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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/07/2013 at 21:55

Just noticed my last post said clods instead of kids snigger..

Had a massive storm last night an a power cut which resulted in reading bedtime stories with a head torch. Hubby was out but had left the camping lantern for me in case power went out so was in bed reading by that at 7pm! House a tip this morning as hadn't managed to do any tidying before bed. Freezing this morning!! Need to get the heater in my office!!

Talking to my manager today about my contract - feeling a bit nervous although she has reassured me many times - basically I am covering a role while that person covers a maternity leave. They are doing a restructure as they want to keep me in my role and keep the other person doing the job she is covering as it has changed and involves a lot more travel. Have plenty of verbal reassurance that my job will go permanent but nothing on paper and contract up on 19th August. Can't help worrying as hubby has handed in notice and paid course fees and obviously I have my operation as well. Just want to get it sorted!!!

14/07/2013 at 22:03

I have ticked the cold buffet for M's party at the play place, which if it's the same as her friend had included lots of fruit, veg, sarnies and not too much in the way of carp. Think there were cocktail sausages, can't remember.  Today at teh party they had tomato pixxa apparantly, and lots of veg and of course crisps.  Apparantly Eric sat up with the big kids eating the food and had a great time.  But the sweets from the party bag never get eaten, the go straight into the sweetie tin which has sweets dating back to the xmas before last!  She gets them occasionally, but not often.

I am amazed by the call to ban packed lunchs in schools this wk, and the statistics that supposedly who what goes in them.  Apparantly 85% have some kids of sugary or fizzy drink, a similar no have crisps, and then lots have sarnies made with processed white bread and processed meat.  Well I know I am going to sound oh so middle class but M's lunches have water to drink, a home made bread roll, at least 50% seeded wholemeal flour, sarnie contents vary but never jam, always something vaguely nutritious (tomorrow is cheese, branston and lettuce) a small pot of chopped veggies, a piece of fruit and then what I call fake fruit, so it could be raisins, or one of those fuity bars, and never biscuits, chocolate or crisps!  So whoever wrote that article should have asked me!  But the school meals are very good, and M really likes them and would happily have them every day - BUT they cost £2 and I think I can make lunch for less than that, so unless they do make them free (and frankly I can think of better ways for the govt to spend our money) she will not be having them all the time.

Hope J had a fun party CM, and anyone else whose b day's are about now.


14/07/2013 at 22:04

And good luck with the scan JT, and hope all goes well Hoggle - I am always apprehensive about things like that.

14/07/2013 at 22:40

Oh yes, I forgot ccheese string cheese.  She says she still wants it in this heat-it's probably a puddle by lunch time.  No yoghurt as she gets it at home.  Yes I can imagine utter rubbish, so I am very grateful that I have unfussy eaters who realise they have to eat what they're given!  Even Eric surprised me by munching on celery the other day!  Although grannie bought them some strawberry popcorn at the school fayre yesterday.  I shudder at what made it so pink........

14/07/2013 at 22:52

hoggle - hope conversation goes okay. and JT - fingers crossed for scan.

my best friend is a school cook and she tells me tales of the food and how it is prepared and seriously - it is grim. she does her best, but the menus are often rubbish and the scope to flex sensibly for your demographic is non-existent. J hates school dinners as he won't eat potatoes. this is the child that will eat squid, tinned mackerel in a spicy tomato sauce, curry, mild chilli and any amount of pasta / rice dishes. he won't eat potatoes - not even chips. so most school dinners are just no good for him as potato is the carb; the meat portion is tiny, and the veg options (swede and green beans for instance) he wont' eat. he'll eat broc, carrots, sweetcorn, mushrooms, onions, cabbage (in a stir fry), pepper, cucumber, lettuce, sweet potato, squash, leeks. but he won't eat overcooked swede and soggy green beans. he won't eat jacket potatoes and topping. so school dinners are a disaster for him. if he does have school dinners, he leaves most of it and is so starving by the time he has been to after school club (where they feed them hot dogs or nasty cheap pizzas - which he also doesn't like) and gets home at 6.30pm to his dad's house, that he is literally crying with hunger and tiredness on the way home. his packed lunch for tomorrow is tuna sandwich on wholemeal bread; cucumber; pear; two apricots; fromage frais; packet of pombears (flame me now!) and a carton of orange juice. surely better than NOT eating sausages with mashed potato and gravy, which is what is on the menu tomorrow!

Edited: 14/07/2013 at 22:53
14/07/2013 at 23:16

Phew - permanent contract is being written up as we speak! I love my boss (not her fault it has taken so long!).

