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16/09/2012 at 22:52
Sounds good vixo, although M would be v disappointed at not putting the car on a boat! One of her friends went to Spain on a ferry this yr- 36 hrs, so I think her imagination has gone a little wild! She keeps saying she wants to ring the bell......I think she has an image in her head of grandpa pigs boat and can't imagine how you'd get a car on it!

When she was 1 we drove to Switzerland and did Dover Boulogne, and I looked into the train then and it was more expensive, but I guess it you book far enough in advance it could be cheaper. The site I looked at said 650km and I know from last time the motorways were fine, but pricey (which is why they're fine!)
16/09/2012 at 22:53
Never thought of that JT......
16/09/2012 at 23:23
Neither did we... (really want the smiley with 'eyes' now but can't as I'm on my phone!).
17/09/2012 at 08:39

Yeah, we drove Calais to Dordogne this August and it is a journey I would def not do again for a weeks holiday. The Peage queues were huge and the traffic around Le Mans and Tours was awful. It took us closer to 8 hours by which time I really had had enough which is strange as we drove far greater distances iand times in oz and Nz.

The journey back was quicker, but we broke it up stopping in Paris. And the Paris to Calais leg was a nightmare as I had contracted a stomach bug and was throwing up on the side of the road every 20 minutes. Not good.

I am off on holiday to Spain early tomorrow morning. I am so looking forward to lie ins and books on sunbeds. Leila is staying with her nanny so best get going and get organised!



17/09/2012 at 09:15

We had very good journeys driving in France. No tolls from Roscoff to Benodet though. We also had the Plymouth to Roscoff ferry. It was fine. We were cheap skates though and had inside cabin for just £25. Still useful for just chilling though.

Had horrific queue going through customs getting back into the country off the ferry at 10pm. Over an hour, and when you have a 2.5 hour journey to get home it wasn't what we needed.

Busy weekend as ever. Football practice, hubbie ripped out old wardrobes etc in our bedroom , he fitted the board to the treadmill without too much bother . Hurrah!! Haircut and colour, cycling in the park for the kids. Yesterday I raced, well hard training run really as didn't ease down at all. 10 miles in 66.30. Pretty pleased with that tbh as didn't feel zippy at all after 70+ mile week. Didn't quite hit the 6:30s I wanted but still pretty good half pace run.

Then swimming with kids this afternoon and picked up the boys 'big boy' bikes 20" with 7 gears. Very plush. They are an early birthday present although they are only getting them in dribbles until their actual birthday. Cycling event at castle combe race track on friday evening for the school friends funds, so they can try them out there.

Never camped in London. Have booked a lovely looking maisonette in Greenwich for London weekend. We will be taking kids out of school for that . I think 2 days in London after the race seeing the sights will be allowed. Still OK here I think to do that ...

Sounds Lush Anj, very jealous. I am at work at home, so best get on....


17/09/2012 at 09:41
Wow, we've never had to queue through the peages, so that's definitely something to think about. We're usually driving down through France so maybe not such a popular holiday route. Definitely wouldn't want to be queuing for 2 hours!
17/09/2012 at 10:18
From the schools website

We operate a zero tolerance policy regarding term time abscesses for holidays. All holidays will be recorded as unauthorised abscences and may be subject to a fixed penalty notice being issued.

Doesn't surprise me as they have other wonderful rules such as no siblings allowed to any school concerts etc, so if I ever want to go to anything I will always need child are for Eric.

Anyway, being late by 2 hrs can hardly be regarded as absent, just late, so I may just say our plane was delayed rather than pre warn them!

So I get the impression booking the ferry or Tain s more important than booking the actual campsite this early on? I see you can get those electronic tag things for the toll booths, but they are more expensive, but then you wouldn't have to queue so long in theory.
17/09/2012 at 10:30

Thats a shame Caro, mind you ours has zero tolerance to actual hols. I guess ours will be more educational, an experience rather than actual hols. They were happy when I asked last year so hoping it will be the same in this year too . At this age being with family and experiencing life is far more important I reckon, but then some people do take the pi$$ as JT has suggested. We get fined for unauthorised absence, £50 per day. Some people still do it though as make hols so much cheaper even with the fine!

17/09/2012 at 11:01

Enjoy Spain Anj!! All this talk of hols is making me want to start looking for next years now! A friend of ours highly recommended a driving holiday as she called it, they drove to Switzerland, she reckoned its less hassle because you can pile everything into the car, they also have dual dvd players clipped on to the backseats for the their 2yr old and 5mth old though! They did the tunnel and stopped at campsites so not a full on drive, and it helps when you live south of london.

