Mental illness and running

I wanted a place where we could get advice and support.

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18/07/2013 at 07:47

Morning all

i'mmmm baaaaaaack

what't shaking?

19/07/2013 at 17:35

Went back to work on Monday, called to see the boss and told if I was off for any length of time again I'd be out - felt really supported. Next day told that I was going to have a lesson observation which didn't go too well. Yesterday, snapped my achilles tendon so I'm now in plaster. Mood isnt' too bad at present but that'll be due to the 60mg of codeine every 4 hours that I'm on for the pain. Despite that, I' ve had a few times in the last 24 hours when I've felt the walls closing in - just when I could do with a run. Lord alone knows when I'll get out again - if ever - but I'm not going to give in easily. Running is too important to me  for that, its the one thing that is almost guaranteed to make me feel better (outside my family) and having recaptured the good feelings at those times when I could go out, I don't want to face never having them again. The half marathon is already out of the question, Brighton next spring might be possible but I'm already half resigned to that not happening. I don't know who I've upset but enough already!!


19/07/2013 at 18:32


21/07/2013 at 18:39


can only imagine how you must feel!

This might not help but whenever I've felt like the world's against me I try and notice anything that goes well or is positive and look to better times ahead and take any bit of support or comfort that is offered. At least your op site will have time to heal properly, can you still stretch and keep your muscles flexible or excercise your upper body at all?

Never surrender!

Good luck mate



21/07/2013 at 23:36

Bings back!  How you doing Bricki? Good to hear frIom you.

I'm just catching up with things. Working full time now so not much internet time. But its going well so far. Will read back and be back later. 

Never surrender -thats a good positive phrase. 

23/07/2013 at 22:45

Just noticed there's been some updates here.  My e-mail notification has let me down again.

"Never surrender" - also a very good song by Saxon.

Bad news there, Grimfoot.  It's certainly a long road back but it'll be a case of one step at a time.

All sorts going on here at the moment.  No progress with getting further appointments, but at least I've got a holiday to look forward to next week.  I need it.

How's everyone else?

24/07/2013 at 18:58

Hi everyone I've only just noticed this thread. Popped back on here for some injury advice.

Can I join your support group?

ive had some issues with depression for a while now. Excaerbated by PND a couple of years ago but I am still struggling. I take velafaxine but have been on fluoxetine and citalopram prior to this. I've also done a course of counselling as I have a general anxiety disorder.

im struggling at the moment as I tore my calf 4w ago and can't run presently. It has been horrendous not running. 

Anyway - a question for you all:

If you can't run and you see someone else running, is it 'normal' to feel extreme rage towards them?! Or is that just me? Saw a runner this evening and now feel incredibly peed off  

Thx for reading and hope you're all going ok

24/07/2013 at 22:45

Soupy, good to hear the new job is OK.

Newmummy, I don't feel rage if I see a runner when I am injured just a pee'd off feeling; then I tell myself that soon I will be like them and running again, even if its not at the super speedy speed that they were doing. Can you walk or cycle at present as an alternative to running?



25/07/2013 at 09:25

Hey new mummy sometimes I feel very jealous of runners when im benched I try to turn it round into motivation to get out there when I'm fit .... A wise someone or other once told me that no emotion is bad or wrong, it just is, the important thing is whether you hold on to it and how you react/what you do. The immediate internal response is your trigger to think about who you are and what you believe and to act and interpret accordingly. Feeling momentary rage is fine, just don't punch the poor  or let it ruin your day 

25/07/2013 at 11:09

PS. I'm baaaaaaack too  

25/07/2013 at 19:27

Hi SOLB, you're back!

With you on the rage there NM.  I have a real problem whenever I see anyone just out there running effortlessly.  I probably wouldn't go so far as to call it 'severe rage' though.

Just finished work for the week and off on holiday tomorrow afternoon.  Lots to do between now and then though.

26/07/2013 at 20:14

Welcome aboard newmummy- Agree with Solb, I think there's nothing wrong with what you feel, it's how you react to it.I know it's easier said than done but try not to hold on to the feeling, just acknowledge it and let it go. I get jealous and also inspired by seing other people run, and also it fills me with sadness if, as is the case at the moment I'm struggling to run well, although that also spurs me on to get fit.

Good luck with the injury and I hope things get better for you, how are you treating you calf. 

27/07/2013 at 13:20

Hi guys,

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and have been taking medication for 10 years of varying doses. It has been at a managable level some of the time and a life stopping cant leave the house level for periods of time as well.

I started running for the first time in January, I have now come off of my medication and am stable for the first time in a decade, did running play a part? I think so I feel much better with regular exercise.  Time will tell if this is a long term period of stability


28/07/2013 at 09:39

Oooo, just noticed this thread. Great one.

