kicking the alcohol habit

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06/08/2008 at 22:20
Ive had a look at drinkaware's site and used the diary on there tonight and really scared myself. Been looking into it further and beer/alcohol is definatly no good. I gotta try harder! To put it into perspective i go for a long run, reward myself with 4 pt stella and feel shit physcologicaly for having them, leave it 2 or 3 days and repeat. Getting fed up of it now. Sometimes on the way home i think mmm i'll have some beer tonight, its friday i deserve it. IT STOPS HERE! Again..............
07/08/2008 at 07:26

Morning All,

FF - thank goodness you're still here! Drayton Manor Park was dampish, but only light drizzle, so we still managed to enjoy ourselves - went on Maelstrom 3 times!

DM - welcome back! Know how you feel - I do the same with red wine. (I've exercised today, I deserve one or two or three) What fools we are! What we should be saying to ourselves is "I've exercised today, so I'm going to make myself feel even better by drinking some nice healthy fruit juice"

off for a bike ride this morning. Have just started taking aloe vera jel internally, on the recommendation of a friend, in the hope that it will "cure" my feet sufficiently for me to run for 30 minutes again. That would be so cool! Tastes disgusting though!

*waves to anyone else around* 

07/08/2008 at 20:03

No beer again tonight. Had a long chat with the other half who thinks im a fitness nut so understands why i want to stop drinking. Im now thinking my drinking is actually pretty average but to me as someone who is very into fitness, health and running its magnified. So from a health point of view im quiting it! To make my running faster, and easier and longer. Everythings about running from now!

Good evening pigwidgeon

10/08/2008 at 08:57

Good for you DM - keep it up! I'm sure you'll feel the benefits soon. Must have a look at the drinkaware website myself.

There are bits of blue sky this morning, but it's forecast to rain later. Might try to go for a walk this afternoon with Mr PW - am taking a service this morning.

*waves to anyone else around*

11/08/2008 at 09:57

I guess I'll take a look at that too.  Not sure I can go tee total all the while Mr FF drinks like he does....but I think I'm almost ready to deal with that too.

<waves back to anyone else around>

12/08/2008 at 09:32

I'm pretty pleased that I've managed to stick to two glasses of wine each evening since finishing work Saturday morning....well its a start

12/08/2008 at 13:09

Hey FF,

Well done on the moderation - that's good enough! How are the holidays going? We've just been to see Mamma Mia for the second time, and I cried buckets again! And laughed a lot too. Have you seen it yet? Otherwise the kids seem to be mooching around doing nothing much - I'm having to work 16 hours a week, and it's difficult fitting everything in. But we're all on holiday next week - not going anywhere, just having days out. Hope the bl*sted weather improves a bit!

Dunno what's happen to all the wagonites - Buns, SW, VT, JD, Elle - where are you?

14/08/2008 at 21:07
It's time for celebration - no. 1 Son has got 2 Cs and a D for his AS levels, which means he'll be able to progress to A2s. I'm so pleased for him, it's the hardest he's ever worked. Champagne tonight, and why not?
15/08/2008 at 16:17

Wooo hoooo! Go PW's son! 

Work is stupidly busy at the moment and I'm feeling the effects! Catch up soon xx

15/08/2008 at 16:33

Thank you!

Don't work too hard. I've got a week off next week, so won't be posting after Saturday. We're just going on local days out - hope the weather improves!

27/08/2008 at 20:28
I is as zober az a judge I is!
28/08/2008 at 12:25
Oh dear oh dear oh dear FF! What's happened?
30/08/2008 at 10:14

lol! I'm back on the wagon PW...don't worry!  Have managed to lose 20lb and running 20-30 miles a week and cycling 10.....things are good in the healthy department!

How's you?

