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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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22/03/2011 at 19:48

Awesome Vixo!!

Love CM's excuse for you Johbo. I  pleaded injury to running friends (stress fracture a good one, as it lasts 6-8 weeks, perfect!! ), tummy upsets for nights out I just can't go on as am throwing up and driving for not drinking.

My hubbie also very shocked as it had literally take us 3 days to get pregnant by my calculations, (just the once shall we say)!!!  Hence why he has had the snip now!

Right curry nearly ready, really enoying not running the last two days, not sure I'll be saying that by the weekend though. Fireplace being fitted tomorrow, so thats lots to sort out tomorrow night.

22/03/2011 at 20:08
I'm thinking of treating myself to a pair of running 3/4 length tight things (are they called capris?) does anyone have any particular recommendations? Never had any before, only full lengths tights or shorts.
22/03/2011 at 20:13
Second time around I didn't go off alcohol like I did first time around so having a glass in my hand wasn't a problem - it was not drinking it that was a bit more tricky!

EF - fingers crossed here too for good news!

Vixo - congratulations - fab to have it all sorted before you go on maternity leave too!!!

Well done to TB and MM too - tb you must have been v close to my friend, she did 1.38 (hope I'm not getting everyone's race times confused!). She has got incredibly long strawberry blond hair so she is difficult to miss if you were running anywhere near her!

Hubby away this week - Aidan started tantruming!!! Mental - he is doing proper throwing himself on the floor stuff. He is not 18 months yet!!!! I succumbed to a glass of wine tonight as a reward for not massively losing my temper with them both today!
22/03/2011 at 20:13
CC - I'd be interested in the details of that place in Devon. We need to book a holiday!
22/03/2011 at 20:26

vixo - that is truly awesome. well done you. you must be so proud. and also to get it while pregnant means you must have made a great impression and they are also going to be understanding of your situation.  we truly are very very proud of you indeed.

((EF)) - you are sounding very sane. and fingers crossed for some fab news for you by the end of the week too... you are doing so well to stay so upbeat.

i am so lucky that my folks live in devon. so i have the best ever holiday bolt-hole.

cc - great that J is such a clever boy but it must be hard with the concentration / clowning around thing. i think you can be reassured that you will work hard to keep him on track. you know what he's like and with your determination, he will learn to channel his energies the right way. as long as you understand your kids, i'm sure you can help and guide them in the right direction.

22/03/2011 at 20:31

Well I am having a small beer to celebrate us having our house offer accepted!!  Yay.  Very happy although also slightly scared as it is such a lot of money to spend on a house.  fingers crossed it all works out because we found out today the rental we are in has now been sold (at least it means no more viewings) so we are out once our contract expires on 2nd June!   Bit tight but if it works out it will be perfect.

Brilliant news on the job Vixo - no wonder you are so pleased

Johbo - I agree with what has been said about people not actually noticing if you don't drink so long as you have a glass in your hand and don't make a big thing of it.  The marathon thing is a bit more tricky to pass off but even then, I would imagine that no=one would be expecting #2 to come along so soon so your being pregnant probably won't even cross their minds.    How you feeling about it now?  getting used to the idea?

don't remember your friend Kinsey - but then it is quite a big race (12,000+ finishers) so I guess it would be luck if I did.  Saying that though, these things often do happen at races I find.  

How are your legs today MM?   Mine are surprisingly good although my hip / groin (is more the front of my hip - not sure what that is) is very sore.

I'm off on a hen night this friday - away in Bristol!  First night away from both boys, only 2nd night away from Z.  Should be fun.

Oh, and I was trying jeans on in Sainsburys today and I was getting a bit fed up with them being too big (my usual size 14) so I thought I would try a 12 (hadn't really crossed my mind) - and they all fit!!!!  Haven't been a size 12 in about a million years. Awesome. 

22/03/2011 at 21:35
Vixo- fantastic news!

TB- congrats on the house! Hope all goes smoothly and you move in time, 2 months should be long enough fingers crossed. And yay to size 12!

Boo to the tantrums kinsey, glass of wine definitely allowed.

JohBo- don't worry if people guess, most people won't actually dare ask you anyway! I suspect everyone of being pregnant, also all my NCT group are determined to have their second babies asap (and 2 are halfway there already) so have reason to be suspicious
I'm so broody for second baby too though

First day of work survived. Left at 5 and ran home (best part of work day!) to find happy snotty baby playing with some of her new birthday toys. We had a nice bath together and daddy put her to bed. Hopefully she won't wake as much tonight as last night, yawn!
Camlo    pirate
22/03/2011 at 22:46

WOW - lots to celebrate- jobs, baby and houses -hope you get the all clear EF and make it a clean sweep.

