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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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18/01/2011 at 14:09

My Emily's class at school makes me laugh. There is a Milly, a Molly, an Ellie and an Ollie.

Up here there are lots of Norse type names such as Magnus and Erland and a common girls name is Vaila.

18/01/2011 at 14:13

gosh, lotte - that seems incredibly harsh. why do they DQ you for touching your goggles? what are you supposed to do? bless her though for taking it so well.

glad you have eased off a bit if you are still under the weather - although i wouldn't manage an 8.52 8 miler at the moment. i am really struggling again...

18/01/2011 at 14:19
Feeling a bit sad today because BIL has just accepted a new job which will see them move down to Dunoon. They just live a mile along the road at the moment and I look after my nephews quite a bit, one is the same age as the twins and the other a year younger and they all get on so well together. I feel sad that they won't now be growing up together. It was nice for them having the cousins so near as all the other cousins live 'south' too and it was nice to see the close relationship between them and I loved being a hands on Aunty too instead of a long distance one.
18/01/2011 at 14:27

CM - apprently it is to do with the stoke. The stroke has to be perfect and has a prescribed arm movement and she broke it so thats that. I know how harsh  it is in swimming as we swam competitively as kids but I have heard parents going mad on the poolside after finding out their little darling has been DQd! The annoying thing was that she had borrowed Emily's goggles because her ones were leaking and I hadn't got around to buying her a new pair yet so she hadn't tried and tested them off the blocks.

Check me out -  post-tastic today! Better get on with something useful! 

18/01/2011 at 15:08
Milla's mother is south african so I don't think it's short for Lyudmilla!

Result of Dr: 5 day course of different antibiotics, 1 month supply of an antihistamine incase it is allergy related due to my job, a low peak flow (it was about 343 and it's supposed to be 440 or something) so that will be checked again in a month. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning and have a chest x-ray and bloods, including ferritin. Then we shall see.......

Pre school pick up, off I go.
18/01/2011 at 16:15

hellooo there, I am still alive, just been a bit busy and not got on here - must be a change as I dread to think how many postings I've put on here over the last four years...

MM (and the rest of you who replied), thank you so much for your thoughts and information about that blasted MMR. Had an appt at the docs today and chatted to her about it and have pretty much decided to go with it and leave as it. The drug was stored exactly as it should have been so in theory ... feel better for talking to her about it and was good to meet one of my locals docs seeing as we haven't set foot in there since registering back in September (I count that as a good thing!!). Got my blasted smear done as well so ticks in all the boxes!!

Have been skim-reading  a bit so will probably miss stuff but will give it a whirl anyway.

JT - re the group, I'd go for  a well-lit parking area, loos would be a bonus, but with good pavement options (even if there is a hill). Like I think CM says, once you get kicked off you can always arrange the odd other location.  My club has a Facebook page and announces stuff on there - although appreciate with a womens running group you might not want to do that, but basically word always gets around if there is a change of venue.  Such a great idea.

Some good running going on out there too - well done on the 10-miler mummy cat, enjoy your running comeback. Still big patches of ice up here in areas where the sun doesn't quite reach but generally everything is pretty runable at the moment - bound to snow again now isn't it!!

MM - sorry to hear your boys are still poorly, not surprised you are hacked off with it now, and poor sophie being all wheezy again isn't good either. Defo trip back to the docs.

Caro - glad you are getting some progress on the chest thing. Interesting about the peak flow thing - mine was 350 when I went to docs back in march with a chest thing. chest was clear but I didn't think that was a particularly good result for someone in the midst of their marathon training!!!  Keep thinking i ought to follow it up but have never got around to it!

