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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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12/09/2012 at 22:32
Haha Camlo. Not quite what eldest had in mind when he was discussing with hubby while I was there!
12/09/2012 at 22:32
hubby has already stripped tiles so we are chain sawing roof trusses off tomorrow and putting timber frame bedroom on top and new roof back over that. hubby tells me the felt and baton will be done so we are back 'in the dry' by Sunday. it will eventually give us another bedroom and an ensuite (so then you will all need to address me as Lady Camlo). Of course no rush to finish now eldest has vacated his room!
As for stopping - yes... That's what most preg ladies do??
12/09/2012 at 22:51
Hmmmm, I was hoping school would teach M to read.....isn't that why I'm sending her there, and what the teacher is paid to do? I mean we read to her obviously, but I would have no idea how to teach her to read! Yes hubby has a primary PGCE and taught for 2 yrs decades ago but I guess things are different now!

Just worked out I will be walking 8 miles a wk dong the school run.
13/09/2012 at 08:59

I do wonder sometimes when heading out for a run what I am doing... I mean shouldn't I be sitting on the sofa eating cake?! Ha ha to speedy legs. Feels like I am wading through mud half the time.

Good news on new room Camlo...every cloud right?

We just have a few read at home books that Leila seems to like and concentrates on the c-at, h-at, b-at etc... I am hoping that school will teach them properly too!

13/09/2012 at 12:39
Cc - she'll be fine, Jolly phonics is a gimmick which I frequently find quite unhelpful! Don't know too much about Read, Write, Ink, but from what I've seen it looks pretty good. School are quite possibly doing Baseline Assessments which is why they're not teaching at the mo, round here we're supposed to do them for the first six weeks which is stupid as they pick up loads in six weeks so it then isn't an on entry assessment!

Caro , nah, we dont teach reading, we just play, drink coffee and eat biscuits all day they learn by osmosis

Camlo - house sounds good! How do you find your two in the same room? It's something we're seriously considering but keep getting mixed reactions!

Thanks for all the support re school. Spoke to the teacher today and she rolled her eyes (think she did it subconsciously!) and said it was,absolutely nothing and not to worry. As hubby pointed out mum is quite precious over z as she won't leave him anywhere and I think he rules the roost a bit. She was fab over the scratch though, I didn't point out that Ted has an identical one on his arm in the same place. If anything Z's mum felt school overreacted re the scratch, hopefully this will be the last of it!
13/09/2012 at 13:09

Caro, as JT has so eloquently put it the school will teach them properly but you do have to do a lot yourself. I read with the boys each separately every day. They have picked it up very quickly and could not read a sausage before they started, but did know some letters. My two are now in the top set for literacy which makes me very happy as I was such a bookworm as a kid. Still am!!

We had to go on a phonics parents evening which helped a lot as I was doing all the sounds wrongly with them. Does your school do that? There are also lots of posters and things you can buy which the boys still use when they read or do their writing.

Lordie CM. Have been reading on FB and here. I do hope it's all resolved for now. Nightmare when you're a single Mum...

Very excited. Had a call from the local coach development mentor last night (it was a bad time 6.30pm!!!) so he called back just now. Awesome, now on the local programme for endurance and have been invited to attend the next workshop which is on physical prep for endurance running (strength, core etc.), so exciting. Just hope I can go!!

Glad you sorted out ted's mishaps JT. I had to have a chat to the boys' new teacher as she has put them into the same group. It's based on ability but she understands my dilemma as is going to try and put them in different groups. I was told in reception that they are in different groups for everything anyway as all are better at different things. Anyway, point raised and hopefully she will have had a think about it.

Right must do more work, gotten too distracted today...

13/09/2012 at 13:39
Wow mm that sounds great! Wish they had something like that round here, I don't even have a coach mentor!

Must admit I always try and split twins up in class, gives them the chance to be individuals, my pet hate is when people only send one party invite or Christmas card to twins etc, not fair!
13/09/2012 at 13:40
Caro, what mm and jt say is very true! I didn't nothing with j before school, but then he was just four when he started; s is now 5.5 and one of the eldest in year and frankly if she wants to learn I ain't going to stop her - once they can read it opens so much more up for them too. PS believe me, I'm not a pushy parent!

