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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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24/01/2011 at 09:39
Ha Lotte, I'm a bit jealous of having a wee tipsy night. Wouldn't mind having one of those myself once I've stopped BF'ing little one! Not so sure I could handle the morning after right enough. How did you manage to cover 10 miles before 7.15am? I need to learn to do that for when my husband flies off at that time.
Minks - sorry to hear about your uncle. My sister survived breast cancer a few years ago. The family turmoil is horrible to experience, but in a way brings everyone closer together too.

Made it out for a 12 mile run on Saturday and then ran the postponed 5k Glasgow Santa Dash yesterday. It was great fun, and ran at friends' pace rather than my own which meant I got the chance to have a chat and a run. I usually run myself so it was a nice change.
My husband brought the kids to cheer me along which was nice. Not sure what they thought about seeing a sea of Santas in January though!

This is my last week of mileage buildup before starting the RW marathon training plan. Not sure how I'll get on with it, but worth a try.

24/01/2011 at 12:57

have seriously skim-read so apologies for all that I miss. B&B services from Thursday through to last night meant I didn't get much time to read on here, and now there are pages!!!

Angelicats - what fabulous exciting news.    Hopefully it will help hubby and his ME too. I'm excited for you just thinking about it!! I did a little bit of traveling pre-children but it was in sporadic bursts - more like extended holidays - rather than 'taking the year out'. There are loads of places hubby and I wan't to go if we get the chance later on in life ...

Lotte - that sounds like a fabulous night - LOL at the gravity defying you!!! And top points to hubby for taking charge the following morning.  It's great when an impromptu night turns into something even better.

Great running goin on as ever - JT, sounds like you have a nice group going there. Look after the niggles though - core stability!!!

Minks - that's sad news for you all. Cancer is such a horror. We lost my granny to stomach cancer - sadly I was away in Africa when it happened. She'd gone in for some tests and didn't come out again. Turns out she knew she had it but didn't tell a single member of the family!!!

Had a brilliant night on Friday. Was the usual stress trying to get ready whilst getting the kids sorted for the babysitter. Lots of hopping around with makeup in one hand whilst bellowing - 'get your pyjamas on' and hubby saying 'we need to go'!!  But worth all the stress. Food was devine - salmon, haggis, beef (all of which just melted in the mouth), cranachan, shortbread - all washed down by vast amounts of wine and whisky!!!  Local whisky - I am not usually a fan but this just slipped down so so very easily!  Much enjoyed the rituals of stabbing the haggis (i'm sure there is a proper term for it but that's what it looked like!). Thankfully the guy sitting next to me gave me a translation of 'Tam o Shanter' as I couldn't understand a word the reciter was saying but he captured the mood brilliantly with candlelight and much acting.    Was all rather sad though as it's the last Burns Night to be held at the base as it will begin shutdown mode in July.  Managed to hop my way around a couple of gay gordons but had to give stip the willow a miss.  Finally home about 2am and in bed by 3am.  By some complete miracle the kids didn't wake up until 8am so a small lie-in.  We were all decidedly the worse for wear come Saturday afternoon though ... Steve's dad and sister loved the whole 'scottish experience' though.

Totally bizarrely, after hobbling around for 3 days, my ankle seems absolutely fine this morning ... took myself to the gym and did an easy 4 on the dreadmill and it was fine. A couple of niggles but you'd never know I could hardly walk on it Friday and Saturday as it hurt so much.  Think weak quads are contributing to the twisting though as I did the exercises this morning, that I have neglected for some time, and my quads are in bits - particularly the left one which is the ankle that keeps going. Also suspect the weakness is linked to hormonal shifts as well. Clearly I am a freak!!! Am off to the osteopath this week hopefully though, who also does sports massage.  So missed two sessions last week but hopefully can get back on track again this week ... hopefully not famous last words!

Edited: 24/01/2011 at 12:58
24/01/2011 at 13:00
slight overuse of the word 'hopeful' in that posting - sorry!
24/01/2011 at 15:18

I love the image of drunken Lotte on the floor! I'm only surprised that you didn't just go straight out for a 15 mile run, instead of going to bed. After all, that's what you normally do at 0530 isn't it?

Your Burns' night sounded fab CC. Our get well vibes for your ankle seem to have worked!

BTW Caro, when people talk of "catchment areas" for schools they are usually referring to the distance of the furthest away pupil who was accepted at the last intake, so Redbridge is the same as Greenwich. There isn't a fixed catchment area. If you ask the council they will give you a list of all their schools and the "catchment areas" as well as the number of applications vs the number of places. So, it's not an exact science as the "catchment area" will change every year, depending on how many people apply and where they live. However if you see a school where the "catchment area" is 385m and six times as many people applied as there are places available, you will be safe in assuming that living half a mile away is not going to be near enough. [Or, in my case 1.2 miles]. Just for the record, the other state school that we wanted LB to go to (and to which his old nursery is attached) is only 0.65 miles away but he "catchment area" is 0.4 miles - so no hope there either. 

