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25/08/2007 at 18:51

Think I left it a bit long between visits - there was stacks to read!  This thread is getting busier!

Louise is up to 9lbs 1 and thriving.  Still covered in rash but I think you are all right, it's just one of these baby things.  It certainly doesn't bother her. 

 Left boob still small but have bought a new breast pump, splashed out on medela electric one and it's increased production a bit.  I don't feel it drains my boob though which is weird.  The right one was really sore at the bottom yesterday so I reverted to the manual pump as I can move it about and really squeeze every bit of milk out.  I know that won't help my lopsidedness but ow it was hurting. 

MR you will make the Take that concert no bother.  You just need to express one extra feed a day for a few weeks and freeze it and you will have more than enough.  Plus, a little bit of formula won't hurt.  We started giving Louise expressed milk at 8 days on advice of midwife - it was to reduce my engorgement.  We used tommee tippee closer to nature and there were no problems with her accepting bottle and reverting to boob.  She's greedy, she'll take food from any source.

Take That though - I am soooo jealous! 

Introduced Louise to the street last night at our street BBQ.  yes I live in suburbia!  She was a wee star, sat there eyes wide taking it all in and then calmly went off to sleep in spite of the total hubbub around.  We all had to move indoors though, it was baltic last night!

25/08/2007 at 19:02

Splitting post to avoid losing it again!

You girls are all so good going to classes.  I am not really a classes person apart from my spinning class.  My HV is trying to get me to go to a buggy tone or something and i keep smiling and saying yes maybe but with no intentions.  I think I am an exercise snob. I like my classes, if I go to them, to be ludicrously difficult with military like instructors yelling at you and I can't see buggy tone hitting the spot.  so spinning and circuits were acceptable but I haven't done aerobics since uni!  Actually I am possibly just an antisocial cow cos she's trying to get me to go to the new mums coffee group too and I can't be bothered - the thought of spending an afternoon with a zillion other screaming babies is just not pleasant!  It's one thing when it's your own... Yes I am officially anti social.  Maybe I'll make myself go on Thursday just for the hell of it.  It's the sort of thing I enjoy when I go but can never be bothered getting there.  That's why this forum is ideal!  All the company you need in the comfort of your own home!

 Went for two mental walks with the pram this week - 3 hrs each and the last hour is all uphill home.  Stopped at starbucks to feed/change Louise.  What a hoot.  Had a bottle of expressed milk with me and a fisher price flask thing so I could heat it.  Well, the bottle was too squat to fit in the lid to heat it up so I pushed it down.  Yeah well, it stuck.  so tried to remove it and lid came off.  so pulled the teat.  It just stretched in all directions.  Asked barista to borrow sink and she took it off me and upended it and I was screeching mind your hands, it's boiling water (it's the lawyer in me, I have to warn her of the hazard!) Got a big mug of boiling water off her and spooned some over the teat to sterilise it.  Then managed to drop the bottle into the mug and spill hot water all over table.  Finally ready to feed Louise and would she wake up?  Had to resort to evil tactics - put my cold frappuccino against her arm. That got a hmm and a swat with the arm. Eyes firmly shut.  Finally started opening and closing the velcro bit of her bib right in her earhole.  After 20 goes she propped one eyelid open. That was all it took!  In went that bottle!  I won't even begin to tell you about the changing side of things - suffice to say it involved two new nappies and a lot of loo roll clearing the place up!!

Right, dinner should be nearly ready now.  Enjoy wedding Minks.  Good to hear from everyone.

26/08/2007 at 07:01

Lots of posts to read - thanks everyone (this thread is a life saver for keeping me sane) it's early in the morning - only chance I get really to concentrate without distruption from little Jacob (9mths), or partner ... he seems to get upset if I'm up early without Jacob waking.  I love it - is only genuine 'me time' I get.

We're suffering from teething and horrendous nappy rash (blisters), and poor little Jacob whimpers and screws his face up when he's changed.  I only use warm water and cotton wool when his botty is that bad.  Poor little scrap.  I use gallons of Sudocrem which seems to comfort him.  Any other tips from anyone on treating his botty blisters?

