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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/07/2013 at 20:37

Matilda has this one

complete with doggy and it is great.  Good for making her carry her own stuff about the place!

11/07/2013 at 21:55

Woo hoo 120ml expressed daddy's turn to do the 1045 feed tonight. Just need to hope Fraser takes it! 

11/07/2013 at 22:25

How old is Ted JT?  And how big?  M used hers the other day and packed clothes, snacks and water bottle in it no probs.  she's had it 2 yrs I think, and it will do another 2 I'd say but it's not what I'd describe as big.  If you can wait till the wk end I can take a pic with it on her back for proportions.

fraser.....if you know what's good for you you'll drink the milk from daddy!

11/07/2013 at 22:28

ef - wow well done you. i'm sure he will take it. it's usually later (8-10+ weeks) they become bottle refuseniks!!

11/07/2013 at 22:50

40mls scoffed already 

11/07/2013 at 23:04

Well done Fraser!!!


11/07/2013 at 23:04

yay! at that age, they tend not to care. so keep giving it to him. if you stop (esp from about 8 weeks onwards) it tends to be a nightmare to get them going again!

11/07/2013 at 23:31

It'll be a nightly event.  Tho note to self 120ml is too much at the moment so make up two 60s! Such a waste! 

Camlo    pirate
12/07/2013 at 00:17

love the race report EF and defo thinking we should choose not only his middle name but also his nursery, school, wife...... 

congrats Hoggle for your friends home birth, much less stressful than EF's! 

boo to being busy, silly cats, too hot, and wasted EBM

yippee to camping, new bikes, bags and babies

crappest day ever with work.......seriously need to plan a way out.

12/07/2013 at 10:07

oh camlo - hugs. i had a bad day at work yesterday too. have started my new role as team leader / manager, and the team are all really peed off generally and very despondent, so they all whinge and moan constantly. one of the women had a right go at me yesterday and then started stirring about my role only being temporary and how i was going to be replaced, and did i know there was a job advert externally to find my replacement, and how awful that i obviously wasn't good enough to do the role etc.

and then my boss asked me to exit someone from the company. someone who i don't even know, doesn't work for me etc, has been on a performance improvement plan for a year and has now had his final written warning. now they want me to give him an assignment which he will fail so that they can get rid of him. i don't know the first thing about him, don't know what he does or what his background is. i think he's a techie and they want me to give him a service improvement type activity like writing case studies which he will obviously not be able to do and then we can terminate him. but the problem with that is that is that a) why should i?!?! and b) if i give him something he doesn't have the skills to do, then he could accuse me of exiting him unfairly and i could end up in a tribunal and it will be all my fault.

bloody work!

anyway, i went for a run this morning with my friend. we did 12 min/miles but i don't care - it was fantabulous!

12/07/2013 at 12:55

That completely sucks CM, surely that's entrapment?  

My wonderful old company who I love dearly (not!) have recently sacked a vet and 2 receptionists (all my friends) 1 of the receptionists went to a lawyer and got more money than my previous employers were offering her to go, the other receptionist wont go quietly, and the vet is currently deciding what to do.  She apparantly made a mistake with a surgery and should have asked for help and didn't so was immeditaely dismissed.......well the dog is fine, the owner is fine and even if the dog had died it would be a case for support and education not termination of employment with immediate effect!  Makes me think I should have gone after them for discrimination with the way they treated me when pregnant, but at the time I didn;t want to do anything that might have jeopordised my future job prospects, as the vet world is small, and I had a new baby to take care of.

Hope today is a better day least its Friday!

So I ran 3 miles on Wed and 1 of them was a 7.32 mile!  Woo hoo.  back etc not right but running doesnt seem to e making it worse and am still doing lots of exercises and stretching all the time.  I get some kind of BUPA health plan with my new job.  It's not insurance, and it only costs me about £40 a yr, but with it I can claim money back for things like opticians, prescription charges, osteopaths, up to a certain amount, so I will be able to go and see the osteopath every few months to hopefully keep things in the right place.

I have signed a contract!  And it seems pretty good - they are paying exactly the same as I am on now as a locum (so a daily rate) but I get all the benefits too - CPD, holiday, childcare vouchers and cheaper online shopping (havent quite figured out how that one works yet!)



12/07/2013 at 13:12

Sounds good Caro.

Sorry to hear of crap work situations for Camlo and CM though.

