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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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15/03/2011 at 23:08

(((EF))) Please keep us posted, and as others say it may not be as bad as all that so hang in there.

Brilliant about the HV giving evidence, CM - that is EXACTLY what you need!

(((CC))) Really feel for you as I know how much you love it up there - it comes shining through in every post!  But if anyone will survive another move/moves, you will.  I think you are incredibly adaptable and positive - look how well you handled the move to Scotland which you essentially had to do single-handed and look how well you've settled in and made friends and got stuck into everything going on locally.  I only moved 20 minutes up the road and I sure as hell can't say the same!  It's incredibly stressful - especially hubby wanting to retrain, aargh - but if anyone can weather it, you can.  The kids will be fine and will adapt, I'm sure - although there may be a period of settling in (thinking of Kit and our move here).

CM, we're not sure about what events we will apply for tickets for but £884 is a lot of money!  I don't think we'll be forking out that much, once in a lifetime or not!

Karen, having done VLM four times I'd say I would definitely NOT want to go out for dinner on the evening of the race.  Knackered doesn't cover it, and even though he may be high on adrenaline he may be physically shot too and would probably rather have a soak in the bath and slob out in trackie bottoms than go for a meal.  I know I've been in bed by 10pm after my marathons and have slept like a baby.  Silly expression that - when have babies ever been known to sleep?!

Boo to the continued vomiting/diarrhoea Sonya.  Doesn't sound much fun.  She won't be going to the childminder unfortunately - let's just hope that you/hubby don't get it now.  Be great if you miss your first day back at work!!

Caro, good luck to hubby for his interview.  The canoeing centre for the Olympics is just down the road from us so that is one of the events we are hoping to go to as will be dead easy to travel there.

Was going to post more but too tired - off to bed now and will catch up tomorrow hopefully!  Night all.

16/03/2011 at 07:41
Karen have looked at the place Sonya mentioned on the magazine map and it looks ok, so think they'll go for that.

As for going out on the day of the marathon - I did! I went straight to the pub, had about 3 or 4 bottles of beer (having not drunk since new yr) then we went out for a curry. It was fine (although prob not the best meal in terms of recovery.......)

Hubby and I have pencilled in tickets we'd like to apply for, I'm very much of the mindset that it's once in a lifetime and it is literally spitting distance from here, so it would criminal not to. We had my dad booked for 2 wks babysitting about a yr ago, but we will prob take M along to some things. My sister is coming over from America for the duration as well, and possibly bringing some friends, so we will have a house full and possibly also some tents in the garden! Apparantly if you look on line there are websites where you can say you've got an x bedroom house to rent within x miles of the olympics and it will tell you how much you can rent it out for - well I'm not going to look as I don't want to get tempted!
Camlo    pirate
16/03/2011 at 08:09

I wouldn't have been able to go out for a meal after the mara- I was dizzy and sick for hours!! Did feel better about 8pm and walked to a McD for a burger but couldn't have stomached much.

I would love to see something at the olympics- hubby said to apply for a couple of things - cardiff events would be great. Mind he did suggest 'beach vollyball'.

Going to go with my sis for a swim today- she is a member at local hotel so it has a steam room etc. Can't wait!

16/03/2011 at 09:11
Hi all
Another poorly baby here; J went down with a virus last Thurs- the day before we flew to London for a long weekend. He was v poorly, ended up taking him to a and e in Dorset as his temp was going up and up and medication wasn't touching it. Of course, this was all during my sister's hen weekend so I missed most of that He no longer has a fever, but is completely wiped out and now has diarreah... And hubby has now caught it!

Sonya, can completely sympathise! Poor Mags (())

EF, hope today brings good news (())

CM-great result!

TB-well done on your placing, fantastic!

CC- good luck for your decisionsto come, I like the sound of yiur "alternative" lifestyle

Caro-sorry to hear about yiur SI. I'm sure the swimming will help. If I can get out today I'll do my sprints, this week should be fairly easy, provided I don't catch the lurg!

Minks- your day with Kit sounded lovely

Kinsey, is Aidan ok now?

I second Sonya's recommendation for mara viewing. I like knowing exactly where my supporters will be, as otherwise I waste too much energy trying to spot them!

