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13/07/2013 at 19:49

whey????? "Get the cards done" obviously! 

13/07/2013 at 21:47

wow so hot here. been out for the afternoon - went to the beach at llantwit major as it has really cool patters in the rocks from the waves. concentric circles of rocks in layers. amazing to look at, so we went at low tide. left here and the thermometer in the car said 40 degrees. now obviously it wasn't 40 but OMG it WAS very hot. eventually it went down to about 34 by the time we had driven about 10 miles down the motorway. anyway, we pottered around and walked at the beach and then went to a country park and had a campsite tea of sausages and bacon by the beach. then we drove home. when we set off it was 21 degrees and stayed that all the way back, until we started climbing up towards my house and it shot up by 6 degrees. so by the time we parked outside my house at 9 at night it was 27. I swear this hill is hotter than anywhere else around! it was really pleasant on the beach - I wasn't hot at all. but outside my house it is sweltering!! and inside it's even worse esp upstairs as it is a dormer bungalow so upstairs is effectively the attic!

13/07/2013 at 22:18

Thanks people. That has allayed my fears! Cards ordered now. 


140mls expressed tonight. 120 from r and 20 from l! Admittedly I last fed from the l but even then! 

13/07/2013 at 22:28

That's good going with the EBM. took me a while to get those levels out. CM - know what you mean about upstairs. Our bedroom effectively has a glass wall and faces south! It must be 28-29 degrees in here. Downstairs feels considerably cooler and E's baby monitor says his room downstairs is 22. 

Thanks for good wishes about baby JG and Lotte.  

14/07/2013 at 00:27

I cannot tell you how jealous I am of all your heat and sunshine!!! My facebook page is literally full of 'let's have a BBQ!'

i know I know we had more than our fair share but def feeling envy right now!!

m's birthday party was a success, weathercwas fine so the clods played outside in the sandpit etc for most of the time. Got some baby cuddles too as my friend brought her 2 day old baby!! She slept the whole time so I suspect the night wasn't great last night!!

14/07/2013 at 10:01

wow EF that's impressive expressing. sounds like he is building himself a nice supply so that he can stack on the pounds!

Karen's Issie was on Tuesday - think she had her party last weekend.

glad M had a nice day, hoggle. and yes, we are having great weather, but the last time it was like this was 7 years ago when J was born. we had the same period of sustained heat and sunshine. and I lived in a dormer then too. I remember when J was about 3 weeks old I decided one evening that he WAS going to go down in his room rather than being a limpet stuck on me, while I sweated like mad. so I popped him in his cot and went out to water the greenhouse. he screamed and screamed and screamed for about 10 minutes. when I caved in and went in to get him, the thermometer in his room showed 38 degrees. oh god, did I feel guilty...

14/07/2013 at 10:52

Matilda's is next wk end, and she and Eric are at one today, as it's the NCT lot so all 6 kids have their b days round about now.  A Rapunzel cake has been orderd by madam.....Mummy will do her best!

I am so glad the loft conversion is our guest room and not our room - def too hot!  

My mum and I are off to Westfield for a spot of girl shopping in a minute.  She leaves tomorrow, back to USA and then who knows when she'll be back.  She has been ill the entire time she has been here - first V+ bug now hacking cough that she can't shake off after getting a cold from E about 3 wks ago.  And I mean really bad, non stop hacking, she's been to the docs twice, nothing is working and she's exhausted.  Suffice to say I don't really think her trip over has been a success!  Maybe next time she'll take my advice and come in the school hols, or at least half and half so that it is a bit more chilled and less dashing here, there and everywhere.......

14/07/2013 at 10:52

O and Hoggle - we're having a BBQ later 

Camlo    pirate
14/07/2013 at 11:12

no birthdays in our house..... lots of friends parties though and having to watch what crap they are given. Yesterday each child was given a plate each with 2 packets crisps, a mini yoghurt, a bag of haribo, a lollipop and a cup drink. Not a sandwich in sight! Then watched as kids (not mine) ran and jumped on the bouncy castle with lollipops in their mouths.... eek! 

Fab race report Lotte, also itching to hear if you were 1st!  Don't gels make your guts churn? Were your clown shoes ok to the end? Wear longer next time? 

CM- share your concern at setting someone up to fail. Seems so immoral too, I think if it were me I would rather be told I was not up to the job and given chance to look elsewhere to save face than be sacked. 

Caro - get thee to a parkrun, with that pace you are surely going to pick up where you left off being first in age group? 

Yippee to new bikes, parties, holidays and trips to the beach/ river. 

Boo to getting too hot (although would rather find ways to stay cool than have a crap summer yet again). 

Saw Physio again and getting better but only done short 3 milers so far. We have a bit of cloud so maybe will try and sneak out later for something a bit longer. Need some head space as work seriously bad, have worked up into a specialist role so moving sideways is going to be tough although I have heard of a potential job to explore. Not helped by my screechy colleague as usual. 