Was so very lovely to see the sunshine yesterday ... at last got some laundry on the line (can't believe I said that - I am no domestic goddess)!

Got parents over, and niece + boyf.  Niece is preggers so I'm looking fwd to hearing all about her progress; plus I have a pile of goodies to give her - she knows she's having a boy and I think I'm more excited than my sister (the genuine grandmother).

No 'buggy fit' type classes in my area - big boo!  But I do try to attend aerobics and or yoga classes every week.  Got a 10k next Sunday and should be out training this morn. but will have to go this eve. in stead.  Had a curry last night and not good for carb loading pre a long run.

Hope your Bank Hol weekends are going well and that the sun continues to shine and your sprogs are beautifully behaved and all are happy.



26/08/2007 at 18:06

Ok, no need to go to any organised buggy classes...I have discovered a new way to exercise and entertain your baby all in one go: put some music on (or the pop video channel on telly, as I did) and dance your pants off! Hector loves it! I was really going for it and doing finger clicking and hand clapping and he was chuckling away for ages Don't know what that says about my dancing...

 He's discovered his hands. He can stare at them for ages and is now trying to grasp at things. And his new thing in the past few days - not so much fun - is forgetting that, when he's tired, all he has to do is close his eyes and go to sleep. Oh, he's fighting the sleep! At least I've worked it out now though and know that the crying will stop when he realises he's just tired. Phew, getting to understand baby language can be hard! 

Hetty - I know what you mean about the weight, mine's stayed put for a few weeks now, and it's a bit disheartening. And I thought it was meant to drop off when you're breastfeeding! 

28/08/2007 at 09:33

I don't know anyone whose weight has dropped off while breastfeeding - think it's all a myth.

Wedding was fantastic and Kit was an absolute star.  I got a bit distraught at one point when everything was running a bit late - the speeches hadn't even begun and it was way past his usual bedtime.  He started rubbing his eyes and looking at me imploringly as if to say, "Please put me to bed, Mummy!"  I felt SO guilty.  I hate disrupting his routine and got a bit emotional - think I was tired anyway by that point and had found the day quite hard work getting everything organised, getting myself and Kit ready and then constantly having to focus on him throughout the day to make sure he was OK.  Some of the girls at the wedding were so kind though, telling me I was doing a fantastic job and it was OK not to be perfect all the time; it wouldn't do any harm for Kit's routine to be all over the place for a day or so.  They were right, of course - he was fine when we put him to bed and was fine the next day, if a little tired.  It didn't help though that hubby got completely wasted - worst I've ever seen him! - and I had to look after him as well the next morning!

EF, LOL at your tale of changing/feeding Louise in Starbuck's.  Think we've probably all had a similar experience.  One thing I've found recently is the places are refusing to give out boiling water to heat bottles - twice I've been told it's against Health & Safety regulations.  One place on holiday wouldn't even fill our flask for us.

MM, re. sachets of single purees, which brand are they?  They would be very useful.  I can only find sachets of several different things mixed together and he's only on single flavours at the moment!

EF, like you I'm an exercise snob.  Buggy Fit classes really don't appeal to me either - in fact, I'm rubbish at classes.  I think it's because they're at a regular time and place - running fits around my life a lot better as I don't have to go somewhere to do it, I can just step out of the front door and go.  If I had to drive somewhere first I don't think it would happen.  And like you, if it's not hard I'm not doing it!!

28/08/2007 at 14:03

Janie, we've always woken Kit for a last feed at 10:30pm too.  It's worked really well as he's slept through from then until at least 6:30am since he was about 3.5 months old.  Now we've started weaning, I'm planning to get him off this last feed as soon as I can.  I'd planned to cut it down by 1oz every couple of nights until he's down to about 3oz, then just not bother waking him.  In some ways it's tempting to just go cold turkey and not wake him and see what happens, but I always tend to be overly cautious about these things!

