Keep the ol' mojo going!

For all those sitting on the injury bench - for whatever reason.

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25/06/2010 at 09:36

OK, know it's been done before, but it's a good idea.  So I'll pinch it and start a new thread.

So, if you're on the bench, long-term, short-term, injury / illness or just plain lost the ol' mojo, come and join in.

Post what you like , whether it's good, bad or indifferent about your current situation.  Have a good old moan if you want.  

Me - I've got lots of dodgy bits - ruptured the tib post tendon on my L foot a few years ago, had reconstructive surgery on the tendon and my ankle bone broken and then repositioned where it's now held together with screws and pins.  I wear orthotics and have been getting on fine until the Easter holiday when I whacked my toe (L foot) on the door and broke the toe.  "Toe-tally" useless toe - second smallest one, waited until it had healed, then started back again, slowly and gradually.  But foot obviously out of kilter as I've now got (I think) patella femoral syndrome on the L knee.

Pain has been on and off over last few weeks, but got to stage on Weds when I went out and then turned around after about 3m and walked (or rather, limped) back.

I'm going to see my physio, but in mean time, am resting completely, doing strengthening exercises for quads and focussing on my core. 

I may be able to do x-training / cycling, but I'm waiting to see what physio says.

Anyone else got something to add?

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25/06/2010 at 11:35
Jeepers wrote (see)

Post what you like ,

This is my kinda thread!
25/06/2010 at 12:07

I'm on the "feck off it's too fecking hot to run" bench and my sweaty backside will be uncomfortably stuck to it until it gets cooler.

My mojo is mostly eating Mini Magnums. 

Hope your injuries heal soon Jeepers.

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25/06/2010 at 12:12

Hi Jeepers.

Thanks for starting this thread. I have been out of running for 5 weeks now and it's driving me bonkers!

With me it is shinsplints. I got them really bad after London and I have to be very careful. I tend to suffer quite a lot with problems in my lower leg and have had trouble with my posterior tibial tendon in the past. Not a rupture like you suffered though. Ouch –that must have been awful!

I've kept up with training in the gym, but it's really not the same. It's difficult to feel motivated when it's not something I enjoy like running, and I know I'm only doing it so I can get back into it withour losing too much finess. I have done a few test miles on the tradmill this week and it seems to be holding up so far *touches wood*. I hope to try a run on the road in the next week or so, before I totally lose my marbles!

I haven't seen a physio this time because I can't currently afford it and the injury feel very familiar to my previous bout of shinsplints. I'm just sticking to the general rule "If it hurts don't do it!".

Good luck with your physio. Hopefully you will be able to at least cross train.

25/06/2010 at 12:13

Thanks Screamie - here, sit on this towel, will save you sticking to the bench .

Only minis - surely hot enough to warrant full size - the grown up versions!

25/06/2010 at 12:19
Does tendonitus of the hip count too?  Or do you have to have broken something?
25/06/2010 at 12:27

Thanks, RK, can't really take the credit for the thread, as it wasn't originally my idea!

I just thought that it's so easy to lose the old mojo if you can't train "normally" so by posting, it might help to keep peeps on the straight and narrow (as against the straight and wide as it tends to be after more eating / less training).

I'm hoping to x-train next week, but am being totally conservative at the moment - it first flared up a few weeks ago, but, after a week of rest, stopped.  I had thought that I'd got away with it, but. . .

I'm doing my Pilates stretches, tricep dips and push-ups - 100 of each per day - then quad strengthening stuff, all of which should be OK while waiting to see the physio.

25/06/2010 at 12:28
No - it's for anyone who's benched, even if for eg hayfever - and come on in, post, moan, whatever you need to do .
25/06/2010 at 12:45

Nice towel, thanks Jeepers

Mini Magnums are good for dessert, the big ones are a bit too big for afters.

25/06/2010 at 12:47

i have a hamstring tear and currently only exercise i am allowed to do is swimming which i am rubbish at, not even allowed to do stretching so very frustrated at the moment especially with my first half in 9 weeks - panic panic. 