Being kept busy with the holidays. Can't believe it was a week today I flew away for my race. It was all a bit of a whirlwind really. Race started 1am sat morning, finished at 3 in the afternoon. Had drinks after the race then back to b&b for quick shower before out for more drinks and dinner post race with the race crew. They were a really nice bunch. Fell asleep about midnight after having been up about 42 hours by then! Slept like a log! Sunday morning got a bus down to Aberdeen (4 hours) and then the boat back to Shetland. (14 hour overnight trip without a cabin). So I have felt pretty tired most of this week. Was going to take a full week off running but only lasted until today but 5 days is pretty good for me. Ran 5 miles this morning, legs feel great just a wee sore bit on the side of my foot.

Anyhoo both BILs and their families arrive today for a couple of weeks holiday so its going to be even busier.

I  wrote my race report last night so I'll post it, not as interesting as EFs though! Glad Fraser is doing well EF.

12/07/2013 at 13:13

So its midnight on Friday 5th July and I am sitting in a camper van in a dark car park somewhere in Fort William with a bunch of crazy people I have never met before – what am I doing?! It was all a bit of a last minute decision, the flight down and accommodation was only booked a week in advance and here I am about to run the Great Glen Way Ultra from Fort William back to Inverness.  It is the first year of the race so it is a low key event, permissions were late coming through and it was a bit touch and go as to whether the race would go ahead, so there are only a handful of us crazies taking on the challenge of being race guinea pigs of the new event organised by BaM, aka Bill and Mike.

It’s a lovely night, flat calm and balmy. We sit in the van to avoid the midgies, ,drinking tea, eating chocolate biscuits and swopping stories of previous crazy races, or rather listening to Gary and his tales of mega ultras such as UTMB, the Spine and Tor de Geants… maybe one day!  Bill and Mike give us a bit of a briefing, hand out some maps but are pretty sure we won’t need them as the route is well waymarked, just as well I tell them since my navigational skills are rubbish!

My main purpose for this race is to test out some new kit and use it as an easy (!) training run. The aim is to start out conservatively for once and try to finish in one piece, injury free. Soon it’s time to go and I am kitted out with headtorch on, new ultraspire race pack, tshirt, sleeves, shorts, twin skin socks and lightweight road shoes for the first 50 miles. My new Hokas will be waiting for me at checkpoint 5 and I will wear them for the last 20 miles. I would like to have worn them for longer but am being cautious as I haven’t been over 10 miles in them yet. I left the salomon trail shoes at home, the blisters from a recent 16 miler a bit too fresh in my mind.

1am and after a few photos we leave the Devil’s Staircase and head for Inverness. The first section is flat along the canal from Banavie to Gairlochy. We run as a group at an easy pace, not a lot of conversation just enjoying the lovely night and thinking of the journey ahead. Gary goes off ahead and I seem to end up on my own behind him but ahead of the others. I am sweating already, its 15C, hotter than I’m used to in the height of a Shetland summers day. At Gairlochy we have to cross a bridge, cross then turn right marshal Louise shouts. I do so but within half a mile I realise I must have gone wrong thanks to the sign saying “if you are following the Great Glen Way you have gone wrong, turn back now”, shit, lost already!! I turn back and meet the others coming towards me, having done the same thing. Marshal Helen meets us and shows us back to the road and gets us on the right track. Soon I am on my own again, in a forest in the dark. It’s a wee bit spooky and I try not to get jumpy, I’m having to concentrate on my feet which takes my mind of the spooks, it quite hard to follow the track with the headtorch. Running along the side of Loch Lochy was beautiful with the dark silhouttes of the hills and the misty light coming in. My light catches two deer just next to the track and we stop and look at each other for a bit before I run on to the first checkpoint at Clunes where Mike is waiting. Gary and Norrie come in just behind me, I thought Gary was out ahead but he had taken a wrong turn somewhere too. Norrie doesn’t stop at the checkpoint , I eat my flapjack and head out with Gary just behind. This is to be the last I see of him until the end.

The next section is mainly on fire track road through the woodland and the first climb of the run. My stomach hasn’t been feeling right since we left and I am glad I am on my own. I’ll spare the detail, suffice to say there are a fe

12/07/2013 at 13:14

The next section is mainly on fire track road through the woodland and the first climb of the run. My stomach hasn’t been feeling right since we left and I am glad I am on my own. I’ll spare the detail, suffice to say there are a few bush stops along this section and I knock back some Imodium which seems to get things under control eventually! It’s starting to lighten now and I leave the forest and run along  a section of quiet undulating farm road – covered in sheep and sheep shit – before checkpoint 2 (19.5 miles) at Laggan swingbridge where Bill and the midges are waiting. I hand him the headtorch, fill my drinks bottle with sports drink,, top up the bladder with water,grab my banana and gel and don’t hangabout to get eaten alive.