Whoop, hubby taken boys to dump rubbish so I can leg it....... byyyyyeeeeeee

14/07/2013 at 12:27
It's way too hot here for me to run in the day - even sitting still is an effort! Husband went out at 6am on his bike, but the bonus was that he was back by 10.15 to help out with the tired hot children - we were out yesterday afternoon at a BBQ with my work colleagues and not back home until 9.30! I might try and run late this evening or get up early tomorrow I think.

We seem to have had a hiatus on the parties - thank goodness. Our busy time is march/April. I agree about crap being served for them to eat. I sort of see that at a party it's fun to have treats, but when they've got one or two parties every weekend for weeks on end that means an awful lot of crap. I now put out sandwiches, cucumber, tomatoes and a couple of small bowls of hula hoops and let them eat as much of that as they want, then give them a yoghurt, and then cut the cake for 'pudding'. When people load the table up with everything at the start, all they eat are those awful cheap mini sausages, crisps and biscuits - and I realise that this makes me sound horribly middle class, but I just don't want my small children filling up on processed junk several times in 48 hours.

Ahem, rant over - sorry!!
14/07/2013 at 13:01

Well I have made sandwiches. Rocket and star shaped and also spelt out 'Jacob is 7' and 'blast off' in sandwiches. And there is fruit and veg platters. And hummous. But there will also be manky sausages. And crisps. Ah well. J has hardly any parties these days so I don't care so much. Mind you I am sitting outside venue with all my stuff in car and lady running it not here so it will all melt and be indefinite anyway unless she turns up soon!!!!

14/07/2013 at 13:03


14/07/2013 at 13:29
That sounds great CM, loads of good stuff. It's when there are a few sandwiches, and then absolutely everything else is processed to within an inch of its life that I think it's not great. I would never say anything and I would never stop them eating it, but when there are several parties in a weekend it does sometimes feel as if they're chock full of additives!

HOpe she gets there. Your cake looked fab - please take some pics of it assembled too!
14/07/2013 at 15:21

Hah, I'd agree Vixo if we had that many parties but the most we get at the moment is one now and again so I tend to let them eat junk as we don't have that much at home, although it ratio of Pom Bears versus healthy snacks might be creeping up a bit in moments of desperation!!

Camlo    pirate
14/07/2013 at 18:33

hope bleeding settles soon JT, must be a worry even though it's happened before and scans are always OK. Getting movement is great though isn't it. 

Boys went to 2 other parties recently - 1st had fruit kebabs and lots of veg dips. 2nd party had iced biscuits, candyfloss and bowls of haribo.......  I feel so mean but treat or not I don't let them eat the sweets. 

Managed 7.5 earlier, heat was a killer as cloud seemed to evaporate as I got to about 3 miles. Butt still tight but not so much pain down my leg. 

14/07/2013 at 21:14

I don't know how you manage to stop them from eating the sweets. That's impressive. Although the sweet cones I lovingly hand crafted got rejected by about 80% of the kids today because they didn't like the sherbet flying saucers I had put in there. So I ended up giving them away to the teenage grandchildren of the lady who was running the party for me!

14/07/2013 at 21:16

Boo to bleeding JT, glad you don't seem too concerned.

Camlo - what's up with your butt, if you don't mind me asking ?  Sounds similar to what I had.  I still get a tighter right leg/butt than left but I don't notice it when running so I don't care about the after-effects!

Sophie has generally only had a couple of parties in 3 weeks spread at regular intervals through the year, but this weekend (last weekend of the year!) she has one on Sat, one on Sun then another on Tues on their last day !  I just make sure her other meal is a healthy one if she's had party food, and don't give her any other treats!  After our holiday last year, they must have eaten chips and fish fingers or equivalent about 5 times in the week so I boycotted all oven food for a week afterwards!  They didn't even notice...

14/07/2013 at 21:48

Well done in the run Camlo. Running in this heat deserves serious credit. And TT AND RF - good running and cycling too. Am jealous. I haven't run since the 10k race at the end of May. Had my 20 wk scan scare straight after and been too scared to run since. I suppose I could try again now that I know all OK but as baby already so small I'm wary of doing too muCh. and the heat won't help. Hmmmmm - any thoughts? Maybe I should try a power walk, Caro style, instead! 

Its 2nd birthday season for me at the mo. E had a birthday treat meal out tonight with his best friend - just pizza & ice cream at zizzis on the river. It was nice. We will do something with the grandparents next weekend. Just keeping it low key this year. We only have one big party to go to. Most of my friends have just done small family parties this year. 

Hope scan goes well tmrw JT. 

14/07/2013 at 21:50

Hope party was good today CM. the swkeet becomes looked fab! 

14/07/2013 at 21:51

Sweet cones!! Autocorrect!! 

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