Mm, that sounds fab re course - we can compare notes on core and you can advise on strength!

Bemused to read in paper this morning of potential merger between Bae and EADS (based Paris and Berlin) ....

Right.finished work shift and have 40 mins to run somewhere before back down the road for after-school chaos!
13/09/2012 at 13:41

oh god, i have just done a 2hr audit with a guy who has such bad dandruff that i am now covered in it. i know it's not his fault but - yuck!

think i have sorted out my work thing for now. i am definitely NOT moving into the other group, which is good as i was fretting big time about all the travel and stress.  i am apparently being transferred back into the group i used to be in, but as that is in N's reporting chain, i'm not sure how that will work as i obviously can't work in one of his teams... argh. anyway, hopefully my neck isn't on the block just yet. if i can just get through till E starts school, then moving jobs will be a bit easier. once she is at school, it will be more feasible for me to take a local job which will be full-time as i won't have the option of being home with her 2 days a week as she will be at school.  although obviously i would have childcare for after school and also holiday costs. but cross that bridge etc...

well done on the workshop MM!

13/09/2012 at 13:42

oh and cc - T works for EADS. that's why he is in France / Germany so much...

13/09/2012 at 14:19
What that we drink coffee and eat biscuits cc?. Just think you could swap idyllic rural Scotland for 'The 'Port' CC .

Went to docs re shoulder today. Being referred for physio as apparently I have some severe muscle knotting around my shoulder blades and neck. Probably a six week or so wait, but just can't afford private physio at the mo. On the heat, nsaids and got some co-codamol in the hope they will make me sleep (i can't stay awake during the day on them!)
13/09/2012 at 16:21

JT - i can really recommend my sports massage lady. she is £13 for half an hour, which is more like 45 - 50 mins. she lives in cwmbran (llantarnam next to the canal). if you are interested i will text you her number.

Edited: 13/09/2012 at 16:23
13/09/2012 at 16:23

Good to get some sort of treatment JT, ibuprofen and ice are doing the trick for me.  Physio stretched it a bit this morning and did some electrotherapy which was just like a TENS machine!  He was very pleased at how well I'm doing (all down to my stubborn determination to use my shoulder!) and says keep it up and ring him in a couple of weeks when hopefully it's stopped hurting and he can help me get it moving again.

Loving the commune discussions and selling your area to Lotte!   Sheffield is probably a bit urban for you Lotte but the Peaks are lovely...!

Managed to grab half an hour with a friend over from Oz this morning who I haven't seen in about 18 months so was really good to catch up briefly.  She says they're not coming over for another 2 years though as she's having another baby in January .

Of course teachers just drink coffee and eat biscuits, just like all mums...(she says having spent the day drinking hot chocolate and tea and eating biscuits...!)

My birthday tomorrow .  Going for a chinese tonight for a work leaving do (grander than it sounds - just 4 of us!) then another (nicer hopefully!) chinese on Sat night.  Hubby has helpfully organised a work night out tomorrow night so I will spend my birthday evening making my own cake probably!  Grand old age of 33...

13/09/2012 at 16:24

oh yes, cc - how about if your hubby got transferred down here. you could come and live in Newport

13/09/2012 at 18:10

oh who knows what will happen!!! We've been through this kind of thing several times over now and i almost can't bear thinking about anything for it to come to naught. Just want us all together somewhere that we can feel happy about ... but not Lincoln!! Absolutely love and adore where we are and have made some good friends etc etc but we really do need to be together. so watch this space I guess.

So a Welsh commune then?

LOL at T working for EADS though!  CM - glad stuff seems to have settled for the time being, fingers xed it stays that way.

JT - CM said just what I thought re knots and tightness etc. A decent sports massage would help that kind of thing enormously I would have thought, and not half as expensive. 

JG - so young, at 42 I am a whole nine years older than you! Scary stuff! Hope you have a lovely birthday.

