kicking the alcohol habit

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21/02/2006 at 13:15
You're all very welcome over next door you know ;o)
21/02/2006 at 13:23
Bunbury - Thanks for your support and i agree - every post on our thread is of vital importance in the quest to stay on the wagon and not idle chit chat.

It's Laura's thread anyway so maybe it isn't correct that my competitive streak kicked in at all. and they had a months head start (stop making excuses for the size)

Veruca Salt didn't believe in snozzberries but if you say so.

Haven't seen the film but how can you improve a classic - Gene Wilder still reigns supreme

21/02/2006 at 13:29
Sass - say hello to Gaz from us - we're quite happy over hear - we've got crisps & dips and we're getting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD out later!

Your welcome round anytime but there's only bean bag room left on the floor but the screens big enough for all to see.
21/02/2006 at 14:07
You're all quite mad :o))
21/02/2006 at 14:45
Yes, but we're happy about it.... :P

I never liked the original film. Loved the book, but thought the film was dreadful. *shrug* Chacun a son gout...pass the snozzberries, would you?
21/02/2006 at 15:00
Just googled 'Chacuna son gout' appears to be a Robbie Williams tattoo ;-)
21/02/2006 at 17:12

I watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last week whilst the kids were off school. Its really cool. Johnny Depps a great charlie and theres a bit of add lib to the story line! thoroughly recommend it!

JD: Is that a new picture .... it's so much clearer!! or is that the lack of alcohol! No I haven't told Mr FF that March is alcohol free yet. Will do that tonight!

Laurac: I think I eat more when I've been drinking actually. A couple of bitters and I fancy salty food (peanuts, crisps), get me really pi$$ed and I'm off for a kebab!

Bunbury: Totally understand the Squishy E number thing (sunny D!!!, now with free spatula to peel your kids off the ceiling!). No thanks. Hot squash seems to keep me sipping all night, and I sleep a lot better.

I only had 4 glasses of wine, ALL last week!!! I make sure that I'm not thirsty when I have my first glass and find I'm less likely to guzzle a whole bottle. I'm warming up for March!

Hubby has informed me that he has cut down on drink and fags! ..... not sure he has though but at least it shows he's feeling uncomfortable.

They're all very nice over on other thread but quite like our little groupy thing here. XX
21/02/2006 at 17:14
Fecking big glasses in my cupboard though.
21/02/2006 at 18:00

Yep it's a new polo mint with aheart in it - only joking.

The offer of the tazer is still on if you want but it sounds as if cutting down is the only direction viable f r hubby

Is this the start of your 3 days onfor work - I can't remember?

21/02/2006 at 18:04
Nope, just finished! Just got four nights off! :)
21/02/2006 at 18:18
How many births have you caught with those safe hands of yours - Steady as a rock
21/02/2006 at 21:04
Sorry JD. Ordered an Indian and settled in front of Holby City!!

Errrmmm, I had one normal delivery and a section Sat, Ermm helped with a normal delivery and resuscitated a baby Sun (stoned out of her head on pethidine bless her) and last night I looked after someone until she was ready to push then it was home time.

Not sure how many babies I've delivered altogether but I know it's hundreds. Hands sometimes steadier than others, but I never drink whilst on my set of nights.

What do you do JD?
21/02/2006 at 22:20
You're doing so well FF.

Sass x
22/02/2006 at 08:11
Cheers Sass!

Think I'm getting my head around this drinking thing actually. In fact wine doesn't taste as good as I thought, but never really thought about it that much before.

Counted the wine bottles this morning and I'm pretty sure Mr FF only had just over a bottle of wine which is almost tea total for him and he was pretty happy and chirpy this morning ..... watch this space huh.

I'm definately sleeping better.
22/02/2006 at 08:11
Woke up this morning wondering how I was going to explain to Mr FF that i'd shaved my head though!

I haven't, it was a vivid dream, honest!
22/02/2006 at 09:42
all missed your randomness yesterday-was off sick...bloody back...but is drink though except for that blip on friday for three weeks.

shaved your head?! bizarre. i have dreams like that...must be withdrawal...have you been watching that cold turkey? now that must be difficult...

sass-the other thread is good too, but it started to get a bit heavy-i like reading it but didnt feel i could contribute.

anyway, all is well at my end, a grey gloomy day but my back is ok today-its true what they say if you dont have your health and sanity then you dont have anything.

22/02/2006 at 09:43
...and i have got my health...not sure about teh other, but then reading all of this i am not sure whether the rest of you have!
22/02/2006 at 10:27
Hi all....

Really fancied some wine yesterday - I don't know why but I suddenly really wanted some booze!

Maybe it was just a long day but also the fact I went to the fridge and San Pellegrino had done a runner on me - (I've got to go shopping the cats eating Tuna in spring water and I'm living off apples and toast).

Anyway I didn't realise that no mineral water would have such an effect - I thought I was doing fine but had replced wine with 2 bottles of mineral water a night.

Watched football, scoffed all the chocolate in the house felt sick went to bed early - woke up felt fine - fed the cat more tuna (95p a tin - got to go shopping)and cleared up all the origami shapes made from sweet papers stroon all over the living room.

I've got to get out more - maybe to the shops
22/02/2006 at 12:07
Laura .... sanity is a state of mind that needs therapy I'm sure!!! And its subjective anyway.

Hair's definitely still there, but it looked quite good in my dream, I looked like GI Jane (course, some surgery would also be required). Just been and give the treadmill at my gym something to think about, did a few weights, few lengths of the pool, jacuzzi, steam room. Feeling really chilled and more positive about an alcohol free me. Told Mr FF March is alcohol free for me and I have a feeling it may have a positive effect on him too. Now that would be a dream come true, because I really can't be ar&ed to go through a divorce again and I think thats where we'll be if he doesn't do something about it.

JD: Has your cat baracaded the door to stop you making him revert to whiskas??

Sass, come and join the mad thread !
22/02/2006 at 12:09
The cat knows which side his toast is buttered?
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