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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/01/2011 at 09:10
E slept till 645am from 1030pm!!!! I am having trouble sleeping at the moment though and hardly slept a wink last night: first bit of the night waiting to be woken up, later on worrying about E and why he hadn't woken up yet

Put him back in bed at 7 and he went back to sleep after a bit of chatting so I did manage another hour before Z woke up.

Hoping it's not a fluke.

I went to a badminton club at the local leisure centre last night. Everyone was better than me - old, young, fat, thin. Is the reason I went - to get better - but oooo it was tough. I am low on tactics. Played pretty much constantly for 2 hrs so am feeling it today was proud of self for going tho - am not good at doing new things by myself. Such a scaredy!

EF - you are right, what will be will but probably will all be fine.

Hope you are feeling better today lotte.

Good news about af tb. Funny the things we celebrate eh?
14/01/2011 at 09:34

TallB - well done for making the effort to go to badminton, 2 hrs would be knackering. My hubby is pretty good at badminton and I'm trying to persuade him to go back to club on Monday nights. He really bugs me because he always looks for obstacles to put in the way of doing something which is so different from me who will go to great lengths to get around obstacles to do what I want to do! I guess they key is just that - you have to want to do something. but hubby does enjoy it once he is there! Great sleeping from E, hope it lasts.

TattyB - good news on AF! 

Anjelicals - hope your mum gets some good advice. At least it is being spoken about now and hope things get better, really difficult for you all. (()) Good to hear Leila enjoyed her nursery. My two will start going a couple of afternoons a week at the school nursery after Easter. I think they will love it.

MM - tricky situation for you too with your SIL. Esp as you say she might find it hard coming from you when you are so tiny! Hope your hubby manages to speak to her.

Feeling a bit better today. Nose still stuffy but throat less sore and a bit of a dry cough. Did my run, so much on this weekend it was better to get it done today even though it meant getting up at 5.15am.  14 miles averaging 7.53mm with 5 miles at MP. Must admit it was tough going.

Right better go and get a shower and then tidy the hoose. Hubby's old aunt usually appears on a friday morning to drink large amounts of tea and read the local paper which comes out today. (She buys me one and one for her!) She's a right character - a tough old bird who runs a pony stud and riding school.

14/01/2011 at 09:40
I haven't been so glad it's Friday in a very long time.  Asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, and awake at the sound of my alarm.  I am so so looking forward to not being woken up by my alarm tomorrow morning.......
14/01/2011 at 09:42

Anj, that sounds horrid about your sister, I guess you can't tell people if they just don't want to see it. I hope that Beat can help you. (())

EF, I had an early scan as I also had tiny bits of spotting. The first scan was inconclusive, although they could tell me there was a sack. The second one saw the heartbeat. If it continues or gets worse I'd mention it to your midwife and see if you can get a scan done, if only to put your mind at rest. Having been there recently myself I know how hard it is not to worry but as you've said, what will be will be. Fingers crossed for you. xx

I was going to take Abi swimming today but I'm knackered so I'm going to have a leisurely house wife day instead, do some cooking and maybe even mop my kitchen floor! 

14/01/2011 at 10:07

Yeah, bathrooms not skanky now!!

Harry is charging around the house, so will take them swimming. Just hope J doesn't have another nose bleed, his pillow was covered this morning!!

14/01/2011 at 10:39

Poor J and the nosebleeds, MM.  Is there anything particular that's causing them?  Have you been to the doctor?  That's really worrying about your SIL.  Unfortunately it's very difficult to help someone unless they acknowledge that they have a problem.  I hope your hubby can pluck up courage to speak to her about it - may be better coming from immediate family; although as a runner I'd have thought she would take advice from you.

EF, I never cleaned the oven in our old house - and we had it for 5 years   We had a new one when we had the kitchen done but it never got cleaned.  And yes Anjelicals - every time I used the grill the kitchen would fill with thick, black smoke!  Still didn't motivate me to clean the oven though - I just stopped using the grill!   Am DEFINITELY going to look into having the oven professionally cleaned.  Even if it's £100 it's worth it in my opinion!

