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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/12/2012 at 16:55
TT - great news about your mum, just the Christmas present you wanted I should think.

Sorry to hear we've still got so many poorlies, hope everyone feeling better soon.

We're in the car right now having a horrible journey back from Wales, 6 hours travelling so far but thankfully we are now nearly home. Had a great time with the in-laws though, lots of lovely food, a few runs, some nice walks and board games in the evening, fabulous! Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight though, although I think we might struggle to get Anna to sleep as she's been asleep for last 3 hours in the car. Ooo we're home now, hurray!!!!
29/12/2012 at 08:53

Hi, I'm completely new to forums and things and I've no idea what the etiquette is. Is it ok to just join like this? If not please accept my apologies and ignore!

I was wondering if anyone can help, before I became pregnant with twins last March, I ran 5 times a week to a fairly structured programme (pace work, long runs ect). After a fairly eventful pregnancy and first three months I'd really like to get back to it. However, I haven't got nearly as much time as before (my husband runs too so it's going to be tricky) and I've no idea what I could do meaningfully on maybe three sessions a week to start with. Does anyone know if there are any half marathon programmes or anything that have fewer sessions?

Any advice would be really welcome as I've missed it so much. Thanks....

29/12/2012 at 09:43
Hi Clare - welcome to the thread. I guess we all struggle to fit our runs in with kids but generally you have to find a way to squeeze in what you can and allow for flexibility. schedules are good but most of us have had to change our goals and go with the flow a lot more. Not sure how you feel physically but I'm guessing at 3 months sleep could be limited and you will still have all sorts of hormone influences so risk of injury will be high. TAKE IT STEADY and don't push it, most of us ignore that at our peril and with instant regret when we are back on the bench. What are your twins called?

Lotte - hope you had a lazy day.
Glad you survived journey Karen, looks like you picked the right day to travel though as torrential rain forecast now. Any attempts to run will involve paddling.
29/12/2012 at 10:27

Hello everyone ... sounds like some lovely Christmases ... Camlo, that's sad about your friend though , tough times.

Clare - welcome aboard.  Second above info, running windows will be flexible from hereonin, and you have to be VERY focussed to get out there sometimes!  BUT it's possible as we will all confirm.  Definitely watch out for the niggles and hormone related issues in these early days - especially if you've had an 'eventful' delivery. Many on here will vouch for sessions with osteopaths before getting back out there again, and Pilates or similar for regaining and maintaining core strength.

I've used FIRST a couple of times, namely for my first post-baby marathon I did and found it helped me focus on the essential running sessions and also XT.

So a quiet but good Christmas here with hubby home, has been lovely tbh and will be hard when we get back to 'normality'.  Quite a lazy time really with lots of late starts, and general chilling. I worked on Thurs morning, we had fab dinner up at friends one evening (without kids) but yesterdays hangover was a bit grim ... 15 miler soon sorted that out trialling my new headtorch etc.  Had a lovely time skipping through the woods in the pitch dark, no-one could see me grooving to Dire Straits 'twisting' which is probably just as well! And coming back along the beach at the end was fantastic - although got a bit lost as the landscape has changed a LOT after the big wave the other week. So getting some running in but not as much as I probably should ... hey ho! Funny old weather here - alternating freezing cold ice-rinks, with shorts for running weather. Blew and absolute hoolie last night.

Impressive back2back runs there Lotte, have done that running after a lunchtime drink, definitely odd!!

Right, need to get kids out for some air so off with the bikes to the forest ...

Edited: 29/12/2012 at 10:28
29/12/2012 at 11:21

Quick hello from me. Sorry too busy and manic to post as ever.

Too much eating and drinking here for sure, but 70 miles clocked this week, so that should help. Just ran 16 miles in torrential rain and howling wind. Good for the soul especially as I in my wisdom decided to run along the cycle track between Chippers and Calne. Was very very muddy, but good fun and still a decent clip at 8:08 pace!! .

Now hubbie out on a 100 miler bike ride. Bit worried tbh but he was determined to recce his routes for two weeks time.

Had my Mum here who to be frank was miserable and a pain in the arse to have around. Had an injection into her pelvis on the thursday before xmas and just moaned the whole time she was here. She didn't leave the house which is unlike her and kept complaining that the house was soo cold. Err no (maybe if you got off your arse to help a bit!! ). She did do some baking with the kids on xmas eve which was lovely but that was all under her terms of course!! . She gave me that look when I asked if hubbie and could run together on xmas day. We only went 6 miles but oh the look!! We never get to run together, well very very rarely and thought it might be a nice xmas present from her. Oh no!!

Had my bro and SIL and wee niece from boxing day through till last night which was lovely but v busy. SIL was a bit poorly though bless her, but no complaining like with my Mum!!

Day of sorting and packing today then off to see my Sis and little niece who I've not met yet and my nephew. Then staying with friends in Cheshire for new year.

Welcome to Clare. Lotte and I both had twins. I ran until 26 weeks with them on board and started again 4 weeks later, maybe a bit soon, but I was OK. Run as you feel is best. Always feed first and wear extra bras especially feeding twins you will be very big and full!!! My twins are 6 now, time certainly flies and I have a wee girl now too who is 2.5.

