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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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30/08/2007 at 13:24

cragchick - have good hols - do try to get some 'me time' and hope that hubby of yours in more 'hands-on'.

My partner was useless on hols - gite in France - was just home-from-home (in gorg. location), and he had the gawl (sp?) to say how pleased he was to have managed to finish 2x books and I'd only gotten through half of one of mine!

You lot with equal partners / hubbies who take on their kids in all aspects are so very lucky - praise them, + cherish them and rah rah for them.  Any tips pls pass on.


30/08/2007 at 13:49

Goodness, this thread is so busy now I can't keep up!

Minks a bit late, I increased by roughly the amounts gina recommends in the book. I roughly started with the 5 month schedule when the boys were 5.5 months, and then did the from 6 month, so took a wee while to get to chicken, but then my two have iron supplements so the iron thing wasn't an issue.

I used the blooming marvellous cubes with lids, which take about 35ml, roughly two cubes worth, and I think I was giving them one of these each pretty quickly. I started mixing veggies after two weeks I think around their 6 month birthday. You can also do things like butternut squash and pear, which my two loved, but then they do love their fruit, sweet tooth like mummy!

Trying to decide whether to have a naming day for the boys combined with their birthday, has anyone else had one of these. Hubbie doesn't want to get them christened, wants them to make up their own minds which is fair enough I think.

Baby changing not too bad round here. My main issue is actually getting in the cubicles sometimes with the buggy. NT is worst their changing rooms have such narrow doors. M&S has great big disabled loo, with changing. Starbucks also really good.

30/08/2007 at 14:04

P.S. Minks. I used a tommee tippee spouted cup to start with as soon as they started their solids. Yes it does go everywhere but it gets them used to it, big bib with arms required!

They did a study at our health centre and that was top as easiest for babies. I progressed to anyway cup pretty recently as SIL recommended it.  Takes a wee while for them to get used to sucking out of it, but its great for now.

30/08/2007 at 19:38

Hi girls

I am enjoying reading your posts and looking forward to chatting more when my (third)baby is born (due November)..I know the NCT do some research into feeding/changing facilities - just had a supplement from our local newsletter might be worth looking into this in your area and AP I think it is a great idea to do some research on this! If we don't make a point and educate companies/staff things will never 'change' - excuse the pun!! Perhaps a few of us should write to some Head offices - I would think Waitrose might be receptive to changing things as John Lewis are so good. You never know!

I  can recommend changing rooms of clothes shops as alternative places to feed/change babe - not perfect but has to be better than a toilet floor!

See you in the Autumn girls -can't wait!


PS Very envious of you back out running (hopeful too)...go for it!

31/08/2007 at 09:12

Janie - your M&S sounds a bit like my Tesco. I had to complain to the manager recently because it's a feeding and changing room combined and it stank of pee, with the nappy bin overflowing. I wonder if the manager would like to eat his dinner in a public toilet...Our local Mothercare has the fabulous rocking chairs, but very grubby, although I did notice they were closed this week for a refurbishment.

We went for the BCG yesterday and it was as horrible as the others - poor little chap howled and sobbed. The woman administering the injection had this 'scream and shout and wave your hands about' policy to suposedly distract the babies. Hector wasn't fooled.

So, we're off for our friends' wedding later (stopping the night at my brother's on the way to break up the journey). Have a good weekend everyone, not sure if the weather is going to be kind to us.