01/09/2008 at 06:57
Way to go FF! I haven't got such a good story to tell - have just had two weeks off - lotsa red wine, and v. little exercise. Have only put on 2 lbs though, which is a relief! Am going swimming this morning, for the first time in two weeks. 1st September - gotta turn over a new leaf. ITS daughter is back at school on Wednesday, and No. 1 Son is re-enrolling for his A2s on Friday. Then things will be back to normal, and I can start clawing my way back to some kind of fitness.
15/09/2008 at 17:13

Hello my gorgeous lovelies!

I can't even remember the last time I posted... it's certainly been a while, thank god for facebook to keep up at little bit with FF and Elle (way to go on your new PB FF... what's next?! Ah yes, Hellrunner - don't worry I haven't forgotten... must enter that soooon!)

I just thought I'd pop in cos the word 'Pumpskin' popped into my head the other day which obviously made me think of dear old Bunbury (his endearing word for pumpkin!) and the amazingly yummy recipes he used to tempt us all with! If you're still posting here then a big hello!

I can't promise to be back here soon - life seems so busy at the moment, but is going well. Just wanted to say hello to everyone!  My legs are functioning ok enough to do the odd bit of running so I'm really looking forward to the x-country season now that race dates have been posted!! Hurrah, lots of mud, glorious mud!! FF I'll hopefully bump into you for some of them cos your club's also down to take part in the series again. Yummy, lots of cake for us!!

Um, er, I don't seem to have been too successful at sticking on the wagon, but then really, I never was very good despite SW and Buns taping me with extra-strong sticky tape to the wagon seats!! Please don't follow my awful example!

20/09/2008 at 14:15

well hello young amphibian!!! how the devil are you?

21/09/2008 at 18:34

Hello FF, LG,

LG - pleased to hear that things are going well for you.

FF - nice to get back to normal now that the kids are back at school, isn't it? How is the new job going? Or haven't you started yet? How's things with Mr FF?

Mr PW and I have just (last weekend) had a glorious four days in Berlin to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Left the kids with my sister-in-law, and spent the time  doing just what we enjoy, exploring the city and spending time together. It was wonderful.

Let you all into a secret. I've applied to train for the Unitarian ministry. Closing date is 6th October, interviews in early January. Will keep you posted.

Love to all on the wagon xxx

22/09/2008 at 09:43

Morning PW and VT!

Great getting back to normal PW and I'm pretty sure I'm going for a sober october too!  I have started my uni course for the Supervisors role...but it is not really a new job stays the same I will just have some statutory responsibilities and a case load of midwives for whom i will be their personal supervisor/mentor/adviser/etc....

Lots going on in FF household...things with Mr FF are...well frankly weird at the moment but nothing I can go into in too much depth..drinking still the same despite frank discussions and failed promises but then I think I am now at a point where I can see that is not going to change...and I think maybe passed the point of giving a toss!

It's very difficult because this weekend he has gone overboard in other areas to try and compensate...but this is not maintainable or what I fact its freaking me out completely!!!  Besides there are other issues that complicate things now there you in chais ff extraordinaire continues as ever!

What is the Unitarian ministry??? does that involve travel and evangelism??? Let us know how that goes....

23/09/2008 at 07:20


Oh good FF - how's the course going? Is it interesting? Or don't you really know yet? Sorry to hear that things with Mr FF aren't so good ... ((FF))

I am going to train to become a Unitarian minister. Unitarianism is a non-conformist denomination, a bit like the Quakers, except we aren't really Christians. If I'm accepted, it will probably involve quite a bit of travel - the only colleges are at Oxford and Manchester (i'm hoping to get in at Oxford, only an hour away) but not much evangelism, (we don't go in for it). Will keep you posted.

But before that, I 've got to pass my OU exam, which is on October 7th *gulp* 

05/10/2008 at 13:40


Any one there? Or is the wagon completely deserted?

I need some support here - felt very ill last night, after unwise combination of shepherd's pie and red wine. Really need Buns and his gaffer tape.

Did anyone watch the Great North Run this morning? or better still, take part in it? The elite women's race was amazing - only a second each between 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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