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28/11/2010 at 21:19

EF sends snow vibes to JG so that Sophie can build a snowman.  We could build a whole bloody army and still be snowed in.  The blokes just spent all day clearing our hill of a street (think I've said before, we're not called buckstone BANK for nothing).  And guess what - it's chucking it down with more of the white stuff.  I am never going to get to work tomorrow.

I have read back some but went backwards so am all over the place. 

Lotte, great news re insurance co.  Perseverance is the answer!

JG, go with instincts - a contented happy baby is, to my mind, fed perfectly adequately whatever the weight.  I saw my friend when in London and now Sarah would tell you she's 5'1" but that's in her heels so not surprisingly her babs is totsy.  She's only just moved into 3 - 6 month clothes and she was born in May!  my pronouns are all over the place but you can work that out.

CM just keep thinking of the stashed cash and all the things you paid for and that should sort you out.  you've got to keep in mind as well that hard cash is the only way some things can be sorted out.  You can hardly saw your  ossessions in half so one person has to pay the other half the value. 

Minks yay to some running mojo.

I have done nothing as aforesaid. Had PT last Thurs.  Then went to London for girls weekend.  Can totally recommend Dirty Dancing.  Brilliant.  Then we went to Sitaaray for dinner.  NEVER go there.  They actually had the cheek to say to us, you need to be off your table in five minutes.  We had literally just taken last mouthful of main course.  They said we only  had table for 2 hours but we booked for 8.30 and this was at 10!!  We kicked up a stink about the service charge but in the end gave in and are all giving crap reviews for the place wherever we can instead.  Spent Saturday shopping then went for cocktails at Academy somewhere in Covent Garden.  Got a voucher off the internet - £4 and it got you 2 cocktails to value of £15!  They weren't bargaining on a bunch of tight Scots getting this deal cos not a penny more was spent and we then went to Chinatown for a banquet.  Yummy yum.  Finally decided, and I do not know how we came up with this, that all we wanted to do was sing karaoke so found a total dive called karaoke box in soho I think and you rent rooms by the hour to sing crap songs.  Which we did.  I have phone footage of Tiffany "I think we're alone now" and that was not the worst by a long way!!

Back to work on Monday and had settlement meeting on Mon pm.  then spent all day Tuesday in court.  Wednesday I flew to Bristol on the 0840 and we went to Cardiff.  All day and all night with clients and then up the next day and off to Swansea.  Again all day with clients followed by mad dash back to Cardiff to get flight home.  Home 10pm.  Friday in court and then a training course which I had to get to cos I am woefully short of Law Soc requirements and have to have them completed by Tues evening! So I haven't really seen my desk in a week and I am a bit nervous about what is there and now this blooming snow is putting a spanner in the works for getting in tomorrow too!

Stayed in the St Davids Hotel & Spa in Cardiff and got upgraded to a suite!!  A suite for £99!!  Totally gorgeous.  Would go there again. 

28/11/2010 at 21:30

oo -18. surely there must be a law against that, camlo!!!

i have done no running this weekend as have had the kids

we went to see santa and his reindeers in a local park today. E pointed at santa - said 'mam' (man) and shook her head. then cried and cried and cried. bless...

28/11/2010 at 21:36

Sorry, just had to go and refill wine glass.

Well with all of the above I did not get any exercise done.  Even took stuff to Cardiff but was sooo tired.  Esp after London and my hideous train journey which some of you may have followed on Facebook.  In short, train axles overheated.  They kept thinking it might be all right but after an hour sitting in a field outside of York they decided it definitely wasn't and towed us back to Thirsk.  All had to "detrain" (I am not convinced that is actually a verb but they used it several times as such) and crammed 400 people onto a teeny platform.  So small that hardly any of the carriages opened out onto the platform in fact so we all had to file through the train.  Train then chugged away and we were left in pishing rain and dark to wonder what was to become of us!  Finally a train pulled in.  The looks of horror of the passengers were evident as they saw 400 people surging to get on their train.  Their train that only had about 2 empty seats I might add.  I did whole journey from York to Edinburgh on the floor outside of the carriages and with one butt cheek on the metal plate just inside the door.  It's a miracle I haven't got piles.  We eventually got home a mere 3 hours and 20 mins late.  Only about an hour less than doing the entire journey over again!   They did hand out claim forms mind you for us to reclaim cost of journey.

I was annoyed though cos I had originally planned PT for monday but cancelled as hadn't seen Lou in days and knew I wouldn't see her the rest of the week either.  Then I had to cancel spin on Tuesday too as I had been in court all day and had one of those heart stopping moments when the judge says his copy of the pleadings doesn't match anyone else's.  Turns out my stupid pc had been printing it all in print view but everyone else viewed it and printed it in  normal view.  Had to work late sorting that out plus all the mail/emails/hideousness that had accumulated over the course of 6 hours out of the office. 