And EF, if you're at all worried try and get a viability scan, which they can do from about 6-8 weeks.  Might be worth it if the spotting continues and you're worried about it.  Spotting and even fairly substantial bleeding is VERY common in early pregnancy though and is normally nothing to worry about, especially if the blood is brown (i.e. old).

CM, just cancel the DDs if they're coming out of your personal account.  Sorry, but you've given T enough warning and frankly, why should you continue to pay for them when you're not even living in the house?  This may sound a bit blunt and I don't want to come across as sounding harsh, but you really need to stop letting him walk all over you.  Cancel them, and tell him you've done it (which is more than he did).  If he can't be ar*ed to sort them out it's his problem.  The CTF is slightly different as I wouldn't want to cancel anything that might affect the kids in any way but otherwise, let him get on with it.  And go for residency.

Woohoo to AF, TattyB!!

Hubby finally went for his 'new patient' appointment at our new GP surgery on Wednesday.  He was horrified that he weighed in at 79kg at 5'10".  The nurse said he was slightly overweight for his height - not that he looks it at all, but it certainly shocked him!  Probably not enough to get hom to do any regular exercise though!

CM, guess you feel quite strongly about carpet then????!  I'm afraid to say that I chose it over wooden floors.  Although I like the look of them, they are cold and hard and definitely NOT cosy.  We had laminate in our bedroom when we moved in, and it was horrible getting up in the night to go to the loo and putting my feet onto cold floor, especially once the weather turned.  The house has felt so much warmer since we've had the carpet laid.  Less echoey too.  My brother and SIL have wooden floor everywhere and their house is freezing.  I am a 'cosy' person and like everything to look and feel warm.

Kinsey, my friend's daugher refused to do a poo anywhere other than her nappy for AGES.  My friend had tried everything and was in despair, until her daughter announced that when she turned 4 she would poo in the toilet and lo and behold, she did and has never looked back.

14/01/2011 at 11:03

We have wooden floor downstairs and the house is freezing but I still wouldn't want carpet.  Upstairs and on the stairs is a stupid cream carpet that we didn't choose.  Once the loft is totally finished and M is potty trained I will get it professionally cleaned.

14/01/2011 at 11:29

Minks - I agree, carpets in the bedroom (except the girls but then they had a solid pine floor as it used to be the living room before our extension). We chose carpet in the hall because it is quite long and we thought it would be very noisy with wooden floor and all the kids, trikes etc. Our new living room extension has an oak floor with underfloor heating and both bathrooms are tiled again with underfloor heating. About to redecorate our kitchen and trying to decide what to put on the floor. The laminate is really scruffy looking now but it has been down for 10 years!

MM - Dylan gets regular nosebleeds and often wakes up in the morning and blood everywhere. And sometimes he is just sitting there and they start. Reece had a bleeding nose this morning, no idea why.

The aunt arrived while I was in the shower so she just put the kettle onand waited! Quick tidy up now and lunch and then over to a friends for a cuppa and then we have Reece swimming lesson after school and then on to town for athletics (Sophie and Dylan, Em going to a friends after school) and then drop off at youth club on the way home.I might stay in town with Sophie as her athletics is later and go to a core workout class which is on at the same time and hubby can take the younger kids home after Dylan's athletics. I have changed my pilates to a tuesday to see how that works out as trying to fit that in on a friday (it is in the local hall) was getting very challenging to say the least!

14/01/2011 at 11:31
Minks - I am hoping that she will just make her mind up at some point that it makes more sense to use the toilet than it does to whip on a nappy just to do a poo in it!!!!

I think wooden floors for main living areas definitely make sense, especially with small children. The worst think about this house is that there isn't room to eat in the kitchen and sometimes I really don't want to go to the palaver or sitting everyone at the dining table just for a snack!