School dinners don't exist here so its packed lunches all the way. M is ok with lunches but a disaster at dinner at the moment - sigh!! Will get tough on it once this stupid operation is out of the way!

14/07/2013 at 23:28

yay hoggle. what a relief!

I suppose i'm a bit biased where school dinners go. mine were so awful that to this day I can't really eat proper meat. School roast dinners, which we seemed to have all the time, and also pies were so awful that the only kind of meat I can eat is stuff which has been processed beyond recognition (eg sausages, chorizo, ham) or else mince. I can manage a chicken breast but only because we never had them at school. I cannot eat lamb after the greasy grimness of slices of cold rank lamb at school. And I hate pies because I just assume there is going to be loads of fat and gristle under the pastry because that's what school dinners were like. I trust the fact that both of my kids will be good eaters who will have things they don't like (J has NEVER liked potatoes and E currently won't eat anything cold - sigh) but ultimately that they will be given the opportunity to experiment and try other foods. Personally - I don't need school meals to offer my kids the range of exposure to food that will be necessary to ensure they enjoy food going forwards. And don't live on greggs sausage rolls and chips every day.

However, I know this isn't the case for all kids. So if school meals were improved, I would be happy for my 2 to have them. and E in fact will have to anyway as she won't eat sandwiches, cold pasta, cold chicken, cold egg or anything cold, other than fruit, raw pepper and crisps. I can't send her to school every day with just fruit, raw pepper and crisps, so she will have to have dinners! But J will have packed lunch as I don't feel it's necessary for him to have school dinners to 'broaden his tastes', since he simply doesn't eat them (on the 2 days a week he has had them for the last 2 years). His teacher called me aside to say they were concerned he wasn't eating school dinners and that he was struggling as the days he was having dinners were the days he was then going to after school club because he was at his dad's. That was enough to convince me there was no point. WHY pay £2 for a hot meal that a child refuses to eat week in / week out when they could have a fairly balanced packed lunch that they will eat. He leaves home at 8am and gets back at 6.30pm on those days. And was eating ... nothing much in between...

Camlo    pirate
14/07/2013 at 23:44

Brookie - power walking or just plain walking sounds good as does swimming? I didnt run when preg either.

CM. - I think you put so much healthy stuff into your kids the odd treat doesn't hurt. Glad the party went well. can't believe J is only 7, he is so big! Tom still hasn't grown into most of the clothes you gave him! 

Tom always has school dinners but Archie insists on a lunchbox - sandwich / roll, cheese string and 3pieces of fruit normally. If I put anything extra like a cereal bar he eats that and leaves the sandwich...... can't blame kids for wanting the 'nice things' and I despair when parents buy chocolate cereal or frosties type and then wonder why their kids won't eat plain stuff. It is hard sticking to no sweets and the boys do get the odd one when we aren't around but easier to say no all the time than to say no sometimes and have constant requests (like we get for yogs, icecreams etc). 

15/07/2013 at 00:08

J is enormous - I do worry about how big he is and the quantity he can put away. I posted on here about how much he can eat in one go, and I do know that sometimes kids grow UP because they are overfed and then stop growing at a relatively young age because they have reached their natural height and then grow OUT because they are used to eating too much. T certainly overfeeds, and sometimes it's hard not to with J. his enthusiasm for breakfast - porridge and Weetabix and fruit and yoghurt, none of which, on its own, is a problem but combined?! in one sitting?! so individually it's hard to refuse, but the requests come one after another. and then I think sometimes when he is going to T's that he won't eat his school dinner or the tea at after school club, so what he has at 7am has to see him through till 6.30pm more or less.  Gah - it's hard!

Certainly - I don't feel I have complete control over what J eats because his dad feeds him whatever he sees fit to do (sweets from the garage on the way home most days he picks them up for instance), so my hardnosed stance would have very little effect anyway.

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15/07/2013 at 06:55

Our school dinners are good.  They get 3 choices every day, always fresh fruit and yoghurt if they want it, but nice things like chocolate beet root cake as well!  Always a veggie option, and not always potatos.  They're not cooked on site, only one school nearby has a kitchen so several hundred are cooked there and then they are driven over, so who knows how warm they are when they're actually eaten!   All the fish is sustainable and the food is sourced locally wherever possible, eggs are free range etc etc, so not bad for £2, but its still cheaper for me to make a packed lunch.