Then yesterday I had a hair cut and colour!!  I had had to book that way back in about March so I couldn't have anticipated my week but that meant I was out for another 3 hours or so.  Hoped and hoped for a wee run today and woke up to a foot of snow.  It is honest to goodness as bad as it was last Christmas time only last time it took a few days to get to that and this time it was overnight.  I am hoping that means it will go quicker this time too!

Swimming class got cancelled today cos no one could get there so poor Lou has been wondering what is going on as we cut mini athletics yesterday so Andy could take her sledging - I quote in case this is the only chance she gets this year unquote.  Oh the innocence of us yesterday!

Well better head to bed and see what greets me in the am.  Must do some wrapping and card writing but only ordered cards online yesterday and haven't got my wrapping paper yet either.  Have got lots of Lou's presents but zip for anyone else.  Hey ho.   have a good week all! 

28/11/2010 at 21:36

Snow vibes for me too please!!   - not a sign of any here although it was -5 when Ileft to run Hellrunner this morning (that bog was Very cold!!)  fell to so am very grazed and  bit bruised - fabfun though. 

Read back briefly (4 pages!!) and can't remember anything!  

MM hope you feel better.

CM hang on in there -you deserve what you're entitled to for you and your lovely children (even if you can't see it as your money- try and see it as theirs).

28/11/2010 at 21:36

JG- I remember going to a neighbours when Tom was about 4 months and being amazed hubby hadn't called me back to feed him. Then when I arrived bursting with milk he confessed he'd given him a bottle of formula- I nearly cried with disapointment that he'd broken my breast only pact but now I look back and recognise the pressure we put on ourselves and thank my lucky stars for any help I get. As you rightly say sleep is as valuable as nutrition and formula isn't poison! Hope you turn a corner soon x

EF- I always feel guilty whipping out vouchers but really if I didn't use all the deals I can I wouldn't have half as much fun! 2 cocktails for £4 is fab!!!! 

Great running everyone- a sub 23m 5K in a santa outfit is amazing.  

28/11/2010 at 21:37
Oh and Minks, get those boots for Kit.  We kept meaning to get a snow shovel and some grit.  Did we - did we heck.  Are we using a crappy spade and table salt?  Oh yeah. 
28/11/2010 at 21:39
I'll send snow vibes to all who want them.  there are a few pics of our street on FB and if you can picture that we've now had it back on for a good 1.5hrs you get the idea.  GO AWAY!!! 
28/11/2010 at 22:15

Our winter wonderland garden this afternoon, been snowing since then though so even deeper now.

TT ;0)

28/11/2010 at 22:29
Yes - southerners please take all the snow in Edinburgh. We've had more than our fair share already and after 48 hours of it are all thoroughly fed up.

I'm definitely not going to work tomorrow - mainly as my childcare (aka Granny) is snowed in down in the Borders so will have to take annual leave to look after Megan. Thats fine - the real problem is that I put my car in to the garage to be repaired, blindly ignoring the threats of snow and left my bloody wellies in the boot and thermal gloves in the door pocket, grrrr grrrr stupid woman. Am sure there will be no wellies left in Edinburgh by tomorrow either. EF - have snow shovel and sledge here but for what point as cannot put foot over the door without bloomin' wellies.
28/11/2010 at 22:38
snow boots. mmm - never thought to buy them before for the kids. should i? j's feet grow so blimmin fast, he'd probably need 3 pairs to see him thru the winter (size 13 feet aged 4yrs4 months...)
29/11/2010 at 07:38
I hear Edinburgh airport is closed this can keep your snow as far as I'm concerned - sorry!  Off to wake M then at 8am battle commences to try and get a Drs appt.  Coughed so much in bed last night it took forever to get to sleep, then at 2am M woke up screaming like a banshee (nothing wrong!) but then of course I coughed and coughed before getting back to sleep.  I wouldn't mind so much except that the coughing is really hurting whatever i've done to myself.......but worse thing happen at sea as I've seen at close hand over the wk end so shall stop moaning and get on with Monday.
29/11/2010 at 08:41

yep, we've got the piles of snow too, although last night it didn't actually snow that much - I think the worst of it was on Saturday, topped up yesterday in a few flurries. It's perfect skiing powder, which is not a lot of use when you are stuck down at groundlevel with two littlies but hey ho.

