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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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26/12/2012 at 15:06

Lol at present removal Camlo but not so funny about relationship ending .

Key details please!!

We have a Dyson (DC071 if that helps!) and I really like it though am no expert.  Some people say they are heavy to turn corners etc. but I've never had a problem.  Also when it broke I just went on their website and it basically told me what was wrong with it and let me order a new part so I fixed it myself for about £20!  We've had ours about 6 or 7 years I think, if not longer.  It's very user-friendly I find.

Well Nicky stopped throwing up at about 7pm last night and coughed and moaned a lot all night but stayed asleep, bar me giving him a little cuddle at about 11pm .  He's perked up a lot since eating dry Cheerios, cheesy biscuits and breadsticks and is having a nap.  Sophie is ok but not 100% - very picky about food and very snuffly and coughing.  She's had a cough for over a week now poor thing, and it has improved but not gone.  I'm still not sure if Nicky's puking was down to mucus rather than a tummy bug - it's what I thought when he had the same thing a couple of weeks ago too.  Not sure really. Just no-one else caught a tummy bug last time so we shall see this time...  Bit weird to have the same thing twice in 2 weeks though .

Went to visit my friend who is sectioned on Saturday which was really nice and it definitely cheered her up .  Her nails looked lovely (last time bitten down as far as they'd go) and she had one wrist strapped up rather than 2 but she's still very up and down and can't be left alone.  She's very intelligent and knows exactly what to do to get out of the situation she's in (i.e. stop self-harming so she can get out of hospital and see her greyhound) but just somehow seems unable to flick the switch in her mind.  Hope next year proves better for her.

Was thinking of getting out for a run today but we didn't get dressed till about 1.30pm as hubby went back to bed under my instructions and with the kids not 100% it didn't seem fair.  Plus now it's raining .

26/12/2012 at 15:07

Oh and any joy on the stocking hunt JT? 

CM - hope E's ok, not nice having a high temperature for so long, could be an infection?

26/12/2012 at 20:49
Tangy- that's good news about your mum and being able to reduce a strong opiate drug like oxycontin will indeed help with many things, fingers crossed on a speedy improvement for her
JT- to you minx of a nephew, what a wee brat eh, grrrrrrrrrr! How very naughty of him. Hope your surviving the outlaws and have managed not too murder anyone yet! Can u escape at all for a walk???
Swallowed a large key Jobo? How????
Hoovers- we have an internal system that ends in our garage. We just plug a hose into a couple of points in our wall, it's pretty good really.
JG- hope the voms don't go to anyone else and glad your friend appeared ok today.
Wow to 32 degrees Hoggle!!! It's 0 degrees here now. Lovely frosty day though with blue skies and a bit of mist. Got out for an hour MTB ride. Would have liked a run also but thought I better not suggest it and managed to drag everyone out for an hours walk instead!!
Hubby moaning at me as want to exercise most days..............ho hum! Might get up early and go for a run so he can't moan too much. How does everyone else get on running/ cycling??
Nice day yesterday although a bit mayhem n busy. Passed in a flash. Hoping for a down jacket, dropped tons of hints but didn't get one. Got cycling shoes and gloves instead, needed them so that's fine. Sealskin gloves, not bad in 1 degree temp today, fingers still ever so slightly chilly.
Girls got furby's............ Arghhhhhhhh they are veeeeeeery annoying. All shut in the toy room sleeping now, that's the furbys not the girls!!!!! They are in their beds!
Hope everyone is surviving the Christmas mayhem
27/12/2012 at 08:22

fab news TT. I am so pleased for you and for your mum. hope she continues to improve!

RF - that sounds like an interesting vaccum system?! very fancy! i have a Henry now. i used to have a dyson but it died after about 18 months (had the animal one). i have also had various others including a Bosch but the only one which has lasted and which works (in my opinion) is the Henry. and the fact that it is used by pretty much all cleaning companies as well as by people like electricians (for sucking up rubble) means that i am confident that it will withstand life in my house!

i am working today. how did i let that happen? well, actually, it was planned because the kids are now with T until NYE . so i thought i wouldn't waste annual leave when they aren't with me. shan't be doing much i don't think. may even do a trip to the tip (haha) and while i am over that way go and look for a new sofa. i got mine off a friend for £50 but i hate it, so i am going to replace it. but i can't afford a new one so was hoping interest free credit over 4 years might sort me out, and if it's in the sales too...

christmas here was actually rather lovely. i got Father Christmas to leave the kids a note asking them not to rip the paper off their presents and to open calmly. and they did!! it helped that i only put a tiny stocking on their door and then the Father Christmas presents under the tree. so there wasn't a huge lot for them to open first thing. then T came over with a few more presents, so we opened those. then we had some breakfast and then went to the local church. when we got back it was nearly lunchtime and T left. N then arrived so we had lunch and then after lunch we gave the kids the presents from him and his parents. then i cooked tea and after tea they had the presents from me. so we were still opening presents at 6pm! rather amazing really!