Take care

A xx 

31/08/2007 at 12:33

Thanks for the weaning tips, MM.  I also have the Blooming Marvellous weaning cubes with lids, very useful.  They hold roughly two of Gina's 'cubes' each and I have been pretty much following what she suggests.  I started with the first week of the early weaning schedule as I began weaning Kit a couple of days before he reached 25 weeks, then moved straight to the six-month schedule this week, so we have gone a little more slowly than starting immediately with the six-month schedule.  Am just not sure whether I need to increase the amounts a bit more quickly.  Today, after 4oz of formula, I gave him 2 cubes of sweet potato mixed with 2 cubes of carrot, with a tiny bit of formula in to make it a bit more creamy.  He ate all of that then took another ounce of formula so 5 in total plus his solids.  According to Gina, for that amount of solids he should only have had 3-4oz of formula.  He definitely prefers the sweeter stuff too - pear puree is a big hit but I've been a meanie and combined his evening baby rice with courgette puree and just half a teaspoon of pear for the past couple of days as I noticed he was turning his nose up at the more savoury flavours.  However, I don't really see any problem with combining sweet and savoury in the same meal if it means they eat their veggies!

I also have a Tommee Tippee spouted cup and tried him with that yesterday instead of the Avent one we were using.  He doesn't have to suck very hard for the water to come out.  I sat him on my lap with a bib on and helped him to drink as he hasn't quite got the hang of how far he needs to tip up the cup to get the water out: he either sucks and sucks and nothing happens, or tips it up so far it ends up all over him!  Carrot puree seems to get everywhere too - found it on his eyebrow and in his nose earlier; not quite sure how he got it there!  What's an Anyway cup?

Kit has recently discovered his willy which makes nappy changing very interesting, especially if he's done a poo.  As soon as I undo his nappy he reaches for his willy and if his nappy's full of poo I have to try to keep his hands as well as his feet away from it until I've folded the nappy over and cleaned the poo off his willy.  Have tried giving him a toy to distract him while I change his nappy but he isn't fooled!

Cragchick, hope you have a fab holiday and hubby pulls his weight.  Have to say (apart from the drunken episode at my brother's wedding) my hubby is great - in fact, I'm often accused of not allowing him to be as involved as he'd like in my usual control freak fashion.  Wouldn't let him make Kit's puree the other day which was a bit silly in retrospect as he's perfectly capable of pushing some sweet potato through a sieve!

AP, hope the wedding goes well and you manage to relax and enjoy it.  I think it's a great idea to write to some head offices about the pathetic baby changing facilities in many stores.  I may get onto that!

MM, I like the idea of a naming day.  We vaguely discussed having Kit christened but it seems to have fallen off the agenda for the moment.  It would probably mean us having to go to church for several weeks so that we don't look like complete hypocrites, but Sunday morning services don't fit around Kit's feed and nap times at the moment! 

31/08/2007 at 18:55

GM  - We have tie on gloves for James we go them from

I got some from their catalogue / website after someone on Runners World suggested it to me.  However they are not in their most recent catalogue so I phoned them up and they still have them in stock.  They are like tie on sacks.  I got size 2 so they would last for longer.  James has mastered the art of getting these off too now.  They are expensive but worth it if they work.

I think tesco also have larger baby scratch mitts than most shops. If you find any others, let me know!

31/08/2007 at 19:57

Anywayup cups Minks, sorry missed off the 'up'. Designed by that mum who was fed up spills everywhere. They are very clever, and all the other companies like Avent have tried to copy her idea but they don't work. You can get them in tesco.

Tomato is shocking too. Boys had mini muffin pizzas tonight for tea, really enjoyed making them!! But goodness what a mess. Had to wipe tomato hands off the wall!

Worse is orange. Won't come out even with vanish.

01/09/2007 at 20:11
Am catching up on all posts - brb - GMx
02/09/2007 at 15:32

Well done janie...sounds like a good goal and good you and hubbie can gee each other on!

I am going to have to get out there... disasterous day yesturday shopping for clothes that fit while Dad looked after the kids.  I had a mare cos nothing did fit! and he had a mare cos the babies wouldnt settle, looked really frazzled when I got home.  At least he understands now how hard it can be on your own!

Taking the girls to watch him play cricket now... they best get used to it!!!