24/01/2011 at 15:23

I love all that scottish dancing - find it great fun - sounds like a top night CC.  You too Lotte - 5:30am is hardcore, especially when you often get up to run at that time!! 

I had a weekend of fun also.  Was my birthday on thursday (thanks for the wishes) but the main event was the weekend.  Went out with the girls (10 of us) on Friday night - few beers & Wagamamas - leaving some boys at home (we had 8 visitors staying over).  Got to bed at 2am.  Had Z & E in with us which was fine until Z woke up at 5:30am and refused to go back to sleep!!  Nightmare.  Then we were all up to do the Parkrun (part of the weekend 'fun') which started at 9am, in the cold & rain (you can imagine how much our guests were loving us at that point!).  We were having a Yorkshire themed weekend so there was some fancy dress on the run.  I had my flat cap on, my sister was fully dressed as Nora Batty & my BIL wore a shirt, tie, tweed jacket & flat cap!  Anyway, that was fun - everyone enjoyed it really (my sister, bless her, was 4th from last) & I managed to beat my time from 2 weeks ago by 30 seconds!!  Shocking.  Then it was home for breakfast & showers, Yorkshire costumes, games, beers, food.......well, it was good.  Would have been better if I hadn't been off my face tired, but hey ho, what can you do?    

Some great running going on with you guys.   Well done!  

JG - this may sound a bit harsh, but why are you bothering with potty training just now?  Doesn't sound like she's ready & you are sounding a bit stressed with it.  Why not just leave it for a bit?  

24/01/2011 at 15:25
tee hee - I must admit, I was quite surprised when Lotte said she'd slept until 11.30am. I too expected her to say '... and then I got up at ??? and did my long run, ** miles at ?mm'!!
24/01/2011 at 15:28

love the yorkshire themed bday - what's the link?

right, need to go supervise meccano building. Some lovely person gave Joshua a mini-kit aimed for 8yrs +. He's determined to build it, but whilst he's pretty dexterous and great at reading the instructions/pictures, he just can't quite get the thing together as it's so damn fiddly!

24/01/2011 at 16:51
Good luck CC!  Yorkshire day - well, I lived in Yorkshire from when I was about 13 - 18 and when I was 9 - 11 and my parents were both northern (although Lancastrians to be fair).  Plus my sister's hubby is a Yorkshire man, but generally it was just the first 'theme' Mr TB came up with.  He is good at that sort of thing - had themed games and everything - although very loosely tied in to the history of Yorkshire, it worked well.  Is actually quite good having a birthday at the back end of January as by then everyone has recovered from Christmas / New Year and in need of a party!!  Only tends to happen every other year, and things are a bit less raucous now we have children, but we still managed to fill the recycling bin with empties
24/01/2011 at 19:10
Theo's charcoal grill!!
24/01/2011 at 19:29
I'm guessing that you must know Leeds JohBo! Forgot to answer your question (thanks for remembering) - my knee is still quite bad but I'm hoping that all the exercises and stretching will get it back to normal in due course. Not sure about VLM tho' as it's a long way and it's some time since I ran a long way.
24/01/2011 at 19:41

Lol Lotte , hilarious image!

TB - not harsh at all, bang on the mark in fact!  I'd say the reason we're potty training is partly due to my mother's constant nagging and making me feel like I'm a cr*p mother for not having her potty-trained already, but partly that we feel she understands everything to do with potty training but just won't make the effort to do it.  She sometimes says "I'm going to wee" but then says she doesn't need one, so I guess the only part is knowing when she needs to go.  Plus she wees like, once maybe twice a day so it's very hard to catch them to give her the idea!  I've got friends who just ditched nappies and it took a month or something but they got there, and we'd like to see her out of nappies now too.  I always thought we'd wait until she showed all the signs, but she's 2yrs 7mths now and still not totally ready if I'm honest, but I feel like it's about time she did it.

Sorry complete ramble that probably makes no sense!  I think basically I still don't think she's ready but I want her to be and I feel a lot of pressure from my mum and from the fact that most of her little friends are potty-trained now.  When I put it like that I know I should wait, but what if she's like 3.5 before she's ready?!