E has been ill since Christmas Eve with v high temps and yesterday we had the drama of E appearing in my bedroom at 7am crying, barking cough, rash on torsto, temp of 40 and dried blood out of the corner of her mouth all over her face. i freaked but it was blood from her thumb which she had sucked raw. a trip to OOH GP (they are fab!) confirmed a clear chest but red ears and throat, so we were instructed to keep up with the calpol / nurofen and get a wee sample and bring her back later if the spiking temps weren't responding to nurofen etc.

i then took her over to T's and stayed for about an hour. in that time the kids opened all of the rest of presents from T and all the presents from his family. there were LOADS! so i felt quite pleased that i had managed to string the present opening out all day at mine with far fewer presents. AND the kids didn't whinge all day about opening presents like i expected them to. mainly because they didn't know they were there!

yesterday was spent clearing up. i am wishing i had had a more ruthless toy cull pre-Christmas as there isn't anywhere to put the new toys. ARGH!  i may have to get the kids to help me sort some out to car-boot when they get back

i still haven't done any running as i have been coughing like mad. today is the first morning i haven't woke up and coughed until i am retching, so i am thinking i might give it a try later. i wonder if i should do a walk first rather than a run - much as i really don't want to walk!!

27/12/2012 at 09:44

So pleased to hear the good news about your Mum TT.

Boo to working CM, hope that the cough has gone and you can get back to running, esp since the kids are at Ts for a few days. Yes a walk first is probably a good plan.

We have had a lovely Christmas. Happy kids and happy parents! The day went really well, twins were up at 5.30 but managed to keep them on with us until 7am when the others got up. They were all very happy with pressies and on good form. hubbys parents and aunt visited late morning and then we went over to my sisters for Christmas dinner with my parents late afternoon. I even managed to sneak in a 10k in the middle of the day, first time I have ever run on Christmas day! Hubby was heading for a shower and the kids wanted to watch a new dvd so I took my chance of escape!  Yesterday we spent the day at home, I did a 20 miler in the morning and friends came over in the afternoon.

Heading out for a stomp today with friends. Think the kids are needing the fresh air, and boy is it fresh. Below freezing but nice and calm.

We have a Dyson Caro.Our old one died after a hard life and we replaced it with another. No complaints about it  but not used another to compare with!

27/12/2012 at 10:02

i hate shopping so much JT, that there is no way i am going to go into cardiff to look at sofas! i will just about manage a retail park in newport if i hold my breath and run in and back out again.

i have a long list of jobs to do so i need to crack on with writing the Lean Service Management strategy for 2013 and then i can skive the rest of the day! I keep getting distracted tho. Frustrated with myself now.

Spoke to kids this morning and E's temp is still a little high (she is usually 36.8 and she's 37.5) and she is a bit whingey and floppy but MUCH better than yesterday. he is taking them to visit his girlfriend for a night, so let's hope she stays improved.

27/12/2012 at 11:12
Hope E is better soon CM, mine have all got grotty coughs, driving me a bit mental! Am I right in thinking she wasn't keen on weaning? B is not fussed so far, getting food in his mouth is a v slow process!! He was 6 months last week so I am keen to get on with it even if he isn't!

Lotte, well done on getting a run in!

We are having a very quiet time as we are all quite blighted with one thing or another. My voice is still rubbish and I think this is week 4! Basically we are trying to get me better by not doing much, hoping to go to my dads next week now if I am better!

Just went to our local m&s and it was v quiet and Tesco even more so!
27/12/2012 at 11:32

oh dear, Kinsey. time for some good health for us all i think.

it was J who wasn't keen on weaning. he wouldn't open his mouth at all. he was about 10 months only before he actually opened his mouth for a spoon. he wouldn't self feed with finger food either. the way i did it in the end was either to make him laugh and shove a spoonful in then (which was VERY VERY wearing indeed) or to give him a teething ring to play with and sneak the spoon in round the side, which was messy and not effective. once the food was in his mouth he would swallow it. but if you just tried to put a spoon in he would cry / turn his head away etc. it was VERY frustrating.

i think caro's E was a bit of a slow starter too

E, on the other hand, was a delight. she did the whole 'baby bird' thing and when i sat her in her high chair and got her food, she would start shuffling from side to side, banging her hands on the table and licking her lips making a little 'mm mm mm' noise. it was very cute! but she didn't do milk at all and had had very bad reflux so i think it was just a relief for her to eat something that didn't make her vomit and give her heartburn!