Cragchick, I wasn't very happy with hubby but what can you do?  In some ways it was quite funny - when we left the wedding to go back to the hotel about midnight, hubby INSISTED it was right out of the venue when I knew it was left as I'd been back and forth to the hotel a couple of times during the evening to do a babysitting stint or to give Kit his last feed.  Hubby wouldn't listen and marched off up the road in the wrong direction, staggering all over the place.  No amount of shouting at him on my part would persuade him to turn around.  In the end my brother had to go and get him!  If it hadn't been such a busy road I'd have been tempted to let him get on with it!

I've seen those Ella's Kitchen sachets of baby food in Sainsbury's and they look very good - no additives etc.  Also the Plum Baby ones.  They do only seem to do mixed flavours (in my local Sainsbury's anyway) but he'll be mixing it up very soon so I will use them when we're out and about: much easier!  He had carrot puree this morning which seemed to go down well.  He didn't take to the sweet potato I tried him with yesterday at all - pulled a face at every mouthful then started spitting it out.  Not too bothered as sweet potato doesn't exactly form a major part of mine and hubby's diet so if he doesn't like it it's not a big deal.  Had planned to try swede and parsnip this week but Sainsbury's was out of both when I went there this morning.  Will have to try again later in the week.

About time the little fella woke up so will sign off before this turns into another epic! 

28/08/2007 at 14:22

Janie, we did the same waking the babes at 10.30pm. My two also slept from then until 7am from about 12 weeks, not bad for two premies. We dropped the feed around weaning time like Minks is about to. And yes we dropped by an oz each day. Then went for it one night, its bliss to put them to bed at 7pm, though I do have to pop in a give them a kiss before bed! I do love my boys to bits, but I also love it when they go to bed!

Think I might be confused with the sachets of mixed veggies then Minks, couldn't find any single types. Sorry about that. Can recommend plum baby purees though when you can mix, especially the plum, pomegranate and guava. Boys love it!

I started using formula for the evening feed around 8 weeks, as my milk was pretty crap at this time and I couldn't keep with boys growth spurts. I also used to express at 9.45pm and go to bed and hubbie used to feed the boys. Must admit it took a lot of persuasion from hubbie to give the boys formula as a top up, but it did make sense. 

I stopped breast feeding at 5.5 months, and don't regret it now, but have to admit I did feel so guilty at the time. I was so exhausted I could barely stand up some evenings. Not long till cows milk now, can't wait! Boys now both taking anyway up cup for morning and afternoon milk, will change bedtime soon, then no more sterilising. Hurray!!

Just put the boys in new car seats. Harry is a little bit small, but Joshie is fine. Nice to beable to turn round and see them in the car.

28/08/2007 at 14:36

Well done on the wedding Minks, it sounds like you did really well, and you must have done for people to be saying so! We've got one this weekend and I'm not really looking forward to it to be honest (is that awful of me?!). We have to drive a few hundred miles and I am pretty certain my husband will end up in the same state as yours, as it's his old school friends, and they seem to like to revert to their rebelious teenage years when they get together! I think I'm doing husband's head in by asking every five minutes: 'what time does it finish?' 'how far is our hotel?' 'can we leave early?'. I'll be glad when it's done. I'm hoping people won't be wanting to hold Hector all the time as well, I'm not really into the passing him around thing, but maybe I'll just have to chill out a bit...we'll see!

Janie, that sounds just like the growth spurt Hector had around week six, we were feeding every hour or so for a couple of days! It is knackering, but worth it  

Re: exercise classes, I had a look at the 'buggy fit' and did contemplate it for a bit, more as a social thing really, and something I could do with baby in tow, but I just know I would be itching to push it further and would get bored. I am more of a loner when it comes to training - good thinking time - but if I do a class it needs to be one where I'm being shouted at by a sergeant major type and feeling half dead at the end. Mmmmm, sounds like bliss  

28/08/2007 at 20:46

Janie I have a similar problem with milk supply in the evenings, worse if I have had a busy day or not eaten/drank properly.  I give the girls a formula feed at 7pm and it really chills them out, have also started giving them formula at 10 30 ish (we also do the wake or not debate!) to rty to get them to sleep longer as they have got into the habit of waking every 2 hours and I am knackered!  Not sure if it helps or not yet... some nights great, others not.  I express at 10 pm and use this milk during the day if I am outmso I can feed one and someone else the other.