V.worried about hubbie tbh. It's awful out there, bad enough running but biking??? Fresh air will have to wait till this after lunch I fear, supposed to ease a bit.

Weaning, drop the mid-morning/lunch milk, so then first thing, 2-3pm and bedtime left. Then drop the afternoon around 9-10 months when they are having more protein. I stopped BF by 8 months with all the kids tbh ...

Happy new year all...

29/12/2012 at 12:09
CC - hmmm not sure how I feel about you running in the pitch black through twisty, Knarly paths. You do have a phone DON'T YOU ????? Glad you had a nice time with hubby but my heart goes out to you facing another year of to'ing and fro'ing.
MM grrr to non-helpful mum. I bet 6 miles only took you a flash too! You are certainly getting the miles in- do you have a target for London? You are doing London?? hope your hubby is safe, water here is shocking and I wouldn't fancy being on a bike.
9 done in the rain but actually felt ok as took it steady (1:30) and cleared a few drains as I got nearer home to try and keep flooding off our road!
29/12/2012 at 13:28

Welcome to Clare. Not much to add to the advice the have given you. I'm a fan of the 5.30am run, but its not for everyone. My twin boys will be 5 in March. I started back running when they were 3 weeks but they weren't my first babies and I'd had a fairly straightforward delivery. I ran London marathon where 13 months but then was injured for 2 months, probably having done too much too soon. So make sure you listen to your body. Are your twins pink or blue - or one of each!

MM - good running, yes those though runs are good for mental strength. Hope the niggles are all holding up. Boo to your mum though. I have been noticing my mum getting sort of grumpier and stresses about little things she never used to, maybe just getting old!. And she gave my dad such a hard time for drinking too much on Christmas day when he was actually being pretty good. Me and my sis were exchanging looks! Kind of want to say something to her but don't want to jurt her feelings. Hope hubby back safely.

CC - sounds like a lovely relaxing time, yay to being together but boo to the sore head. We have a night out tonight I am really looking forward to. A buffet dance down at the boating club, 10 of us going together, but I am so dreading the hangover tomorrow! What kind of running backpack do you have? I just ran with mine but it rubs my neck, looks like I have two hickies on my neck! Wast hinking about one of these

Lol at the drain sorting run Camlo. Only 9 to go now?

Well I did another 20 miler( 2.41, 8.04mm pace) this morning. Ran up to town with the wind on my back and then got the bus home. Would rather do that than the 15/16 miler I had planned on an out and run route and having to face the bloody wind! So thats me at 90 for the week and tomorrow I will do an easy run if I'm able or nothing if I'm not!!

29/12/2012 at 13:53

As ever I post 70 feeling pretty please and Lotte does 90. Bah!!  Have fun tonight Lotte. We are being dry for two days before friends tomorrow night!!

Kids driving me mad so I have two parcels to post so a wee trip to post box me thinks. Best get them togged up as still pouring here . Not sure I can cope with marathon training if this weather carries on. Mind you todays run was nowhere near as bad as I expected once I'd gotten over the first muddy muddle. I was plastered when I got back but thats fine .

Camlo no idea re target tbh. See how it goes really. Sub 3:10 for sure. Obviously would love the sub 3 but I won't know until training gets going really, as my autumn indicator halves were shocking .

No news from hubbie so I assume he is OK. He should be home by 4pm...

29/12/2012 at 15:48
Hi to Claire * waves*. Biggest advice I would give is as others have said- take it reaaaaaaally easy and gradually get back into it or you will defo get injured as lots of us have! I used the FIRST schedule for my last marathon and completed the marathon, albeit slow when M was 11 months old. Was tough sometimes due to sleep deprivation but doable. I have three girls aged 2,6 and 8 tomorrow!
I have a treadmill in the garage also and now a turbo!!!
Lotte and MM your mileage is sooooo amazing, you must have such understanding hubbies to be able to do that! Enjoy tonight Lotte and hope the hangover isn't to awful! Boo to an unhelpful mum MM. Enjoy your few days away also
Liking the drain clearage Camlo, well done and CC yuk to a hangover but yay to your run in the dark, sounded fab. Glad you've all had a nice Christmas.
Have a cake in the oven and venison slow cooking in the other oven. Have made two cakes with holes in the middle and my plan if it works (!!!!!!) is to put them together and ice them to make an 8!!! Hope it works! It's C's eighth b/day tomorrow and we' ve organised a two hr disco thing with games, prizes and bouncy castle in the village hall. She doesn't know about it so shell be well chuffed I reckon.
Have so much to do so betta get of here and get it done. Sorry to those I've prob. Missed.
Working the 1st and 3rd
29/12/2012 at 15:50
Forgot to say did a very wet 80 min MTB ride this morning. Came back cold looking forward to a nice hot bath and there was no power, grrrrrrrr. It was of for nearly 4 hours!
29/12/2012 at 15:51
Oh I also did my first ever 'sufferfest' on the turbo the other night, whew it was tough, jelly legs when I got of.
29/12/2012 at 16:03

Yes hubbie understands completely RF as he is a fellow nutter!! It is a battle sometimes for us both to get our training in though. I was up and out at 7am, back by 9.15 and he was out then and is still out . Should be back by now . He also runs/bikes 6-9 times per week plus swims. I run on 6 days but often twice. No idea how we manage it but we do! Kids totally get it too, so no worries there! Got kids out for an hour of frsh air and they are much calmer. Lashing rain but they enjoyed their bikes still!!!