Camlo    pirate
15/07/2013 at 08:02

Hmmm I see what you mean CM, hard not to over feed any child but with one who has a huge appetite it must be more of a worry. I guess though that  fact that he is lean and in proportion shows he is only eating what he needs to grow and there isn't much left over! Hopefully once he reaches adult size his appetite will adjust accordingly and he won't feel so hungry.  

another sleepless night..... so tired. 

15/07/2013 at 14:33

Packed lunches are a pain in the arse, I hate them. Or school lunches are fab but I can't afford all ours to have them. I give mine a filled roll, two pieces of fruit, some have a yog, sometimes mini cheddars but no other crisps. Reece sometimes take leftover chilli/spag etc in a thermos pot because he rarely eats his roll. He eats rolls at home but for some reason which we never quite get to the bottom of he wont eat them at school. Doesn't want to miss playtime I think. On Fridays they get a choccie biscuit. I find it hard to vary the rolls - what filling is healthy now a days, processed ham is no go, tined tuna but not every day because of the mercury link, most of the cheese has really high salt, mine love smoked pork sausage but again processed meat... argh. Variety I guess. Fruit costs a bloody fortune. There are 8 of us and if we all eat our 5 a day (which we do) you can see why my grocery bill is so high! I can understand sometimes why lower income families will opt for junk food options, when you can buy 20 bags of crisps for the price of 6 oranges! And then of course fruit rots the teeth anyway so why not give chocolate at meal times. Honestly food just makes my head spin! And trying to buy full fat yogurt seems impossible just now, everything is low fat and therefore full of sugar, I want high fat and no sugar! I still try to eat as low carb as possible but trying to feed a whole family that way would be a nightmare. I am guilty of fililng my kids full of pasta and bread as it is the most cost effective option, what a hypocrite. Anyway sorry for the ramble, you can tell it is the holidays and my kids are eating me out of house and home.

Busy weekend here. Out on a friends henny night on Saturday. Good fun and sore cheeks from all the laughing, too many cola cubes shots so was hungover yesterday and we had all hubby family here for a bbq - 8 adults and 11 kids. And it was raining so we had to be inside. Today all our Ikea stuff has arrived so in flat pack hell. Hubby off for the next two weeks and we are moving bedrooms about - the twins are going into the girls big bedroom and the girls are  having the twins room and the study as their bedrooms. Which means I have to empty the study which is my dumping ground, nightmare.

Ran 10 miles this morning and my foot hurts.  Hoping it is still just a bit of bruising or something but it is sort of on the bone so hope it is nothing more sinister.

I did win the race btw, but remember there was only a few of us! I was 2 hours ahead of the next two guys who finished together. But as they said, a win is a win

Hope all well with the scan JT, troublesome monkey that baby!

Well done on the run Camlo, hope it helps keep the black clouds away.

Good news on the contract Hoggle.

 Better stop procrastinating and get on with stuff!

15/07/2013 at 16:13
Can't believe you didn't say that in your original race report lotte!! Well done, that's amazing!

I really can't imagine how you buy enough food for everyone - how often do you shop?

I went to aldi today to buy nappies - when mine wear disposables I think they're the best quality and price - and ended up doing quite a big shop in there as I'm hosting our book club tomorrow night so though I'd save some money and buy the cheese, pate etc there, and it is definitely way way cheaper than the big supermarkets. Not as much choice, but pretty good value, even if they do hurl the food at you as they scan it through - it's not a relaxing food shopping experience!

Our school dinners sound v similar to caro's - locally sourced, several choices, and they say the meat they use is organic from laverstoke park farm, which I think is pretty impressive (I treat us to meat from there about once a fortnight!). Isabelle started with hot dinners in September as I was working and knew I didn't want to have to sort lunch for her as well as everything else. I usually take my lunch to work, saving ??4-5 per day so I figured if I kept doing that we'd still be better off even after paying the ??1.90 for lunch. I can see though with several having school meals it would start to mount up, and now I let her have a packed LCD once or twice a week depending on what I've got in the house!

Believe it or not there are whole blogs devoted to packed lunches, and I got some pretty good ideas from looking at one the wife of a friend writes - although I can't quite imagine what would bring me to write a blog about making packed lunches!

Isabelle forgets all about sweets - everything from party bags gets put in the larder, and intermittently my husband gets the sweet munches and raids the stash and finishes them all! My parents gave them some chocolates ages ago when they went to Switzerland and then when they came back a few weeks ago brought some more - which prompted us to remember that there were still some of the others left. This recent lot were given to all of us though, so they won't last as long as husband will hoover them up soon.
15/07/2013 at 16:44

Well done Lotte!  A fab win I'd say, not just a win!  Hope the foot is nothing serious.