Worryingly had to use the expressed milk at 4pm as a top up today.... hoping it was just cos I had zilch sleep last night and didnt get to eat lunch til 3pm!

29/08/2007 at 09:06

Mitchie Moo, when did you start to use cups for your two?  We got a sippy cup as part of our steriliser kit and Kit gets very excited when I give it to him.  It's the sort much like a bottle where they have to suck quite hard to get something out, and he does OK with it except he hasn't yet worked out that he needs to tip it up quite a bit to get the water out.  A lot usually ends up down his front!  Have also bought a more conventional spouted beaker but it's not a 'no spill' type so if he tips it upside down the water just floods out.  Any recommendations for a good first cup?

AP, I won't pretend to you that the wedding wasn't stressful.  I enjoyed it, but felt that I couldn't fully relax and let my hair down because I had to be responsible for Kit.  In retrospect I'm a bit cross with hubby as a) it was MY brother's wedding and it might have been nice if I could have been the one with the hangover the next morning for a change, and b) he just got completely wasted without even considering what would happen if I did too, so I had no choice but to remain pretty sober.  I did have a headache for much of the next day but I think that was down to the sudden adrenaline slump and lack of sleep with hubby up and down being ill all night.  It's hard to socialise and relax when at the back of your mind you're worrying about where you're going to change your baby and how you're going to fit his feeds and naps around the service and speeches.  There were absolutely no baby changing facilities at the wedding venue - had to change Kit's nappy on the floor of the disabled toilet.  Luckily it was clean but not what I needed all dressed up!

MM, how did you decide how much solids to give the boys and how quickly to increase them?  I'm following Gina Ford's weaning plan but Kit always finishes his solids completely so it's hard to know whether I'm giving him enough.  He sometimes takes a small top-up of milk but I'm not sure it's a good indication of whether he's still hungry or not as he sometimes doesn't seem overly keen on his milk.  Last night his 'dream feed' consisted of 3.5oz and he went through fine, but I expected him to be very hungry for his 7am bottle.  He eventually took 6.5oz but didn't seem that interested/hungry.  He's never been exactly desperate for his early morning feed, regardless of the amount he takes at his late feed.  He's never taken more than 7.5oz at a feed except for taking 8oz the other night at the late feed, which I put down more to habit than to necessity as he'd had a good 7oz plus solids at 6pm.  He loves the baby rice mixed with fruit and would probably take twice as much as I give him but am trying to follow the routine as laid out.  If I gave him more I'm sure he's eat it but just not sure he needs it if that makes sense?  I don't want to cut his milk out too quickly at this stage.  Weaning is actually more complicated than I'd first thought - on top of this I have to work out when to make the food less pureed, when to introduce finger food, and when to start using a cup instead of a bottle!

Enjoy the breastfeeding/bottle feeding while you can - it's so much less complicated! 

29/08/2007 at 09:24

Minks - it sounds pretty awful I do hope my husband doesn't end up being ill because he's the one driving back to London the next day and I don't fancy having to hang about all day while he gets his act together! It does amaze me that we are often expected to change our babies in toilets...on the floor. I was in M&S yesterday and Hector was hungry so I asked the lad on the check-out if there was anywhere to feed him, and he said 'the toilet?'. People have funny ideas about what's acceptable.

We went for his first immunisations yesterday evening; it was horrible. Poor little fella cried like I've never heard him cry before, real sobbing and his little eyes were looking right at me as if to say 'why did you do this to me mummy?' I was nearly in tears myself and almost walked out after the first injection! Luckily he calmed down fairly quickly and I held him on the walk home. He's being quite quiet today and wanting holding, but no fever at all. Off for his BCG tomorrow, the doctor did say it's not as bad.

