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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/12/2010 at 22:08
Is Life is Beautiful in Italian? I'm sure I've seen it if it is. Just googled Boy in striped Pjs - will not be reading that one!

Get well Lotte!!
14/12/2010 at 22:59

Yes, but it is subtitled obviously. Boy in Striped PJs a great read, really well written book. V v sad.

Now watching something by John Pilger about Iraq. It is truly awful.

14/12/2010 at 23:09

Lotte, boo to the bug again   Or food poisoning, if that's what it is.  Had to happen while hubby was away - sending big ((())) at you having to cope on your own with all that spew.  Really hope you all get a good night and if it's food poisoning it should hopefully start to subside quickly.  The lack of oil is just insult to injury really - bit of an extreme way to make you rest that groin injury too   Lots of 'get well' hugs coming your way ((()))

 Well done CC, I think I managed 9th lady once in a 10K (which we all know is not my favourite distance!) and that was after taking a tumble when I slipped on the ice at the 7K marker!  Must be a stressful time for your hubby - I do feel for you and him.

I will not be reading Boy in Striped PJs either.  I don't do tearjerkers because I am 100% likely to blub!  Caro, have you definitely decided to go for VLM?  I know you were undecided a few weeks back.  I didn't send off for my GFA application because I didn't want to put myself under pressure to do it next year.  Training through some of the winter weather we've had this past couple of years has been hard and last year I just seemed to come down with one thing after another especially just before and after Christmas so I'm being kind to myself this year.  If I do a marathon next year (big IF) then I might have a crack at an autumn one and at least have lighter evenings to get out in.  Lotte, what's Abingdon like?  Is it really flat?  And is it a single-lap course?  I really can't hack two or more lap courses - demoralising.

CM, hope the throat is OK.

Kit was coughing quite a lot again tonight.  He's only just got over the hideous cough he had which lasted a couple of weeks so I really hope he hasn't picked up another one.  Seems to have settled now but I came out of the shower after my run to hear him crying and went in, and he was just sitting up in bed sobbing.  No idea why as he was incoherent through the sobs then just lay down again and went to sleep.  No idea if he was even awake to be honest, but hate to hear him cry as he so rarely does these days.

Have now finished and posted all my Christmas cards.  Hoovered the whole house whilst running Kit's bath earlier, then cleaned the bathroom after I'd had my post-run shower.  And have hung out a load of laundry (on the airer - no point in it going outside!) and booked a skip for tomorrow so wecan finally get rid of all the stuff piled in the front and back gardens.  Rubble, old doors, strips of old carpet, laminate flooring - you name it, it has to go!  Just keeping everything crossed now that bloke turns up tomorrow to buy sofas as I cancelled charity pick-up this morning on the strength of phone call last night.

Hubby has bought us a XBox 360 Kinect - absolutely brilliant fun; just need to remember where the ceiling lights are as we jump and leap around!!

15/12/2010 at 07:57
Minks I don't have a legitimate excuse not to!  So yes I'll be there...........but will not be killing myself over the training like I did last time.  Actually, although it seems bad to say it, hubby's redundancy does mean I have alot more choice over when I go running, and it doesn't always have to be in the dark .  I am getting so used to having him around, and so is Matilda, but of course we want him to get a job.
15/12/2010 at 09:07
Lotte, hope today brings no more spew! (())

Minks, hope your sofas go today. I bet your house is now looking lovely! I am on the rampage to chuck stuff out/ get rid of excess before next summer when we downsize from massive 3 storey house to 1 bed flat...think it might just work if hubby and I can own nothing and we just take back J's stuff!

Bad night here due to snotty baby. Think I might end up spending today using the snot sucker for that and the lactulose for the other end ;-s
15/12/2010 at 09:12

Morning ladies - feels like I've missed absolutely loads on here, just been a really busy last couple of weeks so had no time to post at all.  Have skim read back a bit and am also struggling to remember who's done what over the last week ....

Vixo - congrats on your news, how very exciting!

EF - well done on the promotion, might as well continue the celebrations all the way up to Xmas now!

JT & MM - sounds like you've both had poorly little bunnies, hope they're on the mend soon. I know how worrying it can be when they're ill and tiny and you feel so helpless. Big hugs to you both.

Lotte - More sickness!!?!?! Poor you, hoping that 2011 will bring a much healthier house your way.

Caro - the Boxing Day 5k sounds fun and if I was in London I'd definitely join you but we'll be in sunny (?) Wales over Christmas so I'll be attempting to drag my lazy bum up and down the welsh hills on Boxing day morning instead.

Think there may have been some new people join since I was on last so hello and welcome ladies.

Only 3 more days of work before I finish for Crimble - hurray! But does mean I'm super busy right now at work, then super busy in the evenings trying to sort out ordering presents and making the rest. Did a batch of home-made white chocolate and baileys fudge on Monday night which turned out brillliantly considering it was my first attempt. Bagged it up with lots of ribbons last night so that's another job out the way, just a million more to do ...

