kicking the alcohol habit

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02/02/2010 at 15:56

The Saab Salomon is a little gloopier than the Hell Down South VT.... it's called Turbo X because there is a section that is timed where you run through this big cloud of smoke and loud banging music (I think it was 'the race' when I went through) which is particularly muddy and hilly and cross country...eee.  It's a giggle to do with a team and I'm really looking forward to it.  It's fairly close to you VT in Bordon.  I don't remember it being too cold either as we had quite a mild November this year.

Happy to put anyone up who wants to stay at mine the night before, although its still about an hours drive for me.'s nothing like the Tough where near as gruelling.  The Tough Guy was only 8 miles (if you don't include the 2.5 I had to run to the start thanks to useless sister!!!).  But it's constant obstacles which mostly include sub zero water and mud.  I'm thinking a summer one would be so much more fun, but it is very expensive and there are no refunds if you get ill/injured and can't compete.  I'm still getting over a cold that is refusing to go, so I'm not sure I was in the best shape to partake....I will admit to the cold nearly getting the better of me on a few occasions!

ps...I'm sure you won't notice the soggy bottom by the time you're caked in mud JD....Elle's said she's up for it too!

03/02/2010 at 08:57

The more I hear about this Turbo X race, the more I like it...

You can always run in your swimming cozzy, JD.

05/02/2010 at 10:38

Two subjects vaguely close to my heart.

 I gave up the grog a little over 18 months ago (barring 2 small bottles of lager I had on Boxing day 2008 to see if I still liked it - I didn't) and have no plans to start drinking again.  I just occasionally miss a glass of red wine but only fleetingly.  I don't really miss the drink, its effects or the social world that often went with it.

As for Turbo X - I did the one near Shefield last year and I thought it was excellent.  For a 10 mile race it was far, far more gruelling than a half marathon and some said they found it tougher than marathons - though I wouldn't have gone quite that far myself!  The goodie bag was really good too - decent 'doughnut' drinks bottle and a salomon technical running shirt for starters.

I've not been able to run since November and may not be able to run for 2/3 more yet (groin injury) but I really hope to do the event again this year.

05/02/2010 at 11:21

Now, here we go.....

 Why arn't there any runs that involve staying clean?

They could be sposored by Daz or Persil and involve dirty obsicles that one has to avoid.

Extra points could be notched up by finishing dry, clean and fresh...

....hmmm....just an idea.

I'm going to do Feb off the booze as well as the January I had planned. I'm enjoying running and have bought myself one of thise Nike+sportsbands. Well, what can I say. £39 well spent. So enjoying timing/distance all my runs mainly because my usual plods turn out to longer.

Oh, and I did a 10k route that I had done as a Leucemia Charity run and it came up as them there race organisers are pretty clever.....

Question.....Do you think the lack of booze is effecting me in a negative way? I have just read back and wow I sound dull....hmmm....

When's that there Beast 5 race on in Melton Mowbray?...If you cant beat them.... 


06/02/2010 at 17:14


JD....its good to hear you enthusiastic about running again actually!  And I spent my childhood avoiding dirty obstacles...thats no fun at all!  Come get filthy with us!

Leeds Rob, agree, the Salomon races always have a really good goody bag.  Wouldn't say its as challenging as a marathon either, but certainly as tough as a half, but with loads more laughter!!!  Hope your groin injury heals quickly and well done to everyone avoiding the booze.  I'm afraid running through life avoiding the obstacles of an open bottle of wine is not my forte!!!

18/02/2011 at 11:48

•creeps in and rearanges the pouf and checks the biscuit tin*

Crikey, no biscuits.....

...and nobody here to see my beautiful new trainers!

I'll just sit here and indulge in a bit of....what did we used to call the satisfying sensation of sniffing of a new pair of trainers?

07/04/2011 at 16:54

*creeps into wagon, puts down plate of nutty flapjack and clears throat* 

Hello FF, VT, Bunbury & JD,

Remember me? I'm back running after a three-year break, and whoo, is it good!!!! Still only doing 30 minutes run/walk three times a week, but it's awesome to be running again.

Gave up smoking (again) 7 weeks ago, and am feeling pretty good... how are you all? PW 

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