I have just realised that I have the whole house to smarten up as one of my hubby's friends is meant to be staying tomorrow night. Hubby is out tonight and then we are at a first birthday party tomorrow afternoon. I am still feeling bad as I havn't got a gift yet either but what do you buy for a one year old who has heaps of toys plus an older brother who has heaps too. I'm stumped.
14/01/2011 at 11:45
Gift card for baby gap - I love their clothes but can't justify buying them myself. 
14/01/2011 at 11:54

book maybe kinsey? or some kids' music CDs. my kids LOVE CDs.

lotte - again in awe. 5.15am to do a 14 mile run when you are under the weather?!

oh and under no circumstances is there ever a justification for carpet. hard floors being cold, noisy, echoey and hard are just excuses. 

14/01/2011 at 12:05

have just done a skim-read as usual and will catch-up more later. But having a slight mini-panic at the mo and would love your thoughts ...

1st week of December Scarlett had her MMR booster and apart from the usual red arm soreness seemed pretty OK. This morning I get a call from the health visitor to tell me that the vaccine was 4 days out of date and do I want her re-vaccined? ???????  There is a likelihood that she has some immunity from the vaccine but there are no guarantees.  I asked what risks are associated with having what is effectively a 'double-dose' of it and HV said none whatsoever.  Help!! Need to chat to hubby tonight but would be interested in thoughts anyway.  God it's hard being a parent isn't it!  Was totally happy about having the MMR in the first place but the thought of a double-dose is worrying me a little for sure.

14/01/2011 at 12:18

Well it's nice the HV was honest!  However, if the vaccine was stored correctly (presumably in the fridge) then for 4 days I wouldn't worry.  A vaccines immunity is not just going to vanish on the use by date, in the same way that a tin of baked beans is not going to self combust on the use by date.

Would be interesting to see what Vixo says, but that's my opinion.

CM - our bathrooms have carpet in which I absolutely can't stand, but really if we ripped up the carpet and put tile down we'd need to re do the bathroom and that just isn't an option at the mo.  Our new bathroom in the loft has lovely tiles

14/01/2011 at 12:31

Oh, CC, that's rubbish.  I would have thought that given the vaccine was only 4 days out of date there would be little deterioration and it would still be OK but I'm no expert in these matters.  I would double-check with a doctor/hospital as to what the risks are of a double dose - I certainly wouldn't trust a HV to tell me it was OK!  In your position I'm not sure I'd want to put Kit through having to have the vaccine again, but then again would I want the worry of always wondering whether he was actually immunised?  Difficult one.

Kinsey, our kitchen is pretty large and we eat at the table in there.  We don't have a dining room but then I'm not into formal dining anyway.  Hubby and I usually eat on the sofa with our dinners on ouyr laps so we can watch TV at the same time - something we DON'T practise when Kit eats with us!  We don't have a television in the kitchen, although hubby mentioned something the other day about getting one ...

Lotte, we have a tiled floor in our kitchen.  It's a bit cold to stand on (even in slippers) but very practical.  Interestingly, the only place we are going to have wooden floor is in our hallway - it may be a bit noisy but we only join one other house and they have it throughout their downstairs.  We hear their kids clattering around all the time so figure they won't complain if they can hear us.  Mainly doing it because the hallway is the main entrance into the house and carpet will get filthy.  If we could put down underfloor heating then I would have considered wooden flooring downstairs, but the cost of that plus the wooden flooring far exceeded the cost of carpeting the whole house.  Personally I love my carpet and am very happy with it!

Re. presents, like Caro's idea of a baby Gap voucher, or books.  Or how about an item of clothing if you know the size and the parents' taste?

