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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/09/2012 at 18:59
An hour and three quarters of badminton?? That's quite a lot surely??

Going to a new Thai place with friends later, no booze as park run in the morning.

Bonne weekends all.

Ps I vote for the commune to be in Florida.
14/09/2012 at 19:02
Ooh me too Caro! Just made a loaf from my new Panasonic bread maker, a great recommendation thank-you! Especially as I got 25% off the price as it was on display
14/09/2012 at 19:34
I'll start recce'ing locations. Land is cheap here but not sure how well the veggies will grow!!

Am just sitting outside blood place having gulped back the sickly glucose drink and am now waiting for my hour to go by so I can go back in for them to draw blood. Hmmm, might have to go for a drive as only 10 minutes gone so far....

Yummy to fresh home baked bread JT.
14/09/2012 at 20:33

Def go and see the teacher CC. Kids can be so horrible. L has been coming home from pre-school this week saying a boy called Orlando Felix!? (WTH is wrong with people??!!) has been scaring her, spitting at her and chasing and pushing her outside. I will definitely be asking the teacher about him, but not really sure what you can do with kids 3 and 4.

Don't worry about the veggies TT... maybe we could just grow grapes and make (and drink) wine?

Boo to the waiting in MM. Nothing worse than a wasted day.

Legoland was fab... no queues, and we could stay on many of the rides if we so wished... as it always should be!

Enjoy your thai Caro... and good luck for park run. I am waiting for a curry to arrive courtesy of hubby, and enjoying a very small glass of red wine.

14/09/2012 at 20:49
Ooh Florida and vineyards sounds perfect to me :-} good luck with the test tt, if that helps!

Anjelicats, that's really horrible poor L. Clearly a lot of it about and OMG to the name.

Have no idea why the badminton lady it's insistent they have to do both sessions, I would have thought shorter sessions with less kids is way more productive! Am definitely going to see if wee can phase that out.he would like to learn the guitar sip perhaps some suitable Bribery! Hubby arrived home with some great lines to deal with this kid so hoping j can keep his head and give them a whirl!

Good luck tmrw .
Right, onion tart almost ready so best be off, that's outrageous though jt!
14/09/2012 at 21:04
OK Florida winery commune it is then! Anj am very envious of your curry. That is one of the few things I really miss being out here. There are some places which are apparently good but they are maybe 30-45 minute drive away and can't really be bothered with that.

I guess all these new cases of bullying/teasing are as a result of the new school year and maybe the kids finding their feet. Hope you both get it sorted quickly Anj and CC.

Regarding 'Cruz', I guess his parents are probably Hispanic so I have always forgiven that name. But yes, the Beckhams are a bit nuts. Reminds me of a silly joke I saw recently; you know who give kids a bad name?......the Beckhams!

Legoland sounds fun. Will definitely have to check out the one here.

Won't get the results of my test until next week but took my tester with me and my blood sugar level when they took their blood was 229, now 40 minutes later is 126. I don't know how that will read to the doctors but I am supposed to keep it under 110 2 hours after eating. Oh well, shall see what they say next week.
14/09/2012 at 23:22
Only quick post as hands sore from chiselling brick walls down and general labouring for hubby who has now put the frame up for our new bedroom and hopes to get roof back on tomorrow!!
yay to bread maker and nail varnish kits, boo to useless men, stroppy clients, school bullies and over zealous sport teachers. No running to report as foot still sore so giving it a rest. 2 tired kids here too but thinking positive after Tom slept solidly last night (after he had some piriton, inhalers, marucca cream and rescue remedy..... )
14/09/2012 at 23:26
Oh and I'd love a commune, I did ok at boarding school so think I'd be an asset..... Just dont leave the veggie growing to me.... Perhaps I could,,, wash and clean....hmmm I do that already....
15/09/2012 at 10:42

Ha ha Camlo!

Just a quick one, if anyone is thinking of buying a Kindle, Tesco currently have them for £69 plus if you are a new customer for Tesco Direct (I used a different email address) and use the code TDX-KPHM then you get an extra £10 off. 