24/01/2011 at 19:42
I went to Leeds too 1991-1994. I remember Theo's too, although used to frequent Naffees the Indian more!!
24/01/2011 at 19:55

Ha Ha RB and CC. I couldn't have run a 100 yards yesterday if my life depended on it!  I did think as I headed out at 5.30am this morning that I was only walking home 24 hours ago! Got my 10 miles done although I wasn't feeling too sprightly I must admit. Busy day today with work and then swimming . Hubby has been delayed which means he won't be home in time for me to go out to the swimming club committee meeting, oh what a shame .

Tomorrow is our mad Up-Helly-A fire festival so looking forward to that. There's quite a buzz in the air as everyone really looks forward to it. Then the kids are off school on Wednesday for everyone to recover from the festivities!

MM - thank you very much for your reply on the training question. I will sit down tonight and digest it all properly! I appreciate your input.

Mummycat - luckily I am a morning person and have no problems getting up at 5am. I think I have the early morning swimming coaching as a youngester followed by many years owning horses to thank for that! Which training plan are you following? Is it Edinburgh you are doing?

Kinsey - hope your aunt will be ok and that they caught it in time. Sorry to hear about your uncle Minks. 

CC - sounds like a great night. I remember going to my first Burns supper as a child and me and my Gran got a fit of the giggles when they started speaking to the haggis! Good news on the ankle and hope you get your mileage in this week.

TallB - sounds like a fun weekend for you too.

JT - bummer about more antibiotics for Archie but I guess better to be on the safe side.Yup pilates is the way to go! - I don't think I would ever get around to doing it if I didn't go to a class though.  

24/01/2011 at 19:58
JG - who cares if she is 3.5?  Just tell the busy bodies to sod off. Trust your own judgement. You are a great mum and you know what is best for your child. It really is not worth the stress.
24/01/2011 at 20:26
JG - she sounds a bit like Martha but we are just about getting there now. Martha is just about 2yrs11m and I restarted training when she started saying that she could feel a wee coming - 2 weeks ago. We seem to have gone a bit backwards as currently I sit her on the loo every 2 hours and we are still using a nappy for poo (I have no idea why she is being so weird about that!), but we had no accidents today (1 yest, and 1 sat, none on thurs and fri).

Not sure when to say she can't have a nappy for her poo - thought I would wait until she is a bit more confident about the weeing?
24/01/2011 at 20:39
JG - i have a friend whose little one didn't train until nearly 3.5 - and when he did he was dry in a day. i really really wouldn't worry about it! i know that's easy to say. but really and truly - try not to stress about it.
24/01/2011 at 20:42
Lotte - I can't believe it's been a year since you told us about your up-helly-a festival - I remember looking at the footage on you tube! I too thought you were going to say you hadn't bothered going to bed and had just gone straight out for a run!

JG - I agree with Lottie, why make life harder? It seems as though everyone who's waited until their children were ready has had an easy time potty training, so I just wouldn't stress about it. Does she go to any nursery/playgroup type activities? I'm sure once they're around other chdren who no longer wear nappies there's a bit more motivation. Our nursery has those tiny little loos and sinks and Isabelle was desperate to be able to use them by herself and I'm sure that helped to prompt her getting out of nappies. There will definitely be some children older than her still in nappies, and if anyone gives you a hard time just start spouting on about something else she does that puts her well ahead of other children and I'm sure they won't keep mentioning it - everyone likes to boast about things they think their child does well, but hearing about other peoples childrens achievements is never quite as appealing I find!

Our kitchen is starting to look as though it might be useable again at some point - they think they might finish by the end of the week - but there's so much cleaning and tidying to do before the house looks decent again. The dust just gets everywhere! I'm really looking forward to eating at a proper table again and being able to cook some proper food. Filling the kettle from the sink in the downstairs loo, and washing up in the bath is getting old now!
24/01/2011 at 20:44
Lots of posts while I wrote mine. Seems like we all agree JG!
Edited: 24/01/2011 at 20:44
24/01/2011 at 21:12

Thanks ladies .  I guess my dilemma is do we miss the singing session tomorrow, for example, because I know she will have an accident?  Or do I trust her not to...?  we can't miss yoga on Wed as I have paid up front and it's not cheap!  So that's another dilemma - it's held in a Buddhist centre, not sure they'd be too keen on having wee all over the floor !

She seems so close but, like Kinsey's Martha, hasn't yet said when she needs to go, so am I being unfair on her expecting her to be ready when maybe she's not?

Sorry I think I'm going to have these stresses about once a month when we try to train her .

24/01/2011 at 21:13
Sorry Vixo, yes she goes to lots of playgroups etc and nearly all her friends are potty-trained, and I make a thing of it all the time but I think it just gets us as far as wanting to wear pants, no further!
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