29/08/2007 at 13:27

The wake or not debate - it was up to hubbie to wake James to give him a 10.30 feed (expressed milk).  However, James hated being woken, Hubbie hated waking him, I was awake throughout.... the worst was when he didn't even try as 'he looked so peaceful'.  (Anyone who has expressed milk will understand... All that effort I went to just to have the milk left in the fridge....') so we gave up and by 2am I was quite happy to get up to give him a feed.  Feeding then suited me whilst a 10.30 feed killed me as I was too tired.  I think the 10.30pm feed is great and would certainly try it again although it did not work for James.

Ella's Kitchen - I've used these when out and about.  Very handy, James loves the green one.  You just squeeze it straight onto the spoon so there is no need for bowls etc.  Also what is not eated can go into the fridge.  With jars etc, you need to use a separate bowl if it is a couple of meals worth.  Downside is you can not tell how much you have fed them as you can with a jar.

AP Glad Hector was ok after his jabs.  It is much worse for you than for him!  Poor bloke in M & S - answering that probably wasn't in his training!  I guess you weren't that tempted by their feeding room then! 

29/08/2007 at 20:45

AP, sorry if I made the wedding experience out to be awful.  It wasn't - I just found it impossible to really relax and enjoy myself in the way I would do if I didn't have Kit to consider during the day and also the following day.  Hubby did get his act together sufficiently to drive home on Sunday - but only because my brother's new in-laws had a family get-together so we could all see the newlyweds off on their honeymoon, which didn't happen until 4pm.  I too have been surprised at the lack of baby facilities when out and about - I'm afraid that I just try to plan my outings around Kit's feeds and pray that he doesn't do a poo while I'm out!  Fortunately he usually poos during/after a feed so I haven't been caught out too often!

The first vaccinations are awful; I remember being almost in tears too.  I think it's the way they look up at you full of trust while the nurse jams that needle into their little thighs - you just feel as though you're betraying them.  The nurse kept reassuring me that a few tears now was far preferable to a sick baby later on - she said she'd worked in various hospitals looking after some extremely ill babies and it was just heartbreaking.  I have to say that after the first injections it does get easier.  Kit was very quiet for the rest of the day after his first ones and just wanted to sleep - he also wanted lots of cuddles and he isn't generally a very cuddly baby (much to my disappointment as I love cuddling him!)

Ploddingalong, thanks for recommendation re. Ella's Kitchen sachets.  Good point re. not knowing how much they've eaten though.  The Plum Baby ones look quite nice too. 

29/08/2007 at 23:09

hello ladies and babies

thanks for all your info and updates - you're all doing so very well - and isn't it fabulous to sound off on here - keep it up

anyone know of anywhere to get scratch mittens? ones that stay on and are a bit longer than wrist length perhaps?

little Jacob is now managing to pull them off and hence is stratching his eczema at night (just as various places are healing)


29/08/2007 at 23:17

Kit only took 3.5oz at 10:30pm tonight so hopefully we can drop the dream feed in another couple of days.  He's had 31.5oz of formula in total today as well as two lots of solids so we need to cut his milk down a bit before he turns into a fat bloater - he definitely looks chubbier although he's only gained 3oz in the last week.  He shouldn't need the dream feed now but it's just having the faith on our part to leave him and see what happens!  The last time I tried it he was 4 months and it threw his sleep pattern out completely - he woke every hour for about 3 nights and hubby and I were exhausted!

Janie, it's so great when they start to become more alert and responsive, isn't it?  Kit has just discovered that he can scream which I have to say isn't so good!  Hubby says "No, Kit!" very sternly which he of course completely ignores and it just makes me giggle!  Kit seems to be a very happy and contented little chap though - he smiles at everyone and is always very alert and animated.  He refuses to roll from back to front though - think he just can't be bothered, as he easily rolls from front to back if we put him on his tummy.  He almost rolls from back to front when he's on the changing table and tries to reach the box of Pampers wipes behind his head - am going to have to be careful!

