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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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17/09/2012 at 21:59

Well we have a 12 hour ferry journey and then a 10 hour drive just to get to London! You guys should make the most of how easily you can channel hop!!

Had a shite day. Nothing major, just crap day at work, wrong time of month, man flu hubby, having to do the 40 mile round trip to town twice today and kids that are still up at quarter to 10 on a school night after being at accordian and fiddle club, rah!

Fell out with a poor woman from Camping in the forest today when I phoned about the site at Holmsley. They will not let us stay on one site since they will only allow 6 people to a site. No matter that we are one family with a caravan big enough for us. She suggested we took two sites and I said but I have nothing to put on another site, to which she replied can't we take a small tent to put up. wtf, total discrimination against large families! Complete contrast to the very helpful and welcoming lady at Crystal Palace.Anyway enough of my grumps.

Anj - hope you have a fab and very relaxing holiday.

TT - look after yourself.

MM - well done, I would be delighted with that time for a 10m.

Sonya - well done too, it sounded like a really enjoyable run.

My word your schools are strict, and I can't believe the no sibling rule Caro, that is a nightmare.

Struggling to remember anything else. Will catch up properly tomorrow.




Edited: 17/09/2012 at 22:00
17/09/2012 at 23:15
Just thinking about upgrading my foam roller to a grid version, has anyone got experience of the More Mile Beast? It's about half the price of the Grid one. Tennis ball is helping lots, but think a grid roller may be more effective in the long run and I'm doing it 2-3 times a day and it takes ages that way!
18/09/2012 at 08:23

OMG Lotte, that is sooooo bad. I would have blown a fuse on the phone too. Do they want the business or not!! You are a big family, however you have a caravan that is large enough so whats the problem!!! Why doesn't she just charge you for the extra two bodies instead. Although the twins are under 5 still aren't they?

Much Rah!!

5 miles on fixed treadmill this am. Although it still aqueaks badly so worried it's going to go again. Get hubbie to take another look. Mine is pretty good. No way could he build an extension though. He do decks, build raised beds, walls in the garden, painting, wall papering, tiling etc. But not sure about big jobs. He works too damn hard tbh, so we end up getting people in just so we get jobs finished now!! He went at 5am today to Ellesmere port ...Hoping he is back in time for me to go to my club session!! Don't fancy another treadmill session today!

Hugs to Camlo on hornets nest. Hope its not too bad, sometimes you have to do these things to get an effect...

Right must dash, boys to school, then poor Barolo (cat) to the vet for teeth extraction...

18/09/2012 at 10:50
Thanks for the support everyone. Cragchick, good to hear your story. The doc said my prolapse is very minor so am doing a tonne of pelvic floor exercises and am not going to run until I feel normal again! Camlo, thanks for the advice,, was thinking of a mooncup but would rather wait a bit and see if I can reverse the prolapse before trying. I just wish Id known more about this stuff before I started running again as my midwife and GP didn't mention exercise at all throughout my pregnancy or post birth. Being patient and letting my body heal had been one of the hardest things to learn!
18/09/2012 at 11:20
CRacer - hope things get back to normal for you soon. I would probably be conservative if I was in your position and try and get things sorted out before continuing running, but that's just me, and some put running above all else. there are operations to try and fix prolapses etc, but they can never get things back to how they were, so I feel it's probably better to try and avoid getting to that stage. Again, only my opinion, and everyone has to do what works best for them - whatever you decide, I hope it all settles down soon!

Lotte - how frustrating of the campsite. I was going to say I thought it would all be fine because they seemed quite laid back where we stayed. Is it because you need electrical hook up? The other sites don't have pitches as such, they're just big areas you can camp on, so if it was a quiet time you'd have loads of space, which is what we loved about it. Hope you can find a solution!
18/09/2012 at 11:43

Lotte - I'd be mega grrrrr about that, especially compounded by the rest of your lovely day! Sounds like it was one of those days yesterday ... Camlo ((())), agree that sometimes it's good to poke a stick in the hornets nest, bottling things up and being polite rarely works in the long run.

CRacer - I really hope the PF exercises do the job for you ... I was fortunate and on both occasions it really did work. Because I was so desperate to be running again I was (for once in my life) prepared to be sensible!  Pilates is very good for pelvic floor too - spot the instructor in training!!

MM - hope the treadmill holds it together for you and yes 5am is grim ... one thing with hubby disappearing on a Sunday eve is that none of us are subjected to him 'creeping out the house' - like a fairy elephant at 5am every Monday!!!