I have schizophrenia and have been in and out of hospital all my adult life. Had a really bad spell last year and it made me take stock of life. I thought I would take up running, as I had heard that it was good for mental health and, shazam!, it really is.

I run regularly now and think of it as another form of medication. It feels like it gives my mind "time off" from all the craziness. Don't worry too much about competing or PBs etc, but just enjoy the experience of being out and about. Keeps me feeling positive and friends have said what a difference they can see.

Take care everybody and, er, keep on running

p.s. If you're racing (especially 10kms around the Midlands and Home Counties at the moment) and see a hot babe (natch) sporting a MIND running vest and pink framed glasses, that's me! I am trying to run a 10km race in every county in England this year to raise money for the charity. It's going well so far.

Edited: 28/07/2013 at 09:44
05/08/2013 at 00:06

Hi UKV and SM4.  Glad to hear the running is bringing positive results for you.

I've just returned from a week's holiday.  Had a really good time - just the one down side being that I'm just not in any fit state physically or mentally to take on the week's orienteering that I went for.  All this meant was that I completely missed two of the events, retired from two and completed the other two OK.

I've decided I've really got to take it all back to basics.  I just can't face going out running on my own and running with the running clubs involves having to be out for a full hour.  There is a beginners group on a Monday nights for people trying to get up to running 5k so I intend to use that as a starting point to try and get out there again.  I'm supposed to be leading a couple of runs for the running club in about three weeks time so this is my last chance to try to make that commitment.  If I can't do it, they would at least understand my reasons - but I do really want to make it if I possibly can.  My target for this year was to do a half marathon but right now getting back to running a 10k has become a difficult target.  I've had so many setbacks this year I find it difficult to believe that I can ever do it again. 

05/08/2013 at 13:20
SOLB wrote (see)
I've seen the odd post floating about about how therapeutic running is or asking if anyone knows how to overcome problems caused by medication/depression/motivation etc. I thought it would be nice to pull it all together in one place so we don't have to feel guilty about posting. I've sort of 'come out' as a person with mental health problems on the site ... although that wasn't really my intention. I hope people will use this thread, and that we can support each other to run.

I've also suffered with mental health issues, running was a great way to get over this, it helped me get back to my old confident, happy, dedicated self, I only started the running to get out and enjoy the peace and being on my own but now joined a running club and run 5-6 times a week and race regularly running has saved my life 

05/08/2013 at 22:26

Good to hear the running has helped, GB2.  I'm just so frustrated tonight.  I've really lost all confidence in running so I went to venture out with a beginners group.  I got there at the right time and place but nobody was around.  I e-mailed the guy who confirmed the details were correct - so I really don't know where they were.  It is out on the common so although it was next to a building there certainly wasn't anyone about.  He says he'll look out for me next week though.  Really felt this was my last chance if I'm to have any chance to lead the runs I'm supposed to be doing though.

11/08/2013 at 14:54

I've only just noticed this thread also and I think this is great. Talking about it in the open and having people to talk about it too also really helps. I suffer with anxiety, depression and low confidence and I was taking tablets for it but decided I would try and do things to help myself. It has helped that my ex bf who didnt understand me who told me to pull myself together is not in my life anymore! I since took up running and found that it really does help with confidence and self esteem especially when uve just finished a race and u feel a sense of self worth. Recently I have been ill with flu so have not been able to run for over 2 weeks which has been frustrating and I can feel myself go down a path of negativity that I dont want to go down....but will hopefully be back on it next week! Anyway, im not ashamed to admit that I have good days and bad days in my mind and to be able to share these thoughts with like minded people will truly help! Thanks.

11/08/2013 at 18:38

Good to hear from you, Rachel, and hope you're up and running again soon.  The rest of my week didn't go too much better - apart from Thursday.  I went to attend the running club on Tuesday but couldn't face it.  Wednesday I went to meet with another beginners group again but again nobody was there.  Thursday was a bit of a better day and I did make it to the running club.  There was the reassuring offer of a six mile run with the option of a shorter route.  The shorter route turned out to five and a half miles so that's what I ended up doing.  I was really nervous so I really felt the effects of it afterwards.  Good to have done it though.  My next opportunity to get out is tomorrow night again.  If I could just get a point where I could get out running on my own again it would help me more - but I still feel a long way off that.

11/08/2013 at 21:25

I got to get some blood test results tomorrow to check my ferritin levels and if they're ok then find out what could be causing these muscle twitches I'm still getting. I'm able to got to the gym and do circuits, RPM, bodypump etc but I'm missing running. I think I might be getting a bit of a mental block getting back to what I used to do, as logic tells me if I can do an hours circuit I should be able to run for an hour! It's really frustrating!!. I'm envious every time I see someone running!!

Hope you get running again soon Rachel T2. Lincoln Runner, good luck tomorrow night, whats keeping you from running on your own?

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