18/01/2011 at 16:28

RB - it did make me chuckle reading your post about littleb and the school - you sounded just soooo excited, it made me smile.  Great that you have got him going somewhere you feel good about and he clearly enjoys.  Can quite see why you wanted to follow that route, especially when as you say, you have a pretty low-key lifestyle and can sustain it.  It's certainly cheaper than the private options available down in Farnham.  At the moment SCarlett is in a fabulous private nursery/pre-school with small groups and she absolutely thrives in it. They do loads of creative stuff plus a bit of german and french each week along with dancing.  It is also ridiculously good value, plus they have a p1 and p2 class as well for those that want to keep the continuity going.  Joshua's school up in Forres is fab (I think both schools up there are good).  But who knows what the overall impact will be on things when the Kinloss base closes, as the population shrinks with it and people move away. Hmmm, lets not worry about that yet  - we might not even be here at the end of the year!!

We didn't get the hamster but it will happen soon. Joshua is absolutely desperate for a pet, and I really don't want a dog or a cat as it would be me looking after it and I can barely manage two kids, let alone animals and we are away often too.  So, a hamster was the decision - basically I figured it had a fairly short life-span, will bear in the mind the comments about them getting a bit nippy though - although if it puts him off having another pet then that's fine!!!  I grew up with a string of cats - 1. Satan (was saturn but name rapidly changed!), 2. Ginger-pudding, 3. Claudius, 4. Cleopatra and also a lab/collie cross called Max.  Loved them but just don't want to be tied to them.

There was a kid in the docs surgery today called Leyland!!! Well that's what it sounded like. Lots of Erin, Nieve (sp), Robbie, Eran, Bruce and Cameron, I do know a Magnus as well!

18/01/2011 at 16:34

I went out with the local mountaineering club on Sunday, which was  a good laugh, despite the weather stopping us doing anything particularly demanding. They send a coach out every month which starts in Elgin and picks up from Forres, Nairn and Inverness before heading out somewhere no more than 2 hours from Elgin which gives great scope for mountaineering in big mountains as the choice is pretty good from here. Anyway this week was the Cairngorms but the wind had better ideas - gusting at 100mph pretty much wherever you were stood put pay to getting onto the tops. But was good to get out in the winter stuff again> gave my ice axe an airing as i used it to stop me being blown away on many occasions> The wind was whipping blocks of snow up and flinging them around as well as blasting us too.  Was hard graft walking on the stuff too as top was a frozen crust and you kept sinking into stuff up to your thighs at times!! So no running but the five miles was a serious work-out none-the-less.

Did 5 miles yesterday on the dreadmill doing a hills session and then did another 4 outside this morning using one of the club hill circuits. Hubby flying home tonight but flight not landing until 5.30 and club starts at 6.30 ... I'm sure he can do Inverness to Findhorn in 40 mins but would rather he didn't try!!

Who was asking about dreadmills? I usually put it on an incline of 1 for any kind of workout apart from hills obviously.  Just to try and replicate some of the resistance you get from running outside.

Tatty - good running from you too. I definitately notice fluctuations in my running related to hormones.  Right, I really ought to get off here now and stop waffling - what happens when I don't post for a few days, I make up for it!!

18/01/2011 at 16:35
lotte - well done on a PROPER rest day!  boo to BIL moving away though
18/01/2011 at 17:47
Lotte - thats such a shame about your BIL moving - wish we had more friends/family close by like that.

CC - how about goldfish? We managed to kill off a couple of those and then moved on to hamsters after (when we were kids!). We also had a dog, he lasted about 12 years and by that point we had two more. I definitely wouldn't want to be tied to dog care yet!! Plus I'm a bit allergic now so will probably steer clear for as long as possible from any hairy mammals!
18/01/2011 at 17:52
Not a good day regarding potty training - Martha is really tired and had a nap for the first time in days but she has so far had 3 accidents although she did a poo in a nappy. Will see how she is tomorrow. We seem to be getting further away from success rather than closer at the moment!
18/01/2011 at 18:03

Cats are pretty easy to be fair. Our neighbour just comes in to feed them when we go away. They come and go as they please, but we do shut them in the kitchen/utility at night with access of course to outside. I would say they are pretty non hassle animals, especially as most of the time they got ignored poor loves ...

