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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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09/12/2010 at 20:06
That's worth a vote - good luck Upsy Daisy!

Hope you find that stone CC. A girl at the rowing club lost an earring after the dinner last week, it was a £3,000 diamond one - oops!

We should have that get together and buy a box of chocolates as everyone else can eat the fruity ones as those are the ones I always leave!
09/12/2010 at 20:23
Turbo Tid and Kinsey - thank you for your support! I was wondering if any of you have any tips on how to get my little boy to take bottles!? Up until 5 months we had  a nightmare of a time during the night as I would be the only one able to feed him and put him to sleep and he would wake up 3-4 times per night crying - I ended up sleeping beside him which was wrong but was done out of sheer desperation to get some sleep! Now it has all changed as I have managed to get him to take the dummy at nighttime and during day time naps. He now sleeps form 6.30pm until 12 or sometimes 2am when he eats but not much, maybe an oz or two. But dummy isnt enough to pasify him. And he would not take a bottle! Then he is sleeping until 4am and then 6.30am. I am still breastfeeding - and we have started him on solids already, he is eating porridge and fruit/veg purees. He used to take bottles before from about 6 weeks until 18 weeks but then he started to reject them. I've no idea what to do! Anyone had a similar problem?
09/12/2010 at 21:06

Have you tried different types of bottles Upsy?  That can help.  It is a nightmare though.  My eldest son was like that and at 7 months I was ready to crack up!  In the end I found it was when he was able to take long lasting carbs that seemed to make the difference.  Rice pudding worked wonders in our house!  (The proper stuff I'd made myself if that makes sense, bit stodgier than the bought stuff but v v easy to make).

PP - really glad the scan went well, you do feel make me slightly less bad now thank-you!  I know Archie only fell about six inches but to throw him on the floor effectively isn't the best thing ever!  That said, it might be marginally better than slamming a car boot down on the back of Ted's head at 4 months old...  (He was in the baby bjorn and launched back, horrid moment!)

I too have managed to not strap the kids in on a journey.  Archie came home from mum and dad's the other week (150 miles) without his shoulder straps on...  Thankfully I have the isofix base for our car seat so can't get away without locking him in place.  Ted pointed out to me yesterday that I hadn't strapped him in, oh dear!

JG - Oh blow!  that is bad news.  How old is N now?  I'm hoping that he still looks happy and alert to you, if so, then that is really good news.  I know how hard I found it with Ted when he wasn't gaining.  I worried myself sick.  It all started to sort out at about 6/7 months so hopefully you haven't got long to go.  At least you're seeing the consultant very soon too so they can help out too if needs be. ((()))

You know when you have a horrid feeling that you're not going to get much sleep?  Two hacking children (and I know they caught it off a friend of mine - agggh!) the house is a tip, got visitors this weekend and I really don't care!!!

09/12/2010 at 21:07
PS Upsy, another thought, I do know some babies that have just gone straight to a beaker instead x
09/12/2010 at 21:19
Is beaker the same as sippycup? Tried that, not much of a success at the moment but will keep trying. He had no problem taking Avent bottles before. I did try Nuk and Tommy Tippi - he did not want to know at all! I do think food is starting to make some difference - maybe I should give him porridge or rice for dinner instead of the veg and fruit! Will try it tomorrow Thanks Janie Tri!
09/12/2010 at 21:55

Hi Upsy Daisy.

JT - jope you do manage to get some sleep.

JG - (()) Maybe the formula will do the trick.

PP - great news on the scan.

Minks - great you are managing to juggle the concert and the lunch. Enjoy!

CC - (()) you are having a bad day. Bummer about the car and even bigger bummer about the ring. Fingers crossed you are lucky and manage to find it. Also constant worry about hubbys job. Hope you got out with the club and had a good run.

Thanks for thoughts on injury. There might be something hormone related and I do think things are often worse at that time of the month. My kneee hasn't been right since the marathon though and the groin injury I first felt maybe 3 weeks ago but just a little niggle and then it wasn't there next run and went on like that for a bit... but then it was there all the time after Sunday. Felt it much less today though which is good and had a good turbo session this morning.

Had a great day today. We got a load more snow last night so kids had another snow day today. Waited until the roads had been cleared a bit by late morning and then went up to town and went sledging from my parents where I used to go when I was a child. Great fun. Older 4 kids are staying up in town tonight to go to the pantomine with my parents. I had a ticket but decided not to go and just come home with the twins. Roads are too bad to be driving late at night and my parents don't really have enough beds for all 8 of us! So hubby and I  had a lovely takeaway curry and some wine. 