Code works for any spend over £50 from Tesco Direct.

15/09/2012 at 17:57
Seriously annoyed; my wee sis who doesn't run much did a 10k in 47 mins with three of her mile splits beginning with a 6!!!!! How dare her. I could never get a time like that!! She's the one that did the Brighton marathon in 4.45 of little training, longest run 13 miles or something! She's a natural unlike me! Ah well what can ya do eh!!!
Yeah to building work but ouch to sore hands Camlo. Hope u get the roof back on today,
Luvin the commune idea. I'll look after the chickens................ Oh it would be great to live near like minded people!!!!
Great deal on the kindle JT. I have a kindle app on ma iPad, it's great. Just read running with the Kenyans and have now started on a book about the comrades marathon!!!
Turbo- fingers crossed for the tests. I know how stressful it all is (((())))
Mmmmmmmm to fresh bread too JT- I avoid bread now but soooooo luv it!
Boo to bullies, kids can be right wee brats can't they.
Caro- brill on the park run today.
I have run 4 miles and swum 700 metres this morning in Inverness and did 6 or so mountain bike miles up the hill before dinner so quite impressed with my self!!!
15/09/2012 at 19:23

Need to catch up properly but a quick question if Vixo is about

Do you know anything about this place, sorry can't do links. Its isn't my first choice but it is cheaper than the other places we have looked at. The kids think the name is hilarious of course!!

15/09/2012 at 19:36
That's is mighty annoying rf!! Imagine how fast she could go if she trained?!
Good run, swim, bike too!
Camlo- well done on the room building! Is your hubby in the trade or just very good at DIY?! Hole the kids slept well for you and your hands aren't too sore today.
Saw on fb Caros first lady, well done for an oldie I am still intending to do the bushy park run someday and get myself a pb as itll be my first 5k! Would need no one else to turn up to get first lady.
TT- hope the bloods went ok, does sound stressful for you. Last pregnancy went ok though didn't it? I don't remember you suffering too much on the pregnant runners thread....! (not that my memory goes back over 2 years).
So sad hearing about kids having trouble with classmates already, poor J CC, that would make me cry. And for L Anj, and was it CM's J too? I really believe all behaviour like that can be traced back to some sort of frustration at home or growing pains of some sort. Although I have yet to experience my girls being bullied so I may change my views!

Had a tough old week, recovered from my d&v by Tuesday (still no anniversary dinner) but poor Rosie still has bad diarrhoea, been to the doctors twice but I know there's nothing they can do, she is hydrated enough as she is drinking her milk but no solids for over a week now and her bum is red raw. Dr said I have to starve her of milk too but I can't bring myself to do it as she doesn't drink much water and it won't actually cure her diarrhoea just stop it for a while surely? She's also got completely over attached to me (just like Maggie did but from a younger age) and has v bad separation anxiety. She is nearly 8mths which is classic age to do it and its been made worse by her being sick as I'm cuddling her all the time! She won't let hubby hold her either.
Anyway, enough whining! She will get better soon and hopefully will give me more sleep tonight As I have my half marathon tomorrow! Complete taper this week due to sickness and hubby working all hours i haven't run a step since last Sat! I'm just intending to enjoy this race so not too worried as its a hilly challenge not a pb course.
Right my spaghetti and meatballs has just arrived, back to strictly and food.
Sorry to those I've missed, looks like everyone been out enjoying the sunshine today
15/09/2012 at 19:56
Sonya - sounds like a tough time. It may be that the doc thought she might have an element of lactose intolerance, which is very common after a gastroenteritis, so stopping the milk may help the diarrhoea settle. Not really sure what to suggest if she's not taking anything else, but you could try water or very dilute juice for 24 hours, or some soup perhaps, and see if it makes any difference - but try and avoid dairy.