29/08/2007 at 23:18
GM, have you tried putting socks over his hands instead of scratch mitts? We never used scratch mitts although we did buy some, but a friend whose baby also has eczema uses socks which you can pull up to the elbows: much harder to get off!
30/08/2007 at 11:25

Hello all,

It's super chatty on here now, great! It was Hector's two-month birthday yesterday, blimey, where has that time gone?! 

Minks - you didn't make it sound that bad, I suppose I'm just a bit aprehensive about this weekend myself. We had one of Hector's little friends (and his parents) around for dinner last night and he cried quite a bit (the fighting the sleep thing again) and I imagine he'll be equally unsettled by least the music and partying will drown out his wails!

Did anyone else see the campaign for immunisation on the news this morning, fronted by Tony Robinson? How timely! He put it in such a way that it seems totally logical and necessary to have immunisations.

Off we go for his BCG this afternoon. When you read the booklet, you realise this is just the start - it seems to go on until they leave school! 

30/08/2007 at 11:38

Oh, and a baby-changing recommendation...We were at the NFT yesterday (not seeing a film unfortunately - anyone know of any parent and baby screenings?) and I used their baby changing facilities - very clean and spacious and there is a loo, so you can go yourself without having to leave your pram or baby with anyone.

Hmmm, maybe I should start a review of changing/feeding facilities!  

30/08/2007 at 12:26

I find Sainsbury's baby changing the best, currently - as well as Heston Services on Motorway ... both have an adult loo cubicle in baby changing room too.  Very spacious, lots of surfaces ... and even freebie nappies, wipes and paper towels (changing mat liners).

Waitrose not good.  Tesco good (sometimes).  Marylebone Station good - once you can find guard to open it for you since it's kept locked.

The worst are pubs - no space in cubicles even to put a baby mat down ... you'd be better off in the pub itself on the floor.

Went to a 'Pottery Cafe' when Jacob was 6-months old ... with 3 other NCT mums and their babies ... lovely hand and foot prints on cups and plates ... but the baby changing facilities were non-existent ... just a cubicle loo.  So changing Jacob involved me perched on loo, him wriggling on the floor.  Particularly nasty nappy, me restraining Jacob, him wriggling and screaming, poo everywhere - me exhausted, was a nightmare for everyone.

Thx Minks for socks-on-hands idea ... so simple, but so effective (hopefully, will try it tonight).


30/08/2007 at 12:33

Louise is asleep just now, bliss!  Am braving the new mums group at 2pm though it always seems to be a gorgeous day on a thursday and I kind of resent being indoors.  wonder if I could suggest a walk?

Janie, just on the 10.30 feed thing - for extra ammunition - we have been feeding Lou around then or actually more like 11pm but last night she fell asleep at 10 having been screaming earlier and so I had stuck her on my boob at 9.30.  we didn't wake her and so I ended up having to get up at both 3am and 6am.  Normally we have one awake time at 4 or 5 and that is her til about 8.  So I am never ever again skipping the top up feed.  I'm shattered today!  (I know I know, I'm lucky it's just been the one time!!)

We have our immunisation invitation for 10 Sept.  Don't get BCG tho.  Don't think anyone gets it here now, not even the teenagers.  I still have my scar from 3rd year at school!

yesterday we ventured into the centre of town, madness given festival still going on though it's a lot quieter now the fringe has finished.  It went OK!  Went to John lewis to feed her.  Their parent room is fab though naturally in true Claire style I created havoc.  Once again my bottle wouldn't fit into the warmer but I shoved it in.  Then put in the water to heat up the bottle and it overflowed cos the bottle was in so tight.  lou was screaming the place down all the while.  I then had a panic that maybe you weren't meant to use water with this particular heater - there were no instructions - so I tried to empty it after I had finished.  Of course it had practically no flex so I spilt it everywhere.  I am a walking catastrophe!

Oh Oh sounds from downstairs.  better nash as I want to eat before she wakes!

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