We are definitely intending to take Maggie out of school when she's still young. My childminder has just decided to do it as the school said you can unofficially take 5 days. Hubby is dead keen to go skiing so we'll be doing it for that, not exactly educational though 

Sounds like a busy weekend MM, well done hubby for doing the treadmill! Lots of talented diy hubbys on here, Camlo - I also imagined a little room until I saw the photos on FB, might impressive extension!

So I managed the Farnham Pilgrims half yesterday! Actually was very nice to do a race when you know you aren't chasing a PB, after queuing for a stile in the first mile there was no chance of even good splits, only used my garmin as a mile marker as none on the course (great marshalls though, plus lots of squash and biscuits!). Quite tricky to overtake on the teeny paths, and as I started at the back I had lots of people in front of me! Killer hill at mile 10 which I caught a lot of walkers on. Anyway, finished in a respectable 2.05, ran all the hills, my sis did 2.20 and also ran the hills . One of my aims was to finish before the first marathoner, who started an hr before, and I just managed it! the winner was a woman who came in at 3.07 (5min before the 2nd place guy). I really liked the post race food, trays of brownies and shortbread etc, yum! Hubby came with us and brought both girls, very brave, he brought 3 changes of clothes for Rosie but didnt need any luckily! They didn't come and find us on the route, just stayed by the start, played on the swings, Rosie crawled everywhere (she loves grass), then went to the pub for bacon butties, followed by tea and cake back at the finish (its tough being a supporter). Then Mags helped me eat my biscuits too.

Had fish and chips for dinner last night so pretty sure I consumed more calories than I burnt off yesterday!

Going to try and do the parkrun next week to see how I do on a short run. I looked up the results of the bushy parkrun from last Sat and the first lady came in 17min something, hmmm, think they're a bit speedy!

Can't believe its 11 already! Baby waking up I think. Just finished building our new wardrobe while she slept, quite pleased with myself as doesn't look like its going to fall apart....

17/09/2012 at 11:39

Spain sounds lovely Anj - enjoy!

We've been lucky in France and rarely queued on toll roads, apart from when there has been an accident, an even that's cleared fairly quickly ... .  I think you have to be sensible though and avoid obvious grid-lock times like end of English bank holiday, start of English holidays etc cos wherever you go, tolls or not, there are bound to be queues.  Did once try to go to Chamonix once avoiding the toll roads (person in charge of driving car absolutely refused point blank to pay out for any tolls). It was a very stressful journey tbh as none of us were familiar with the route, let alone the French road systems - and we were beaten but a number of hours by the other car which went on toll roads. This was in middle of August. 

Great racing MM, esp as legs were tired etc

Caro - Js old school had that kind of policy on their website too, zero tolerance etc etc. Definitely not shooting the messenger but tbh I don't think it makes an awful lot of difference, those who seriously want to take the pi** will do whatever.

Of course skiing is educational - another European culture/language/food

Hour of pilates this morning so really need to get off here and finish domestic jobs so I can squeeze in a run before after school chaos begins. Have a meeting at school about the curriculum 4-5pm, that's so helpful when I have S finishing at 2.50pm and J out at 3.20pm and then we have cubs at 6pm - aaaaagh!

Sonia - sounds like you had a good day yesterday, it's a mean old course so that sounds a pretty good time to me.

17/09/2012 at 12:31

Hi, hope everyone is doing well.  Im a bit miffed and wondering if anyone can give me any advice.  I was just getting back to running after giving birth 3 months ago and quite pleased with my progress managing an 8 miler last week and some good fartlek sessions.  Anyway i have just been diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder as a result of giving birth vaginally.  The GP said that it was a very minor prolapse and not likely to give me any significant problems.  She referred me to a gynaecologist and told me to do my pelvic floor exercises.  I then asked about running and she told me that its fine to continue, but not to push myself.  Of course this is exactly what I wanted to hear, however, as i see running as something I want to do for the long term, I'm worried that my GP is being overly optimistic.  Has anyone else experienced this? The thought of running and making it worse and then not being able to run ever again is bothering me a lot!!  Any advise welcome! 

17/09/2012 at 12:40
Ok Caro, so in your situation probably best not to be too honest!! How absurd that they don't allow siblings at concerts. I can sort of see if it was a secondary concert at a very high standard, later in the evening, then pre-schoolers might not be welcome, but at primary level? Seems a bit precious - and hard for parents who will have to pay for babysitters or miss out.