Caro- I love my capri pants- wear them all the time (adidas) but I did but aldi and they are too long so would recommend try before you buy.

Sonya- glad you survived work- 1st  few weeks are always tough then it becomes 'normal' again..... 

I like the idea of a roll call for mara's - I'm not doing VLM though I'm doing Llanelli on 10th April. 

Went to club tonight but legs seriously tired from Sat so only did 5miles and called it a day. 

Boys coughing and think they've generously shared the germs with me...... tickle, cough, tickle, cough. 

Going to bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard..... yawn.

23/03/2011 at 08:12

I agree Kinsey. With Sophie I almost craved red wine and white wine. Couldn't even bear to be near anyone drinking with the boys.

Hope you don't succumb Camlo. I am feeling very snotty and bad headaches, thinking it might be tree pollen arriving though.

Glad your first day was OK Sonya and yeah to the run home, sounds a fab way of getting it in. So glad Maggie is on the mend too and is enjoying her new toys, what a relief!

Legs are pretty good TB, walking around fine, stairs fine, quads and calves know they have raced hard but not as bad as I have been after some halves and def not as bad as after marathon. Couldn't get on the loo, up any stairs or anything!!!

Congrats on the house, its very impressive...

Enjoy Bristol, if you need a cuppa or toilet stop on your way home pop in??!! Junction 17 off M4 or Leigh Delamere services!!!

Also have fab holiday bolt hole with Mum in Pembrokeshire. Well until she sells up anyway!!

23/03/2011 at 09:44

Bit late but didn't get a chance to get back on yesterday evening - CONGRATULATIONS VIXO!!!  Woohoo!!  You must have seriously impressed if they're willing to a) have you part-time and b) wait for you until after your maternity leave!  It's brilliant to be able to start your next maternity leave with a confirmed job to go back to, and fab that all the hard work over the years has led to the desired outcome.

Great news about the house, TB - it's always very scary thinking about how much money you've committed so I just try not to!  I just love our house and am really glad we moved there - sometimes things are just meant to be.  We loved it when we first viewed it but didn't think it was worth the asking price, so offered quite a bit under and it was refused, then by the time we upped offer someone else had pipped us to the post.  Then found another house we liked - which was definitely overpriced even though asking price had been dropped by 12K - but vendor led us a merry dance over what she was prepared to accept.  She eventually took it off the market when we offered the asking price   On the same day as we lost that, the buyers of our current house pulled out as apparently they decided they couldn't fit their piano in.  So we jumped at the second chance we'd been given and know we made the right decision.   Fingers crossed all goes smoothly for you - but don't expect it to with property!

EF, really hoping that, as Camlo says, we'll have a clean sweep of good news this week.

JohBo, has your news sunk in at all yet?  Bit unexpected but very exciting!

CC, Joshua sounds just like my brother.  He was very bright but was always the 'class clown'.  It didn't help that I was very academic and focused and there were inevitable comparisons.  In some ways it played in his favour though as no-one ever seemed to expect much of him.  However, he achieved average to OK exam results, went to uni, and now runs a very successful business as an acoustics consultant that he has built up from scratch himself.  He owns his own premises and employs three staff and earns A LOT of money.  And has therefore done far better than me!  So even if J never applies himself at school it doesn't mean he won't go on to achieve.  I'm sure he will settle down anyway and do well - it may well be that with the moving, he feels the need to clown around to be popular and therefore accepted?  Just a thought.  As CM says, with your support and guidance he'll be fine - it's the kids whose parents don't take an interest that really have the problems.

It'll be interesting to see how Kit gets on once he starts school.  We think he's very bright - he is certainly extremely articulate and intellectually curious - but until there's a benchmark against which to compare him you just never know.  I am determined that we will nurture and support him in every way we can, but will not force or push him to achieve.  I always felt pushed by my dad and it's not nice being under that kind of pressure every time you take an exam.

It's a glorious day here and supposed to be the warmest of the year so far.  And I am stuck in an airless office.  Where's the justice in that?!

23/03/2011 at 10:32
Not fair at all Minks, feeling very miffed about the glorious sunshine the week I start back at work. 
23/03/2011 at 10:46
Well done for surviving your first day back with no tears though, Sonya - you did much better than I did!  But yes, after all the time off on maternity leave it's a travesty that the weather should turn as soon as you head back to the office!
23/03/2011 at 11:11
yes, beautiful day again. i have 3 loads of washing on the line!! the line is very packed!! J has been wet 2 out of the last 3 nights, hence all the washing. bit of a pain really. not sure what to do. he is probably dry about 60% of the time. i don't mind the washing really, but i don't want to make a fuss about wet beds, yet equally i don't want him to think it's ok...
23/03/2011 at 11:16


we seem to be attracting quite a lot of unwanted attention these days!

