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15/07/2013 at 22:01

You lot make me feel terribly guilty - I was just considering some left over birthday cake (it's almost 9am and we had a bad morning!) and then I hear about al these chocolates and sweets that sit in the cupboard for months! Where's EF when I need her!!

Had to scrape ice of the windscreen this morning brrrrrr. However it's a stunning sunny day so will go somewhere with Matilda when I collect her this afternoon. She has started getting up early and getting into bed with me again and then mucking around and making me CROSS! This morning was just before 6am. I know it's completely my fault as I let it happen so need to find a way to sort it out. Especially as it won't be able to happen after my surgery. Anyway it meant that we had a whole morning or grumps from both of us!

Do you have to do anything for OFSTED Caro?

M gets a packed lunch for daycare (they do cooked lunches but they are very expensive and from what I've seen not that flash). Normally either sandwiches and fruit and a muffin or something similar. Occasionally leftover pasta. Some days she eats it all and other days she hardly touches it. AT the moment she wants to eat loads in the afternoon and then nothing for dinner. Trying to stretch her out and not snack after about 3.30 (dinner at 5) but its a struggle! I figure its a phase and we'll move onto something else in a while.

Right must do some work!!!! Am very relieved to have job sorted I must say. They had been adamant that they wouldn't loose me etc but it's nice to have it properly sorted not just someones word.


15/07/2013 at 22:07
Don't worry Hoggle, cake lasts minutes in our house. I made an apple cake on Saturday morning and it was gone by yesterday evening! Luckily they forget about the sweets, but never about cake!
15/07/2013 at 22:26

I did go running today, but about 2 hrs before hand I ate an enormous, heavy slice of choc cake leftover from the party the kids went to yesterday.  I did manage to rexist one of the magnum infinites that I bought in tesco this morning as they were half price......tomorrow maybe! What's  in a mini milk?  eric rather likes them.  I'm scared to look incase they're rubbish(it's got the word milk in, it has to be good!)

This is the school dinner menu, itI appears to be a company called iss education, who ppresumably learned something from Jamie Oliver. They even get yeo valley yoghurts.

hoggle there was a note in m's bag asking us to fill in an online questionnaire by 10am tomorrow, so we did that.  Multi choice, is your child happy at the school, do they feel safe, is the teaching good, is the leadership good etc. it hasn't had an inspection for a very long times as the last one was outstanding across the board, so they then got a tiny interim one a few yrs after that instead of a full inspection.  I will be very surprised,  and disappointed  if it is anything other than outstanding again, so I hope it goes well!    I presumes we won't get the results till next term JT?





15/07/2013 at 23:39

I'm going to end up the size of a house - no proper exercise for months and months and months now - sigh!! Sadly I don't seem to modify my eating at all! Really should cut down on so many treats though!! Hubby really needs to loose a bit of weight - he is definitely getting a real belly. Not sure how to tactfully approach it though. He is aware but not yet to the point of doing anything about it, gets very defensive if mentioned (don't we all).

At least its winter so I can hide it all away!


16/07/2013 at 11:18

wow lotte -a win too! amazing!!

camlo - the reason i worry a bit about J over-eating is that apparently it can make you do all your growing early, so the child isn't actually particularly fat - just excessively tall for their age. (which is what J is - he's well built, but not porky, but he is sooo much taller than all the other kids). then when he reaches his adult height unnaturally early and stops growing at 13 or 14, he will continue over-eating because that's what he has always done, and will then get fat. and it's hard to do much about it then.

16/07/2013 at 12:31

Really CM?  I've never heard that eating lots when young can make you grow taller quicker.....if that was the case then why do you get short, fat kids?  Sure if you're malnourised you prob wont be as tall as you should be but I've not heard it the other way round.

Our Bangladeshi neighbours brought round some home made sweets yesterday and they are so morish!  They are BRIGHT orange and soooo sweet.  I wont let the kids anywhere nr them........but I just ate a tonne.

I just presumed that all school meals were good these days, shame some are still vile.  EF's hospital stories also make me shudder, when it really is a no brainer than good nutrition makes you well more quickly.

16/07/2013 at 13:55

Martha seems to enjoy her school meals and she is much happier to eat a lot more variety now too which I think stems from being so hungry she will eat whatever they give her at school and then she realises she likes it!  From the meal planner we are given it looks varied and moderately adventurous although I'm not sure what the quality of the produce is really like.

Keep forgetting to say that your race report was fab Lotte - really interesting!  I can't imagine doing that, total respect for you managing the kids and that kind of mileage preparation as my days just seem to get eaten up with so many things to do!  Plus I always have a 'to do' list a mile long!!


16/07/2013 at 13:55

i guess kids do grow at different rates so some stay short and fat and then have a huge growth spurt at some point and it all evens itself out. or they stay short and fat forever. but i have read that one of the things that can happen to kids who overeat is that they will just grow too fast - 'up' not necessarily 'out' - and then when they stop growing they get fat.

as for school dinners - ours are awful as i said. talked to my friend last night who is the school cook and she said the quality of the meat is shocking. the sausages are vile apparently - tasteless and such poor quality.  one of the things i have always said they should put on is a noodle dish as i can get my kids to eat just about any type of veg in a stir fry as long as the sauce is tasty. and they have put one on for september.  on a monday. and the recipe book they have supplied with it says 'marinade the chicken overnight or at least for 2 hours before cooking it'. yes, makes sense. except they have to buy the chicken breasts in FROZEN. the noodles have to be served on a monday (she can't change the day), so that means she has to marinade frozen chicken breasts?! ffs, it is ridiculous. they just don't think these things through.  she starts work at 9 and lunch has to be ready by 1145, including all 3 options and sandwiches and now she has to do a salad bar too. i don't even know how she does it. they have to make their own bread too. sounds really impressive but she says the food it just rubbish.

this week's menu has spinach and tomato bake. with potatoes and GRAVY? does anyone else thing that sounds vile? J wouldn't eat it anyway as he won't eat potatoes and i can't imagine he would eat a bake with spinach in it (a stir fry - yes; a bake - er no!)