We usually take 2 weeks off and travel on the monday or tuesday and back the following thursday or friday, which may also be why we haven't encountered so many queues - maybe the weekends are worse? I had wondered about one of those electronic things but not got round to looking at how exactly they work!

Sonya - that sounds like a great race. May mark that down for next year - I'm starting planning early since hubby has had lots of riding time this year so I'm assuming I'll get an equal amount of time back next year when I'm up and running! Haha - haven't spelled this out to him in quite so many words yet, but he is normally pretty good at getting me out the door as it makes his life much easier!

Skiing definitely educational - or at least spending time with your parents is when you're small! I had been thinking we probably wouldn't end up skiing if we couldn't get out of school because it just seems like too much money to spend for a weeks holiday, but now with the chalet it wouldn't be so much so it might be a go-er - although perhaps not for february half term which my mum seems to have in mind! 14 hour car journey in the winter with a 4 year old, 19 month old and 8 week old anyone?? No takers?!
17/09/2012 at 14:12
Hi CRacer, sorry can't offer any advice but I'm sure someone will be along soon who can.

Sounds pretty hard core this zero tolerance policy. As ever it penalises the good parents like you lot who don't abuse it and the bad ones still screw the system.

Lying on bed at the moment as was feeling really dizzy while I was making stuff to take to work for lunch. Took blood pressure and it was 89/52 so not surprised. Am probably dehydrated so have large glass of water to guzzle. It's coming up again slowly and Mr TT has just taken Max to nursery so I can rest a little longer.

Had a gorgeous afternoon yesterday just chilling in our screened patio area at the back of our house. Mr TT and a friend have just retiled the floor and we bought some lovely outdoor sofas/sun beds. Max and daddy had a good splash in the pool and we had lunch and dinner out there cooked on the barbecue. I think I've mentioned it before but we did a chicken on the barbie where you stand it on its end with its butt over an open can (usually beer but yesterday I used a fizzy lemon). It makes the meat really moist and gives great crispy skin. Strongly recommend if you haven't tried before.

Missed a call from doc earlier but I guess they were just calling to let me know result of glucose test. I read online about pass/fail values at the weekend and I failed by a LONG way.

I think it was Sonya who commented that she didn't remember my last pregnancy being so bad, I think I just moan more this time

Oooh great running yesterday Sonya and MM and was it Caro who pipped a first at the park run? You guys are all amazing.

Camlo, great extension! Hope that your husband is as good at all the fiddly finishing jobs as it looks he is with the big stuff.
17/09/2012 at 17:34

Cracer - not sure regarding your specific prolapse, but I had a minor one (not bladder though) after the delivery (vaginal) of both my children. Dr told me on no uncertain terms was I to run for 12 weeks ... biking was fine ... and then to see how it went. I did obsessive PF exercises in that time and 'bingo', all better! Have to say, didn't 'want' to run with it anyway as felt darned odd! Hanging on for a few months paid off as I don't have any problems now (kids now 8 and 5 and I run ultra marathons).

17/09/2012 at 17:37

TTid - that doesn't sound too good, hope you are feeling better now.

17/09/2012 at 18:12
Thanks CC, feeling loads better now. Drank 2 large glasses of water and rested for a while. BP came back up to sensible level and now feel fine.

Currently lying on sofa with feet up but that's laziness not necessity

As expected, when I spoke to doc's assistant, she told me I had failed glucose test. They want me to do the 3 hour one with double the dose of glucose but I really don't want to do it. Am already aware of my condition and managing as well as possible with diet so don't see the point. Also did read online that if numbers above certain level (which according to my readings I was) they don't recommend it. Must try and find that article again.

Thinking of getting some plaster of Paris moulds to make with Max and let him paint them. Mr TT had some grout left over from tiling which he put into one of Max's beach moulds and made a seahorse which Max has loved and he painted yesterday. I think he'll really enjoy it. Any tips anyone? Also can make sh1t to send to grandparents which they'll love
17/09/2012 at 18:42

I bought some air-dry clay the other day ... haven't used it yet but is meant to be really good and can be painted.

V annoyed, rushed through tea etc to get J to cubs, only to find two other parents and four other kids hanging around outside a locked door. Seems like a problem tonight but majority knew but not us few ... grrrr ... bah! Some of the families are really local, like almost next door to the building so surely someone could have put a  note on door if nothing else. Oh well, at least both get an early night at start of week.

Really must push on with homework etc ...

