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21/03/2011 at 13:48
ROFL at John Kettley JT !
21/03/2011 at 13:54

Shock, horror - just googled my first single to discover that Daytrip to Bangor was not by the Dingles but by a folk band called Fiddler's Dram, Dingles was the record company that put the single out. So I've been getting it wrong for the last 30odd years, still I was only 6 or 7 at the time which may explain my confusion, but still for the life of my don't know what I ever liked about this tune. Very embarrasing ... although maybe not as bad as John Ketley is a Weatherman JT!

21/03/2011 at 14:23

Loved wet wet wet too, they were my 1st concert unchaperoned. A-ha were 1st concert I ever went to, my aunt took me for my birthday, was down in Manchester so we had long bus journey there and back.

Think my 1st single was pinky and perky - riding along on my pushbike, LOL!

TT ;0)

21/03/2011 at 14:35
Oh i liked wet wet wet too. Temptation is a great song! First single was kylie i should be so lucky but didn't go to a concert for years, Beautiful South blue is the colour tour was the first.
Gawd i am BORED!!
21/03/2011 at 15:05

Hmmm, first record - I'm thinking it was a Howard Jones one, not sure which.  I've never been a huge record buyer.

First concert I think was The Blow Monkeys (wow, really had to dig deep to remember that name!) at Colston Hall in Bristol.  My friend was a fan.  Saw Deacon Blue when I was at university too, we were right at the front, loved their music and the lead singer had gorgeous blue eyes!

EF, enjoy the time off and try to relax.

21/03/2011 at 15:06
Ha ha Karen, seeing Bros sing that before they were famous!  They should have done a follow up called 'when will I be forgotten again?'!
21/03/2011 at 15:55

Spring must be here - LB insisted on getting the paddling pool out and putting on his "sea suit" and "sea shoes" this afternoon. And yes, he did actually sit in the pool.

Nice racing MM and TBird!

I'm ignoring all those 80s/90s pop tunes posts. A lot of you have very poor taste IMHO.

Fingers crossed for you EF

CM Much to our surprise, LB said grace at the table the other day - very cute! We're heathens at home, so he didn't learn it from us.

21/03/2011 at 16:42

I don't know for sure it was food poisoning but as both hubby and I came down with it within an hr of each other and Abi was fine I can only imagine it was.

I love the wiki definition of bros rhyming with dross! hahaha.

Just entered VLM for next year. 

I forgot to add my "well done" to the weekend's speedy racers! good running!!

21/03/2011 at 17:34

PP, ugh that sounds grim.  Hope you and are feeling better now.

'Bros' and 'dross' - LOL!

Nah, can't get excited about Wet Wet Wet - definitely NOT a fan.  At the moment my entire CD collection is still packed away in boxes in the spare room (we got rid of our old CD cabinet when we moved) but a lot of it isn't downloaded on my iPod.  I need to do that as I get bored of the same old albums on the Tube.  Last week on the way to work I played one track from each of the albums I've got on my iPod - was quite good doing that as I tend to listen to the same ones most of the time and ignore the rest!

Yes, R_B - enlighten us: what, IYHO, constitutes "good taste"??

Kit went to a party at the weekend and they played "What's the time, Mr Wolf?" (used to play it when I was a kid too!) - he loved it so we spent half the afternoon playing it in the garden!   Then I took him out on his bike which he got for Christmas but hasn't used much as weather has been too cold/wet generally.  He did really well on it although kept looking at me to let me know how well he was doing then steering into people's walls!

Not quite warm enough for the paddling pool, R_B - kids are so funny!

Karen, I feel your pain re. the hangover - was in the same boat last weekend!  It must have been bad because it took until this Saturday for me to even contemplate a glass of wine - and then I didn't enjoy it that much.  Tequila - ugh!  Can't do spirits at all these days - just the smell of gin makes me heave.  I try not to overdo it these days as hangover + small child = hell!  Thank goodness my mum was staying over and took charge of Kit while I was bent over the porcelain!   Not sure I can do the Southend half as I think that's the weekend of the charity canoe race we're doing but will double-check.  It would be a good time of year to aim for as enough time to train but not too far ahead.

