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16/07/2008 at 13:58

Hiya PW and CC!

Pruning car washing and lawn mowing went well and was topped off with a good helping of sorting out irritating little problems around the house.  Club run was FAB!!! cycled there and asked that we do a nice easy recovery type run but ended up crashing out 6 miles with speed intervals through some wooded windy muddy paths.....fabulous.  Came home covered in mud, exhausted, but smiling.

Just got back from my interview which was terrifying....but FF got the supervisors job!!!!

So its back to uni in september for me to start my Masters.....eeekkk!

16/07/2008 at 20:58

PW- thanks for your words of encouragement, defo put it in perspective. dont care if i come last as long as i do it. all i need is a good run to get me going again. 

no beery goodness for me either since my little tipple on sunday!

I work for my local council and i voted against striking (im in GMB instead of unison) so i braved it into work today, no way i was losing 2 days pay! there was no picket line anyway. i dont have to go into the office either tomorrow so think im safe!!

FF- CONGRATS!!! back to uni eh? my sis is going back to uni in september to do a masters aswell. i think youre both very brave. i so wouldnt step out of my comfort zone! and what a fab run it sounds like you had! id join a club if i could but being a single and full time working mum of a 5 year old i just havent got the time or the babysitters!!

id better get back to work. speak to you all soon

17/07/2008 at 07:56


FF - congratulations!! Knew you could do it Mrs Supervisor! Well Done! Glad to hear about good run too. Way to go.

CC - am taking advantage of school being shut to take ITS daughter down to Milton Keynes today for some serious retail therapy. I dropped my friend off at my old place of work, and there was a picket! Confused them completely by announcing that I was no longer a member of Unison, and was in fact a lay preacher! Hope today's gentle run and the 10K tomorrow go well.

A friend of mine swears by aloe vera's healing powers. I am seriously thinking of trying it out to see whether I can run again. If I can, I might enter a Sprint Tri next Spring.

18/07/2008 at 16:51

Afternoon wagon and thanks for the congrats....its still sinking in really....can't believe they took me seriously.  I tend to be a bit silly at work (not in front of my women), but I give the Dr's a hard time and can be quite sarcastic.  So when I applied for the position...which has to go out to ballot to see if my application is supported by my peers...I never expected to get through that stage, let alone the interview!!!  I still have to pass the course which starts in September and involves a lot of work and then an interview at the other side to make sure they're still happy, so I won't actually start doing the job for a good 8 months or so.

Oh, yes PW, Mr FF ... silly b*sta*d in deed.  He's going through a 'be nice to wifey' stage at the moment, but I fear it may be a bit late.  He is going out on Tuesday for a game of golf (which he hasn't played since LFA was born) and then a meal after work with his boss.   Part of me wonders if he's having an affair....then I become worried that that prospect pleases me because it would explain a lot of his behaviour and then I could let him know how unhappy I was too....but unfortunately I think he really is going out with his boss

Sprint Tri sounds cool friend keeps trying to get me to do one of those and although i know its only 400m I still can't get around the swimming aspect.

Anyway, last night shift tonight. Catch up with you later xx

18/07/2008 at 22:00

I'm definitely going for it - 400m metre swim, 23 km (15 mile) bike and 5K run . If I can only get my feet sorted to do the 5K run ..... the 400 m is easy peasy - I dont' care if I do it all in breaststroke - tried it today and managed in about 12 minutes.

20/07/2008 at 19:50

Wooo hooo! I've changed my name     And its official, Mr FF is indeed going to play golf with his boss and not have a clandestine meeting with one of those fat gals that work in his orifice!

Had a lovely day today bike riding in the new forest.  LFA  at the picnic!

Have managed to get tickets with my Tesco's vouchers to take the kids to Thorpe park in the hols and have also managed to book tickets for me and some of the girls to go and see these guys in october....they're hilarious!  Just have to let Mr FF know now

Hoping you're all having lovely weekends xxx

21/07/2008 at 12:23

hey peeps how goes it?

Liking the new name FFF!! Is Mr FF now Mr FFF? or is that just too complicated?! sounds like you had a lovely weekend. are you happy or not happy that Mr FF was only meeting his boss, you sounded a bit undecided last week.

well my weekend has been pants with a capital P. did that 10k on friday and picked up another achilles injury (other side this time) at 7k and limped in at 54.03. gutted. feel like sticking two fingers up at the whole thing. spent the weekend on the sofa with an ice pack (and obligatory bottle of wine!!). still hurting today. might invest in a sesh with the fizz, see if its full on tendonitis or just a sprain type thing. either way, im totally not sure about this half now, got about 6 weeks to go and defo not fit at the mo. might be time to get in the pool- EEEK!

speak to you all swn xx

22/07/2008 at 07:22

Morning All,

FFF - why "F" FF? We all know you aren't F anyway! Lovely picture of LFA - isn't she growing? We're going to Drayton Manor Park on 5th August with my sister and her kids - praying for good weather!

CC - oh no! Poor you! What a b*mmer. Have you been to the physio yet? they can do marvellous things. Which half is it you're planning to do? Take some advice from me - I was training for London in 2004, and injured my foot. Stepped back training for a couple of weeks, and it seemed to get better, and ran the FLM. All was well until the end of the year, when I ran the Nene Valley 10, and my foot packed up all together. Haven't run properly since ... What I'm trying to say, is get over the injury properly - there will always be another race. 

22/07/2008 at 10:56

Yeah you're right....I don't like it....I'm changing it back....FFF sounds like some kind of mantra that I chant in my head when I'm trying to change the inner tube on my bike!  You're right about LFA....and she did so well on the 9 mile bike ride on Sunday....she's been struggling for a while but since we took her bike in for a service and found she's been riding it with a buckled wheel...and had that sorted...she's back in play.  And its amazing what you can get her to do if you know there's an icecream van at the end of it.

