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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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01/09/2012 at 20:55

PS it's next Saturday night, 7pm, thought I'd offer them to the people who I know would be most interested first!

01/09/2012 at 21:41
Breath to the right side JT and I think I do breath before hand comes back into water. Would luv someone to correct my stroke.......... Wonder how shocking it looks !!!!! Just did the plank for 1 min 50 secs, not good after wine n copious amounts of Pringles, barf!!!!!!
That's all u ate all day EF????? Blimey!!!!!
02/09/2012 at 07:02
If you're getting your head back under before the arm comes over that's good Rf! Do you have a tri club locally? They're often very good at helping beginners
02/09/2012 at 07:58

Dying to know how you got on camlo!!! 

Oh and did you manage to see the cheetahs CM? I hope so!!!

Well tomorrow I am off for my first overnight trip away!! Matilda has a stinking cold and so is miserable and totally out of sorts (she was incredibly hard work today so Daddy will have his hands full tomorrow). She fell asleep while I was giving her a cuddle before bed and I must admit to having a wee cry. I am looking forward to going but am going to miss her like mad - I will get home after she has gone to bed on Tuesday (

Annoyingly I think I also have her cold as I have a sore throat brewing, sigh!! 


02/09/2012 at 08:16

Oh Hoggle, don't worry, in a couple of years time you will  be relishing time away!! I am probably the worst Mum in the world, I am going to Spain for a week with a couple of friends leaving her with Daddy and Grandparents! I can't wait for a week of lie ins and sunbathing by the pool! Of course I will miss her, but I can't wait to read some good books in peace!

Cake making today in preparation for L's party tomorrow. Looks like the weather will be cooperating, looks nice and sunny at the moment. We have 12 children coming to the party at the farm, then grandparents etc coming over in the evening. I feel I owe her a proper birthday after a quiet affair in Australia last year.

About to go out for a run, I have said goodbye to sub 8.30 minute miles now. I wonder how long it will be before 9 minute miles become a distant memory. Don't remember slowing this much last time.  

02/09/2012 at 08:17

Ooh yes... and how did you get on Camlo???!!!

02/09/2012 at 12:46
Just a quick one, I passed! Was grilled big style over my demos, but survived
02/09/2012 at 13:19
Wow, well done JT, never doubted you anyway.

Was also looking for an update from Camlo, really hope all went well.
02/09/2012 at 15:03
Well girls I leave you for a day and you start talking about CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Couldn't post before as stayed up in Aberystwyth last night and just spent the last hour emptying dishwasher, putting washing on, emptying boys suitcases, washing trainers....etc etc

Friday eve I went to bed at 6:30pm hoping to get 7 hrs sleep but failed miserably. Got to Clun at 3:30 dropped bags for checkpoints and forced that instant porridge down with 2 cups of tea and a cup of o-juice. Bus to the start and had to wee in a hedge as we were checked off once more.
5am start and walked/ jogged for a few miles of road before leaving along a track and had yet another wee. I was running with my buddy Andrew and he is much quicker than me so I was conscious that I was holding him back but didn't want to overcook it. Across a tumpy field and fell flat on my face -4 miles in. Not good. Through checkpoint one ok, had a banana in my waist pack and decided to eat it around 12 miles. Banana had burst and spread mush all over my kit. NOT GOOD. Got to checkpoint 2 wiped bag out and set off with sun shining brightly. We had been running with a group of about 6 others but left them behind and pushed on. Andrew had a wobble around 22-25, light headed and not taken enough fuel but we were more gutted on reaching the CP3 to see the group of 6 just leaving. They had taken a main rd which had been far quicker than our muddy trails. At 3 I ate a choc bar and half a flapjack to fuel the hardest stage up plymlymon. Legs were burning within minutes of climbing as the grass is long and tumpy with boggy bits, big holes and a force gale wind. Was so scared that I would get lost but I could just see Andrew who could just see the guy in front... Hit the top and nearly cried with relief, couldn't see far because the cloud was covering but views at other points were stunning. we were with a seasoned competitor who set off a different path from our plan, saying it was quicker but had a 'steep descent'. BIG mistake, he obviously had a screw loose as he appeared to jump off a cliff. Andrew and I tentatively scaled down on our bums, falling into holes and twisting ankles. Exited onto a dam which we had to cross as the water flowed over, not a great idea and think it was further than the original route so saved nowt and came into CP4 really tired. Opened my pack to swap bottles and the bloody flapjack had disintegrated too so now my kit had banana and flapjack all over it! We had planned on 2 hours per stage but we didn't leave 4 until about 1:15 so behind schedule. I changed into road shoes here as Achilles was hurting but made no difference and it was a hard slog to get going. Had to pass a scree path which was treacherous and very narrow but the views were amazing. Lots of grass fields before last CP5 where I stuffed bread pudding and tea with sugar!!! I had thought the last 8 miles were down hill....wrong, we were walking a lot of flat by now as my feet were painful and Andrew was chaffing. glanced behind us and spotted a lady in the distance so did a lotte and thought NO WAY. Had to dig deep to shuffle but we did run to the finish having covered around 47 miles in 12:18. Was disappointed not to get under 12 until I saw the results sheets this morning and saw I was 21st out of around 115.
Legs are sore but not unbearable today, feet are worse and toenails....well I am happy to take bets on how many I will lose.
02/09/2012 at 15:05
Oh and I think 4th lady....
02/09/2012 at 15:11
Woo hoodly hoo!!
02/09/2012 at 18:12

Wow well done Camlo!  that's fantastic running! And well done JT!  Good weekend's work for you both!