23/03/2011 at 11:19

2 spammers in as many days?   Interesting.  Still - I always enjoy adding people to my ignore list

Is a lovely day here too although I haven't managed to go out and enjoy it yet.  Z is full of cold and seriously miserable (although the remote controlled train he just won for completing his potty training chart has improved his mood somewhat!) and E went back to bed at 9:30 despite not waking up till 7:30 (yay) and is still there.   Hope that doesn't mean he is getting ill too.  

I am also feeling thick headed and a bit gruff but that's OK - I was willing to succumb to the lurgy once the race was done so I'm ready

Minks - you are so right about buying houses, it is such a painful process - that's why we only had a small beer to celebrate and not anything more interesting.  No celebrating till we actually get in because there is a long way to go till then.  

MM I would have dropped in but I'm going on the train.  Really looking forward to it actually - 2 hours all to myself each way in first class with a book & a train beer. Heaven. 

23/03/2011 at 12:16

I wish people would stop thinking it's OK to just butt in here and post links to random websites!!

CM, not sure what to suggest about J and the wet beds.  I'm sure all the upheaval with the current situation can't be helping in that regard.  Does he wet at T's house as well?  Given all that's going on, I probably wouldn't make a fuss about it yet.  Is it worth him going back to pull-ups (or whatever you were using) or would he be against that?  Still, if you don't mind the washing I guess it doesn't matter - my concern would be that T doesn't do the washing and J ends up sleeping in a bed he's wet that has just been left to dry (yuck!)

Mmmm, four hours of uninterrupted reading time AND a beer - sounds bliss, TB!

23/03/2011 at 12:51

Wow lots of congratulations!  Vixo on the job, TB on  the house and Joh on number 2!

Sonya - know how you feel about the nice weather as I went back to work last week but at least Lexi has had the decency to finally come down with chicken pox meaning I've had to dash home for her!  Managed a run along thesea front yesterday lunchtime too which was so nice

23/03/2011 at 13:06

happy birthday scarlett - sorry remembered on FB and forgot on here.  hope she has a nice day!

and congrats on the tyre change. no way i would even know where to start with that.

i know what you mean about the squirming at bedtime thing. J is like a frog in a bag when i'm reading to him at night. and yet he can sit still on the sofa for ages while i read to him - very odd!

i think J will be gutted if we go back to pull-ups. he is dry at night by getting up at about 6.20 to go for a wee. perhaps i need to go and get him up at 6.20 if he doesn't wake. but i don't really want to be starting my day at that point!! at least when he gets up by himself, he goes back to bed again (although not back to sleep) until his sun clock goes off. if i go into him at that point, i am sure he will think it is getting up time!

and yes he does wet at T's as well. not sure what happens with the bed over there tbh when he does wet.   it is interesting that he has only started being dry on and off at night in the last 6 - 8 weeks, so it is odd timing. you would have thought all the upheaval would have meant it was the wrong time for it to happen. i'm not really that bothered - it's just a bit of a fag having to strip the bed so often and wash him down in the mornings. (lazy mummy)

23/03/2011 at 13:21

Happy Birthday to Scarlett!

Vixo - congrats on the new job, great to be able to go part time too - I'm so envious!

TB -  to the new house. Really hope all goes smoothly for you (well, as smooth as these things ever can go).

It's such a lovely day out there, I'm running part of the way home today and really looking forwards to it - will be sooooo much nicer than squeezing on the tube with lots of sweaty men!

Right, back to work - busy, busy, busy ...

23/03/2011 at 13:32
Happy Birthday Scarlett! Sounds like the bike was a good choice

TB, fab news on the house. Hopefully the rest of the process will go smoothly.

CM, I can see why you wouldn't want to go back. Hopefully as you're nit making a deal out of it, he'll sort himself out.

Yes, MM, similar thing with the, um, one out of one attempt! I wasn't timetabling him this month as I thought I was so close to the mara that I may as well wait..fate though! All being well, due Nov. Exactly opposite time of year to J, so all the wrong-sized seasonal clothes . They'll be 19months apart.

Clearly I've tired the boy out too much this morning/ long walk, 2 playgrounds and mini music. He's been asleep for 1:40 and counting...I need to repeat this moreoften!

Sadly I did not have an aversion to alcohol first time round, in fact I craved it but couldn't have it. Hopefully it won't be as bad this time, it was a long wait for my G and T!!!
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