I got our tree this year after getting no enthusuasm from hubby.  Last year I left it to him and he only got a 5 foot tree which was lost in our living room. Anyway I found a lovely big one which I though was 8 foot - ha ha! we just got it out the van and into the house and hubby measured it - its actually 10 foot!  Lucky our living room is open up to the rafters! No idea what we are going to put it in to get it to stand up though.Thats hubby's problem!

10/12/2010 at 08:27

Welcome Upsy Daisey. Fab name!!  Is it worth just persisting with the bottles. Although I did manage to get my two to take 'Anyway up' type cups from 8 months and they stopped using bottles completely by 1.

LOL at the tree Lotte. Sounds like a fun day. Shame about your injury though. All I can suggest is physio, osteopath, massage and maybe podiatrist to get some orthotics. Your mileage has been quite high this year and the niggles are often the same so maybe worth looking at.

I too have hacking children JT. Little Sophie seems better, less wheezey at times, but is now being quite sick from coughing I'm hoping. I'm stressing a bit about milk intolerance now, but surely this would have presented itself before now as I eat lots of diary and it would have come through into my milk wouldn't it? Harry is seriously hacking though. Not sure whether to take him swimming really.

JG, Sophie has only put in 3oz in about 6 weeks. She is now pretty much just on formula at nearly 7 months. I would maybe say don't worry until the next weigh in? How old is he is it worth weaning? We weaned S at 5 months as we didn't want to give her formula until 6 months. She loved it!! Not eating so much now though, def still off colour for sure and hating any lumps which is annoying. Totally rejected her ready brek today so may have to go and buy some more baby type porridge!!

Right best get off here and get in the shower get S dressed and get sorted, washing, washing up, shopping list to write etc!!

10/12/2010 at 10:56

You've always got to go "one up" on the rest of us Lotte. Blimmin 10ft tree! BTW, those sledging pictures looked great fun.

I forgot to ask yesterday Angelicals - how's your husband?

I'm sure some of the coughing is also cold-related MM. LB had a cold a couple of weeks ago and most of the time he is fine, but when he comes in from the super-cold air outside, we get a lot of hacking and coughing.

Welcome UpsyDaisy. Hope you stick around. Lots of good advice here about babies/toddlers and running. And coats!

10/12/2010 at 11:13
Upsy - my little boy wasn't keen on the bottle either - ended up just using a cow cup (one of those black and white ones) for him, but to be honest he only really stopped asking for milk at night once he was weaned.

Dragged my lazy self out for 3 miles this morning - it was dark!! Roll on January!
10/12/2010 at 11:36

Thanks for the advice ladies - been stuck indoors for the past few days - its very icy outside although not that cold any more - might even venture out with the running buggy!

10/12/2010 at 14:28
I just bought a treadmill!!!  York fitness refurbished but basically brand new, was £1700 got it for £750 with delivery and two lovely men to assemble it. It folds and it goes up to 13mph. Yeah!!
10/12/2010 at 16:00

Very exciting purchase MM, I think I might be jealous!!

Welcome Upsy Daisy. No advice re bottles I'm afraid as both mine were happy whatever way they got their milk!!

Lotte - loved the snow pics, almost all our snow has melted in the space of 48 hours, amazing how quick it went actually. Joshua is devastated and I have to keep explaining that it is still up on the mountains and it's reasonably certain we'll be seeing more!!  Fab Christmas tree, that will be entertaining to decorate as well as anchor down. We will be getting ours on Saturday - with or without hubby, he hasn't quite got in the spirit of things yet.

Sympathies on the darkness - it was dark at 8am today and is dark again now (4pm) and the sun didn't really make it through either, no wonder we're all a bit in the doldrums!  However hubby and I have a black-tie do to go to tonight in the officers mess (no uniforms in sight, the RAF lot wear DJs too). We have babysitter booked and a taxi for our return.  Just wish I could shift this headache I've had since last night - 400ml of ibuprofen haven't kicked in yet which doesn't bode well for a few glasses of wine - sod it though, I NEED those glasses of wine.  Probably not good for race prep for Sunday but then I am not expecting any amazing performances!

Would definitely agree with MM about the mileage Lotte - you have trained for two marathons this year, and fitted in a half as well. The second one you managed to up your training miles too. Did you get orthotics in Aberdeen a while back?

Will be sifting through the hoover dust tmrw - although chances of finding a pin-head sized ruby in it are probably minimal, it's got to be worth it.

Club run was good last night although legs had no go in them at all, still good to be out though.

On the coughing front, like RB said about LB, I've actually had a nagging cough for about 3 weeks now, it comes and goes but is much worse when I come in from outside.  Hope all the chesty poorly ones recover soon though.