29/12/2012 at 16:16

hello Clare

oh I feel so lazy in comparison, in fact there is no comparison!  yesterday - bed, sofa, 15 min trip to supermarket, sofa, bed, sofa, bed. today - bed, sofa. didn't move til 1145 and I slept for loads of it. this is ridiculous! I'm so wiped out . all I do is read sleep and eat. a lot. feeling so lousy and feel so guilty for hating feeling like this. 

29/12/2012 at 17:42

Big hugs for you EF, you will feel better soon and it is a good sign that you feel so rubbish! Hope work are sympathetic when you have to go back. I ate stacks too so totally sympathise. Can you manage a wee walk for some fresh air?

MM hope your hubby has returned?!

Played footie with boys on the road for a while earlier and garmin clocked 0.5 miles so that leaves 8......


29/12/2012 at 19:15
Blimey MM, I guess as he does so much also he understands, makes it easier for u getting out!
EF- I remember the feeling well, it's totally grim but u just have to go with it and rest/eat when required.
Camlo- not much left then! Must count mine up properly but have 700 odd Kms to go!!!! Hmmmmmm
Cake made!
29/12/2012 at 19:48

I can vouch for MMs weather report this morning - down at my dads and horizontal rain, cold, wind, blurgh!  Please tell us your hubby has returned??

We went to cousins for lunch in Somerset and their house is an old mill, ie a massive lake at the moment.  The normally clam river is a torent and their gdn a swamp.  House ok though!

Going to this rainforest place tomorrow so hope it's good.  

Think Eric has become a 1 nap baby which is fine, will make things easier really, can start going to playgroups etc.

Welcome Claire, I ditto what people say about not doing too much too soon.  Take it easy for a while.

Hubby and I had dinner at the pub last nice.  V nice.

Hi to everyone else!  Still havent bought a hoover or really done much about french campsites.  Useless.

29/12/2012 at 21:35
Hi Clare

Sorry you feel so rough EF. It will be worth it tho...

Hope hubby ok MM. Sorry about your mum. To put it into perspective tho - nothing from my parents for the kids (or me, tho that is irrelevant) for Christmas. No card. Nothing. They really have renounced us. I can understand them hating me because I am obvs huge disappointment but my poor kids...

May try a run tomorrow. Managed 6miles walking in hamsterley forest on way down from nick's mum and dad's house. Where, it appears, I may have left yesterday's pants. On the floor in the lounge where I was sleeping...
30/12/2012 at 05:54
That's very unkind of your parents CM! Esp as the kids have had a relationship with them. Nothing for M from MIL but then as she claimed to SIL that I'd never sent our address etc (big fat lie easily proved by checking back through emails) I'm not exactly surprised! There's nowt as queer as folk hey!
Back home tomorrow, have had a lovely week although last few days a bit stressful. M v jealous of her 7 month cousin. She snatches a bit which is manageable but the last day or so she was grabbing or pushing Rose. Felt like she needed watching all the time. Hard work and no fun!! Anyone else experienced this? I guess it's a version of sibling rivalry but not really sure the best way to help her/us to move on from this phase? I move her away and tell her she must be kind/gentle etc - any suggestions welcome! She is also tormenting Dads dog - one dog she pays kindly and gently the other she chases endlessly and grabs fur, feet, tail etc. im sure she's doing it for the reaction and with anything else I'd just ignore but can't ignore this as no matter how kind a dog is they are still a dog and therefore unpredictable!! Need to do some reading on raising a kind child I think!!!
Welcome Claire!
MM I hope hubby home safe
Sounds miserable and wet in UK, finally had some rain here so dad happy.
EF I hope this nasty phase passes soon!
Anjelica's I think you asked where my parents lived? They have a farm about 30 mins north west of Palmerston North - just off State Highway one.

Exciting New Year plans anyone? Hubby starts work at 5.30am new years day so we will prob be in bed by 10pm!!
30/12/2012 at 07:26
Hoggle, I would move M away from her cousin or the dog and be very firm that its not ok. I have always put mine in their room for time out and it normally doesn't take them long and find something else annoying to do

Having a crap time with B sleeping. His best shot at night is just over 3 hour stints but last night we were up every hour and he had a lot of wind. I tried Calpol and teething gel but that seemed to make no difference (first tooth through btw!). In the end I put him down on his front and he slept from 3.30-6.30am. Think I am going to take his night feeds away so there is no incentive to wake up. Babies!
30/12/2012 at 07:32
Boo to non-sleeping babies Kinsey!! Moving away and firm no is what I'm currently doing - with dog she laughs and cousin she cries. Plus lots of praise when she is kind etc. How young we're yours when you started timeouts? She's almost 18 months so not sure she'd get it yet?!
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