03/09/2007 at 08:52

Thanks MM, will see if I can find those cups in Tesco.  Have to say Kit's doing really well just with his Tommee Tippee spouted cup - it's not a 'no spill' sort though so I have to supervise!  He managed to get most of the water inside him rather than down him yesterday and went ballistic when I decided he'd had enough water and tried to take the cup away!  I think he just loves trying to be independent, bless him.  He seems to be taking well to my concoctions too - yesterday he had sweet potato, carrot and pear for lunch, then baby rice and courgette puree for tea (with a dash of pear as this seems to keep his poo soft!)

We went for a studio photo session yesterday!  Got a flyer in the post a while back and you had to fill out your details to stand a chance of being selected for a complimentary photo session - and we got selected.  It was great fun and Kit was a real star - he only started to get fed up after an hour so he did really well, and was happy and smiley throughout.  We have to go back in 3 weeks to view the photos and make our selection: the offer includes one free framed picture.  We'll probably want to order more but were rather disheartened when we saw the price list - SO expensive!

Janie, great about your return to running!  I definitely think that being fit before pregnancy aided my recovery from the C-section.  I was back running after 6 weeks - for the first few runs I kept to a slow pace, around 9:30/10 minute miles - but it didn't take long for the pace to creep up.  I did overdo it to start with though and hurt my back, which meant that after being back running for only a week I then had to take two weeks off!  Took it more cautiously after that - starting with literally 1.5 mile runs and building from there rather than launching straight in to 3 milers 4 times a week.  Ran 6 miles last night and averaged 7:54 pace for the whole run, which includes a couple of quite steep hills and the first 3 miles are pretty much all uphill.  I was pleased with that, but definitely need new running shoes as noticed my legs really ached during the run.  Bought this current pair before I was pregnant so I think they're probably well past their expiry date.

Hetty, it's good for dads to spend some time alone with the baby/babies - I don't think they realise until they do that how much hard work it is and what you actually do all day!

03/09/2007 at 22:27

hi,  I too am back running!  Went to gym yesterday and did 5k on treadmill - was going to go outside but it's been so blooming windy all week and where I live it is impossible to go anywhere without running up and down hills and wanted a flat run for my first.  Must say though that after 1k I thought I was going to die.  might have had something to do with complete pigheadedness and a refusal to run at less than my former "plodding" pace.  Ended up walking for 100m then running 500m then walking again then conceding that I might need to take the pace down if I was to run continuously.  Managed the rest of it running though at 1.2km/hr slower but I upped the pace every 100m in the last k so not so bad.  Took me 28.31 - oh lordy will I ever get back to a decent pace.  Phoned London Marathon the other day too and they confirmed I definitely have a place.  Help!! 

Oh well, it felt good to be doing something again though my groin has been niggling ever since.  probably shouldn't have sat on the bike for half an hour after the run!  But the athletics was on and I was feeling inspired by the 4x400m!!

Any tips for getting babs to sleep during the day?  louise is good as gold at night, sleeps so well and feeds the once and goes straight back down but during the day it's a nightmare.  She just refuses to sleep which means I get no down time at all and worse I end up eating rubbish as I think I won't get lunch etc so just grab crisps, chocolate and all the cr*p of the day. 

Trying to upload more photos to photobox.  Did it yesterday or so I thought.  Somehow I uploaded them but didn't store them in my album.  Who knows.  have ordered prints of them all.  Have decided am sick of digital photography as you never have any actual photos any more and if you do want to print them it's a lot of effort. 

Right, Andy managed to get Lou to go to sleep at 9pm so have done about a million chores and am heading for the shower - yet another thing I can't do in the morning cos she won't nap!

04/09/2007 at 09:56

EF, I sympathise as Kit wasn't much of a napper in the day either.  He's got better now though - as they move about more they use more energy and get more tired!  From Day 1 I started getting up at 6:30am so I could guarantee getting a shower and getting dressed etc. before hubby went to work.  We still do this now - I get up and shower, while hubby gets Kit up and changes his nappy.  When I'm out the shower and dressed, I feed him.  The early start isn't great but I just can't bear the thought of going all day without a shower and feeling skanky.  On the plus side, when Kit naps I can get more done if I don't have to worry about getting myself ready.