CC: Hope you haven't done too much damage hun.  Nothing worse than being injured.  I have to say I have been (fingers crossed) injury free since I changed my running style a bit.  Might be worth a try. I try to the follow the chi running style but there are other styles you can pick and chose to suit your gait.

Mr FF is out today until late so I'm ordering dominoes pizza for the kids and setting up the wii in the front room.....while the cats away

23/07/2008 at 07:01


How far did LFA cycle? NINE miles - and she's only 6 (?) That's amazing! Good for her.

CC -how are you feeling? Take it easy.

*waves to anyone else around*

23/07/2008 at 09:27

Yup, nine miles PW and she's not even six until next month!!!  Well Mr FF went out for his jolly yesterday and FF and the kids stayed in and ordered dominos pizza and played bowling and tennis on the Wii which we defiantly moved into the front room so that we could play it on Mr FF's sports big screen.  Thing is my arms ache this morning and not being used to processed food of late I feel really bloated and lethargic this morning.....

Don't know what time Mr FF got in and heard the front door go just as my alarm went off at 0645 this morning....he'll get home from work at 1830 and I'll leave for work at 1845...I'll get home at 0900 and he'll be gone...he'll arrive home at 1830 just as I leave again....its no surprise things aren't great really.

Had a lovely day with eldest daughter yesterday.  After my 10 miler we went girly shopping and I bought some smart clothes (now that I'll be having to go to meetings and stuff) for me and some summer clothes for her.  Then we did lunch....she's broken up already, the rest break up today.

Anyway, hope everyone else is well. xx

23/07/2008 at 18:12

hi guys,

PW- not too good but thanks for asking. physio says its achilles tendonitis. no running, strengh or gym seshes for at least 10 days, only cycling and swimming if it doesnt aggravate it. hot and cold treatment and sttretching should help it. also need heel inserts for my shoes. says i can go for a gentle run in about a fortnight to see how it feels, if it still hurts then or flares up again ive gotta go back and see her. means training is probably gonna have to be shelved  gutted

FF- sounds like youre having buckets of fun with kiddies. am seriously thinking about getting a wii for my little un. he desperately wants a playstation but i dont agree with them so a wii would be a great alternative. im thinking about taking him (hes 5) on a little bike ride tomorrow, be surprised if he can do 9mins let alone 9miles bless him !!!!

24/07/2008 at 17:33

Hello Peeps,

FF- girly day out with oldest daughter sounded good - I love doing that with ITS daughter too.

CC - sorry to hear about injury - think you'd better make your mind up to scratch the half - better safe than sorry. There will be other ones! ((CC)) Know how you feel though - gutted is the only word!

Feel very proud of myself - I cycled 12 miles in 57 minutes this morning. I know that's nothing for you fit types, but it's further than I've ever been on a bike before. The route included seven hills, and I didn't stop once!

26/07/2008 at 17:26

FF has just entered the Gosport Half Marathon.

Well done on the cycling PW

Pants about the injury CC...achilles take ages to get better too...poor you.

FF's sister has just bought a whack off chromed up harley type bike....not my kinda bike but I'm jealous non-the-less! 

Not sure I have anything else to say.....nope....far to tired now....catch up with you all later.

29/07/2008 at 07:16

Morning All,

Quiet on the wagon again. Is everyone on holiday? ITS daughter and I are going shopping this morning for school blouses - but she wants fitted ones. Thank goodness it's a bit cooler today - I loathe this hot weather!

FF - well done on entering Gosport Half - when is it? And what time are you aiming for?

CC - how's the ankle?

29/07/2008 at 08:36

Ahhhh, what I've discovered is that the Gosport half is running on the same day as the Hell Down South run that I'm doing and I'm afraid the lure of mud gets me everytime.  But the HDS is 12 miles too and I have talked sister and two boys into doing the Little Devils Fun run so not sure what to do about my Gosport half place.

Anyway, spent the day at Thrope Park with the big kids yesterday and was very proud that I managed most of the rides (except that slammer ones getting me on that!), felt totally sick by the time I drove home but a mums gotta do what a mums gotta do.

Hope your ankles better CC.

*waves to anyone else around*

I'm off for a gentle plod before the kids get out of bed.

29/07/2008 at 12:45

How well I know the feeling - we went to Drayton Manor Park last summer and Auntie PW had to go on the standing roller coaster with 11 year old nephew because my sister wouldn't do it! Have to say that the anticipation was worse than the reality ...!

Success! Managed to find blouses ITS daughter liked at BHS, so didn't have to spend a fortune! Also got her new skirt, new top and baggy t-shirt for hot weather ( all of which she paid for). So v. successful morning!

Hope the gentle plod went well - I went out for my usual bike ride before shopping.

05/08/2008 at 07:28

Where is everybody?

I'm off to Drayton Manor Park today with the kids and my sister and her family. The forecast is terrible, so PW may well drown. Is there anyone left on the wagon to care?

05/08/2008 at 07:57

Well done on making a start thats the hard bit,I am the man who broke his neck .but wot i did not say in my message was that i was drunk because M.U.F.C. HAD JUST WON ERO CUP.I HAVE NOT WANTED A DRINK SO FAR. SO GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

06/08/2008 at 15:38

Hiya Barnsley Bomber!  ?? how did you break your neck? Are you ok now?  Welcome to the wagon though!

The wagon is much quieter than it used to be and to be honest, I am drinking more than ever....but I have to say I am sick of it and think I may have to find something else to keep me occupied and away from the constantly open bottle of wine at home each evening....

..... I might take up salsa dancing

PW: How did Drayton Manor go?

<waves to any other passers by>

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