Feeling a bit more human today.  Lordy yesterday was grim.  Picked up by the time I went to get my hair done but ugh.  Had my folks and my sister and family round for nibbles and birthday cake today.  Was a lovely day so we just chilled in the back garden. 

Fitted in a wee 6.4 miler this morning.  Felt almost good. 

Hoggle enjoy your night away.  Anj that's still great going - I came in at 8.44 av today which means I am getting better.  Hip flexor twinging this afternoon but that's all.  Am presently trying to access the Great Scottish Run results as got a lot of friends running it.  Confession that I'm checking up on them so that if they've just blitzed it I can practice my "I'm so happy for you" face and not give them my "how dare you do that well" face. Jealous, moi?

Do any of you ladies own a Food Processor?  Do you use it?  what for?  I've got a blender but pondering a food processor.  Mainly cos I keep looking up recipes which say whiz it in the food processor and I don't have one! Not sure why I gave it capitals at the start there?!

02/09/2012 at 18:43

Woo hoo well done Camlo! Sounds amazing you are a star!

And well done too JT.

CM - poor J, hope you are all ok.

Happty Birthday to Leila. Hope all goes to plan.

Lol EF, I was trying to cyber stalk a friend on the results too but the site is ona go slow.

Had a long day, spent freezing my butt off time keeping at the athletics track for junior competition with a hellish hangover. Went out with the girls yesterday, we started drinking at my friends at 3pm and I got home at 2.30 this morning. We were ina  few pubs in town and had a lovely meal, it was some night. Had a nightcap at a friends house and then her hubby drove everyone home!

Emily and Reece were competing today and both did very well, Reece was first in his race and Em was a tight second in hers, they also did a throw and a jump but haven't seen the results yet. Sophie and Dylan are still away on their swimming trip, they are back tomorrow morning. Sophie got 4 PBs and Dylan won 2 golds and a silver. He was first in his fly too but only touched the wall with one hand so was DQ'd. Probably a good thing, he is going to be big headed enough when he gets home!


02/09/2012 at 22:06

Wow Camlo - well done!  Great report too, shame about the banana mush though!

JT - congratulations! 

Glad to see some of us have a social life too!  

EF - I don't have a food processor, I'm a bit bemused by most kitchen equipment and normally find a way of getting around it when recipes go on about food processors with whatever I do have!

02/09/2012 at 22:17
I have a small one, not big enough for making pastry, cake mixes etc. but I uses it for pesto, hummus, blitzing things for curry pastes. It was a gift. Also have a blender that I uses for milkshakes, soups etc.
02/09/2012 at 22:18

Woohoo Camlo! Amazing, well done, and fab race report  

EF - I borrowed my Mums Kenwood mixer/food processor today to make 36 cup cakes and butter icing and Leilas birthday cake and probably would still be making them now if I hadn't! I don't know how much baking you do, but I def want has a chopper/blender attachment too. Good for soups, chopping erm...things?

Good one JT. Bet you're pleased!

Sad news today. One of my Mum's good friends whom we lived across the road from for years, and also childminded me, my sister and subsequent nieces and nephews... her Grandson hung himself in her house last night. She found him this morning after going in his room to wake him up (he always lived with her) He was only 20 and grew up over the road from us. I just cannot comrehend it. Just awful, the poor, poor family. He has 2 sisters a few years younger than me. So sad.

02/09/2012 at 22:19
Camlo - fantastic! Well done you!

EF - sounds like a good night! Memory of a hangover now seems to last me a good 6 months - whereas it used to be probably about 6 hours! Is it your appointment this week? Hope all goes ok.

I have a magimix, which is brilliant. I don't use it daily, but for when I need it it's great. They're expensive but I got mine as a Christmas present from my brother and parents (I did ask for it!). It does need a lot of storage space though, which is why I didn't get one before - one of my favourite things about our house is the utility room!! John Lewis has a good selection to look at online and compare the features.

Right, I'm going to sort the washing and then go to bed. E has been waking in the night grizzling, and Isabelle keeps coming in overnight and asking me to take her for a wee - its too dark for her to go herself, apparently, but not too dark for her to walk to our room and wake me up - so we are rather tired! I also have a really sore throat and a mouth full of ulcers - sore, and feeling sorry for myself! I suspect this is what E has as she's got gummy eyes and keeps shoving her fingers in her mouth so I can understand why she's been a bit grizzly.
02/09/2012 at 22:46

Just a quickie to reassure you all that on our night away we had to have a twin bedded room where the beds were nailed to the floor, so short of us putting the mattresses on the floor there was no chance of sleeping even vaguely near each other!  Plus I drank way too much and pretty much passed out when we got in !

02/09/2012 at 22:48
Sad news anj, hope the poor lad is in peace now. Hope you had a good run although I wouldn't worry about pace.
EF Food processors - hubby has a posh kenwood that practically picks the veg for you! I use it a lot because it's there but for yrs I had a cheapo blender and a wee chopper that worked fine. hope your mates did well (but not too well) Good luck over the next month or so x
lotte - hope kids are home and pleased with all their efforts this weekend.
JT - congrats on passing your course and thanks for the swim tips, I could do with coaching too.
CM hope you are home from A&E with J.
Supposed to be putting entry together for Munich trip in October but the way I feel right now a 10K is about the most I could consider!
02/09/2012 at 22:49
JG it wasn't the sleeping we were worried about......
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