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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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02/10/2007 at 11:18

Congrats Mrs t!

Janie, well done for persevering, sounds like you and Ted have turned a corner.  Have a lovely holiday.

The weight certainly isnt falling off me but could have something to do with the rubbish food I am eating and lack of regular exercise!  Things are improving as the girls are getting so much easier to look after and I am therefore getting more time to myself to prepare healthy food and exercise when they sleep or have time with Dad and aunty etc!).  They are 12 weeks now and have fallen into their own routine, and we have learnt that if we leave them in thier cot they will wail for 5 mins but then drop off to sleep, so bed times are earlier too.  My biggest food problem comes after broken nights when all I want to do is eat chocolate to give myself a boost!

Having a few feeding issues as they are getting bigger and wrigglier (have definately got the fidget gene from thier Dad!)  Find it quite hard to feed them together now so am feeding seperately when I can, not being used to it the girls find it hard to wait for thier turn!  Also they often just dont seem satisfied after a breast feed and will get quite frustrated trying to get more milk than i have got on tap... they want to feed 2 hours after a breast feed which doesnt leave much time to refill (or give me much time in between!).  I have been giving them a bottle mid afternoon which is helping because by teatime I am full again and am usually out in the afternoon so bottles are easier.... although I know deep down that they are happier like this as they are full it still makes me sad that i cant provide enough for them.   Thankfully night and morning feeds are fine and enjoyable for us all still.

Have you got a race coming up MM?  Glad you are feeling better.

02/10/2007 at 14:55
Hetty, I take my hat off to you.  I have immense respect for those of you with twins, it's hard enough juggling it all with just one.
You sound like you are doing just fine.  I think the most important thing is that everyone is happy, mum and kids and the source of milk is secondary.All I can say with weight gain/loss was I was really impatient by 3 months after, I walked/ran the FLM at 7 months, went on some crazy diets but really the extra pounds stayed on. By 11 months when I got fed up with it all and just eased off everything and wasn't really doing any much exercise it suddenly came off. So 12 months later I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, the only explanation I can think of was that my body just needed time to settle down.  I just have to be careful now and be a bit more disciplined and try to fit in some decent runs.  I managed 5k on my lunch break today.   My dear hubby (a non runner) has bought me a treadmill, not sure if this is a sweet gesture or a cunning one  I can run when the kids are asleep and he has to do minimal babysitting!    Anyway, I'm not complaining.
02/10/2007 at 14:57

Have a good holiday Janie, and glad all is getting better. I had two sickie boys, who do seem finally to have stopped their non stop posetting, thank goodness as new carpet arriving today!!!

Breast feeding two is very energy consuming Hetty. I would suggest you really try to get some rest between feeds, or before the feed that is worst. Also if you wish to continue beyond six months (which was enough for me to be fair) you may need to increase your milk supply by expressing. Good nutrition is really key as well, plenty of protein with each meal.

I have written out what my boys did food wise at 12 weeks. Its roughly the gina twin routine regigged to fit in with hubbie getting home etc. I did all my feeding separately I remember all too well jigging one baby with my foot in his chair while feeding the other. Its good for them to learn to be patient as it will continue all their childhood, sharing toys etc.

7-7.30am breast feed. Boys slept between 8.30am and 10am

10-10.30am breast feed. Boys slept between 11.30am and 2pm

2pm breast feed. Boys slept between 4pm and 4.30pm

Sometimes had to give them a quick top up feed around 4.30pm

6pm bath and bottle of formula. Bed by 7pm

9.30pm express using double electric pump. Hubbie gives feed at ~10.30pm

3-4am breast feed. Although by 12 weeks my two had dropped this feed.

Around 5 months I replaced the 11am feed with a bottle of formula, so was breast feeding them 3 times a day. 7am, 2pm and 10.30pm.

This all really worked for me and I had a good milk supply and really struggled to stop feeding them at 6 months, which just added to the guilt of course!!!!