16/07/2013 at 13:56

oh and the couscous is also vile. they have a recipe and they aren't even allowed to make it with stock. so it is entirely tasteless and the kids hate it. J has the same menu at his school and he absolutely loathes couscous now. he won't even eat it at home because of his experience at school...

16/07/2013 at 13:57

We had the same online questionnaire thing Caro.  Martha's school had changed head and did go from an Outstanding to erm what ever the mediocre classification is.  They did however say Early Years was good, it was Key Stage 2 that they weren't happy with so hopefully by the time M hits that it will have improved significantly!!

16/07/2013 at 14:03

My friend just texted me as the ofsted report of the school her daughter will be going to in Sept (less than a mile from here, was no 4 on our list) was published today and it is terrible!  Grade 4 all around and it's been put in special measures.  When I visited it I did think the head was a cocky so and so (male!) but he's obviously just been doing bugger all for yrs (school got a grade 2 4 yrs ago) and apparently he made a TA pregnant.  He's the husband of the head of another local primary who's just retired and he's been pushed out.  I guess he knew his wife was going to retire and just gave up and coasted for the past few yrs letting his school rot.  

16/07/2013 at 14:04

M's school is just infants (reception, yrs 1 and 2) so don't need to worry about key stage 2 fortunately!

16/07/2013 at 18:08

Happy b day Lou and Tes.

He was sacked JT!  No golden handshake........the latest rumour is the school was given such a damning ofsted as they want to turn it into an academy.....I have no idea really what that means.

16/07/2013 at 18:10

Great JT!  Good to know a sonographer!

Martha has persistent nits, I don't know why they are hanging around, I did a really thorough comb on Friday and found barely anything but today found one adult and probably 20 suspicious dots which were a mix of small ones and eggs.  Wondering if she picked the adult up in school on Monday??  Horrid.  I combed just know until nothing was appearing, maybe will do it again in 2 days??

16/07/2013 at 19:16
I think you need to comb every third day for two weeks, Kinsey, to get rid of them, and if there are any left on the last comb then keep going. Grim, but at least they're not actually harmful! Have you done everyone else as well?

Happy birthdays all round!
16/07/2013 at 20:34

Happy birthday Ted and Lou! Great news about scan JT. that's lovely. 

Cant believe all the school dinner stories. I naively thought that in the post Jamie era they were all much better? Speaking of food issues - E doesn't really eat any veggies. He used to, and apparently eats everything at nursery, but for me, even if I disguise them in a bolognause sauce or something, he won't eat any - either picks them out or spits them out. He's two this week. Do I need to worry yet? He eats LOADS of fruit by he way. AND I did blooming baby led weaning - they said this wasn't supposed to happen if you did that!!! 

Anyway, hope everyone who is running at the mo is coping ok in the heat. I'm gonna try a power walk (or just a walk!) tomorrow on the nursery run. 3.5 miles there so that's something at least? 

16/07/2013 at 21:15

Brookie - J ate no veg from about 18 months till about 3. He did eat loads of fruit. He still isn't brilliant but he will eat it now. I used to grate veg for bol etc as that was the only way to get it to cook down eenough

school leavers concert tonight. Much willy holding on stage lol 

16/07/2013 at 21:47

Kinsey  don't know if you have used shampoo (do you even use it for nits these days?) but my mum told me that she had the same problem with my sister when we were kids and tried about 3 shampoos before realising they all had the same active ingredient in it which they were obviously resistant to. Tried one with a different main ingredient and it worked immediately. Think they were pretty toxic when we were kids!!

M is pretty reluctant with veg Brookie. Well she will try things and will eat bits raw but not much other than peas, corn and carrots goes in at dinner. I'm figuring its a stage and she'll move on at some point.

Went to playground with my friend and her little boy yesterday (Matilda's "best" friend). M has gone up a class at daycare and he is still in infants so she doesn't see him as much and they ran up to each other and had a big long hug in the middle of the playground - so happy to see each other!!


16/07/2013 at 22:13

Brookie - Nicky isn't great with veg but is getting better.  It depends on the child but we have found the temptation of something "nice" that his sister then gets and he doesn't is sometimes enough to get him to eat it!  He didn't finish his green beans yesterday but he usually likes dipping them in ketchup.

 to some of the school dinners!  

JT -  about the scan, hope the bleeding isn't too off-putting and does stop soon.

Caro - shocking about that head!  Ours got good for Foundation stage but not so good higher up the school so I am also hoping they sort it out by the time Sophie gets there!

My tummy is so bloated at the moment, everything I eat seems to fill me with air !  Been going on since the weekend, getting a bit annoying now though is encouraging me to eat more healthily!

I'm finishing my summer job next Tuesday instead of the week after, so relieved!  I don't even care that I'll lose 4 x £60 a day...

Sophie's new teacher is a Mr Levick which should be interesting - not sure how she'll act around a bloke teacher.  More girly and silly perhaps?!  Apparently she pushed Nicky's face into the water in the bath tonight and really upset him, poor thing - little horror, she sometimes does these random naughty things without warning, then never does them again!

 to the nits, Kinsey.  Haven't had them here yet (or chicken pox...!).

10k on Sunday but slightly concerned at the temperature!  Flat route but very dusty as round a country park on the track.  Oh well, I'm not going to aim for anything this time as it doesn't seem to work!

16/07/2013 at 22:13

Oh and happy birthday Lou and Ted! 

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