Yes I do wonder what sort of food Sophie's friends have in their lunchboxes, although the school did say at the start of the year no sweets or fizzy drinks (I mean seriously, who gives their 5 year old fizzy drinks anyway??).  Sophie is very fussy when it comes to sandwiches so usually has cheese (cheddar or Babybel) or "teddy bear ham" which is ridiculously processed too.  She has cucumber, grapes, a yoghurt and orange juice, and occasionally malt loaf or sultanas if I've got time!  She had a packet of crisps on her birthday .  She eats virtually the same thing every day, but it is healthy and she eats it all so I'm not too bothered.  We try her with different things at the weekend - she forced down a quarter of a paté sandwich on Saturday!  School dinners would be a disaster as she just wouldn't eat them, and she's so happy and doing so well at school I don't want to upset the apple cart.

Phew it's hot today!  Another late night last night, don't know where the time goes, then 2 cats fighting twice at about 3am and 4am (not ours!), then Nicky wanted his other star at about 5.45am so I had to go downstairs and get it or risk him wailing and waking the whole house up !  Yawn 

Can't wait for the summer school to end and Sophie's term, just be a lot more chilled without the usual school rush in the morning.

Lotte - I'm not surprised you hate packed lunches, I have to make 2 on a Monday at the moment, as well as my own, and it seems to take a lot of organising!

Big fire here in Sheffield yesterday, apparently some rubbish was being burnt and it spread to a plastics recycling charity who hubby's company do the accounts for.  Will be sad for them as they use the money to fund a learning centre for people with learning disabilities.  You could see the smoke about 20 miles away!  Smelt horrible too so we had to keep windows and doors shut for a while.

Anyway, speaking of food I should sort out the kids' tea - feeling somewhat uninspired in that area at the moment!

15/07/2013 at 17:06

Lotte you make me laugh, a 'win' is one thing, being 2 HOURS ahead of the next people is a whole different kettle of fish!  Also, you beating the guys too, you rock!

JT, hope all is good at your appointment today.  EF's pregnancy was stressful enough for us all, we really don't need another troublesome one! 

Hoggle, great news about your job, must be a load off your mind especially with everything else that is going on.

JG, the photo you put on FB of the fire looked horrific. 

Food, ugh!  Max would eat every meal as a 'picnic' given a choice so I guess packed lunch will be easy then when the time comes.  Cheese sandwiches are currently one of his most requested food items and he eats loads of fruit too so I guess we could actually get quite a healthy meal into him in that case.  I think they eat quite well at nursery at the moment, no idea what school food is like here.

15/07/2013 at 21:40

Can't believe we're talking about 2014!  And the scary thing is it'll be here before we know it......glad all ok JT

Note in book bag today - OFSTED! Tommorrow and Wed.  So would the school only have been told today?  

15/07/2013 at 21:43

'A win is a win'.......hmmmmm.  I'll remember that if I ever come first lady in Park run again.  5k, 100 miles - who cares   It's interesting re the male/female thing though as a uni friends husband is a long distance swimmer who's done mad things like swim round Manhatten, and apparantly in ultra swimming women often win over very long distances  - can the same be said of ultra running?

15/07/2013 at 21:50
Is the swimming thing because women have more body fat, so better buoyancy, and stay warmer?

Glad to hear all is ok JT, will you be finding out whether you're on track for a 3 boy household?!
15/07/2013 at 21:53

Yes, I think they only get 24 hours notice Caro so they are prob still busy doing prep right now!

JT, glad you have a reason for the bleeds but hope they stop soon xx

15/07/2013 at 21:55

Long time no see guys   

Our school dinners are horrid - and after trying them when we went in for a Mother's Day lunch - I stopped Z having them at the start of the next term: tinned carrots, frozen roast potatoes, pre-sliced 'beef' - yeuch - and that was on a day when they should have been trying hard to make a good impression! 

Great news on the scan JT - don't worry about consultant visits, in my experience they were like a midwife appointment with a bit of extra chat.  Most stressful is having to go to the hospital for them - and all the associated messing about / never running to time / getting parked that goes with that!

Lotte - where does your foot hurt?   I am currently a foot expert, what with my bunion and partially torn plantar plate (according the first article google gives you "common in middle aged women..."  ahem!).   Too hot to run at the moment (for me) so haven't been doing any, plus the dog is hobbled (again) so my foot doesn't hurt so much - but I'm having to consider some surgery I think.  It's just the idea of being off my feet and on crutches for at least 3 weeks - how on earth am I supposed to manage that?? 

ho hum

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