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Any other gals growing horns??

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19/02/2006 at 17:23
It did Debster, I first realised it helped me when prescribed prozac for depression. Now I am not depressed I hate taking it, though th decision to go back on it in August was based on my hideous, behaviour in the preceding pmt times.

I shall have to tread gently and see how I behave and the family cope:-)

Also getting night sweats so gosh knows!
19/02/2006 at 17:28
Thanks BB. That's interesting. I may have no alternative. I can't stop the pill as it is prescribed for endo. My ideal would be to find alternative treatment but most seem to be hormone focused so I guess the problem would just be perpetuated.

tis a tricky one indeed.
19/02/2006 at 17:31
Debster, I hqave a prozac hang up because I associate it with a difficult time in my life. I know it works for me and for several friends, never say never.
19/02/2006 at 17:35
I've always had a hang up about ADs as my mum has been on them all my life and up til last week I felt it symbolised a weakness.

Now, I simply acknowledge there's a bit missing which is not helped at all by taking the pill. Funny thing is, the physical pain, which is awful, I can tolerate. The mental torture is terrible though. I would rather come off the pill and face the consequences if there is no alternative.

going to investigate with my specialist at the hossy though.

I hope you find EPO and Agnus Cactus helps.
Duck Girl    pirate
19/02/2006 at 22:17
i'm on antidepressants anyway, but PMT week 'feels different' to bog-standard depression (at least it's a change, i suppose...).

so far i've tried fluoxetine (Prozac), mirtazapine and currently citalopram, & citalopram has been the only one that does not make me stupidly sleepy (i think that being dyspraxic affects my reactions to psychoactive meds - most people don't get that sleepy).

prozac is licensed for PMT & it does help some people, but no real effect on anything for me. i think citalopram is working on the everyday depression, but not on PMT.

i don't get particularly painful periods - nothing paracetamol can't sort - but the whole mental thing - alternating between killing everyone else & killing myself - is annoying and unproductive. (and i'm running out of old plates to smash).

i've tried evening primrose to no effect, & i recently started flax seed oil (vegan omega-3 source). i also get quite a lot of soya as i'm vegan.
19/02/2006 at 22:19
That's really helpful DG.

Also, just want to clarify. I don't view anyone else on ADs as weak. It's just a tricky thing I have with my mum. Sorry if I offended anyone.
21/02/2006 at 16:53
Hi Gals

Well, you lot have quite a lot to contend with and I feel guilty for complaining now! I appreciate the wanting to kill someone bit but haven't had thoughts about turning that on myself so I know its the hormones!! This doesn't mean that I don't suffer from self-loathing when I realise what a b*tch I'm being!

I spoke to a friend who is gynae Dr and he suggested that I take HRT!!!! at 32!!!! He thinks the Progesterone in the mirena is overtaking my oestrogen and making me symptomatic of going through the 'change'!! Well I took his advice and courtesy of mums drug cupboard (yes I know thats naughty) I have taken two days of HRT and am back to normal nurturing girly self! So now I have to decide whether to go down this route or just send Mr FF to snippy surgeon and have it taken out. Not sure if HRT will work as I had major problems on Combined contraceptive pill (hemi-paralysis and migrain!!!) and effectively I'm now receiving artificial progesterone and oestrogen which is all the pill is!

I'm thinking Mr FF is gonna have to cop it because I'm not sure if psychologically I'm prepared to be on HRT at 32!

I would like to add to this thread that I have a few colleagues who have mirena and can't praise it enough, so I am obviously in the minority with my problems although not alone completely I now realise!

Debs: I understand the mum and AD thing. Depression runs strongly in my mum's side of the family (suicides and stuff). She has been on ADs all my life and tried 'offing' herself a few times and I have a similar hang up with AD's. I must admit, the Dr has tried to prescribe them a few times (postnatally and when I went through a divorce) but I actually turned to running and it's kept my head above water throughout my life! I know if ever I couldn't run I will probably have to sucumb (?sp) to prozac, but I know it works really well for my mum and will be there if ever I need it .... hopefully I won't!

Keep yer heads up gals and try not to let life's sh*te stop you from enjoying the fact that you're here and are worth your weight in gold! Spring has almost sprung and that cheers me up loads (saw the little crocuses and daffs poking their heads through the soil on this mornings run!!)


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