Keep at it Kinsey, it will click. Only other thing you can do is stop again and try in 3 months time. I do feel lucky as my two just did it. It was me that wasn't ready!!

Shame about BIL Lotte .. But yeah to proper rest day, you ought to be having one of them EVERY week love!!

Getting myself geared up for club session. Always hate this time when I just wonder if I've got enough energy. Long hills tonight after 4 miles this morning, and then I have 10 miles to run tomorrow at 6am. I do wonder why I put myself through it sometimes???

18/01/2011 at 18:29

I have thought about a cat mm for that reason that they are self-sufficient to a point, but hubby really loathes them for some reason.  That info from your friend was really helpful so am very appreciative of it.  Hope you survive the hills - I am sure you will. I am trying to psyche myself to get out of bed tmrw am but seeing as we all overslept until 7.45 this morning (yikes that's what happens when hubby is away!) I am not holding my breathe!

Kinsey - I am sure it will come. Even Scarlett, who was fabulously easy to train, had a couple of total relapses. Joshua was something of a challenge but we got there in the end.

LOL at hubby. He landed and his car had a flat battery - something of a prob at the moment. So he rang me in a fair strop, wondering what to do ..... erm .... he's got the jump leads in the boot and roadside assistance - seemed to think I might come and rescue him, why???

18/01/2011 at 20:54

Kinsey -good advice from MM, it will click eventually and if it's too stressful leave it for a bit.Tom has been dry day and night for ages but this week we've had a wet bed and a wet fart!

Lotte- it must be hard living away from family, sure  they will  visit you often. 

Caro- hope the xray confirms everything OK. Peak flows are quite important so do go back and get it checked. 

CC- Ice picks, wind, thigh high snow.... mad.

MM -no wonder you are tired with your schedule- your results though make it worthwhile though- get out there!!!!

RB- having experienced private school and then a local comp I can say hand on heart the expense is worth every penny. With falling standards I'm sure the boost you give him with help enormously in life. Just wish I could afford it. . Thought perhaps I could phone our local private school and offer to help/ work for reduced fees??? 

I overslept this morning too- didn't wake until 8 but still got Tom to school for 8.30, Archie to Nursery for 8.45 and scraped into work for 9. Told hubby because he didn't wake me or make Tom's sandwiches the 10 minutes I was late meant I could not go to his bank aswell as mine at lunchtime so I paid his £500 cheque into my account along with my own (off his parents) 

Great news on MY treadie- after being tempted by ebay but not actually buying,  I've actually been offered one for free!!!!!  Has automatic incline and is a York so guessing it is pretty spot on!!!!! Result

Right 6 mins before silent witness........ shower needed after a 5 mile (with hills). 

18/01/2011 at 22:27

CC - do you have your new little fluffy addition to the family yet?

Regarding names - never went for the obvious 'Hammy', instead had 'Monster', 'Milo' and 'Minx'.  Ooh, now we have 'Max' - wonder if that was just destined to be the next hamster name??  (actually, our good friends have a hamster called 'Max' - we told them we named him after their hamster ).

Can't believe the speed some of you run.....  Did our long run yesterday morning - was supposed to be 10 but turned out to be 10.8 - took about 2 hours with a few stops along the way.  Felt good at the end so am hopeful I should be able to do a reasonable half in Feb (will be a PPPB anyway whatever time I do!).

18/01/2011 at 22:29
Sorry, computer v iphone conflicts...........
19/01/2011 at 08:09

Haha TT. TWish my employer had an Iphone- perhaps it would process wages over and over....

JT- I think toilets are essential, especially if people have to travel at all to your meet. Guess if you ask for a token membership or participation fee it would cover the cost of the loo rent for 10 mins? 

I am jammy and also a little smug as the one I wanted off ebay had reserve of £200.... not that it's got there yet so she may be feeling pretty sick for turning down my offer of £190 to end the auction early. 

