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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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02/12/2010 at 08:06

Still snowing here!

Schools closed again today and Nat's maths prelim is cancelled tomorrow. I was supposed to have two minded kids today but they've just called off as whole family loaded with cold. Two of the other kids are at home with Mum, whose a teacher and both their granparents as they came for Sunday dinner and haven't been able to get out of street since and other minded child and his Dad have gone to stay with his grandparets for the week as they live in Glasgow city centre and they've only had a couple of inches of snow there.

I hate slippers and don't normally wear them, however I borrowed a pair of Nat's yesterday as my feet were cold (we have wooden floors everywhere and downstairs has concrete floor under it so can get really cold, upstairs is always cosy cos of the heating pipes running under floor and wooden floors are also laid on top of carpets) and lo and behold I managed to throw myself and a washing basket full of clothes down the stairs. So now I've got a very sore elbow that I battered off the bannister and a sore back from landing on my bum and jarring it. I HATE SLIPPERS!!!!

I got off lightly though as my running buddy did the same thing 11 years ago (just before millenium new year celebrations) and broke her tail bone and her hubby found her unconscious on the stairs.

TT ;0)

02/12/2010 at 09:15

TT - ouch! Take it easy today after your fall. I'm a slipper hater too, think mine goes back to when I was little and my mum was obsessed with making us put our slippers on all the time. Particularly remember an exceptionally ugly pair of slippers that I was forced to wear which seems to have put me off them for life .... Of course I still try and insist my kids wear slippers but I'm not so militant about it if they don't want to, so long as they have socks on I let them be.

Vixo - fingers crossed you can still make your big night out at the weekend.

JT - great shepherd picture - aaahhh! Lily has never been in a nativity play which I'm quite sad about as I was an angel every year throughout infant school (have lots of pictures of me in white sheets with silver tinsel round my head). Because Lily's is a huge multi-cultural school they don't tend to focus too much on the actual birth story itself but they do put on a Christmas show with lots of singing and dancing loosely connected to Xmas. Although now she's in the juniors they don't even do that , my baby is growing up so quickly.

Lots of snow with us this morning so I slipped my way to the train station this morning and luckily all trains on our line still running fine so got into work with no problems. Don't understand how some of you ladies can run in the snow when I'm slipping and sliding just walking in it - is there a knack to it that I don't know about? Not sure what I'm going to do at the weekend if I can't run outside ...

Sonya - ouch again but good to get an idea of when you can finally get things sorted out down there.

Almost forgot to mention our big news which was that Anna slept through the night last night, 7pm to 7am . First time in months. Am hoping this is the start of her getting back into a normal sleeping through the night pattern. Fingers crossed ...

Stay warm today everyone!

02/12/2010 at 09:19
RB - scary to think about breaking down - glad you got your car started again.

Lotte - hope you are all better now and have organised transport.

Play school cancelled here today - what a pain. Am going to venture out with the pram in a bit anyway otherwise we will get cabin fever!

Karen - hope your aren't bruised! I ran yesterday although it probably looked like I was mincing as I didn't want to slide over on the pavements! Fortunately once I hit the path to the canal and the tow path it was all fine.

I am meant to be having my first night away without the kids since I had Martha tomorrow, I will be cursing if I have to cancel!!!
02/12/2010 at 10:11

The key to running in the snow Karen is short strides so your feet stay right under your body all the time. Plus decent soles of course. Luckily my normal running shoes have hard pimply soles which work a treat.

LB still hates hand driers too Minks. Although they are very efficient, those Dyson Blade ones make a really horrible noise and it's hard to coax LB into the toilets anywhere that has them (eg. Horniman Museum). Thank goodness for places with separate nappy changing toilets (even tho' he doesn't wear them any more!). Any snow your way yet?

Where in London are you JohBo? You picked a great week to come!

Fingers crossed for your night out Kinsey. Same to you Vixo and well done for getting in to work. I have such an unimportant job that nobody would notice if I didn't go in, but doctors are essential! When I had a slightly more important job (running a community transport service), I used to delight in cycling the 10 miles to work and back in the snow as an example to staff who might have been tempted to use the snow as an excuse for not getting in. What a meany I was!