I tried to rest while they slept at lunchtime or in the afternoon sleep. I used to notice my milk at 10pm used to have to be topped up if I'd had a very busy day.

You are doing very well, just keep saying that to yourself!!!

I am racing next sunday half marathon, great east run. Just did 10k measured run with a friend to replace the race I missed last week and managed 41:32, pretty pleased given I ran 16 miles on sunday. Ease down now which I love!! Means I can practice making the boys cakes this week!!


02/10/2007 at 14:59
P.S. Forgot to add congrats to mrs T. We are chatting about more kids next year. Hubbie says no, I say yes, so we'll see!!
02/10/2007 at 15:00
Not sure why Boys was added to end of my post. Sorry about that!!
02/10/2007 at 15:35

Also forgot to say congrats to Mrs T yesterday - hope you're feeling well !

We've just got back from Eddie's 6 week check (at 7 weeks!) - they measured his length for the 1st time and he's on the 98th centile, so his weight (also now 98th centile) is spot on - about 13 and a half pounds now.  Unfortunately the pounds he's gaining don't seem to be slipping off me despite lots of feeding - shame it doesn't work that way! Thanks for replies about weight loss - I think I'm probably kidding myself that I'm doing enough exercise yet to make a difference, so I'm going to try and substitute fruit etc. for cakes and chocolate for a while to see if that makes a differenceas I don't want to actively diet. Also good to hear that things sorted themselves out for you at 11/12 months Tonia - I will also have to try and be patient.

MM and Hetty - I have such respect for you both managing to breaastfeed / generally cope with twins! I find it hard enough sometimes juggling 3 with big age gaps - and my eldest helps out a lot too.  Hetty - it sounds like you're doing brilliantly at the moment.

02/10/2007 at 16:08

Wow sarahbob. My two are on the 2nd and the 9th, and the 25th for height bless them. Harry not much over 18lbs, Joshie just under 20lbs, both now 11 months. But they were never going to be big as I am tiny and hubbie is a 10.5 stone skinny bean too!!!

Am not sure if twins is harder or easier than kids of different ages. Its obviously harder than 1 alone, but I think twins might actually be easier than two with an age gap, because at least everything happens together. Will be different of course if we have more!!

Struggling to find cruiser shoes for them as they have tiny feet. Think have found some at start rite but clarks start at size 3, no good for wee harry!!

02/10/2007 at 21:38

That looks like a really good routine MM, have tried stretching the times between feeds to but no joy, I struggle to get to 3 hours before they are hungry and screaming!  I dont plan to feed past 6 months but would like to continue with at least some of thier feeds on the breast til then.  

I was only saying to my SIL today thank god for bouncy chairs!

I am sure that having twins will get easier than 2 of different ages as they get older and can play together and to be honest I dont think I have found it any more difficult than most first time mums with 1 baby... I do think it would be tough to have a toddler and then twins though.

I feel broody for another already... keep thinking that this will be the only time I will get to do this having 2 at once.  Dont think the other half would agree to more though (or the bank manager!!)

02/10/2007 at 22:57

Wow, loads of posts to catch up on.  Am back at work tomorrow after 7 months off and feeling rather apprehensive.  Am worried that Kit will miss me - and worried that he won't!  I know that sounds mad but although I'm resigned to the fact I have to go back it's going to be such a wrench being away from Kit all day.  Have organised the moring routine with hubby so that I still give Kit his breakfast, and I should be back in time for his bath - so at least I get to spend the beginning and end of the day with him.

Tried on my old work clothes today and thankfully everything fits, although all my trousers are much more snug round the waist - they used to hang off me.  Although I'm pretty much as I was pre-pregnancy I'm definitely bigger round the middle.  I don't think anyone else would notice though.

Had a really busy day today.  During Kit's morning nap I did a pile of ironing, tried on all my work clothes and made a batch of courgette puree (fairly textured as Kit is now on less smooth foods).  After his lunchtime nap I cleaned the bathroom while he sat and watched in his bouncy chair, then I made spaghetti bolognese for dinner while he had an afternoon nap.  My mum came round late afternoon and while she played with him I sorted and organised all his clothes and packed away some that he no longer wears.  Then I went for a run when hubby got in.  And sorted a load of photos into chronological order and put them into an album while watching 'Bringing Up Baby' tonight!