Tidying up your CV, CC?  Something you're not telling us?

21/03/2011 at 17:51
I have had the same tunes on my MP3 player since I bought it.  I have added to it since I upgraded to an ipod but as I bought the MP3 when we lived in the flat and we've been in the house for 6 years you will gather that I am not terribly bothered about updating music!
21/03/2011 at 17:53
Minks, Lou plays what's the time Mr Wolf every weekend at running club and she is so funny about it - she maintains she hates it because of the screaming when it's dinner time and in fact she is usually running with her hands over her ears!  On the odd occasion she hides at the side and refuses to play cos it's "too noisy".  however she does enjoy being the wolf!
21/03/2011 at 18:03
Quick skim read, just back from my aunt and uncles, and have to shower, make M's supper and get ready for nursery parents evening followed by my sports massage this evening.

Had a lovely lunch and afternoon at my aunts and uncles in twickenham, but had a bit of a poo disaster. I'd left the potty in the hall (tiled) and she did a poo after lunch fine, but then disappeared about 5 mins later for another one and missed. So there was squidge all on the floor and on the outside of the potty. What I didn;t realise was that is was also on her skirt - totally impractical early learning centre floaty skirt with lots of tassles! So back on went skirt and tights - and then M proceeded to sit on the nice sofa, the chair with the thai throw draped over it, and an old cushion. Only then did I notice the poo she'd smeared on all the above!! Fortunately my aunt and uncle were fine......they have grandchildren so I guess they are used to it.

Anyway, must dash. Glad today wasn't too uncomfortable EF - hope the wk goes fast for you.
21/03/2011 at 18:13

RB- who said anything about good taste being involved in music choice? That's the whole point of listening to music while you run, you can listen to all the really cheesy crap you wouldn't admit to in public and pretend you only listen to if cos it's on the 101 running songs cd and has the right beat. LOL!

TT ;0)

21/03/2011 at 18:18

There's stuff on my ipod I can't even admit to myself I listen to

TT ;0)

21/03/2011 at 18:42
Ha ha TT!!

I think my first gig was Oasis at Knebworth, but after that lots at uni, Glastonbury etc. We used to go to most things at Brixton, before coming out to Warsaw.

Caro, I've heard that my mara mag has arrived at my Mum's, so I'll collect it in a couple of weeks. GFA is normally green start, so no good for meeting up beforehand. I think hubby is now just going to come to the end...I appreciate that it's a long time for a baby, but I'll have a distinct lack of support! Last time I did it dressed as Supergirl and the support was amazing. In fact, maybe I should dig the costume out. I also had several blokes try to give me their phone numbers on the way round, but I was going too fast to stop )

Great running TallBird and MM! TB, my last 1/2 (2008) was 1:40:29, so we're v close together! I was so gutted not to get under 1:40 (the last 800m weren't, if you know what I mean!) that I was quite rude to my MIL, who was there to support
21/03/2011 at 18:42
EF, glad it went ok And hope you get The results quickly. (())
21/03/2011 at 18:45
I didn't realise you were GFA JoBo - what marathon did you to to qualify and what was your time? Think I'd boil dressed as super girl - sounds pretty cool though

21/03/2011 at 19:01
London 2009, 3:31. The outfit was ok actually. I do struggle with the heat though, that is my one major worry about this year, having done all but one week of training in near-zero temperatures!!
21/03/2011 at 19:28

That's impressive to go that fast in an outfit JohBo! Any pics for us? In the unlikely event that I decide to run the VLM, I'd be able to keep you company in the green pen.

Tangy At least you know it's cheesy crap! [I'm not getting drawn into this CC and Minks].

LB took his "sea suit" off when he got out of the paddling pool and refused to put any clothes on for the rest of the day. He insisted he wasn't cold. Strange boy!

21/03/2011 at 19:30

Green start last year CC? Something you forgot to tell me? I thought we were mates!

[Edit - I am clearly going senile. I was on the RED start last year which is why I didn't see you. And I'd be on the RED start this year so I won't see JohBo after all]

Edited: 21/03/2011 at 19:40
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