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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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23/09/2007 at 15:59

What do you do when LO suddenly decides they don't like veggies any more?  Kit's been great and eaten everything I've given him - until Friday (see previous post).  Fussed with veggies again Saturday but hubby managed to get him to eat them, then today was even worse and eventually only ate about 3/4, which took about half an hour.  He seems to have a cold so maybe that's affecting his appetite?  Could also have sore gums - last night he woke up about 7:45pm having been asleep for an hour, and it took us 20 minutes to console him and calm him down.  Was beside himself - real tears, the lot.  Not sure what the matter was as he usually sleeps brilliantly, but eventually have him a dose of Calpol and rubbed his gums with Bonjela and he settled down.  Not sure if he's just a bit poorly and off his food because of that, or if he's suddenly going to start getting fussy.  He's fine with baby rice and porridge - think I may have been giving him too much porridge after a full bottle of milk which may also be putting him off his later vegetable meal?  Don't want to turn mealtimes into a battle or give him a complex but also don't want him to think he's going to be able to get away with refusing hs veggies every day.  What to do?

MM, I seem to have a bit of a cold coming too.  Supposed to be doing a 9-mile run today but just don' feel up to it - slept really badly last night, waking virtually every hour as I was worried about Kit, so feel a bit wiped out today.  Thanks for stock cube info - am currently making a batch of fresh chicken stock but don't think I could face doing that every time!  If there are low-salt stock cubes available that will be a life-saver!

Had a rubbish day yesterday.  On our way shopping and hubby went into the back of a 4x4 Jeep at a roundabout.  Jeep was in front of us and started to pull out onto the roundabout.  Hubby checked right to see if the road was clear which it was, so pulled out - not realising Jeep had suddenly stopped.  Didn't see Jeep in time and went into the back of it.  No-one hurt and barely a scratch on the Jeep - but our car's a complete mess, crumpled bonnet, bent radiator grill and wrecked front bumper.  Shopping trip was aborted and looks like we'll be carless while the damage is repaired.  Had to do all the food shopping on foot today - luckily there were two of us.  I usually do the weekly shop with Kit on a Monday but obviously I take the car as a) can't push a buggy and a trolley at the same time and b) can't carry all the stuff and push the buggy home.  You never realise how much you rely on something until you don't have it. 

Hope everyone who's a bit under the weather feels better soon.  Am crossing my fingers for a decent night's sleep tonight. 

23/09/2007 at 16:18

Hi everyone,

Janie hope you're getting on better with b/f following on your consultation with LLL. 

 AP, Louise is drooling and chomping on her hands too.  I also wondered about teething but figured it had to be miles too early so it's a relief to hear that Hector is at the same thing! 

Running going quite well.  Have only been doing 5Ks but today I upped it to 7K but kept the pace static until the last K.  Finished it and lay down to do some sit ups.  When I sat up again I thought I was going to puke everywhere!  Now that would have been embarrassing!  What is annoying is that I can only wear one of my sports bras and one of my tops to run in.  Have got a black shock absorber B109 I think it is.  It's amazing.  Bought a different style in white and it just doesn't have the same clamping effect.  i have to wear a coloured top as bra black and I can't wear any of my old gym kit as unfortunately they are quite fitted and you can see the outline of my breastpads!

i know you are not supposed to diet when you are b/f but does anyone know how many calories you are supposed to take in?  I am thinking about doing a weightwatchers plan (using my own old stuff) and thought i'd allow myself say 24 points.  I used to get 18  but I am over 10st so you get 20 and then I thought I'd give myself 4 extra points for b/f purposes.  i just feel so blob like and i have hardly anything to wear.  It seems that all my tops are cropped tops!  Styles have obviously changed so much in 1 year because I never noticed they were short before and whilst the boobs are hitching them up a bit, I can't blame everything on them.  Try though I might!  Mentioned it at new mums group and they all agreed!  The group did turn out to be fun as it was the 3 people whom I actually liked from my ante natal who were there and so we just have a standing arrangement to meet there each week and catch up. 

 Sleeping is going well again.  We now feed at 5pm and then bath at 6.15 - 6.30ish followed by another feed at 7pm (bottle of expressed milk) and then bed.  Louise stays asleep til she's woken around 11pm and then we get til 7 or 7.15 ish.  It's amazing!  I get up sharp which lets me have brekky, express 150mls so I have some spare and then I just get my contacts in, brush teeth and wash my face and I'm ready to face the world. 

 Was out for a work leaving do on Friday.  A mate of a mate was there and he is one of these naturally superfit people.  he used to do 32min 10Ks before he discovered beer and cricket.  he decided to run a 5K recently and was pleased with an 18 min 5K even though he thought it was a bit slow and he could easily do better.  At my peak I managed a 21.37 5K.  Post preg I have now got it down to 25.57!