Hope you enjoy your time off Camlo and get to Bath OK.

Nice shepherd JT. I still remember playing Joseph myself at primary school and telling my Mum somewhat erroneously that I was playing Jesus. 

I love slippers Tangy. Apart from anything else, our silly kitchen floor is tiled so slippery socks would be a hazard with the way LB sprints around the house. Ouch to the fall. It's really annoying when you take a tumble like that isn't it?

Yet more snow here in South London but amazingly the nursery is open and I was able to BJ down there and back no probs.Very few kids there so I guess lots of people are "working from home" today (ie. sledging and snowballs).

02/12/2010 at 10:49
I am waiting for my slippers which I ordered ages ago - our house is freezing and I just thought it would be nice to have warm feet!
02/12/2010 at 11:07

I love slippers. We have hard floors downstairs so it gets very cold. I actually slipped down the stairs while pregnant just in my socks, so I prefer to have slippers on my feet. Boys 'think' they like their slippers, but always take them off after 10 mins!! Then complain they're feet are cold!!

Was supposed to have girls (Sophie's wee friends and Mums) here today for lunch, but they have all bailed except two and am waiting for them to call to cancel too. We have only 5cm of snow!!! Schools and pre-school open thank goodness, I would be so annoyed if they weren't given my SIL has 1 metre of snow in Newcastle and all their schools are open!!! Pre-school did they say they may close early as the hall is a bit chilly. WHAT!!! Kids will be fine, just get on with it. GRRR!!!

Anyway, hoping to still make it to club later. Will run there and run home if nothing else!! I run in snow Karen. As RB says short strides, run on whole foot low to ground and wear off road shoes if very snowy and run off road if you can. Obviously can't if dark though!! I have found a Life fitness dreadmill on ebay in Bristol. Very tempted as it does start to wear me down this weather and lack of decent runs and speed work becomes an issue. Life fitness are the only ones we could buy as they go up to 13mph which hubbie would need for his speed sessions.

Right time to do a bit of work as madam asleep this morning. Two friends just texted to say they def coming so thats something at least!!

02/12/2010 at 11:31

Can anybody recommend a warm ladies running jacket for this kind of snowy weather. Up until now I've been wearing a thick base layer with my light windproof jacket on top but worried that might not be enough now. What do other people wear out running when it's sooooo cold? As you might have guessed, after calling you all mad I am seriously considering a little trot out in the white stuff myself this weekend .... so I take it all back, you're not mad at all!

Have a nice lunch MM.

02/12/2010 at 11:35
Officially fed up here of the snow and its still bloody coming down ... my work is shut for the 4th day in a row (Heriot-Watt University) as its a out of town campus university which sold its snowplough in October 2009 due to lack of use! Library and study space open today as we are starting to have a paddy about the exams which are due to start on Monday. Can already sense a deluge of student appeals from cancelled revision classes and library closed - silly really as everyone is equally disadvantaged and we have said we will take it into account!

Megan's nursery opening 9-4 although its really 9-3.30 as when went for her yesterday at 3.35 every kid had coat and wellies on ready to go! Been taking her up and down on her sledge - although she did walk most of the way today as daddy wasn't pulling the sledge fast enough for her liking!

Went for a run yesterday as had cabin fever! Knew if could get up to the Meadows (park space around 1.5 miles from me) there would be wee compacted path for running. And there was - but boyo getting there was a nightmare. Its actually better to go the quieter streets as they haven't been cleared at all and the compacted snow (and in places virginal snow) is easier to run on. Was blizzard as did couple of laps round the Meadows but glorious sunshine as headed back, very invigorating tho! Slowest 10K ever mind - 1h3mins! Trying to debate whether to go outdoors again today or head to the gym later on - think might take the gym option as can feel hammie twinging a bit after all the uneven surfaces yesterday, plus can do some weights and have a swim too.

JT - what a cute shepherd, bet you were v proud mum!

