mileage in on the x trainer. When i was doing my run / walk programme iwas taking total rest days at least 3 times a week though. You keep going girl!!

Id better go and pack- its hard to look fit when youre knee deep in mud as i think i will be this weekend!!

04/07/2008 at 18:00

FF still the middle of nights....really tired....will catch up soon.  Last night tonight.

<feeble wave>


06/07/2008 at 18:32

Afternoon wagon!

Well....what a week!  My 12 year old has been away on a school residential trip all week.  My voice decides to go completely on Wednesday as I start my set of nights and the night was stupidly busy.  Thursday I have to get up early to meet 5 year old off the bus as 14 year old son is in detention.  I then do another night shift which again, is immensely busy and I'm shattered by the morning.  On the way home I get a message that I've had a phone call from headteacher saying there is a problem with 12 year old son.  Get home and finally find out that he's accidently injected himself with his epipen (adrenaline) and is in A&E in Devon!  Fortunately he only vomitted and had palpatations and a numb hand for some time and came home with the rest of his school.  However, this means I got in bed at 1000 and had to get up at 1400 to go and pick him up and then be back at work at 1945 to start another 12.5hour night shift still with no voice and a cough to pi&& everyone off!  Besides that I'm fine!

I'm ashamed to say my hot blackcurrant was pleasantly warm and fermented

Gawd I'm useless!

How did your hubby do mtx

06/07/2008 at 22:19

very quick hello and (((wagon))) from me - have had ridiculously busy few weeks winding up old job, and am starting new one tomorrow. I'm all nervous about being the New Girl! V.excited too though.

Hope everyone's ok - will be back soon x

07/07/2008 at 07:06

Morning All,

CC - how did hubby's moto x championship go? Did the weather smile on you? In our bit of Herefordshire it was lovely for most of the day.

FF - what a week! Life with kids is never boring is it? Hope you feel better soon ((FF))

Elle - lots of luck for today! 

07/07/2008 at 09:52

Morning! Managed to catch up with my sleep and cough loosening up now so definately on the mend.  I've got a 10mile race next Sunday so got to get better! 

What crappy weather we're having! Its SUPPOSED to be JULY!!!!

Ohhhh.....all the best for tomorrow Elle! How terribly exciting!

PW: To be honest at the moment I feel like i'm on a merry-go-round thats spinning out of control and everytime I get a moment to look in the mirror I look older and my children are taller!!!  Can you have a midlife crisis at 34???  Cos that would suggest I'm not going to live very long doesn't it.

08/07/2008 at 09:16

Jumps on board and does a little 'joey' dance around the floor!!!

FF did the hot blackcurrant last night and managed to stay away from the open bottles of wine.  Fell out with Mr FF again....things a bit sh*te on that front again! But feeling really good that I didn't drink.

Sooooo, Elle....tell  us all about it.

HS: How is the exercise going?  You'll be suprised how quickly DOMS stops affecting you and a good stretch for about 10% of the time you've been exercising should minimise it for now (i.e. if you run for an hour do 6 minutes of stretching).  Sometimes a gentle cross train (swim, cycle, walk) will help the discomfort. 

How's everyone else???

08/07/2008 at 11:46

Morning All (just)

FF - I know how you feel about that whirligig - everything changes so fast. Just part of being a parent I guess. But at least you'll have yours all over (i.e. even LFA will be 18) by the time you're my age!! I'm still slap bang in the middle of it all. but sometimes

Elle - how was your first day - was thinking of you yesterday.

HS - how's it going? Bet you're not feeling so sore this week, if you've taken the advice of Auntie PW and Auntie C.C.

*waves to anyone else around* SW, Buns, VT, JD where are yoooouuuuu?

11/07/2008 at 07:03


Where is everybody?

I'm preaching in Evesham on Sunday, and have just heard that there's a 10K race there, starting at the time I'm due to arrive. So parking may be interesting

Blitz on the kitchen today and the rest of the house if I get round to it.

How is everyone else?

11/07/2008 at 19:48

hi all

soz been a while, its been a bit hectic- isnt it always when you have a small person /s in the house!!

My other half, defo not my husband btw - didnt qualify at moto x  problem with his transponder- didnt clock a time in qualifiers. oh and it chucked it down all weekend so racing was cancelled anyway on the sunday. thanks for asking how he got on though.

as i still have killer tendonits in my wrist and two abcesses ive had to have another week off training. good news is that my achilles seems ok now. other plus point about enforced two week break is that i cooked a lovely meal for my bloke last night and fell off the wagon in spectacular style whilst i was at it!! mind you, its amazing what a bit of cooking gets you, mite try it more often

just thought id check in with you guys- is everyone well?