Lotte - I've not been there but I know exactly where it is. The name is hilarious I agree! I think it's got reasonable facilities, and I think in October you'd certainly be free of some of the people who might make somewhere like that not quite as fun as it could be (if you see what I mean!). It would certainly be a reasonable base for exploring the area, and there are plenty of things I could suggest for you all to do if you're interested. There are various money off vouchers you can get for places which it could be worth printing off in advance, especially as with 8 of you I guess the costs for days out add up quickly, but I can give you info if you decide to come down this way!
15/09/2012 at 20:29
Thanks Vixo, was thinking the same re. intolerance, I'm just worried she'll then not get enough fluid.
Lotte- sandyballs, hehe! The kids will love telling all their friends where they're going
15/09/2012 at 20:40

Thanks Vixo. I liked the look of this place but it is so expensive as it is £17 per night for car and 2 adults then £4 per night for each child. eek. Sandy Ball is £180 for the 7 nights as they don't charge for kids. Argh hate making decisions. Good thing is it has an on site swimming pool so something to keep them entertained if weather bad, but both hubby and I hate Haven type holiday parks. One review described it as a poor mans Center Parcs! When is your half term dates, we would be looking at being home by the 27th Oct. Do you know of any other places worth considering?

15/09/2012 at 20:43

Sorry you have had such a rough week Sonya. Really hope Rosie is better soon. Good luck for tomorrow and most of all enjoy!

Well done Caro.

Hubby is driving me mad today, dying of man flu and coughing and snurting everywhere!

15/09/2012 at 20:51
Lotte - redshoot is pretty basic without much in the way of facilities, and with pitches that seemed quite close together. I'm much more of a fan of camping in large areas where you pitch your tent where you want
15/09/2012 at 20:59
Oops, iPad malfunction!
...rather than being in a set space. I dont think redshoot would be worth all that much extra, although we havent camed there. It's a good pub, and i've done a race which started from there which is my experience of it.

We've camped at the Roundhills site in the new forest which I loved, but there's no electrical hook up if you need that for your caravan, and the facilities are just toilet and shower blocks - all nice and clean - but no pool/playground etc. There may be some of the new forest sites with electrical hook up - i'll have a look for you - but I think sandy balls may be ok out of peak times, and as you say, the pool is a bonus. There's masses to do in the area so you wouldn't really need to be there much, so if it's affordable as a base, I think you could probably do worse. I suspect it's more Haven-esque in the summer holidays! Half term here starts the week of the 29th so you'd be safe from that point of view.
15/09/2012 at 21:11
Lotte - two of the new forest sites have electrical hook up, but not sure how they compare price wise.

Holmsley and Setthorns campsites, but I've not been to either. If you don't want electricity then I would definitely recommend Roundhills, but is a bit out by itself in the forest, and there are others that are closer to villages/shops etc.
15/09/2012 at 22:10

Goodness I have so much to catch up on.   Honestly 2 weeks of the new regime at work and I have no time to check up on you all!  They've basically upped our required chargeable hours by an hour overnight so it's hard graft all day long

CC I would speak to the teacher too.  When are you down again?

CM your job stresses sounded awful.  Can't believe how quickly it was all happening!

Camlo hope your coping without the eldest in the house!

Pregnant ladies I hope you're all feeling good.

Well done Caro on first lady, that is seriously impressive!

Sonya you poor love, d&v is the worst. 

You all did pretty well at selling your areas - but what about Edinburgh   easy access to beaches and to mountains, decent shopping, flights to most parts of Europe and it rains less on this side of the country (usually, maybe not this summer!)  Plus when your kids grow up and go to uni, so long as you can persuade them to stay in Scotland then they get their fees paid!

First homework this weekend.  Gawd I am no teacher.  She was doing ok at "mat" "man" etc.  Then I did "nip" and she starts saying "nit" and I'm like well look, where's the "t"?  Then she just starts being silly and saying things like "pat" and it kind of degenerates from there.  Bought a book for her today and she sounded out loads of words that included letters she hasn't offiically done at school  eg van but she's really struggling with "p" and "b" - mixes them up all the time.  I think I find it frustrating because reading came easily to me and I was already reading by the time I started school.  It's also frustrating because she knows all the letters - I know this because she's been writing by me dictating the letters for about a year now!

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