Twenty miles done and I try not to think that there is still 50 left! I walk for a wee bit eating my banana and the route climbs again. I run most of it but walk the steepest parts, no point in trashing the legs this early on! Generally speaking if you are on an uphill  you are better to walk if the running pace isn’t much faster than walking pace. Many ultra runners walk every uphill as a strategy and run only the flats or downhills. My problem is I am such a slow walker, too many years doddling along at the kids pace I think! After running up through the forest, we join a vehicle track high above Loch Oich and run on to Oich Bridge where we meet the canal towpath. This is my lowest point of the race. I’ve been awake for over 24 hours now and I’m feeling sleepy, that slightly out of it feeling when you could just close your eyes and sleep not matter where you are.  I have only run a marathon and the thought of the distance ahead becomes quite daunting.

 The canal path is flat and boring, looking at the garmin my pace seems depressingly slow and checkpoint 3 seems to never come. Why did I think this was a good idea? Eventually I reach Fort Augustus and checkpoint 3 (31 miles) where Susan and Alice are waiting. They are cheery and tell me how well I am doing but I think I was rather grumpy and keep thinking I am not even halfway yet! I refuse to sit down for fear I will never get up again. I don’t stop for long, force down a bit of malt loaf and complain about how disgusting it is, top up the bottle, packet of mini cheddars and gel for the route and off I go.

I can’t remember much detail of the next section, more forest and more climbing. At some point I pass Norrie lying down beside a gate. He is a right character and had kept us entertained with his dodgy hat and fag breaks, he assures me he is fine, just needs a wee kip. So I leave him and carry on. Further up the track I meet Louise running towards us and she seems surprised to see me before Norrie, I tell her he is fine just needing a wee sleep so she carries on to find him. I arrive at the 40 mile checkpoint at Invermoriston in good spirits and feeling strong again. I top up my water and sports drink and eat my tub of creamed rice while exchanging pleasantries with some American tourists who happened to be in the carpark. Her husband ia an ultra runner and she thinks he might fancy the race another year!

I didn’t know what was about to hit me, a cheeky wee hill as Bill called it, which went on forever, zig zagging up and up and up… just as you thought you were going to hit a level bit it turned and carried on up. There was a lot of power walking which gave me opportunity to make the most of the splendid views over Loch Ness. After a while I start to panic that I hadn’t seen any waymarkers for ages – had I missed a turning? I didn’t think that the route was this hilly, it had been over an hour of constant climbing! A quick phone call to Mike confirms that I am on the right track, just keep going! Fin

12/07/2013 at 13:15

Finally it levels out a bit and there is a very twisty forest track with a lot of stones and undergrowth to negotiate. This section has taken a long time to cover and I am glad that my garmin has died so that I couldn’t see the pace! Helen has run out from the extra water station at 49 miles and I run the last mile back with her, its nice to have a bit of company and she assures me I am running well and looking strong.

Helen and her husband Mark have set up a water station out of the boot of their car. I top up my bladder and they make me a cup of tea. Ah how good that cup of tea was. I walk out of the water station drinking my tea and then I’m running again, firstly a couple of miles along an undulating minor road before hitting the trails and the descent into Drumnadrochit. My feet are really starting to ache now and I have a sore point across my foot so I am looking forward to getting the clown shoes on at the next checkpoint. The quads are complaining about the downhill and this is the hottest part of the run so far. Still I am feeling pretty good, after all there is less than a marathon to do now.

Its only 5 miles until checkpoint 5(54 miles) and here I sit down and change into the clown shoes, my Hokas. They are not beautiful but I’m hoping they will work their magic for the last 20 miles! Marshals Susan and Alice are topping up their tans as I appear but they have the drop bag ready for me and help me get sorted. I am glad I am cheerier now than I was when I say them at Fort Augustus. I put some Vaseline on my feet and notice a small blister at the side of my right big toe but decided (unwisely) not to do anything about it. I try to eat my bit of malt loaf but its not really going down so I chuck it, grab my banana, pop on the sunnies and wave goodbye. See you at the finish!