CM - yes, get the heating on! Am sure there are studies to prove its more cost effective to keep heating on low for longer than to switch it off and on as needed anyway. Heating here has been on pretty much all day since the weekend, off at night though.

Kinsey and Vixo - hope snow doesn't scupper your child-free plans.

Caro - hope antibs going ok.

Karen - definitely more difficult to walk in snow than run. I ventured 200 yards to local shop in Tuesday and the number of comedy slips and stumbles was in double figures. Sometimes a sure foot and a bit of speed is a good thing!

02/12/2010 at 11:48

Karen I'd just stick with the windproof jacket and put more layers on underneath. You'll generate enough heat inside and the windproof jacket will stop it escaping!

MR Good point about running being easier than walking in this weather. However, as you say, it does seem to be making the hamstrings work harder.

02/12/2010 at 11:52

R_B, more snow our way last night!  The snow itself was very fine and dry and there was just a covering over everything when we went to bed last night, but when I went out to the car this morning it was deeper than it looked.  Am completely inexperienced at driving in snow - when I dropped hubby off and went to park near the station all the side streets were thick with snow and I felt the wheels go a couple of times; quite scary but managed to keep my wits about me and parked OK.  Just hope we don't get any more during the day as will be dark by the time I return to the car and perhaps icy too.  Main routes are OK so the majority of the journey should be fine (she says hopefully ...)

I have found running in snow fine, especially when it's been a bit compacted.  Last year the worst time was when it all turned to slush - on several occasions I put my foot on a pile of what I thought was slushy snow only to find it was a thin layer of slush on top of a freezing cold puddle   As others have said, shorten your stride and keep your body weight over your feet so if you start to slip you should be able to maintain an upright position!  Ice is a different matter though.  I thought I was going to have to can last night's run as when I turned into the first section of my run the pavement was really icy, but I persevered and once past that street (always freezing as the wind howls down it) it was fine and mostly ice-free.  Karen, when it's this cold I wear a thin microfleece top between my base layer and my running jacket, which I find makes all the difference.  I usually end up a bit too hot but better that than freezing cold, especially at the start of a run.  And I always wear a hat and gloves.

What do you girls (not sure about you, R_B!) use on your face if you're running in really low temperatures like this?  I don't mind being out there in it but I don't want to hasten the appearance of lines and wrinkles by not protecting my skin from the cold.  I always used Clinique Weather Everything, an environmental face cream, but they don't seem to do it any more.  I need something I can slather over my face before a run that will protect from these harsh conditions.  Tried Vaseline once but just made me look like I had a really, really greasy face!!

I LOVE my slippers!  Like MM, I slipped downstairs in our old house when coming down in socks (wasn't pregnant at the time though!) so always prefer to have my slippers on.  Our kitchen floor is also tiled and slippery (and cold to stand on!) so slippers are a must.  Kit generally wears his which is good as I do worry about him going flying on the kitchen floor otherwise.  Bathroom floor also tiled and v. cold - I even put my slippers on if I get up to go to the loo in the night!

02/12/2010 at 11:54
Karen - I was fine with a long sleeve and my windproof top yesterday. I remembered to stick a hat on too and that helped a lot!

RB - I must have been running funny as I have got aches in my calves which is unusual!
02/12/2010 at 12:24

gore top

Karen I have one of these which I love, it is so warm.  It has thumbs holes so your hands stay warm, plus I wear a hat and gloves, and normally a fleecy gilet thing on top plus thin running jacket.  I've had it a few yrs and it is the most money I've ever spent on running clothes (think was about £65) apart from shoes but so worth it.

Nursery open this morning, then had phone call soon as I got home to say they prob will be closing early but not sure when, so keep an eye on their website throughout the day!  I managed to drive to work fine, took no longer as far fewer cars on rd but everyone driving slowly.  Hubby's driven to cambridge this morning, for a meeting this afternoon so hope he can get back.  It's his b day today and he asked for....SLIPPERS!  his 1st pair since childhood.  I guess even he has to admit that when our kitchen is 13C it is a bit chilly on the tiles.

Work pretty quiet, hope it stays that way all wk end as I'm working.

Hope you're feeling better now Lotte, and all other poorlies.