Running is pants at the moment though, I'm lucky if I get 3 runs in a week as weekends are busy visiting people and since the snow I've not managed to get back into the routine of doing any early morning runs . Really need a focus to kick start me into action so have signed up for a 10k in Finsbury Park mid Feb so will be starting an 8 week schedule from next Monday. For me it's always much harder to dodge a run when I have a piece of paper telling me I should be out there.

Right, back to work for me. Apologies to everyone else I've missed. Happy Wednesday everybody!

15/12/2010 at 09:31

Thanks for all the kind wishes and hugs! They wre gratefully received, what a day that was yesterday! We had a good night and no more spew since about 8pm. Sophie and Dylan are feeling fine and they and Reece are off to school today. Em is supposed to stay off for 24 hours but it is her school play this afternoon and she is gutted to be missing it. Very frustrating because she feels fine now and is bouncing around the house. I might phone the school and see what they say. Not sure how I am going to manage to go and watch the others if I can't take her in.

Johbo - boo to the bad night and snotty baby. Hope he is better soon.

CM - hope you are feeling better today.

Minks - Abo was very flat. It was a nice course. Apparently it was 2 laps but I didn't notice! It was all very diffferent, some through rural village, some through industrial estate, some along the town. I would recommend it and might even do it next year (that or Moray in September - come up to Scotland for a race and we could meet up with CC!)  even though I am not doing any more marathons   The xbox kinect does look good fun. We have a wii which is good too.

Kind of envious of the marathon schedule talk. I am not planning any training until I am sure this groin thing is under control but main focus will be the island games half marathon in June.

Got a letter yesterday saying the guy who caused our car crash had been to court and got for all the charges a total of 6 years disqualification  and 18 months in a young offenders institute.

15/12/2010 at 12:39

Lotte - just a quickie - if you can convince the school that it was food poisoning rather than a bug, maybe they will be more lenient?  As you said the others didn't get it so it sounds like a strong possibility.

Sounds like a tougher sentence than I would expect from the softie court system, hope that helps you and the rest of the family bring a bit of closure to the whole episode.

Edited: 15/12/2010 at 12:39
15/12/2010 at 13:32

oh lotte, it definitely does sound like food poisoning.  can you contact the leisure centre and tell them?  really that was shocking - for all of you to come down and be that violently ill... and the twins are so little still so it could have been a lot worse for them really.

hope you sort something out with the school. it would be a shame for her to miss it as you say.

it was only when i saw lotte and minks saying they hoped i was ok that i remembered i had felt grim last night. feel fine today!

having my non-working day today as i need to go to reading tomorrow and t has the kids on friday.  so have given the nanny the day off and i took E to active tots this morning, which she loved. beforehand, though, i helped out preparing the food for the PTA's all-school christmas party.  i was chopping a massive block of cheese into lumps for the kids.  E, bless her, was sooooo good.  i forget sometimes how good she is - i would never have been able to do that when J was her age. he would have been in everything and on everything and destroying everything.  she did have a good play with the water cooler but she stopped after i removed her a couple of times. then she just kept running to the fish tank and kissing the fish. and hugging and kissing a dragon statue and putting her sunglasses on it. bless.

15/12/2010 at 15:05

Lots to catch up on here as usual!

How's Archie now  Janie? Must have given you a bit of a fright. I hope he, and everyone elses sicky babies, are on the mend. 

LOL at your drunken post EF. I must say I do like Karen's idea of celebrating your promotion up to Christmas...'tis the season! 

Tallbird, my friend is allergic to shellfish and has a reaction similar to yours when she eats it.The reaction got worse and worse each time. She obviously avoids it altogether now! Anyway, the point is she had a similar reaction when she'd been gardening and it turned out to be an ivy of some sort. Maybe you  brushed up against something when you were out running? I seem to remember her getting it after a run too, although it wasn't running that caused it. I hope you manage to get to the bottom of it anyway. 

Lotte, glad to hear that the house of spew seems to be on the mend. I would ring the leisure centre and tell them if I were you. Great news about the guy that caused the crash too. Was he drunk or just plain careless?

 Fabulous running CC. I can only dream of coming in the top half of the field, yet alone the top 7! Very well done! 

 TT, I LOVE Life is Beautiful ( la vita e bella in Italian). It's such a heartwarming yet heartbreaking story. I skriked my eyes out when I saw it. I have also read The Boy in the Striped PJs. I read it in Spanish but it lost nothing in translation. I cried like a baby at that too! 

 We were hoping to go to the cinema to see something tomorrow as it's my birthday but all of my friends are at christmas dos so we have no babysitter. I've got a stinker of a cold anyway so I would only annoy everyone with my sneezing and sniffling! We're going to carry on moving our stuff into our new house instead. I really wanted to be in it by my birthday but a friend has let us down with a van. ho hum! 