Oh yes JG, I weaned Scarlett at 5 months too as she was clearly hungry. She's done a massive grow over last couple of months - leapt up to 50th centile for height and weight and grown out of most of her wardrobe

reassuring to hear about other peoples lapses of attention on car seat straps, dropped children etc

Edited: 10/12/2010 at 16:02
10/12/2010 at 16:27
If it's such a small ruby CC couldn't you just buy another and stick it in? No idea how much rubies cost so I'm probably talking rubbish, but at least you have the ring itself, so sentimental feelings would still be there even with a replacement ruby.
10/12/2010 at 19:06
CC - have a good time tonight! I'm also suffering with headaches - maybe its the time of year causing that too!!
10/12/2010 at 19:29

Gave hubby a reprieve and went to Westfield by myself.  Had a nice day - it wasn't too crowded, was smaller than I was anticipating, and just enjoyed wandering around at my own pace.  Managed to get xmas presents for hubby, neighbours, secret santa (a 2011 portrait calander of staffordshire bull terriers - nice!) plus one for me from hubby   Came home, popped into hairdressers on the off chance my friend could do my hair (know her from running track) and she said come back in an hr, so I did and got it all chopped off!

Work xmas bash tomorrow - starting at 6pm in Oxford Circus and travelling round '4 hot london night spots' - food is included plus a santa hat!  The good thing about it is I can leave and get the tibe home whenever I want!  Also we are going to the Lucia christmas service at the swedish church in Marylebone tomorrow afternoon with my swedish cousins, which is always fun.

CC - whenever I have chronic coughs, they are always far worse post run.  I will literally run 10 miles and not cough, then as soon as I stop and come inside I hack my lungs up for the next hour.

Upsy Daisy - good luck with super six.  I got a ballot place this yr, but have kind of had my head in the sand about it.  However I will get my arse in gear and dig out some sort of training plan.  Looked up a hal higdon novice prog yesterday, which looked far more pleasant than the crazy plan I tried to follow last yr which killed me.  My aim would also be more realistic this yr.

10/12/2010 at 20:08

Yay to the treadmill, MM! I am jealous. MR - you have got a good memory! I did have a Reebok I-Run t/mill which I bought when I was about 30 weeks pregnant so people didn't laugh/stare at me when I went running outside! It was great, but I had to get rid of it to make space in our dining room. I would love to get another one, but we really haven't got the room. The garage clearing out project has fallen by the wayside in recent months, but I'm sure it might gather momentum again over Xmas.

((Lotte)) Boo to the injury. Hope you're back out there soon. I am definitely also grumpy at the moment with not running. I haven't been for 2 weeks, which is really carp. One week of that was being too much of a chicken to brave the sheet ice, the other the nasty cold I've had. Still, it is better now and I WILL go out tomorrow. Marathon training, yay!

Caro - the Hal Higdon novice progs look good  - very achievable. Are you looking at Novice 1 or Novice 2?

Hello Uspy Daisy! Great name. Good luck with the Super Six.


Graduation was fun. JP thought I was a vampire! LOL.

10/12/2010 at 20:37
A vampire!! That will be one to remind JP of when he grows up!

Its my hubbys work do tonight which is why I am on here. Just realised that Strictly is on at 9pm so I am waiting for that to come on!
10/12/2010 at 21:56
Thanks Carovet and TattyBogle  I'll post all training plans here if I make the super six!
10/12/2010 at 22:14

Vampire Tatty - love it!  .  How do their minds work???

MM - my friends son has milk allergy (think I've mentioned her before) and her son has suffered badly with eczema from birth.  Also had what they thought was silent reflux but probably was allergy even then.  He never wanted to feed and gained very, very little weight wise dropping from the 91st to 25th centile in a few months.  From what you've said Sophie doesn't sound the same, bizarrely my friend was talking about it on Monday and was saying that lactose intolerance causes diarrhoea so milk allergy can be more difficult to pick up than lactose intolerance.

Caro - sounds like a nice day out shopping.  I've got one on Monday, well, I'm minus Ted as mum and dad are looking after him.

Lotte - loving the sound of the tree, oh to have room for a 10 foot tree!

Right, am going to check out the Hal Higdon programme, might actually get me moving again.  Most exercise I've done is the wii fit new mums programme

10/12/2010 at 22:50
JT - interesting that. i was warned with E's reflux that it might actually be a milk allergy.  apparently the symptoms are very similar and many mums found that, on finishing b/f a refluxy baby, they ended up getting a diagnosis of milk allergy.  not the case for E, fortunately. she still isn't growing hugely fast but i am sure she doesn't have a milk allergy as she is robust health-wise and doesn't have any GI problems at all. think she will just be a dinky wee one.  which is quite nice really since her brother, who is the youngest in his school year, is also the tallest in his school year! went into his classroom today to help them change for their nativity play and spotted the area where they had plotted heights.  J is at least 2 inches taller than the 2nd tallest child in the class - and he is the youngest. madness!!!
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