Now that he's not having a dream feed, he's waking up a bit earlier in the morning - this morning I heard him murmuring in his cot at 5:45am.  He doesn't cry or demand attention but we have no idea how long he's been awake for unless he starts making cute baby noises.  This morning I had to put him down for a nap at 8:20am as he was so tired, and he's still asleep now at nearly 100am!  In that time I've done a load of washing, ordered some more weaning cubes online, made carrot puree and sent a few emails to friends.

Well done on getting back to the running so quickly.  Don't worry at all about pace at first - it will come back, trust me.  I was really slow at first and wondered how I ever used to run faster, but as your body gets back into it the pace just seems to naturally return.  I struggled with stamina too at first - even just a few months off running undoes all the hard work and it takes a while to regain.  My leg strength still isn't quite where it was but it's getting better all the time.  I was so elated to be able to run again that I actually didn't care that I was slower and less fit at the outset. 

04/09/2007 at 11:40

Hello all!

Just a quickie to tell you how the wedding went (we're off on our hols tomorrow, so trying to pack and REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!)

It was lovely, very happy, smiley, romantic wedding. It was a very long day though and we were knackered by the time the reception started! Hector got so much attention, lots of cooing and ahhing. He was great - slept through the ceremony but was snoring (!), then had a few grumpy moments when he was over-stimulated - he would not go to sleep in the evening even though you could see his little eyes were really heavy. He didn't want to miss anything! (the next day he slept loads, poor thing). The thing I found most exhausting was feeling I had to explain myself all the time when people came up: 'oh, he's still sleeping?' 'yes' 'Oh dear, he's crying!' 'yes, he's tired' 'when can I hold him?' 'when he wakes up/feels like being held' and so on. Blimey. Anyway, we coped and my poor husband was so tired himself that he hardly drank a thing and we were in bed by midnight, didn't even have a dance and I'm known for my dancing!

I put some photos on my Flickr page if you fancy a look. 

Well done everyone who is back running, that's great and good to hear you feeling so positive. 

Right, so much to do before tomorrow and the blimmin' Tubes are on strike, just when we need them.  

I will be back to tell you how we get on with holidaying when we return.

A xx 

04/09/2007 at 13:05

Not sure if you'll remember me from the Pregnant Runners thread, have been on maternity leave for 11 months and am just back at work now, didn't have access to email or internet at home.  Gave birth to Isla on 20th October last year, was 9 days late, got induced, forceps etc, but enough said about that.  Isla was 8lbs 9oz at birth and now is away up about 23lbs, she is going to be tall (i am tall, 5ft 9 in and hubby is over 6ft).  Have thoroughly enjoyed being at home, but ready to come back to work part time now (3 days a week).  Think 6 months would have been too early for me and glad we could stretch financially to a few extra unpaid months leave.

Yesterday was my first day back and my Mum came to our house and looked after Isla she was fine and not even upset.  Today she is at nursery and not so happy, her first full day there.  Mum is going to look after her on a monday and she is going to a nursery on a tuesday and wednesday.

As for the running, first of all i started back in march, but had really stiff ankles in the morning, so rested for a couple of weeks then started again about july and strained something in my hip, got checked out by a physio and everything ok, so rested it for another wee while and the past two weeks i have just started again.  Everything going ok so far, adding a few minutes each time i go out and up to 30 mins with no problems.  Also went out for a short hill walk and got to the top of the nearest hill in the same time as pre-pregnancy, so not lost much fitness it seems, perhaps all the long walks pushing the push chair round a bumpy hilly estate have kept me reasonably fit.

