marathon to couch in 5 weeks


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24/06/2013 at 21:18

After running my first marathon 5 weeks ago I have had severe knee pain (right).

The pain started in the last couple of miles of the race but then it was not all that bad-but the evening and the next day I could hadly walk.

Since then any running at all-even a few hundred yards brings the pain back on. Now even a brisk walk starts the pain. Once started the pain lasts for a few hours and can range from mild to severe.

On a day when I dont walk much I dont get any pain it is not even noticable at all.

The pain is on the outside of the knee cap and is a aching/deep pain.

I have a physio who thinks it ITB and is treating it accordingly-I am stretching especially the glutes-I believe thought the ITB is really tough and not easily stretched.

I am not convinced that it is a ITB issue as the time scale now is longer than most ITB problems start to show some sign of improvement, this is getting worse.

I have gone from 3:12 Marathon form to the couch and expect that when I eventually can start running again I will be back to a walk/run plan!!! so so fustrating.

Would you ask the gp to arrange a scan? 

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Help & advice needed please.

PS. I have a road bike and do cycle a bit but this also brings on the pain to the same level as brisk waling.

I was planing on using the fitness from the marathon training to reduce my shorter distance pb's - so p!55£d off

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