School has been closed though which means it is much worse 3 miles up the road (where we live has a 'micro-climate' and it's generally better here than anywhere else). All the snow gates have been shut across the moors to Grantown and Aviemore and they are only 12 miles from us so we are getting off 'lightly'. It's forecast for more heavy showers today and then hopefully dying off.  Sods law as this morning I made sure we set the alarm, got everything ready last night, packed my gym bag ha ha etc etc. So looks like it will be a headtorch run in the dark tonight when hubby gets home or a trek to the gym if I can get up the road.

So EF, MR, Lotte, TT etc I think we are all in the same boat!

-16 - yikes that is seriously cold, we defnitely didn't have that. -8 I think.

Some fabulous arctic running going on. MM sounds like you are bouncing back from your lurgie - very impressive speeds, and you too Minks, great to see the mojo has returned - and proof that hills are good for you!  Ploughing through the powder yesterday morning, I was delighted when the speed hit 9mm as opposed to 10mm - it was that hard going, but my feet did stay pretty dry as the snow is so powdery.

EF - your lifestyle makes me dizzy just thinking about it!  As manic as Lotte's but in a different way - I imagine the juggling that goes on with that lot is impressive. Weekend in London sounds fabulous.

Caro - hope you've got your appointment at the docs, cough sounds grim.

CM - snowboots are fabulous - Joshua is currently wearing a pair 1-2 sizes too big for him as is Scarlett as I inherited J's off a friend and Scarlett has Js old ones.  Next do pretty good ones, garden centres often do too. the pair S currently has were off ebay 3 years ago and still going strong.

Right, best go and get organised - darn it I'm all off-kilter now having been so organised. The house is going to be trashed by the end of the day me thinks. Think we'll start with a stomp to the beach anyway.

29/11/2010 at 09:11
Only -5 this morning for my run, hubby got massively held up with his flight back yesterday so I didn't get a run in the afternoon sun. Never mind. Will try to catch up with everyone else's news now!
29/11/2010 at 09:30

EF - you were on a roll last night. You make me laugh. Like CC says your life does sound hectic!

Minks - glad the mojo has returned.

Schools off today. Lots of snow. Bug has hit Dylan too now but the bottom end not spewing. I am feeling really rubbish too in the same way as Dylan. Was sat on the loo half the night! (sorry tmi!) Hubby was supposed to be away on the early flight and not home until friday. So I dragged myself out early for a bumble in the snow. Stomach felt ok while I ran and the snow was really nice to run in, thick and packed with couple of soft inches on top. Only went a little way on the main road and then on the side roads and there was next to no traffic about  but the bloody gritter driver stopped beside me on the main road and gave me an ear full. Couldn't hear all that he said but go back home was among it! Only had time for 4 miles. Since being back home though I have started to feel pretty crap, sore stomach and achy bits. Not heard from hubby yet to say if he made it to Aberdeen but his phone is switched off which suggests he is in the air!

Snow boots are great. Sophie and Reece's are doing a second winter. Just ordered some for Emily and got some hand downs for Dylan! Wow CM J does have big feet! My oldest 3 are all a size 13 at the moment and they are 10, 9 and 7! Reece age 5 is almost a size 8 - Cameron is a 7!

29/11/2010 at 09:31

oh i would be seriously unimpressed at that much snow. very nice in theory - much less so in practice.

as it is, it is just perishingly cold here. i have back to back conf calls all morning, a podiatrist appointment at 1.30 and then more calls all afternoon.  so it looks like i will be skating around in the dark on my run later.  booo...

hope those of you stuck at home in the snow manage to get out and have some snow-related fun.  and those of you hampered by the tube strikes don't have to walk too far in the bitter winds.

i am sitting working with my duvet jacket on because i am too stingy to heat the house just for me!

29/11/2010 at 09:37

oh lotte - poor you. but you are MAD to have gone out in that weather feeling rough. mad mad mad mad mad!

yes, J does have enormous feet.  perhaps i should just buy some size 1 boots for him and hope they last the winter.  E is also a size 6 already, aged 21 months.  she is quite small as well, so i am surprised her feet are (relatively) that big.

J is the tallest in his reception class by quite a margin, and one of the youngest (July bday of Sept intake).  He is also taller than most of the year 1s.  he is very lean these days though.  he is obviously putting all his energy into growing upwards.  he has snake hips and no tummy now. E is much dinkier and has never had any chub really - unlike her brother who was a right chubsy toddler.

29/11/2010 at 11:09

There seem to be a few of you heading out with dodgy stomachs!  Not for me I'm afraid... Stupid gritters telling you what to do though Lotte

Camlo - thanks for your story, it's true that when you look back it just makes sense to give formula sometimes and I should know more than anyone that there's nothing wrong with it, having mostly bottle-fed Sophie!