04/09/2007 at 17:41

Hello! - thought I should show my face here as I can officially graduate to this thread now.  I've been posting on the pregnant runners thread so a lot of names are familiar, but just to give a brief bit of history: Eddie was born 3 weeks ago by c/s and I'm recovering really well, which I put down to running up to (and beyond!) my due date (when I say running I really mean a sort of gentle waddle). I'm quite keen to get back to running again soon but don't want to risk injury, especially as I'm hoping to take up my GFA place at FLM next year, so I'll probably be asking advice from some of you in the next few weeks. Well done to everyone who's back running- I do find reading your experiences is really inspiring.

04/09/2007 at 21:10

So much for the elation at back running - pretty sure I am getting a stinking cold.  Throat agony, sneezing lots.  Can't wait for Lou to get it too.

Still, am not going to grumble, am just going to think of Jane Tomlinson and be thankful that I can run and that I have my health.  What an inspiration she was. 

Going to try to tidy up now - Lou has had a good day (she even slept a couple of times for 30 - 40 mins at a time!) and she's gone down OK tonight too.  See, this is when I get cocky and think we've cracked it and tomorrow will probably be a nightmare.  It's my birthday tomorrow too.  House looks like a bomb hit it because we had to get plumber in to fit a new shower and the pipe box runs along the back of our wardrobe so had to move my shoes.  OH MY GOD. I reckon I must have 100 pairs.  I have 10 pairs of boots!!  And that doesn't include wellies or walking boots!  I now have to move them all back.  Also had to empty linen cupboard as weirdly pipes run from wardrobe to linen cupboard then into bathroom.  So now have all my towels etc scattered round spare room. 

Nice to meet you Mrs O - I have the nursery thing to look forward to in January, we just sent off the cheque to book Louise's place the other day.  not quite sure how I'll cope but it's really close to the office so I can always pop in at lunchtime to see how she's doing. 

04/09/2007 at 21:56

Sod tidying up.  Faffing about on the internet so much more fun! 

How's everyone's weight doing?  nosy question I know but I think I am starting to put on weight now that Lou is 7 weeks.  I am finding it difficult not to eat rubbish, as I said above, and I can tell that it's going to creep on.  Here's hoping that the exercise will burn it off but it's a bit of a nightmare.  I tried not having rubbish in the house but then I go for a walk and stop off somewhere instead!  I have no will power and there's a bit of me saying well until you stop breastfeeding you're always going to carry some extra weight in the boobs so you might as well just eat what you like and unfortunately what I liked today included a packet of sainsburys shrimps and bananas, a packet of hula hoops, TWO scones with jam, a fudge bar and a cinnamon bagel.  Not to speak of the regular meals of fish fingers (forgot to defrost the chicken), chicken soup and my breakfast cereal.  Man, having read that I think I might just do about 100 sit ups right beside this pc.  Tomorrow will be bad too cos I always eat what I like on my birthday - OK so that's acceptable - but then I will have to break the habit on thursday.  Actually, just remembered that my friend and personal trainer is coming to visit on Thursday after a 3 month break away travelling.  He couldn't have timed that better from my point of view!  he's quite scary so Thursday should be a better day.  My main worry is that I am going to grow back out of my jeans!

04/09/2007 at 21:58
Meant to say JT, £2500 is pretty hefty.  I had to do £1000 back in 2002 and that was quite hard work though I hit £1500 in the end.  I don't think I could make £2500.  Fingers crossed for the ballot!  I'm quite scared of FLM now that I know I am definitely in.  I desperately want to beat my time from 2002 and get a Good For Age time, only need to take 7 mins off, but I am not hopeful, not after that run!
05/09/2007 at 09:16

I've still got about a stone to lose after 10 months !!!  Have been breastfeeding and using that as an excuse to eat lots and not diet.  About 7 or 8 months when Isla really started taking more solids i think i even put on about 4 or 5 pounds just as she was taking less milk from me.  Also when you're at home its hard to eat healthily, however now back at work so eating fruit at coffee time instead of biscuits and cakes.  Also hoping that once i get back to running properly that should take some weight of as well.  Also planning to stop breastfeeding when she's one, so if my boobs shrink back from ridiculous H cups back to E/F then that might be another half pound or so lost.

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