Abi had her very first dental check up yesterday and was so good! it was me who had the appointment but as we were both there he gave her a glance too. She got a sticker...I got a filling. My first one too, gutted! 

15/12/2010 at 18:11
Lotte - hope you are all better now - what a nightmare.
We have had a busy week - Martha's playschool had their Christmas show on Monday - bless, she made it through the door but then got all upset when she saw the audience! They were doing The Nutcracker - quite ambitious for 2-4 year olds!

Yesterday I took them both in to London to my old work - very tiring for me - they are both quite a handful to get on and off trains!

Today we had friends over so had a mad cooking session this morning and I still havn't finished the washing up!

Bit of running getting done but not enough!
15/12/2010 at 20:14

Boy instriped PJs had me in tears to so I darent watch Life is Beautifil - wouldn't be able to cope!

Long trip to Bath and back to visit family today and munchkins finally now in bed but I've ditched swimming tonight (V bad of me).  Will try and get a reasonablelength run in tomorrow but still have stacks to do before heading off to inlaws.

Have had my part time working agreed for when I go back to work in March which is great but soooo scary as I will have been off for 27 months when I go back!  Be amazed if I manage to find my way  there......... Plus worried about how on earth do you manage looking after kids, commuting and working??  

15/12/2010 at 20:26

PP I had my 1st filling prob when matilda was about abby's age, so I reckon it's due to pregnancy and breastfeeding sapping all the calcium out of me!

BT man spent another 5 hrs at our house again today, all at Tesco broadbands expense (ha ha!) so now we have a load of new wires, our downstairs phone socket is working (the one that BT said they wouldn't fix when we moved in unless we paid £100 as we had 1 working one even though it was in the spare bedroom) and supposedly working broadband.  Well it is at the moment, so we shall see..........

15/12/2010 at 22:31
Thanks for your ideas guys. Is very odd. Ran home from pre-school drop off on Monday & Tuesday and no rash. Just been out now and as I was easing off at the top of a hill I felt my neck start itching. I got home and came indoors and within 5 mins my arms were bright red and blotchy (was wearing sleeves) and when I went to shower I was red where my shorts were and a bit on my top.

Wondering washing powder but also in the back of my mind I think last time it happened we had been at my sisters and I'd used her shower gel - I vaguely wondered if it were that - might not be a coincidence that I have recently been using that brand but not doing much running so....... Could be a reaction between the shower gel & sweat or washing powder? You think?

Still no Internet here - thank goodness for iPhone although phone signal also poor. Virgin media now not coming till next Tuesday so that will have been 2 whole weeks without Internet. Is a Christmas shopping / house moving admin nightmare not having it. Miss it more than telly.

Hope snots & spews are improving. Z has been non-stop with colds since he started pre-school. Serves me right for being so smug because he was previously never ill. Worse thing is that E gets every cold too - so mean when they are that tiny and all sad and snuffly.
16/12/2010 at 11:43
TB - some soaps make me rash up too, bathing is worse than showering but generally I don't have sensitive skin.
I got some Surcare washing powder for hubby which is perfume free and we aren't sure if that has helped but his eczema is better now.
Oddly sweating makes hubby flare up really badly so he has recently had blood tests done to see if he has an allergy which is triggering his eczema.

16/12/2010 at 11:53

Ever since I was a child I occasionally get really itchy legs when I'm outside.  I can be running or walking, wearing anything, it can be summer or winter, thick snow or bright sunshine.  I never get a rash, and as soon as I go inside it stops, or if I'm out running it does sometimes go away.  So I figure it's an allergy to something, but I've no idea what!

Apparantly we've just had a nescafe coffee machine delivered to our house............I'm thinking it's either a mistake or a christmas present from my mother...............I'm having visions of some enourmous thing that we don't have space for! 

16/12/2010 at 13:30
caro - did you want a coffee machine then?! i must admit i would be a bit  at a nescafe one appearing!!
16/12/2010 at 13:32
lol carovet. I've got visions of a vending machine, complete with plastic cups!
16/12/2010 at 13:38
Me too!
16/12/2010 at 14:03

Lol! Cafe Caro! Maybe you can dispense to passers by for some pennies!

Snow day here, kids home and so is hubby. He is working from home but only when it suits him, like when anything else needs done. He is getting under my feet and he hasn't even been home 24 hours!  Gale force winds and blizzard conditions. It is baltic. The coldest yet.  I ran this morning and I have never been so cold. I was almost in tears with the pain when my hands began to thaw out after I got home. And still the ends of my fingers don't feel right. I was wearing my thick cycling gloves too.

Oh pants, war broken out and sounds like hubby is the one having a tantrum. Back later.

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