27/12/2012 at 13:34
I think we are getting somewhere CM, its just a bit frustrating. He's definitely getting some of it but trying to post food in through closed lips is pretty tricky, he's totally unlike Aidan who was keen to feed himself before he even got to 6 months!
27/12/2012 at 14:08

ah yes - J was a master at closing his lips and turning his head to one side. he just completely did NOT want food. he was a huge milk monster and i think he would have continued just on milk for at least another 2 - 3 months, except he was sooo hungry. and i was expressing for him. it was a nightmare, tbh, and very frustrating. but we got there in the end! just stick with it and it will click eventually. i always assumed that 2nd / 3rd babies were 'better' at eating because they watch their siblings and want to join in.

27/12/2012 at 15:15

Yes kinsey, Eric was v frustrating.  I started him at 6 months and he did refuse to open his mouth and eat properly for about a month.  Now at 10 months you'd never know!  Keep on persevering.......

Down at my dads now, am supposed to be researching campsites in the Vendez, or however you spell it.  

Meeting friends on Sun at the indoor rainforest in Newbury.  anyone been?  

TT hope your mum is still improving.

27/12/2012 at 16:42
Are you still bf Caro? I am really looking forward to more real food meaning less milk!
Indoor Rainforest sounds good, havn't been though!

CM - obviously our milk is superior to solids!
27/12/2012 at 17:14

Yes, he still gets 4 feeds a day.  He probably doesn't need so much now.  Not sure which feed to cut out really.  

27/12/2012 at 19:27
CM I was working today too but managed to clear a load of emails rather than have to write a complicated report like you did! Glad E is a bit better.
lotte - your Xmas sounds lovely, glad I wasn't the only one to sneak out for a run on Xmas day (was feeling a little guilty). How do you manage to keep track of which child had what, off who..... Etc.
Kinsey - Not unusual for some wee ones to be slower with solids. I would offer little bits and not too much otherwise it can make it worse. Hope you feel better soon too, can't be easy still feeding when you feel rubbish.
Caro - indoor rainforest?. Wow!
germs in our house are still hanging on but I forced myself out again earlier and felt ok so did 10m, my 1000m target is now only 18m away.....
27/12/2012 at 20:21
Afraid present opening is a free for all in my house, got absolutely no idea who got half the pressies. Gave up trying yrs ago.
27/12/2012 at 22:35
just been to sit with my friend who has cancer, not looking good.
27/12/2012 at 22:41

 that's sad Camlo but I bet they appreciated your visit.  Very tough.

Kinsey - Sophie was awful at being weaned too.  Started at 5.5mths because HV told me to, not because she'd shown any interest, and I regularly ended up in tears because she just refused to eat anything.  First thing she enjoyed was a piece of toast and butter .  These days she still prefers things without sauce and eaten separately but at least enjoys fruit and veg so I'm not too bothered, though we do still encourage her to try new things.  I used to resort to having something she liked so she'd open her mouth, then sneak the spoonful of beautiful homecooked stuff in!                        

27/12/2012 at 22:42

Her favourite toddler meal was cubes of cheese mixed with pasta and courgette (I think!) followed by a banana.  She wouldn't even eat yoghurt till she was about 2!!  

28/12/2012 at 08:31

Oh Camlo (())

This year it was really easy to keep track of pressies. I've seen me sitting with pen and paper previous years as they open things. I spread it out a bit, they open something on Xmas eve, the Santa stuff in the morning, and a few things from the south cousins. In laws come over late morning so take their pressies then, and then we opened my parents stuff and sisters late afternoon when we got there. Then we still had a pressie under the tree which we left until boxing day. We get a few family presents now too instead of something each which makes it easier!

Had a lovely walk to the beach yesterday. It never got abve freezing all day and was so calm. We took a flask of mulled wine which warmed us nicely! Dropped my nephew back at my sisters and had another glass of wine, then had to go for my second run!  Had done 10 in the morning so just did 4 which felt a bit funny after the wine!

Very quiet here this morning. Sophie, Dylan and Reece are all on sleepovers at friends houses and for once we haven't ended up with any back here! Came online to see if I could spend my Run4 it voucher (thanks mum!), £100 on running stuff - now what to buy!!!




28/12/2012 at 11:25

Urgh feel emotionally drained. Just finished reading The Girl You Left Behind and I sobbed like a baby! Hate when you finish a really good book and then its like... what now. On with the neglected housework and getting kids dressed I guess! Wet and wild day here, kids still in pjs and me still in stinky running kit. Ach well ain't that what the holidays are for!

Whats everyone up to?

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