02/12/2010 at 12:39
Minks - maybe just a slather of aqueous cream rather as Vaseline? Think we had a similar discussion last winter and some of the Neutrogena face creams were suggested by a few on here. Thats all the push I need to go to gym tonight - wrinkles and crows feet bad enough without making them worse in this weather!
02/12/2010 at 13:10

I just stick with my usual moisturiser and stick my lower face in my buff! I've spent so much of my life outside that I think I've done all the damage already. Definitely more wrinkles and laughter lines now though and had the shock of my life the other day, somehow I caught a reflection of myself bent over (a sink or something) and my face looked all saggy!!!

Ditto the others on layering - much better than one thick layer as you can vary it if necessary, especially if on a long run. The other night I had two thin thermals on, followed by a micro-fleece and my windresistant gillet - it was -7 but I got too hot as there was no wind!!!

Totally fed up with this all now. Joshua home today re the pipes as you know - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - he's driving me nuts, off to get Scarlett back in a minute. Gatwick closed so our friends not arriving today but suspect weekend will be binned.  Didn't get out for run this morning - slept through my alarm somehow but I guess that means I needed the sleep.  So when hubby returns tonight (hopefully with my repaired car) I should get out then although prob won't bother with club, just do an out and back from here.  Defrosting car will be too much bother.

TT/MR/EF - I so hope you get some relief from it all down there. Is actually a bit warmer today -3 now and hasn't snowed so we seem to be escaping it. 

Vixo and kinsey - I really hope you make it to your socials, that will be a total b***er; and you Camlo to Bristol.

Right, need to go and retrieve stroppy, grumpy son from bedroom where he is sulking!

02/12/2010 at 13:48

CC, hope stroppy, grumpy son is less so now!  Kit seems to have got past the awful phase he went through where he was just stropping all the time - am sure now, looking back, that it was directly related to our house move.  I don't think I appreciated enough at the time how disruptive it was for him.  He had a couple of borderline 'moments' earlier in the week, but I'm sure it's because we have noise and chaos in the house with the work taking place and all his 'downstairs' toys are packed away while the lounge is being decorated.  On balance, he's remarkably tolerant!

Well, have discovered that the Clinique cream I mentioned, Weather Everything (now discontinued), was replaced by something called Comfort on Call, so will ask for that for Christmas from the in-laws who've been pestering me about Christmas ideas for weeks!  I can do without accelerating the ageing process!

02/12/2010 at 14:05

Ditto the fleece jacket or jumper over usual running top, they are excellent at keeping you warm, usually too warm mind. A beanie hat or ear warmer band under my skip cap and gloves are a must. When doing a long run it all usually ends up tied round my waist and dangling from my wrists about 30 minutes in but helps keep my bum warm then .

Dug out my side of the driveway this morning so might be able to get my car into the street as it's parked out on the main road with most of the other cars from the neighbourhood. Worry about my wee car out there alone LOL! Now have a 6 foot high pile of snow at side of driveway and i probably won't be able to move by this evening.

TT ;0)

02/12/2010 at 14:50

That was an optical illusion CC. You do NOT have a saggy face. You look fab.

Minks I'll have you know that I used to moisturise my face when I was a teenager, long before male grooming was invented. Shame I gave up eh?

I had a nice 8 mile snowy run at lunchtime (wearing Goretex jacket and trousers layered with Helly etc underneath, plus balaclava). Very warm and snug.I'll have to add hip flexors to the list of sore bits now but,on reflection I think the sore hip flexors and hamstrings are more to do with having been running around with LB in heavy walking boots in deep snow than with running in it.

02/12/2010 at 16:36
EF - snowy notoriety for Buckstone and Morningside on the BBC website
02/12/2010 at 16:37
Excellent quote in this article as well

An Edinburgh City Council spokeswoman said: "We have 12 mini-tractors. They have a blade on the front to clear snow and a thing on the back spitting out salt.

A 'thing' spitting out salt - WTH?
02/12/2010 at 17:02
How exciting - if y'all follow the link you'll see a pic of my estate!!
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