12/07/2008 at 16:37

Afternoon wagon!

Hiya CC, pity about partner and moto x ...did he go into a man sulk??  so what did you get post lovely meal....are we talking expensive gifts or something a bit more a lovely meal for Mr FF just ensures he'll be snoring on the sofa by 2100 and I can read a good book!  I'm becoming quite a chef!

Elle: Come on hun, give us a report on your new job!

FF has had a pretty busy week but has been pretty controlled on the alcohol front.  Have managed to drop another couple of pounds and am down to 9st 6lb now so feeling quite good.  Hoping the weight loss will help me get a pb on Sunday as I'm doing the New Forest 10mile and am hoping to beat 90 minutes....fingers crossed.

13/07/2008 at 16:44

HI FF- how did you do in your 10 miler? Did you get your pb? I went for my first run in over a week today. Only did a 5m to see how i felt. and it felt great!! The abcesses have healed, tendonitis in my achilles seems to have settled down and the tendonitis in my wrist didnt hurt. So all is gwd. looking forward to recommencing training on tuesday and in celebration of that and the good weather were having im about to go chill in the garden with a beer!! All in moderation is my new mantra!!

yes he did go into a right man sulk and said i should have checked the screen to make sure his times were being clocked. my point was that he didnt tell me i had to check the damn screen so i dint realise it wasnt recording his time. He apologised when he calmed down though so all was well. Expensive gifts- pah! Got much more interesting things than that!!

Where is everyone?!! Cmon lets be avn ya!!!

13/07/2008 at 16:51

Hiya CC! Yep got my PB <does a little jig around the wagon> Finished in 88 minutes and got some points for my club....GO ME!!! Then got home and went for a bike ride.

Think I'll avoid making nice dinner if you got what I think you got....can't be doing with any of that!! yuck!  Suggested marriage guidance councelling to Mr FF .... he just told me not to be so ridiculous and carried on reading his it looks like an affair is back on

Come on Elle.....tell all.....

13/07/2008 at 19:37


I've just found out my mate Alan's finished the Karnten Ironman in 11.45.46 - not bad for a 50 year old!

FF - ace on the PB - and a bike ride afterwards!! Well done!

CC - glad to hear the aches and pains have cleared up - have a good run on Tuesday.

have just got back from marathon preaching session - Evesham in the morning and Gloucester in the afternoon, rounded off with a 2 hour drive back home. the things I do for Unitarians!

Off to watch Top Gear ... 

14/07/2008 at 09:21


Hi PW, thats not bad going at 50 is it!  My best friends husband does Ironman and he's about 45 I think and he looks great for his age.  She keeps trying to get me to do a mini Tri but I really hate the idea of swimming....but it would appear I'm not getting a great deal of choice and afterall I get her running through mud which she hates so I guess I owe her!

Was a bit down in the dumps yesterday as the New Forest 10 was a huge event, with bouncey castles and kids fun runs, which LFA has been begging to do, but Mr FF still wouldn't come along.  I really don't know why he hates me running so much....which is why I'm going to make sure I get to my club run tonight

Anyway, tis a beautiful day down in sunny Hampshire so I have a lawn to mow, a car to clean, some bushes that need pruning, etc....catch up later.

15/07/2008 at 18:03

tum tee tum!

15/07/2008 at 21:45

FF - where is everyone!!

how dod lawn mowing car washing pruning etc etc go?

did you enjoy your club run? good enough i say- you should drag him along kicking and screaming the whole way. saying that though i always go to see my bloke race his bike yet id hate it if he turned up at one of my events. strange innit? and id never get involved with another- phew- way too competitive.

hope you are happier today

Im a bit concerned, did my first training run today after my lil two week sicky and my god i felt awful. legs were hellish sluggish and im sure ive lost some cv. now bricking it anout 10k ive got on friday- eeekk!!!

16/07/2008 at 06:54


FF - hope club run went well. Mr FF just isn't going to change, is he? Silly b*st*ard!

CC - sorry to hear about sluggish legs. But if you go out for a gentle run on Thursday, I'm sure you'll be all right for the 10K. When I used to run and it didn't go well, I always remembered something Hal Higdon wrote in Runner's World: "Stop feeling sorry for yourself. When you find running difficult and get frustrated, think about people who are unable to run even as slowly as you do. Remember how lucky you are to have two functioning legs." Kind of put things in perspective. ((CC))

Off for a swim this morning. ITS daughter has the next two days off school because of the Unison strike - ridiculous!

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