Suspect I am heading towards the max post so will head off.  Have a good week all,


24/09/2007 at 10:05
How often should babies poo when they get to around about a year old ?  Isla was pooing everyday for a while, but lately it has been sometimes only every other day, or not for 3 days sometimes and sometimes a bit hard.  She gets lots of fruit and veg through the day, but maybe she isn't drinking enough.  She gets breastmilk morning and evening, but won't drink formula through the day, we offer her water and juice, and she drinks a wee drop but not very much, how can i get her to drink more fluid through the day ??  Are there any baby juices that anyone would recommend ?? Is it too early to try her with cow's milk and see if she likes that, she's just over a year old now.
24/09/2007 at 10:38
Sorry, mean't to say she's just UNDER a year old, she was 11 months last thursday (20th)
24/09/2007 at 11:15

Morning all!

Hope you had a good weekend all round.

Minks - sorry to hear about your car accident, it must have shaken you up a bit, and it'll be such a pain to be without your car. I hope it gets sorted soon.

Janie - You are doing so well to keep going with the breastfeeding with all the challenges you are facing. It's good to get advice from a few sources and I find it's really easy to fall into a pattern or habits that you don't realise you are doing until you speak to another breastfeeding mother (I 'forget' to swap sides as Hector is really not that keen on the left side and I've realised I've been going for an easy life!). I phoned the Breastfeeding Network when I had food poisoning the other week - I was worried about my milk supply - and the woman on the phone was so reassuring and kind, sometimes you just need that bit of extra support and understanding. Hmmmm, two days in bed, sounds great but what about everything else that needs doing?! You could at least use that suggestion as an excuse for a good lie in though...

Thanks to everyone for the reassurance about chomping hands and dribble chops! He's normally a very 'clean' child, but is now one of those with a permanently wet top. Slummy Mummy...

Hector has been behaving oddly in the past week, being really demanding and wanting to be constantly on the move (hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from!) and always wants to be facing outwards. We were on the bus the other day and he didn't want to be in his buggy, so I took him out so he could see what was going on and he was cooing with joy, until the bus stopped and he got all grumpy again! Inquisitive little chap, he is.

Well, I'm back out running at last. We decided last night to go for a run this morning, take Hector in his buggy to the park and take it in turns to do a circuit (husband needs to get that belly under control!). Of course, it was absolutely p****ng it down this morning, but we went for it anyway. I'm so glad we did because I found it much easier than I'd anticipated and had to force myself to add in a walk break. Feeling so positive after getting out there again, but god my hamstrings feel tight!

Better go!

A xx

24/09/2007 at 11:18

Janie - here's a number for the Breastfeeding Network in case you need it at all. You get through to a trained counsellor in her own home - I phoned on a Sunday afternoon, so it's seven days.

0870 900 8787

24/09/2007 at 11:42

Hi all at work so this is a quick post..

Mrs O - My first suffered from constipation quite badly when he was younger, I found Prune Juice to be quite good, I used to buy Sunsweet.
Mine were also heavy dribblers, I used to always put on a bib as part of their clothing otherwise I just had to keep changing their tops.

Minks - Sorry to hear about your car troubles, if you are going to be carless for a while you might want to try on-line grocery shopping even if it is only for the bulky items like pampers. I know on-line shopping is not for everyone but for me it's been fantastic.
Enjoy the rest of your time off with Kit.

24/09/2007 at 11:56

Ap - it may well be teeth coming after all, my friend suggested my 2 were teething yesturday and when i checked M has a bit of tooth poking through - I hadnt even considered it as thought they were too young but apparently not!  Well done on the running.

I too got back out running on saturday, found it hard and my legs were killing me yesturday but it felt good to be back out there!  Off to buggyfit now, will report back what its like!

Minks, sound like you are having a rough time of it - hope it all gets better soon.  I can vouch for online shopping, I use tesco and its really easy cos everything you have bought using a club card is saved so its doesnt take long.

24/09/2007 at 11:58

Oh and congrats cragchick.. impressive!

EF - very jealous sounds like Louise is doing great at night!  I still dream of a whole nights sleep!

24/09/2007 at 12:51

Brilliant, Cragchick - you are an inspiration!  Feel a bit pathetic for having wimped out of my planned 9-mile run yesterday now, but just couldn't summon up the motivation as was feeling cold-y and tired.  Went to bed at 10:00pm but was then awake from 1:30am-4:00am, no idea why but often find at the start of a cold that I keep needing the loo so was up and down all night.  Each time I went hardly anything came out - was like being pregnant again (which I'm not, I hasten to add!)  I did get out for a short run, only three miles but DVD needed returning to DVD rental shop so I ran there and back since we can't use the car.

Made up a job lot of Annabel Karmel's chicken casserole this morning, and Kit had his first portion for lunch.  It was a battle - took 45 minutes to get him to eat it with LOTS of praise, cajoling and encouragement.  I guess we may have expected a bit too much as it was a completely new experience for him, with unfamiliar taste and texture.  The first couple of mouthfuls made him turn his nose up and look fairly unimpressed.  Then he started to bawl and refused to have any more.  We just ignored him until he calmed down (cruel parents) and then persevered.  We had to keep scraping up what he spat out and putting it back in his mouth, but by the end he was actually opening his mouth voluntarily and allowing us to spoon it in, and chewing reasonably well.  Have made up about 6 portions so hopefully by the end of the week he'll be eating it happily!  If it were down to me I would probably have given in and made him something else but hubby insisted that it's important that he knows we're in charge, not him, and that if he refuses his food he's not going to get something else he likes better instead.  I guess that makes sense.  [Note to self - must harden up!]