I run through Drumnadrochit then it’s onto the trail again. After about 2 miles I curse myself for not putting a blister plaster on and decide to stop and do so. Then it’s into the forest and a very steep climb before meeting the vehicle track which meanders uphill through the forest on the slopes of Carn na Leitire (1424 ft) the highest point of the route. I was surprised how few people I’d met on the trail so far but  now I meet quite a few walkers and bikers.

Mike is waiting at 62 miles another extra water stop because of the heat. I am drinking a lot of water but it haven’t needed a pee for hours! I think I have enough water to last until the next checkpoint but decide to top it up anyway (a good decision it turns out). Mike tells me to keep going and that I will set a great course record! After a short forest section it is onto a minor road for 4 miles until the checkpoint at Blackfold. I am still running but it feels so slow. My legs are so tired and my quads, hips and back are really aching. I am talking to myself, “come on!” and reminding myself I am  here because I want to and that unlike all the cancer suffers and ill people who have to fight pain daily, I chose to inflict this on myself so I better get on with it.

I am hanging on to the thought of the next checkpoint but it seems to take ages. Because the garmin has run out I have no way of measuring the distance  but even so I am convinced I should have been at the checkpoint by now. Each time I round a corner I expect it to be in front of me it but it never materialises. It’s hard to keep positive and I really just want to stop now, the thought that I must be going so slowly that it has taken me over 2 hours to cover 5 miles is depressing. Eventually I think I haven’t seen any waymarkers for a while, could I have gone wrong? I get my phone out but there is no signal so I run on a bit until there is one and phone Mike again.

Edited: 12/07/2013 at 13:16
12/07/2013 at 13:17

He sounds glad to hear from me as they had expected to see me at the checkpoint by now. I tell him I think I might be lost so he says hold on, he’ll phone Louise who is manning the last checkpoint and see if they can suss out what has happened. Louise phones me back and I explain I am on a forest trail again after running over the sandy track. She decides that I am still on the right trail but must have missed  the checkpoint somehow. There is no way I am turning back and she says if I have enough water left (which I didn’t!) to keep going, I’m on the home stretch. It transpired that there was a fork from the road which was waymarked and I followed this and but she had the checkpoint was slightly further up the road but was obscured from me by bushes. At least this was known now and they could get it sorted out for the next runners coming through.

From trudging along down spirited I am suddenly on a high, feeling elated and flying along. I am closer to the finish than I thought, yeeha!. I pass some walkers and confirm with them that this is still the Great Glen Way, yes they say, less than five miles to the finish. I take the spare gel I had in my pack and feel a bit miffed that I had missed the wee choccie treat in my last drop bag! My water has gone as has my sports drink and I could do with a drink but I’ll just have to manage until the beer at the end! Now it’s mostly downhill twisting and turning, looking down over Inverness. The quads are screaming at me but I try to ignore them. Nearly there. I run through a housing estate which seems a bit surreal and then along past a golf course. The trail forks here and I am not sure which one to follow so I ask some golfers which way to the sports centre. They point me on and I have to negotiate some steps, not fun, and then along the canal and turn in towards Bught part and the finish. Bill, Alice and Susan cheer me in. I am so relieved to be able to stop running! Bill hands me the longed for tin of lager and I flop into a deck chair, woo hoo 73 miles, 14 hours and 13 mins and I just dusted the Great Glen Way.

 Elevation gain 6753ft, elevation loss 6728ft.


6 gels

5x250mls lucozade sport

2 mini flapjacks

2 mini millionaire shortbread squares

1 bag mini cheddars

1 muller creamed rice

1 naked bar

2 bananas

2 pieces of soreen malt loaf

Lots of water!

12/07/2013 at 13:18

Hahah that is an epic report, sorry I should have edited it down, no-one will want to read all that!

12/07/2013 at 13:50
I read it, it's amazing, you're amazing! So did you come in first then??

You and CC make these long races sound so easy and so fun that I'm sitting here thinking maybe I should sign up for something - and then remember that my legs are feeling tired from the 6 mile run I did this morning, so probably better not!
12/07/2013 at 15:03

That's only £60 less than a new one so def good you got the new one - but 4 children??  Is there something you're not telling us? 

Yes I'd go for the bigger bag if he's 6, M got hers when she was 3.

Anyone know about Trek bikes, specifically the Trek 7 series?

12/07/2013 at 15:03

Oh and Lotte you really do make it sound so much fun!  But I would get so lost........

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