Not sure on mini magnums but berry berry soleros rock.... and only 99cals which for me is important as no exercise = a fat even grumpier badwife.

25/06/2010 at 12:55

Make room, people! Though I hope I only have a brief visit, I'd like to make myself comfortable

I haven't run now for 12 days. A heavy cold, followed by a secondary chest infection complicated by hayfever/asthma. Prior to that I'd had a very sketchy couple of months as work was making it very difficult to get out. It's been really frustrating as I had a great start to the year and was chipping away at PBs left, right and centre.

I'm really hoping to be able to be well enough to knuckle down to my summer training for an autumn marathon soon, but I'm feeling pretty despondent at the moment. I'm also down to run a half marathon next Saturday. Eek!

However, knowing some other people's injury/illness problems, I appreciate I shouldn't really moan, but get off my ever-increasing-in-size ass and get moving, but you don't mind if I rest it here a while? At least until I stop coughing, anyway

25/06/2010 at 12:58
Bad Wife wrote (see)

Not sure on mini magnums but berry berry soleros rock.... and only 99cals which for me is important as no exercise = a fat even grumpier badwife.

 Mini-Magnums are ace, as are Mini Twisters, which are somewhere around 50-60cals I think!
25/06/2010 at 14:04

Me too, Frodo.  I'd had a brilliant start to the year, doing the January challenge, weekly mileage up to 50 (great for weight loss) then ended up having to give training a miss as No 2 Child at home, then, when he went back to school, broke toe, followed by above.  Total months running this year - about 1.

But, just try to look at it in the overall scheme of things, it's an on-going process. . .

I'd just like some uninterrupted training time.

75 tricep dips and 50 pushups done so far.

*moves up on bench for badwife to sit down and waves*

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25/06/2010 at 21:19

Shuffle up peeps!  You'll have to excuse the coughing and spluttering though, have managed to avoid any cold/flu all winter only to find that as soon as the weather has taken a turn for the good my training has been rudely interrupted by the lurgy!

I guess I should be thankful it's nothing more serious but still; one week out and I'm already going nuts!  I keep having to restrain myself from wanting to 'just do a little bit' Is there something wrong with me??!

28/06/2010 at 16:07

I managed a plod round the park where I work at lunch time today. I didn't get very far, and certainly not very fast, but I felt ok. So yay!

It was right hot, though. I was sweating like John Prescott in a pie shop!

28/06/2010 at 21:22
I may have to remove myself from the bench list; I've just been for a few off-road miles in the pouring rain (soul needed the therapy) and I didn't cough up a lung. Yay!

Though, of course, I may now succumb to double pneumonia...
28/06/2010 at 22:58

Squish up everyone, make room for a little one

My dodgy knees have been playing havoc of late, so I've taken to using the cross-trainer in the gym, and dragging my ancient bike out amongst other things. I'm also attempting to learn how to do chin-ups without flailing around like a ungainly monkey... My dodgy wrist is starting to make itself heard though  This week I plan on getting back in the pool

On the miniature ice cream/ice lolly front, can I put in a vote for mini milks? Only around 30 kcals

28/06/2010 at 23:01
mini milks
28/06/2010 at 23:03
Saffy sweety pea wrote (see)
mini milks

29/06/2010 at 15:31

Hello everyone!v  Just thought I'd drop in and offer sympathy to injured/poorly peeps!

I do have wrist/hand problems due to carpal tunnel/RSI which makes it difficult to grip, so I've made a rather interesting recent return to spin classes after several month's severe impairment but can't use a bike outside as I wouldn't be able to brake very easily. 

I'm not currently injured in any way that affects running, although I am making a slow return after several months off that as well due to a suspected stress fracture/generally poorly right foot, and I'm having physio for an intermittent ligament/cartilage problem in my right knee.

So up until recently I couldn't do anything but swim.

But I'm now walk/running my way back to normality, with a bit of luck...

Anyway, I'm not wanting room on the bench, but just thought I'd pop by and say Hi and offer hugs, chocolate, ice cream and cups of tea if anyone wants them. ((( ))) 

Hang in there.

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