Hubby off work today as waiting for garage to collect car for insurance assessment - yippee.  Have a nasty feeling it's going to take ages before we get it back again.  Might actually think about ordering food shopping online in its absence, although it seems shameful when Sainsbury's is less than a 5-minute walk away.

Think I'm going to dose myself up with Night Nurse tonight and cross my fingers for a good night's sleep.  It's always the way that when you need to sleep well, you don't. 

24/09/2007 at 16:47

hope you feel better soon minks

Buggyfit was good, walking including some of uphill interspersed with resistance work using a band, step, core work, and lots of lunges! Definateley felt like I had a workout and was nice to be in the fresh air.    The girls seemed to like it too!

24/09/2007 at 19:36
Minks, I must have skimmed over the bit about accident,what a mare.  Online shopping is definitely the way to go even if it is close by.  Five minutes with a zillion bags and a baby might as well be 50 minutes!
24/09/2007 at 21:07
And its actually more eco friendly to get it delivered than use the car..... thats what I tell myself anyway!
24/09/2007 at 23:19

Cragchick, did you get the time you wanted on FAST?  I have been thinking about doing it but Andy has done it twice now and has missed his 4hr goal both times.  I really really want to hit 3.45 and I must admit that this schedule seems to me to be the most family friendly.  To be fair to the programme, Andy was not very diligent about cross training!

Bed beckons for me too. 

25/09/2007 at 09:57

Goodness Minks how awful I do hope you are all OK. Its hard to be without a car with a babe, I couldn't do it living in the sticks. I try to be green but living here its hard not to use the car.

I agree with you to a point about internet shopping hetty but what winds me up is the amount of plastic bags we end up with. I go to tesco while out and about and take my plastic to recycling, fill up the car and use my green carrier bags. The boys love it too as they get lots of attention, lots to look at etc, not sure how much longer that will last though!

Babes do go off their food when ill or teething just like we do when off colour. My two have finally got their appetites back after a horrendous week of colds and tummy upsets. Big relief I hate it when they don't eat my home cooked food, I hate seeing it go on the compost bin. Mind you cat loved their tuna pasta the other day!

J has worked out how to climb the stairs now but gets tired after 5 or 6 steps and tries to sit down. Bad news! Wasn't going to get stair gate for the bottom of the stairs, but maybe we should.

I have had 5 days off with my cold now. May attempt a short run tonight though.

25/09/2007 at 09:58
mrs o - is isla having wet nappies even when she isn't pooing?  the HV told me that as long as the baby is still wee-ing, it's not dehydration.  what i found with jacob was that bananas made him incredibly constipated.  once i cut those out, he was fine.  he seems to be ok with them again now - but certainly for quite a few months he couldn't tolerate them.
25/09/2007 at 10:41
Thanks CM, yes she is having wet nappies.  Have been trying to get her to eat soup at lunchtime, but she usually ends up getting banana and cereal which she loves, maybe the banana is bunging her up.
25/09/2007 at 11:06

mrs o - could well be the banana.  it's not uncommon apparently. avocado is another one, although i didn't ever give that to jacob.

jacob loves dried fruit - pureed dried apricots / dates / prunces, as well as raisins, so you could try them with her.  if you can, the unsulphured dried apricots (from holland and barratts or some supermarkets) are probably the best as they have no nasties in them.

janie tri - congrats for persevering.  LLL can't help as much with positioning as Carol can - because they aren't allowed to touch you or baby.  Carol will actually put her hands on you / babe to adjust your positioning - but she also makes you do it yourself, so you don't rely on her.  she's a big fan of feeding lying down as well - apparently much easier for baby, although jacob just used to fall asleep immediately.

25/09/2007 at 13:13

mrs o. I agree with CM. Banana is great for bunging up when they have upset tummy, so I guess will be bad if eaten a lot. My two eat tonnes of other fruit, like grapes and plums, but also love dried fruit too. Prunes, apricots, raisins and dried pears all go down very well.

25/09/2007 at 13:47

Thanks for all the advice, will try some dried fruit and did someone say pears can soften things up ? becuse she likes them too.

On a running note, am a bit peeved, went out and did a run at lunchtime, a route that we used to do quite a lot (have a wee informal running group at work, we have flexi time so can take long lunches and go for runs), my previous best time (pre-pregnancy) was 40m18s and today it took me 45m43s !!

However my best time was 3 years ago, when i was running regularly, i was running with two folk who run a lot faster than me (a whippet like lady who cycles to work everyday and a bloke in the TA), so was probably trying to keep up with them therefore running faster than i normally would, also we had the odd wee breather after they waited for me to catch up, so i suppose i had some mini breathers, whereas today i ran without stopping, also i was running by myself and am only into my 6th week back of proper running after pregnancy, is that enough good excuses for a whole 5m35s slower ? oh and i'm about a stone heavier than then as well !

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