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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/01/2013 at 11:38

big hugs to you also CM, dearie me, nae good. maybe you need to be assessed by your G.P again?? Boo to the garage roof also, great start to the year for you......not.

03/01/2013 at 11:49

i have an appt for monday, RF. will have to wait till then as am getting the kids back tomorrow morning at 8am (or whenever E wakes up) so won't be able to get an emergency appt for tomorrow morning.

i had a course of penicillin and while i was taking it, although i was still coughing, the green gunk stopped and the pain in my ribs went away. when i finished the course, the green gunk has returned, and i've started wheezing all the time as well. and now i have a pain in the back of my ribs / shoulder blade area. sodding nightmare!!

03/01/2013 at 13:41

thanks JT. taking the kids down to plymouth and cornwall to see rellies / friends, so will have to survive!

03/01/2013 at 14:01

Oh lordie CM and JT what a nightmare. Sound horrific CM ...

I have a bit of dicky tummy but I often do after too much rich food and drinking. I eat too healthily normally and my body just can't hack rich food like cream etc. Still I managed 16.5 today with a couple of diversions into a bush, decent clip at 7.45s with some off road. Got chased and jumped upon by two dogs and wasn't amused by that. I feel ashamed to say I did shout at the owner who was a Wiltshire toff!!

Boys in sports club for the day. Fab deal at £10 each from 9-3. They love it too and will come home nice and tired!!  Sophie at nursery.

Time to get some jobs done and dry my hair...

03/01/2013 at 14:25

We had a nice few days with my dad, but he was ill - he caught the house cold when he stayed with us a couple of wks before xmas - I am still coughing probably 4 wks after getting it, and it really floored my poor dad.  How bad did I feel after him coming up to see us and he goes home lurgified.  At least he's had the flu jab, as have I, so we should be safe from that!

Finally got offered the job yesterday, they told me what they'd pay me, but in a way that it's hard to work out how much over a yr and to compare to previous job.  They want Mon/Tues and after saying I could start at 9.30 retracted and said 9, which will make it a mad scramble in the morning.  The thing is another possible option has come about in a group of practices closer to home, but the person who is dealing with it and knows more is on hols till next Tues.  So I am trying to stall the first practice, so I can find out more about what the second job might offer!  But dont want to let them know I am looking elsewhere.........

03/01/2013 at 21:27
Quick post to say CM if you are poorly then perhaps you should postpone your trip?? Boo to roof too...
Yippee for kids clubs - ours are so poorly supported they only run occasionally and defo not in Xmas Hols!
Hmmm Caro - difficult decision to make and boo to being tight on time!

Took eldest to see sports Physio guy earlier who said his head of femur is twisted in the hip socket and needs a referral to orthapaedic surgeon! Wasn't expecting that although eldest has been complaining for years and his right knee does face the left side rather than outwards... Got home to an email saying I won ??250 in the last RW draw for sport pursuit which is rather handy!!! Ran 6 miles with a rucksack filled with books earlier, madness! Oh and did I say I have entered snowdonia marathon?
04/01/2013 at 06:02
Ohhh what to do Caro!! Hope you can hold them off until you have all the information you need! Worst case scenario you say yes and then back out - not ideal but you have to be happy in the job you end up in.
Sorry to hear your chest problems are ongoing JT but makes a huge difference to be seeing a specialist who has the same idea of what is an acceptable recovery.
CM you sound terrible - I hope the trip doesn't knacker you too much ( hope the ducks enjoy the well travelled bread!!).

Another lovely tramp today, with hubby and M this time. Walked to Damper Falls then did the first hour of a long tramp and then returned. Stunning weather and so beautiful - much needed happy family time. Plan to return and stay overnight in the hut further along the track.
Beach tomorrow I think and back to work Monday - sigh......
04/01/2013 at 19:16

hmmm quiet on here, is everyone in bed with flu?? or taking xmas decs down?? or chasing kids about?? or out training???????

Got kids hair cut and had a pub lunch which neighbour had paid for in return for taking our old windows. Kids are driving me demented so I've just arranged to do a 22m off road run in the morning..... most of the club are doing the 12m option (its a long walk assoc thing) but that would bring me home far too early!!!

Good swimming JT and fab yomping with family Hoggle. What is happy family time??? Not sure I can remember a day/ trip/ holiday/ hour without squabbles and fisticuffs...... Archie has kicked Tom in the head and thrown a magnetic dart at him today.

04/01/2013 at 20:13
In bed at 7 is my excuse. And work all day
04/01/2013 at 21:05

Yes, very quiet at the moment.  Also very tired here, has been nice to have such a short week back at work as it feels fab to be almost the weekend already!