Urgh, belly revolting, but baby asleep on me! Looks like the lurg is on it's way!
16/03/2011 at 09:14
Oh, and my motivation for finishing the mara is normally several cold beers and a good feed, Karen!! One year i had to severely restrain myself from asking a spectator in Canary Wharf for a sip of his delicious-looking pint!!!
16/03/2011 at 09:47

Karen I had two pints of lager and a plate of chips an hour after finishing. Followed by another two lagers in the afternoon in pub garden and then half a bottle of red wine and takeaway curry in the evening. Food and booze no problem!!

Boo EF. Keep us posted won't you. Thinking of you...How soon will they do the amnio

Boo also to sick babies, poor loves, hope they all feel better soon.

Not looked at olympics yet, going to get that sorted this weekend. Decided what we want to see, just not booked or looked yet. Triathlon, women's marathon and women's heptahlon final.

8 x400m at 5:30-5:40 pace for me last night. Felt good and strong. Felt pants on 6 mile easy run this morning though, really sore tummy for some reason ...

Right washing on line and off to tots...

16/03/2011 at 12:26

EF, thinking of you today.  Keep us posted.

I must be amongst the minority that doesn't relish the thought of a few beers/glasses of wine and copious quantities of food post-marathon!  I did have a beer after last year's and enjoyed it but struggled to do my lunch justice (we met my brother and sister-in-law somewhere on the Jubilee line for a pub lunch - must admit I did think they should have travelled to where we were as I could hardly walk after the race, but they did have my chickenpox-stricken nephew in a buggy to contend with!)  I don't think I ate that much in the evening either but was then ravenous for the next few days.

Must say I am thoroughly enjoying my days with Kit at the moment.  He's such a great little companion and we have been having a lot of fun together.  Yesterday we went to Toys R Us to return a game he'd had for his birthday as he already has it ('Shopping List').  He chose 'Snakes & Ladders' in exchange and another two games which we bought with some of his birthday money.  He is really into board games at the moment and it's great fun playing them with him.  We have several of the Orchard Toys range of children's board games and he absolutely loves them.  He also wants to 'help' with everything.  The groceries delivery always arrives on a Tuesday and he charges back and forth to the kitchen ferrying the lighter items - and now he likes to 'sign' the form as well (obviously I have to sign it too as recipient has to be over 18!) but most of the delivery guys are really good and humour him.  We had lots of story time as well - a few weeks ago we borrowed some books from the library, one of which was a book called "Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Frightful Night".  Kit loved it so much I found a set of Sir Charlie Stinky Socks books on Amazon for £8 and bought it for him and we haven't read anything else since it arrived last Tuesday!  I had never heard of these books before discovering them in the library so am definitely with all those people fighting against cuts in library opening hours.  We've borrowed so many books Kit wouldn't have had access to if it weren't for the library as obviously you can't buy everything (and he hasn't necessarily liked them all equally anyway).

Boo to all the poorly babies and boo to your sister's hen weekend being messed up JohBo, not good!  Hope they are all better soon and no-one else goes down with anything.

Right, tummy is rumbling so best go in search of some lunch I think!

16/03/2011 at 13:58

Minks - Kit sounds like lots of fun right now, that's lovely. Just looked up those books on Amazon and look like the kind of thing that Issie would like so may have to order some too. I've never managed to get any of mine into board games Lily just wasn't that interested and Issie is too busy bouncing off the walls to sit still long enough to do anything like that. Having said that she came home from nursery this week with the most fantastic detailed drawing - it was a picture of "Rapunzel and her mum" and she'd actually drawn all the facial features and given Rapunzel really long hair, they were also surrounded by flowers and grass. She's never done anything like that before as she normally demands that we do drawings for her at home so was such a lovely surprise to see that she's more than capable of being creative on her own.

Caro - how are you feeling now, hip any better after laying off the running this week?

PP - forgot to say before but fab that you'll have your big bro back, 15 years is a very long time to be away. Hope your brothers family get all the support they need once they're back.

Johbo - poor J, these nasty viruses really hit the babies hard. Hope he perks up and his tummy sorts itself out soon.

So I think I'll book a table anyway for dinner evening of the marathon and then we'll just play it by ear and see how he feels on the day - I don't mind too much if we don't go out then as we can always try and get a babysitter for the following week and it's not like it's a "big" birthday, just 38 years young this year .

Just checked one of those websites to see how much we could rent our house out for during the Olympics and they're going for between £3000 - £7000 a week for a similar 4 bedroom house in East London!! Money sounds good but I imagine logistically it would still be a bit of a nightmare as you'd need to clear all your personal stuff out of the entire house - and then we'd need to stay with my mum for 2 weeks which just wouldn't work as she'd probably drive me up the wall by 2 days in! No, I think we'll stay put and try to go to as many of the free events as possible as well as hopefully one day of athletics and hubby is keen to see some cycling and swimming, oh and the gymnastics. I can kind of see now how the cost could mount up quite quickly ... uh oh!