Ended up slightly prodding my own hornets nest last night when talking to hubby - sooooo fed up of being asked by people what we are planning to do, and generally just a bit bogged down with managing stuff up here ... to which hubby was 'don't be like that, it doesn't help me at all' ... my cryptic comment after he'd wished he'd had what I'd had for tea was something along the lines of 'well you never know, sometime in the next decade we might be able to share our weekday dinners'! Very childish and unconstructive but I was feeling rather like that last night, but do feel a bit shame faced this morning

Another practice class done this morning, my victims really are very helpful at giving me feedback about what making sense and what isn't and two are expressing interest in continuing with me once I've passed my exams ... fingers and toes crossed.

So now need to get arse in gear and through to Elgin to pay in cheques and hopefully fit a run in forest before back to town for school run and swim lessons.  Find it a challenge to motivate myself in middle of day but is glorious autumnal day out there, breezy of course though!

18/09/2012 at 12:10
Hi Vixo and Cragchick, yes I am determined to be sensible and not run for a while. Going to get my bike serviced so I can keep up a certain level of fitness. It feels weird just walking at the moment so I know it would be stupid for me to run despite my GPs advice to keep going! Can't believe that this time last week I was about to go out on an 8 miler and now just walking to the shop feels odd. I guess I just pushed it too hard too quickly. Right, next set of PF exercises!
18/09/2012 at 14:17

CC - you are long suffering. and very tolerant. i am far too impetuous to put up with your lot

grr lotte - what a mean-faced old bat that woman sounded

camlo - your house looks amazing!

as you may have seen from FB, we are picking up 2 rescue kittens in an hour. eeeek! J desperate to give them moshi monster names - Katsuma (which i quite like - nn could be Zoomer, i guess!) and Diavlo. E not keen however, so I am sure there wil be much arguing and I reckon they will end up with stupid names like cutie and pretty or something!

T's birthday today so he is coming over for a party tea. i still feel like a deep fried dog shite after my virus so i am really looking forward to that. not.

18/09/2012 at 14:56

At least you're getting 2....they can name one each!

18/09/2012 at 15:28

that's what I was thinking ... name one each then who cares, if YOU don't care what they are called!

Good luck with the party tea ... I can't imagine you were looking forward to it in the first place, even more so feeling bleuch! Hope you feel better soon.

18/09/2012 at 15:29

I can't believe I was trying to visualise deep-fried dog shit

18/09/2012 at 15:51

Had to post this, just seen an article about this woman in US who rides 6 kids around on her bike - is it TB with the bike for 2?

 CM - hope you feel better soon, this one is really dragging isn't it?

2 kittens?!  You are nuts....  Hope they settle in well, looking forward to some cute pics on FB.

Lotte - why on earth would the campsite have that rule?  More to the point, why would they insist on sticking to it when they know the facts in your case and it won't exactly be peak season!

CC - you cope so well with your situation, don't beat yourself up about lashing out at your husband.  Sounds as though you are the one who tries to keep him level when he gets stressed about it most of the time, your pressure valve is bound to blow occasionally.

I think I already said I had failed the 1 hour glucose test, well I managed to convince the doc that I don't need to do the 3 hour one, I thought it was going to be quite a fight but they agreed easily in the end.  It would be a complete waste of time, money and make me feel sicky for no good reason.  I seem to be doing better with my levels at the moment but I am starting to question my monitor as it gave 2 different readings this morning one after the other (even using the same puncture hole!). 

18/09/2012 at 16:44
So are you normally diabetic? Or is it gestational? And do you control it with diet or do u have to take any meds or insulin?

That bike looks like a major traffic hazard!

Enjoy the kittens, and get them neutered ASAP if they're not already! (lecture over!)
18/09/2012 at 17:01

definitely a traffic hazard ... especially with the girl on the back facing the wrong way around! I like the way the woman who powering it all is dressed in a floaty dress and sandals too!!

Glad you've managed to persuade the docs ... do they supply the monitor? dodgy readings doesn't sound great!!!

18/09/2012 at 17:35

Just gestational Caro, although it has reared its ugly head early on this time but I think I was almost bound to get it again after having it with Max.  I managed totally with diet last time and am hoping to do it again although for some reason I am finding it harder to get the low numbers I need this time.

The monitor was supplied free by the doc last time.  The company who supplied it have upgraded to a new model now though and tried to send me a new one when I called them to order the test strips but as they wanted 25% more for the strips than I could get them off ebay I declined, hmmm!