17/09/2012 at 19:56
Grr CC that's rubbish.
TTid glad you are feeling better but perhaps you need to schedule a rest daily from now on!!
CRacer - if you can do 8 without major probs then I would guess that's positive! Have you tried a mooncup? Although sold as a sanitary gadget many of us find that it acts as a 'hold you upper' inside too. Has helped with my damp knicker issues..... 3 months is early doors so take it easy and those pelvic floor exercises should help a lot as preg hormones disappear.
Thanks for all the nice comments about my handy hubby.... He is rather useful. Apart from paying plumber to move pipes, electrician to sign off and brickies he will do it all. just means I won't see him for a while (apart from serving beverages of course).
crappy day at work but luckily / unluckily I was left alone with the proper big boss at 5pm and I just blabbed it all out. Not sure how big a hornets nest I've poked....
Anyhoo - foot feeling better at last so if I can sneak a few minutes I am tempted to try a wee jog this week....
17/09/2012 at 21:20

Camlo - sometimes you just have to say it, poking the hornets nest hopefully means that things will start to sort...  And yes, wish I had a hubby that could to that type of miracle working! (Mine struggled to build a rabbit run!)

Caro - such a shame that the plane will be late  it's amazing how we can predict these things isn't it?  I'm sure if you tell M enough that the plane is late she'll go into school and tell everyone .  I had a parent tell me that she was taking her daughter out of school and going to the Paralympics on the first week back.  My reply was, 'Oh I'm so sorry, I do hope that she gets better soon'.  The parent looked at me as though I was barking for a moment until she realised what I was saying!!!

MM - wow that is one hefty fine!  But I agree, parents don't care about unauthorised absences and yes the fines can still make it cheaper.  Was so frustrating in my early years of teaching when we couldn't afford to go on holiday as it was too expensive!

Anj - fairly certain it was Tours and Le Mans that got us too!!!

We've never had any problems when driving down to skiing either, Vixo cannot possibly think why we've never considered taking Ted and Archie on that drive .  It can be done 15 hours door to door from here to Chamonix including the ferry crossing, but too scary for words at the mo!

Oh, and as for skiing, of course it's educational, you learn all about solids and liquids and I'm sure that you can get some gases in their too.  Plus there's so much to learn about friction, gravity, forces...  And that's before you even get onto covering the physical side of the curriculum

TT - but I do agree, if you don't need to have the test done then why subject your body to more?  Hope you can manage it ok.

CC - Rah! I used to run a Rainbow Unit and the amount of times I was stood outside for 10-15 minutes waiting for the other guider to turn up was embarassing.  None of the parents wanted to help though , just stood and moaned at me!

Good racing Sonya and MM!  Especially as you've both been under par!

CR - I've no experience of your problems, but just take it easy and if it doesn't feel right, don't do it I think is the answer

So why, when I've finally started to make some progress with my shoulder, did I think it was a good idea to dig the bl00dy allotment over yesterday?  How thick am I?  Admittedly hubby did a big chunk, boys did their own version (ahem!) so I joined in too.  I've now got pains back in my arm again with some numbness down to my fingers.  Eejit. 

17/09/2012 at 21:55

JT - I do like your thinking!!! But noooooo to the shoulder!!!

J could tell us all the scientific facts about snow and ice BEFORE we even got on a snow slope, I am quite convinced!  We were having a very convoluted conversation in the car about how he's not sure he believes in God vs black holes and colliding rocks and stuff but he might believe in Jesus....

Camlo - I daren't show that picture of your hubbys efforts to mine. My hubby is very handy but it just takes so flipping long.  Can turn his hand to electrics and plumbing very easily. When we bought our Farnham house the downstairs had to be replastered with lime mortar to get rid of the damp ... we did get someone to do the lounge but hubby took himself off on a 1-day lime plastering course down near Winchester and proceeded to do the rest of the work. Plus our old victorian house was pretty much renovated by him. Am mighty glad in a way we are in a rented house ... no lengthy ongoing essential projects. Of course all the stuff he was doing was when the kids were really little so I spent my weekends on childcare duty while he played (sorry worked!!).  Hey ho.

Lordy I ache from this mornings pilates class!  No way I'll be introducing any of that stuff to my victims tomorrow morning!

Did a lovely six-miler too along the coastal path but boy was it windy, just about avoided a total drenching.

Anyway, am meant to be typing up my notes for tmrw morning and then away to bed!  S came in at 1.30 this morning demanding why I hadn't tied her hair up before bedtime

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