16/03/2011 at 14:17
That's amazing to think we could get between 10 and 14k for our house for 2 wks!! But where would we live? I guess if you lived somewhere like Wimbledon where the opportunity comes around every yr you would gladly do it and escape for 2 wks every yr if you could, as it would get boring yr after yr.

So far we have jotted down canoeing, cycling at the velodrome, mens 10m platform diving, gymnastics, swimming and men's trilathlon. Haven't got as far as the athletics yet, plus there's also the opening and closing ceremonies......eek! The marathon's free, but for the triathlon if you don't pay you'll only see someone whizz by on a bike, and you won't see any of the other bits.

Back feel ok ish. Am sitting here with the frozen sweetcorn again. Just swum another 100 lengths, and have that delightful drowned rat appearance. Pilates was fine last night. It just has a continual dull ache on the RHS which I've never had before, but when I actually press on the SI joint it doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did.

Karen will it just be you and the 2 older girls going to watch your hubby? Possibly you could go and stand somewhere with Ian and Matilda - I know M thought the world of your 2 older girls when she met them. She is such a little try hard, and older kids are just the coolest thing ever.

Yesterday in the park she picked up a stick and ran around waving it shouting 'kill, kill' which was delightful. So when she did it this morning hubby said to her why don't you talk about nice things like flowers or butterflies? Cue shouts of 'kill butterflies, kill butterflies'......
Edited: 16/03/2011 at 14:18
16/03/2011 at 14:31

We paid to see the triathlon in Athens and I would say it was worth it. Seats were above the change over and you could see the swim and bike and run as they came past. Plus huge screens to see the rest. It was good and real buzz! Watched the marathon in Athens too and saw two athletics nights which were AMAZING!! Final night when Kelly won her second gold, fabulous!

Not done any of the cleaning I meant to do, but have done lots of emails and some garden design stuff so thats all good I suppose. Right, pre-school pick up beckons...

16/03/2011 at 14:38

Not had a chance to post for a few days and loads to catch up on, have been reading back and fore. Forgive me for not name checking you all won't you?! Our Easter holidays are start next friday and things always seem to go mad and ultra busy towards the end of term .the kids are needing a break I think.

Can't believe my babies are 3 now! They didn't have the most exciting birthday but they seemed happy! They loved their Mickey cake and pressies. They went to the creche at the sports centre today for the first time and just loved it. I did my track session with my super speedy training partner. Vile day with 30mph winds so it was a toughie. 2m w/u, 3x2000m off 800m recovery and then 2 m c/d. Satisfyingly knackered now.

Thinking of EF.

Some good news from you CM re the HV.

CC - (()) really feel for you at the moment. The uncertainty must be so hard and the thought of re-locating when  you have settled in so well is horrible. As the others have said though if anyone can cope with it you can. Good that you are doing lots of talking and hope you can find a solution which makes you both happy. My hubby is very unhappy in his job at the moment but there is nothing else on the go for him. He doesn't have any qualifications which make finding another job with similar pay near impossible and the thought of losing income is very scary - we barely manage on what we have at the moment.He would love to have his own business but with a large family to support and the present climate I don't think that is a good option for us. Ho hum.

Minks - we are big fans of the orchard games here too.

Speedy session there MM. I am getting a bit stressed lately that I am not getting any faster or even hitting the times for reps that I did a few months ago. Feel heavy legged all the time at the moment. Hoping its lack of sleep rather than bad training. I keep waking at 4am and not really getting much sleep after as I am so worried about sleeping through my alarm at 5.30. Trying to make an effort to go to bed at 10pm. Got my half in 3 weeks and going to take a full week off after it. You guys will have to make me stick to it! IS it Reading this weekend for you?

16/03/2011 at 14:44

Caro - lol at Martha. Great swimming there. You do have a good attitude towards your injury (s)! I know I am such a moaner when I am injured!

After my last marathon I had to put up a 10 man tent and sort out the camp site. Meal and drink sounds like a much better plan.