Well I got four miles in - two with the wind almost lifting me off the ground, on my back, and then I had to turn round for the return and get soaked to the skin and fight my way back again!  Then the whole ballet/orienteering juggle.

Just done some of the phonic cards with S while trying to get J to finish his homework (stops her distracting him) and she loved them ... and was then trying to write the words she was forming too.  TBH if it just keeps her occupied then that is a bonus, J is soooooo easily distracted and seems worse than ever at the moment ... sigh.

Think there is some kind of Joint Forces exercise going on at Cape Wrath at the moment, the skies here are mega busy with all kinds of jets whizzing over ... some a bit too low for my liking


13/09/2012 at 18:21

Yes CC I was just thinking that south Wales was currently looking favourite for the commune!

JG - happy birthday for tomorrow.  Lots of chinese food, yum.  So glad to hear that your shoulder is improving.  Sounds as though you are doing the right things, so hope it continues.  I almost can't remember being that young , just a few days older than CC so 33 seems a dim and distant memory now.

We have some alphabet flash cards and some magnetic letters for Max ('my ABCs') and he is enjoying going through them at the moment and impresses me most days with how much he is learning.  They do a lot with them at nursery too so he is getting lots of it every day.

As I dropped him off at nursery this morning, the little bully, Cruz (looks so cute though, as though butter wouldn't melt with beautiful curly dark hair and big dark eyes) was creating havoc again.  Really hope Max retains his current good nature....

CM, glad to hear that you seem to have sorted the work issue.  Sometimes these things do work out for the better, fingers crossed.

13/09/2012 at 18:27

poor Cruz. i feel sorry for little kids that end up like that because it genuinely can't be their fault at that age, can it? i agree that some kids are more naturally inclined towards mischief than others. and their temperaments may lend themselves more towards aggression. but it is generally because of frustrations or issues they face, i reckon. J was a terrible biter as a toddler, and i think that was down to frustration and also probably down to the fact that we didn't really appreciate how sensitive he was - because he was so big, loud and seemingly confident. so he wasn't getting the support from me that he really needed to enable him to handle situations... perhaps it is the same for this little boy and the setting he is in or the support he is getting isn't enough to enable him to behave appropriately?

13/09/2012 at 18:30

I did wonder the same CM, I don't know if he has brothers and sisters or anything about him really (apart from the fact he is so goddamned cute!).  Maybe his parents are suckers for his cuteness and let him get away with murder at home....  I think from the stories Mr TT's mum tells me that he used to bat his baby blues at her and got away with far too much!

13/09/2012 at 18:37

CM - I was just explaining this kind of stuff to J and the other boys I took to swimming the other day. There is a girl in his class who is pretty obnoxious, always in trouble and has moved from other town school to this one. I was trying to get over that sometimes people genuinely are not very nice people but often it's because things are not quite right in their life.  S was a pretty atrocious toddler and much of this I am sure was frustration at not being able to talk, this continued even when she was starting because no-one could understand what she said. Sooooo hard when all your friends are chatting away etc.

TT - I am sure if he's already laid back, it will last. J is very laid back, too much so in that i've had to make him stand up for himself a bit and try and encourage him to perhaps not cry so much when things dont' go his way at school but it's hard. He reacts very like me to things so I know what he feels like.

13/09/2012 at 18:41

it is hard to know sometimes, TTid. i didn't let J get away with murder as such, but i don't think i appreciated how overwhelming he found certain situations because he was so bold. so when we moved him to another nursery which was much larger and there were huge open spaces, i genuinely believe he was just overwhelmed by the whole thing and couldn't cope and therefore just bit because that was what he did when things got too much for him. in the end, there was nothing even provoking it. he had learned that that was what he did, and he just did it.

J has always had issues processing extremes of emotions - even now he has melt-downs and then over-exuberance when things are exciting for him. and i think it manifested itself as a toddler in biting - when he was happy or sad! and perhaps that is part of this little boy's problem. he doesn't know how to process external stimuli so it turns to aggression. and the problem with that is that he then learns a pattern of behaviour and repeats it.

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