19/01/2011 at 08:20
Morning all,

Hope the run was good last night MM, bet you got your mojo once you were out there.
I managed a 5 miler at a fast pace last night and felt really good (not going to say the pace as its slower than a lot of you do your easy runs!). I'm not sure if I run better when have AF or if its just that I feel so crappy in the days prior to it.

Agree with you on cats, self sufficient, maybe your hubby would like one if you just got it CC! One of our cats brings in dead/half dead animals that my crawling baby finds fascinating Maggie already supplements her diet with cat biscuits, she actually pulled Sushi backwards away from his bowl so she could get at them (and this is the baby who refused to eat my lovely risotto yesterday!).

I had gerbils when I was little, they were great fun, much better than hamsters. Unfortunately had a male and female, so my entire year at school ended up with my gerbils off spring and we had several cages full of them!

Lotte- sad about your BIL and family, my geography is bad, is that a long way? I guess compared to being a min down the road anywhere is. I never realised swimming had so many rules and ways to get dq'ed!

RB- school sounds fantastic, and you sound soo pleased! I was thinking gosh, thats expensive, until one of you pointed out how much nursery costs anyway! My cousin went to Eton, wonder how much that was per term....
And small world CM, RB!

JT- I agree with others on well lit being v. important, especially at this time of year and when everyone doesn't know each other yet. You don't want to lose someone.

Karen- thanks for triathlon tips, I will force hubby to enter one, he goes on and on about how he wants to race again and start training, then does nothing about it, even when I say he can go to gym/for swim after work. Your hubby must be v. fast runner! I would hate it if mine wanted to do a marathon in case he was better than me

Right, time for Maggie's breakfast, she is happily chewing up heat magazine at the mo..
19/01/2011 at 10:41

Sonya - well its a 14 hour boat trip to Aberdeen (or a 1 hour flight) and then a 200 mile drive. Dunoon is on a peninsula just across from Glasgow. The most prohibitive thing is the the cost of travelling to and from here. You won't get any change for a family of 4 for a return trip from £500 whether you fly or sail. So the reality is we are lucky to see relations that live on Mainland UK once or twice a year.

Didn't run this morning (I usually do a short run and then my track session at night on a Wed) aren't I being good! Except now it doesn't look like I can get a babysitter tonight so not sure if I will make my track session. Might just go up and use the track myself this afternoon.

CC - your mountaineering expedition sounds adventurous! 

MM - hope you had a good club session and got your 10 done this morning. That's quite a tough couple of days running but you love it really!

JT - when I was watching the swimming I couldn't believe how much the breatstroke has changed. The way they come right up out of the water and then sort of dive under. I think I swim it in the old fashioned way like you!

19/01/2011 at 11:53
Lots to catch up on, having been super busy!

Great decision on the school, RB, you sound delighted. I would love to give J that kind of opportunity when the time comes, but will have to see what's around, as I have no idea where we'll be by then.

Lotte, sorry to hear about your in laws. 14 hours! Wow, I hadn't realised it was that far

JT, I agree that well lit is the best option, that would make or break it for me.

CM, your hubby sounds so sly. Are you sure he's not secretly going for residency himself?

Kinsey, sorry I have no idea re: potty training, hopefully if you keep at it, M will suddenly click.

Thanks for all the advice re:nursery and sleeping. Nursery is slowly getting better (only cried for 15/30mins yesterday. I think one of the workers smelt of alcohol yesterday though (and smoke). I doubt my olfactory senses at times like these (although normally very acute), but if I smell it today I'm going straight to the manager and I think that willbe that. I'll have to go for the other English-speaking one which takes them from 1 yr.

Knees and hips playing up

Sleeping is much better!!! Got harsh for a night on Sun and last night we had 2am (settled himself), feed at 4, into our bed at 6:40 and slept to 8:20!! I'm almost human again
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