MM, hubby hasn't had his night out yet - it's on Friday.  So will report back at the weekend!  When is your race?  Hope it goes well!  Still haven't sent off my FLM application - better do that tomorrow regardless of what I decide to do as closing date for GFA applications is 19th October and apparently there's a postal strike for a week starting Thursday noon. 

02/10/2007 at 23:12

Good luck for tomorrow Minks - it's hard going back to work but I'm sure it will all go well. Sounds like you're really organised! Are you going back part-time?

Really pleased that I managed to fit in a run this evening - DH and I passed on the doorstep several times as I went out for my short run when he got in from work, he went out for his interval session when I got back, then I went out again with a friend when he got in - busy night! But worth it as my pace seems to be picking up slightly - just got to keep working away slowly for the mome.

MM - I think I just grow big babies as neither DH or I are particularly big (DH is a similar weight to your husband and I'm only 5'4 - I used to think I was 5'5 but I've realised I'm not even that tall!) My other 2 were similar weights at birth and for the first year but now they're both average sized.

03/10/2007 at 08:59
Minks, I watched the Bringing up Baby and almost cried at the babies crying - I so felt for the Mum.  We have used controlled crying from the start but nothing like that harsh.  We have such a cuddley, snuggley happy bundle of fun - that no contact or 10 mins at a push a day... ok everyone is different but that is ludicrous.  Mother's instinct wins over any book / method (I think anyway).
03/10/2007 at 09:04
Sarahbob I am relieved to have another big baby on the forum.  James has finally slowed down and dropped below the 90th and he is in the correct clothes size, having always been a size up before.  Lots of jokes about 'What are you feeding them?' and 'They certainly have reserves' when he was just solid.  At least I did not have worries about being sick etc.  Also the charts are for formula fed, not breast fed which James is... imagine if he was formula.  the only problem is my tiny baby did not last long
03/10/2007 at 12:06

I watched the bringing up baby programme too... poor little mites not getting any cuddles and being left to cry for hours!  Wondering how the babies that are held/ in a sling all the time are so content and I can see the benefits but how on earth could you do that with 2??  Think I am going with

We have been leaving the girls to cry at bedtime in an attempt to get them to go off to bed earlier in the evening rather than napping downstairs til 10.... they have a tired cry which means they will usually drop off in 5 mins if we leave them but if that changes to an upset cry I have to go in and soothe them to settle them down again.  Must admit I am finding it quite stressful but will persevere because I really think its important they can get themselves off to sleep on thier own.  Any tips?

On a positive front once they went off last night they slept til 5, had a feed then I woke them at 9 this morning!

03/10/2007 at 14:17

I know what you mean PA - at least if you have a big breastfed baby you know you're not overfeeding them.  My other 2 were also up on the 90+th centile for the 1st year, so I guessed Eddie would be quite big - he's already in 3-6 month clothes as I decided it was mean to carry on shoe-horning him into 0-3 month babygrows when I saw they were only supposed to go up to 12.5 lbs! My other 2 are quite normal sized now though and both very fit and active.

I haven't managed to watch more than 10 mins of Bringing up Baby as I can't bear to watch the 'routine' woman - I think it's totally cruel not being allowed to cuddle your baby, and as for saying that the bay's just looking for attention - of course she is - she's only a few weeks old and needs love and affection - grrrr! Makes me cross just thinking about it!

03/10/2007 at 14:32
Hetty, if you know the twins are ok, and their Daddy is happy enough to stay with them.  Go for a 15 minute walk or run as soon as they go down, with the expectation that they will settle within that 5 minute window or he will be there for them.  I know my hubbie is a lot more relaxed with James crying than I am.
03/10/2007 at 16:15

Thanks for the congrats. and Thanks ploddingalong.