14/01/2011 at 12:33
Caro, crossed posts.  The one place I definitely would NOT want carpet is the bathroom - especially with males being the predominant users of the toilet!!
14/01/2011 at 12:33
... and the kitchen, of course! (No-brainer!)
14/01/2011 at 13:49
Oh dear, all this talk of cleaning is making me feel seriously guilty about the state of our house! At the moment I have a good excuse because we're in complete chaos having the kitchen done, but we don't get as much cleaning done usually as we should. I am determined to get a cleaner when the builders have finished as I just don't want to be spending the weekends and evenings cleaning (or not, as the case may be, and living in a slum!). My hubby is quite good and usually does the dusting and hoovering, and is very good at tidying, but his idea of a clean kitchen and bathroom is often a bit different from mine!

CM - are there any forums where you kind find people who are in a similar situation to chat to? Mumsnet can be a bit preachy but there is often some good and supportive advice there, and there will be people that have survived sharing residency of their children, and may be able to help you through it. None of us really know how that feels so it's hard to offer any more than the platitudes that with time it will get easier - and however horrible things feel right now it surely must or people wouldn't survive what you're going through.

CC - that's quite frustrating about the vaccine. Nurses are usually rigorous about checking expiry dates for everything before they give them - that's why there's always two of them in the room. I agree withnwhat others have said and probably wouldn't give another dose. No one will be able to give you a definitive answer because obviously out of date vaccines haven't been given to a selection of children to assess their efficacy, but common sense would suggest that the expiry date is slightly arbitrary, and that 4 days is unlikely to make any difference at all. If you were concerned about her possibly not having had a working vaccine then I would wait a while before giving another dose rather than giving it straight away.

Angelicals - the situation with your sister sounds really tough, but I agree that for the sake of her child if nothing else, something needs to happen. I am paranoid about Isabelle getting the 'wrong' messages about food and make a huge effort never to talk about how i look/what i eat etc. I just think it's so easy for those subtle little comments to get through and for children to start to get bad habits and ideas forming from a really young age.

Minks - I agree about the carpets. However skanky and manky they might be I couldn't bear to have hard floors in the bedrooms. I love coming upstairs where it all feels cozy and warm. We only have carpet in our sitting room downstairs, but we have rugs on the wooden floors anyway, so they must get as grubby as carpet so no different really to my mind! I do agree that with children a hard floor under the table is essential - our kitchen floor always has bits of cereal stuck to it - every now again I have to chisel it

Caro - hope you enjoy your weekend! I'm on nightsbthis weekend so definitely not looking forward to it, but sometimes I think the anticipation is worse than the reality so I jnust need it to roll on to Monday morning! When we do a weekend I end up working 12 days on the trot so can fully sympathise with needing some time off. We've had a rubbish patch since Christmas - hubby worked last weekend, me this weekend, and next weekend he's off snowboarding for 4 days so it will have been 4 weeks when we get some proper family time again. However, if all goes ok I should be off on mat leave form may sometime, and I can't wait to not have to juggle rotas and childcare!

14/01/2011 at 13:58
On my iPod so only quick post.......... I am a nurse and the expiry date is always checked so it should have been done, tut tut. But as someone else said if it was only 4 days out of date I can't see how you still would not get full immunity from the injection. I don't think I would re-vaccinate my child. It is difficult. Is there anyway you could phone the local hospital and speak to a pharmicist? I unfortunately don't know any to ask.
Big hugs to CM by the way ((())).
Glad I'm not the only mink around regarding cleaning! Like a clean bathroom n kitchen but the floors so need mopping. Only dust also when sun shines in and I can see it! Really should Hoover every day but only do it couple times a week.
Managed 3 miles on treadmill today.
14/01/2011 at 14:12
Vixo what happened about the consultants job you were interested in but were worried about telling them you were pregnant?
14/01/2011 at 14:16

vixo - your work schedule sounds punishing.

i have tried posting on mumsnet - but i didn't get a lot of useful information, other than people saying to get out and join a group, meet people, move on with your life etc. i can't do that...

most people who replied said 'lucky you. most mums don't get that much support with the kids from their ex'. a lot of people didn't seem to understand what the problem was - as the kids are fine.

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