EF, hope you are feeling well (or crap if that is a better sign ).  I was pondering the other day and just wondered if your doctors are counting your weeks in the traditional way (fom last period) or from actual conception.  Random thought I know but just wondered.

I keep forgetting how many weeks I am - just checked my app and it tells me I am 33 weeks, day 3 - 47 more days, or closer to 40 as they will do section about a week early, gulp!

We are exhibiting at a trade show at the end of this month so I am praying that the little one stays put until at least the end of January, otherwise things will get interesting!

Camlo, you have been a bit of a dark horse with your long distance running until quite recently, can't believe you would just ramp up an extra 10 miles to get some time away from the family - there's always Starbucks!!

Caro - nice position to be in, hope you can tie down all of the details for both jobs in time to make a good informed decision.  Bet you wonder why you stayed so long in your old job with the awful boss.

Again, sorry to hear of so many poorlies.  JT hope they can get to the bottom of it soon and find you some permanent relief.

Got no plans yet for this weekend.  Shall definitely have to take Max to play some golf, he is getting pretty good already and still asks to play all the time so really want to encourage him while he is still so keen.  Apart from that, just want to rest and take things easy.  Have a stack of baby clothes I really need to sort out, just don't have anywhere to put them once I have.  A friend has offered me her old linen cupboard but I haven't seen it yet and she is away until next week.  Any suggestions for cheap, easy storage for baby clothes?

04/01/2013 at 21:58
I'm utterly shite TT so hopefully good sign. You're right they date differently - from date of egg retrieval. So I'm 10 weeks today. A quarter of the way and I feel I can say that because for once the first 4 weeks really involved something! Well more than just the norm

Sorry not to comment more folks, I'm reading and thinking of you all but too miserable and self absorbed to do much. Also on phone as am generally in my bed. Like now.

Had booking appt yest. Fine. They still say I'm just like how blogs except I can have amnio on demand. But they don't rush my bloods through it anything - 2 wk wait after scan just like the norm. But now I know they phone u quick if there's a prob so I guess no news will be good news. Just got to push on to 16/1 now.
04/01/2013 at 22:02
That's joe blogs! Or maybe it shld be Joanne!
04/01/2013 at 22:04
I used to have an edit button but no longer. - egg retrieval plus 2. God my brain is mince.
04/01/2013 at 22:22
So jan 16th is your nuchal scan EF?

Sorry you're miserable. Hopefully just hormones!
04/01/2013 at 22:27
Yep nuchal scan is 16th. My sister has hers on 15th now as she was,as expected, only 10 wks when she went yesterday. Her cycle had gone a bit mad that month so they insisted on going by last period but she knew it was too early. I'm pretty scared of the nuchal for obvious reasons. I just pray for a really good set of odds ie in the 1:1000s so I'm not required to decide re amnio. But as average odds are 1 in 190 I don't hold out much hope for that. If the fold is just under 2 it'll be a good start though.
04/01/2013 at 22:57
Wow EF, you and your sister will be so close in due dates. My base odds were something like 1 in 40 before any testing due to my age so the nuchal fold may bring you the comfort you are looking for. Are you statistically any more likely to have problems again having had them already or is each pregnancy completely separate?
04/01/2013 at 23:03

there's an increased risk apparently tho it is still meant to be under 1% so I've got to hope! time for sleep again.  night night . 

04/01/2013 at 23:19
Just had some awful news - my dear friends 3 month old has been diagnosed with Bilery Artresin - malformation of bile ducts connected to liver. Theyve been flown up to Auckland and he will have an operation next week, if it doesn't work he will need a liver transplant. I'm devastated for them. Best case scenario they will have at least 3 weeks in a hospital about 10 hours drive from friends and family. I really want to do something to help so was thinking of enlisting my Aunt who lives in Auckland to put together a care package for them. So really need your ideas on what would be useful for them - eg. Non perishable food, treats, practical things - any ideas??
04/01/2013 at 23:41
Oh Hoggle, that's horrible news. So hard for them. That's a lovely idea to put together a care package. I guess they will be in a hotel or hospital guest room? Hmm, trying to think of ideas...magazines, chocs, some really nice soap? Have they rushed up there unprepared or did they have time to pack a bag? If not, then the basics like toothpaste, toothbrushes etc. if I think of anything else, I'll post again.
05/01/2013 at 06:06

Oh hoggle that is terrible news . pray the ooperation works.  survival pack of practicalities sounds a good idea plus say a couple of books or sth to distract them occasionally.

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