And thanks for the other comments.  He woke at 1am so I fed him but not sure he needed it, then he woke again at 2am but a bit of Calpol settled him again.  Poor thing is coughing away then beaming at everyone, what a little fighter he is .

Ugh, not liking my reflection in the laptop this morning!  Need to get exercising, it's getting ridiculous now, he's 4 months old!  But if I can just leave hubby with formula the night's I want to go out then that's going to make things a lot easier.  I expressed last night after bedtime and only got 70mls in half an hour!  I'm sure it's to do with the expressing rather than the milk supply.

Sonya - meant to say hooray to the crawling! and !

Sophie's at the childminder today so I'm hoping they will go out and build a snowman .  Poor thing was a bit traumatised by the car being covered in snow this morning - she thought it was broken and we'd have to walk!  She was so sweet this morning, made everyone imaginary ice creams, even the snow and rice krispies got one

N's really started "talking" and blowing bubbles, and starting to grab toys etc. It's so nice to see him developing normally . And he thinks it's hilarious when I kiss him!

anyway I should be doing some exercises while N is having a nap!  The NPower man is coming to service the boiler sometime before 1pm, I bet he turns up at 1pm... Or he's got stuck in the snow somewhere, although the main roads are fine.  I need to pick up N's medicine too, I'm hoping it'll be the last on 17th December.

29/11/2010 at 12:29

Am in a foul mood today. No particular reason, just want to be at home with my babies instead of working full time. Mood not helped by having to walk the 45 minutes from Liverpool Street to my office in the freezing cold because of another bloody tube strike. Have already shouted at the customer service man for Post Office on-line savings account after they opened 2 accounts in error and he told me I must have requested 2 accounts myself, er no, it's your bloody stupid system. He then tried to tell me I'd have to write a letter in to get them to close the extra one at which point I lost the plot and demanded to speak to the manager. Funnily enough, he then came back on the line after a bit and told me they could do it after all . Think I need to go out for a walk at lunchtime otherwise anyone coming into my office this afternoon is likely to get both barrells. Hoping the run back to Liverpool Street this evening releases some much needed endorphins ...

Also think you ladies are mad for running in the snow so take care out there!

Caro - boo to the annoying cough, good luck getting a docs appointment. BTW, here's another recommendation of something to try in our neck of the woods; we're off to the Half Moon children's theatre this weekend (if I can get tickets), have been a couple of times before and the kids loved it.

Sonya - now the fun really starts . Good luck keeping up with Maggie and her crawling. I find the most annoying thing about crawling is that we now have to hoover the rug and sweep the floor every day otherwise Anna spends all day crawling around the floor hunting for fluff, cat hair and stale cornflakes to eat off the floor!

JG - aaahhh to the talking and blowing bubbles. My tactic of saying "mum mum mum" to Anna seems to have paid off as she's now added "mamamama" to her repertoire.

Not envious of the snow some of you ladies are stuck in, although TT's garden does look lovely, but I can well imagine how boring it becomes very quickly when you can't actually get anywhere so be careful out there.

Chynah - glad to hear you survived your Hellrunner, I'm guessing that a temperature of -5 means it lived up to it's name.

Right, off out for my walk now to try and clear my head. Hope the bloody tourists stay out of my way ...

29/11/2010 at 13:06

Oh Lotte sounds like what we've all had. Hope you feel better soon...

Got out for 6 miles this morning. Car said -6 when I took boys to nursery and that was 2 hours later. Brrrr!!

We still have a little snow but nothing major, not enough to play in but still annoying and slippery.

Just been and spent lots of money on fleece sleep suits for S, wrapping paper, tags, few pressies etc etc. It all adds up, I'm surprised what I spent this morning.

CM, can you not put heating on, but turn off the radiators in the rooms you're not using. I'm no good at being cold, so heating on with just me and S in the house.

I am taking Harry to docs later as he is still ill. Another rough night of him coughing his guts up. I can't believe that after 3 weeks there is nothing else wrong and its just a cough. He looks so pale and is barely eating. Feel bad sending him to nursery, but he is fine in himself just hacking cough. Probs better there with things to do then here moping around!

Girls from running club night out tonight but have a massage first . Something to look forward to at least (the dinner not the massage!!), and the pub is quite close by so makes it easy for me to drive to and get home.

Yeah to Maggie crawling Sonya. S is now rolling properly and has pretty much mastered sitting. Exciting times. I can also see more teeth about to cut. Poor wee love!! Think I might get doc to check her chest too, as she is very wheezey all the time. Rings bells in my head from the boys being that age...

Right time to make some more food for madam and have a cuppa...

29/11/2010 at 13:07
Oh and hope your day gets better Karen. I'm glad I'm not in London today!!!
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