Getting nervous about how I will cope with 2..but hey its not like I'm the first mother to have 2 kids eh! I take my hat of to you MM and Hetty..I dont know how ye do it!

Hetty if you're broody for another baby......A friend of mine is pregnant with baby number 4....she has a 4 yr old.....2 yr old twins..... Rather her than me I think!!! 

Watched that programme Bringing up baby God that woman should be shot..leaving a crying baby outside for 4 hrs!

Plodding along How is it that the men are much more relaxed than us about listening to the baby cries.. I just cant bear it

03/10/2007 at 20:06

You are so right, he is so much calmer and more patient than me!  I am currently trying not to go and listen to see if they have gone off yet!!  Could be a good time for a quick run... may have to negotiate with dad!

Apparently baby crying effects a womans hormones which is why we hate it so much... makes sense and a very effective way of baby getting what it needs.

04/10/2007 at 10:05

Finally found some tiny shoes for Harry's wee feet. They both look very smart and seem to quite like them. Hurray! Hush Puppies for reference start very small unlike Clarks.

I always find it hard when they are crying, but I think now hubbie finds the crying worse as he doesn't spend all day with them he jumps at any cries. I think I have worked out what each cry means. Poor wee Joshie is going through that phase of hating people walking out of the room so we have tears everytime, he stops after a minute or so though. A woman has to go to the loo!

04/10/2007 at 10:23

Well, I survived the first day back at work - just.  All went OK until the journey home, which was a nightmare.  I'd left work in plenty of time to get home for about 6pm so I'd have a bit of time with Kit before his bath.  As it was the Tube played up and I finally walked in the door at 6:25, sobbing hysterically.  I then just couldn't calm down and spent the whole evening crying hysterically and telling hubby I didn't want to be a working mum.  Feel a little better this morning but had to hold back the tears as I left the house, even though Kit was smiling happily and my mum was with him.

Just have to get through it as unfortunately we can't really afford for me not to work.  It's only three days a week but I just feel I'm not being a proper mum and it just goes against every instinct and emotion I have.  I just hope Kit doesn't suffer for it.  He's such a happy little boy and I couldn't bear for him to be miserable and missing his mummy.  God, now I'm setting myself off again - really need to get a grip!

Although we used a routine with Kit from the beginning, it didn't involve not cuddling him or leaving him in the graden to cry.  He went through a phase of crying when put down in his cot and not being able to settle when he woke up, but we blamed ourselves for that as we never gave him the opportunity by always rushing in at the first whimper.  We had to use a little bit of controlled crying for a day or so - I did it during the day when he went down for naps as thought it would be less traumatic than at night.  It worked - I never let him cry for more than two minutes, but didn't pick him up unless he got really beside himself.  I just reassured him with my voice and stroking his head if necessary.  It was worth doing even though I hated it at the time as he now loves his cot and settles really well when he's put down for a nap or to bed.  Even if he wakes up he just amuses himself with his cuddly toys and makes cooing noises to himself.  Sometimes he doesn't even make any noise and we don't know he's awake until we peer round the door and see his eyes open!

04/10/2007 at 14:03

((minks)) - poor you!  but kit is fine! i understand how hard it is for you - i went back to work when jacob was 7 months old as well.  but actually i was so desperate to go back because i hated being at home, so i didn't suffer as you are.  but i was stupidly worried about him all the time because he was in nursery and i thought they wouldn't read his signals properly.  of course, he loves it there and has done right from the start.

i'm sure you will settle into being back at work, and will start enjoying it.  at kit's age, it's the easiest time for you to go back.  once they get bigger (around a year or more), they do become a bit more attached to you so if they aren't used to being with someone else regularly (and even if they are), they might play up a bit.  usually it doesn't last too long.

keep your chin up.  you will be fine, and kit will love spending time with you when you are around.  i find i have sooo much more enthusiasm for doing things with jacob when i'm on my days off from work now, because i have a break from him for 3 days.  it's the best of both worlds - and kit is still being very well cared for by your mum.

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