Microfracture Surgery

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12/09/2013 at 03:28


I have had micro fracture surgery 13 weeks ago- I am wondering if anyone can help to answer my question- I know this thread is a bit old..... but it is what I came across when doing some research.

I have no swelling and no pain and it was a 1cm*2cm lesion on my femoral condyle on the medial side.

BUT I can only flex my knee to about 110-120 degrees and it is really pain ful if I try go any further..... Does this mean the micro fracture failed??

Did anyone else have this problem with there range of motion?

I was in a brace with 30 degrees of flexion for 6 weeks and the surgeon said I should be at full motion by 14 weeks.

I'm worried!!


12/09/2013 at 20:18

Hi TK2, I had micro frac 20 months ago. My humble opinion is it hasn't failed. We are all different and no MF is the same. I'm 55, and decided my running days may be over as no real improvements and I also had arthritis of same knee and was bone on bone. I took up biking and this helped but after trying to run in pain and with a limp I was deep down deverstared.I lost weight from biking and my quades were solid. I started to plod the odd run for my last attempt and it got better each week. I only run two or three times a week but loving it.I may return marathons one day, but just glad to be out there. I know how you free, but don't dispare time will help. I still bike and enjoy being healthy. You will get there, but be prepared for a bumpy ride with good and bad days. I hope this helps, and good luck my feind .............PS, six months you can start but check with medical pros first

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