That bike pic is funny isn't it?  I'm sure the girl on the back is not supposed to be facing backwards....

Am just eating a salad for my lunch, have actually got quite a taste for salads luckily!  Nice spoon of humus on top instead of salad dressing, yum!

CM, hope the kittens are settling in well and your house is still in one piece.

18/09/2012 at 21:03

I have a friend who has a tandem for her and her children and has a child trailer on the back  and I get funny looks with my bike for 3!  Hubby asked if she has thighs like a Russian shot putter....

TT - hope it can all be sorted ok.

Lotte - missed that last night, indeed!  Some campsites are just amazing.  We have a continental 'van, and the issues that creates...  It's only the door on the opposite side!!!!

CC - personally I think you must be heading somewhere close to sainthood with your current domestic living arrangements so it's no surprise you snap from time to time.  Hope you start to get some clarity soon.

EF - hope you're surviving this week, not sure if this is when you start treatment?

CM - enjoy the kittens, hope plonker behaved himself...

MM - hope you got a proper run in

It's cold here!  I don't like it!!!  Still only half a day of the working week left, even if it is with Y5/6.  Ended up doing extended tutoring tonight as the mum got called out by the dad as his van had broken down on a massive (Coryton CC) roundabout.  It's a major motorway junction, at one stage was the biggest roundabout in Europe, and not somehwere you want to get stuck!  Apparently the van is towed to a layby in the middle and she has there five year old with them...  Pants...

19/09/2012 at 10:07

haha cc. sorry about the image! i am STILL feeling crud this morning. ARGH!!! this is a bastard of a virus

the kittens are hilarious! the older one (about 4 months) is really making me laugh as he is soooo stupid and so affectionate. the younger one (9 weeks) is a bit naughty and nibbles fingers etc and isn't used to being handled. they both sat on my lap last night and Diavlo (the older one) was purring like an engine. so sweet. they are loopy when they beat each other up. have never had kittens before so it is lovely

hope you can keep on top of the GD, TT. nightmare though.

sent E to nursery in her PJs this morning as she refused to get dressed. ho hum!

beautiful day here and i want to run but i still feel rank. was quite proud of myself last night as i managed the interaction with T in my own home without freaking out, AND i didn't drink the one remaining can of G&T which is in my fridge. previously that would have had me reaching for the wine. i have stopped buying it - which helps - but i don't even think about it now, which is brilliant. now if i could just start feeling better, that would be nice!

19/09/2012 at 10:50
Well done CM, and hope you feel better soon. I remember when our kittens were little - think we got them at about 11 weeks - they were so so cute and cuddly, but quite hard work! They kept climbing on things but then not being able to get down, and getting themselves stuck in places they couldn't get out of. They had to live in the kitchen when we went out as there was nowhere they could get in to, and they had a cardboard box to sleep in! We are singing the Brahms German Requiem with my choir at the moment - do you know it? I haven't really heard it before but it's really growing on me (apart from the German - languages not my forte!). Some bits of it are nice and easy and some really fast - the combination of lots of notes and unfamiliar words was making my brain hurt last night - and quite a few of the choir have sung it before so we're whizzing through it a bit fast for me at the moment. I must make some time to look at it before next week!

TT - hope the diabetes stays under your control. We use different units to measure over here - numbers greater than 7 or 8 are bad!

Right, better get on with some work. Made the mistake of buying a coffee when I got in and am now feeling a bit jittery - and will no doubt need to go to the loo about 20 times in the next few hours!!
19/09/2012 at 12:22

oh vixo the Brahms is lovely but sooo hard. i didn't find the language bit difficult obviously but there are whole sections which are just so difficult as there are so many notes and there is so much going on. we were rehearsing it and singing it when my ex bf died after a horrid  battle with cancer and i found the whole thing quite harrowing and haunting actually. the piece is forever shaped in my mind by the emotions i felt at his funeral. the whole 'selig sind die, da leid tragen' etc. we sang it with the German choir we are twinned with - they are much better than us tho! 

the kittens are keeping me amused this morning. Diavlo is a kisser / licker which i'm not that keen on when it's facial. but he is such a purrer. the other one is a bit more stand-offish but has been shouting when he coudn't find me this morning so i think he will get there. 


19/09/2012 at 12:32

argh - Katsuma has just hooked the j key off my laptop keyboard. it's my work laptop too!

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