16/03/2011 at 15:09
MM you'll prob know the answer to this - in the athletics what events are we likely to have good competitors in? I know alot of names, but never remember which events they do, and for all I know they could have retired already!
16/03/2011 at 16:48

Hi ladies - on quickly to give you update from EF as I know many of you on here are thinking of her today. She is unable to post herself at mo as bit of a lack of phone signal where she is on her hollybags!

'Bad news, 1 in 5.  CVS next week. Apparently nothing hugely abnormal just all a bit more or less than they like it to be but it is combining to give a crap result. Thinking positive - 80% chance all is OK'

EF - positive thinking, 80% odds that all is OK are pretty good odds in my book and am crossing everything for you to be in that 80%.

16/03/2011 at 17:08
oh ((EF)) and thanks MR for posting. thinking of you. finger crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed and positive vibes...
16/03/2011 at 19:05

((EF)) like MR says still 80% chance that all is fine and so far it's all just statistics and not concrete results, CVS will give proper picture and hopefully all the worry will have been for nothing.

TT ;0)

16/03/2011 at 19:23

Went out for 5k run straight after work hoping for new post-Cam pb, thanks to long run/kettlebells workout/single leg squats/13lb weightloss I have been getting faster every week. Took me over 36mins to run 5k at start of January and last week I did it in 30min24sec. So wanted to get better time again this week and secretly hoped for under 30mins. Did it in 29min 59sec , was so happy I jumped up punching the air and shouting YES, then realised there were 3 dog walkers crossing the road behind me .

But I don't care, totally convinced now that I can easily get under 25mins for 5k once lose this last bit of weight. Haven't even started doing any speed work yet, long run up to 18km this weekend and waiting til long run at 22km before start introducing interval run on Wed run. Just loving running just now, so looking forward to races this year (running women's 10k and EMF half marathon in May and GScottishR half marathon and my local 10k in Sept) and doing my 1st marathon next year.

Was a gorgeous night here too, cold but sunny and with a beautiful big orange sunset during my run, makes such a difference to your run. Was so excited at getting out for a run in sunshine.

TT ;0)

Camlo    pirate
16/03/2011 at 19:39

Thinking of you EF- hope the tests are done quickly and you get the all clear, a truely awful position to be in xx

TT- fab run, sooo nice to hit a target.

16/03/2011 at 20:00
That's great TT!

More fingers crossed here EF, combined with that and hubby's job interview and my back I'm running out of fingers!
16/03/2011 at 20:03
EF - thinking of you too, and hope the next few weeks of waiting go by as quickly as possible.

I've never done a marathon, but went out after both the half ironman races I've done without any problem! Probably wouldn't have wanted a late night, or a posh restaurant, but would have thought some nice pub grub would be ideal in that situation.

CC - I really feel for you, and hope you can find something that works for you all. We moved varios times when my brother and I were growing up, and I don't think it really caused too many problems, so I wouldn't worry too much about J. We were supposed to move to Zaire (as it was then) when I was about 6 or 7 and I remember just being really excited about it and not at all worried about leaving friends etc - I think that comes later. Having said that, we then moved to west africa when I was 11 and then the states when I was 13, and I don't remember being too worried about that either. I think I'd find the idea of moving now much more traumatic! Has your hubby really seriously considered what training to be a physio would mean? I would definitely suggest he have a good look into the courses and what they entail, because there's quite a lot of hospital based training that I think would be quite hard for someone who's older and used to being good at their job. I don't know if that really makes sense, but most trainee physics will be in their early 20's, and even the senior physics who are doing the clinical training will be in their early 30's, and I think it's quite hard to go from doing something you're good at, to being a trainee, when you're older. I am amazed by the people who come into medicine later on in their careers having been successful elsewhere - I just couldn't start now, knowing what I know about my job!

Lotte - glad the boys had a good birthday. We have a 'fun' party on Sunday - 20 adults and 15 children in the house! Isabelle was very excited about it and thrilled with here cake so it was all worthwhile, and then we had a quieter day yesterday and my parents and I took her to the zoo. Pics on facebook for anyone interested! Your Mickey cake was great - very clever to not end up having to make 2 entirely different cakes!

Caro - for that sort of money couldn't you stay with friends for the duration and split the income?!! I think I could handle a bit of inconvenience if I could make that sort of rental income for a few weeks! Ww haven't looked at the tickets yet but must get on with it. The issue for us is getting time of work, but I suppose we just have to sign up and then sort it nearer the time. I know hubby would like to see some of the velodrome stuff.

Right, can't remember anything else. Going to have some food then pop back later!
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